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Maruso's Chow ChowsAustria
Maruso's Chow Chows

All about our great love: The Chow Chow! ... with a lot of pics ...

King's Joy Chow Chows KennelSlovenia Dog Breeders
King's Joy Kennel

We can proudly say that we have been breeding chows for nearly 15 years. In this time we learned a lot about chow chows, their breeding and care, which is not always eazy.But chows return your hard work with their love and tenderness.

Iz Stai Chernogo Lorda Chow Chows KennelUkraine
"Iz Stai Chernogo Lorda" Kennel

"Iz Stai Chernogo Lorda" is a professional kennel of dogs. We bring up dogs for many years. We love all dogs breeds, but especial are chow chows and american bulldogs. Welcome to our kennel! We are very glad to new friends from all World!

American Bulldog

Dian Shan Chow Chows KennelDenmark
Dian Shan

We here at "Dian Shan" love and breed Chow-Chows. These Chow-Chows are our life ... Please visit our site for information about our lovely "bears".

S Gradskogo Priiska Chow Chows KennelRussia
S Gradskogo Priiska
Chow Chow Kennel

Chow Chow Kennel "S Gradskogo Priiska" Russia, Cheliabinsk. Owner Alevtina Boiko.


Shen Te Chow Chows kennelCroatia
Shen Te Chow-Chows kennel

Chow-chow breeding kennel in Croatia, Istra, Novigrad by Tanja Pantovic and Andrea Jurcan.

Chow Chows Kennel CunamiLithuania

We breed smooth and rough chow-chows.

Avgit Chow ChowsRussia

Kennel AVGIT professionally breed chow-chow. In our kennel there are more chows of blue colour. We work with american and english blood lines. Our dogs are used in breeding in various kennels.

They live and successfully participate in shows not only in Russia, but also throughout Europe. Welcome to our website!


We are breeder of chow chow red, black and cream in France.

Les Neiges Bleues d'EuzkadiFrance

En plein coeur du pays basque, au pied de la montagne, elevage familial avec une selection rigoureuse beauté, caractére et santé, nos chiens sont elevés parmi nous en totale liberté.

Elevage familial de samoyede, nos lignées sont issues d'une selection rigoureuse type, caractére et beauté.

Elevage familial de spitz nain et petit, nous avons des crémes, des oranges et des noirs et feu, nos chiens sont issus d'une selection rigoureuse beauté, type et caractére.

Samoyed Pomeranian

Radoszowska Duma Chow ChowsPoland
Radoszowska Duma Chow Chows

Chow Chow kennel from Poland.

Chow Chow AkcentasLithuania
Akcentas chow chow

Breeding of all tipes of chow chow.

Les chow chow du Kiang Ti-HoFrance
du Kiang Ti-Ho chow chow

Petit élevage familial de cette merveilleuse race qu'es le chow chow !!!!

Kennel BidachowDenmark
Kennel Bidachow

Kennel Bidachow is a smooth and rough kennel in Denmark. Breeding since 1980. Here you can meet our chows, find many photos, see news and get lot of information. Our chower is part of the family and live with us in the house.

Chow Chow du Paradis SlaveFrance
du Paradis Slave chow chow

Breeder red Chow Chow.

Attraction Cyprus Club of Chow ChowCyprus
Attraction Cyprus Club of Chow Chow

For lovely Chow Chow for dog shows and for the family.

Chang Cheng Chow ChowFrance

Welecome to kennel Chang Cheng.

Chow-Chow kennel von der Wieseck-AueGermany
von der Wieseck-Aue
Chow-Chow kennel

We breed rough and smooth Chow-Chows in family enviroment.

Tanya's Fairyland Kennel Chow ChowSlovenia Dog Breeders

Tanya's Fairyland is a small, quallity breeding Chow Chow & Shih-Tzu kennel, registered with the FCI.

Shih Tzu

Simauta Dess chow-chow's kennelRussia
SIMAUTA DESS chow-chow's kennel

Simauta Dess kennel - small chow-chow's kennel in Moscow, Russia. We bred red, black and cream chows as continuation of canadian (mi-pao's) and old english bloodlines. Type, character and health - priority. Welcome to website of our lovely chows!

The Lost Kingdom Chow ChowsSpain
The Lost Kingdom Chow Chows

Chow Chow Kennel In Spain

Our target is to provide with our study, effort and dedication dogs in addition to fulfilling the standard, enjoy better health. We breed always expecting the right moment leaving to pass the time between one crossing to another.

In this way we get some quality puppies and especially healthy and happy.

Smoothie's KennelFrance
Smoothie's Kennel

Selection of the Chow Chow and Bulldog. Our puppies are available for shows and as pets. Beauty and character guaranted. Excellent structure and type. Champion bloodlines. Tested free specimens of displasia.

English Bulldog

Nordic ClubCroatia
Nordic Club

Club friends dogs FCI Group 5 - Croatia, Zagreb.

Akita Inu Samoyed Siberian Husky German Spitz

chowshine.narod.ruSt.-Petersburg, Russia Dog Breeders

Welcome! This site is devoted our favourite dogs of breed of the Chow-Chow... On pages of a site you can get acquainted with our dogs, look their photos and family trees, learn news and results of exhibitions and maybe you will find here your future puppy!

Old Sweetland'sUkraine
Old Sweetland's

The site of the beautiful chow-chow from Ukraine.

Magic EastGermany

Kennel long-haired and short-haired chow-chow.

van Juttersburch Chow ChowsNetherlands
van Juttersburch Chow Chows

Our live with the smooth and rough van Juttersburch clan.

Cerber Chiński MiśPoland
CERBER Chiński Miś

CERBER Chiński Miś - red chow chow male, Junior Champion of Poland, Champion of Poland.

Mighty Diamond's English bulldog & Chow chow kennelHFrance Dog Breeders
Mighty Diamond's
English bulldog & Chow chow kennel

Elevage de Bulldog Anglais et Chow chow en France. Chiots LOF uniquement.

English Bulldog

Bearwood kennelFrance
Bearwood kennel

French Smooth Chow Chow and Shar Peï Kennel.

Elevage Français de Chow Chow poil court et de Shar Peï.

Shar Pei


Chow-Chow Breeder.


Central Asian Ovcharka Choice and Chow-Chow Umka - their life, sport, shows and travel.

Central Asia Shepherd Dog

God Stones KennelRomania
God Stones Kennel

Chow Chow is our passion.

kennel 'Art Kot'Russia
kennel 'Art Kot'

Kennel "Art Kot" - our life with chow-chow.

kennel de l'oeil du cyclone chowFrance
kennel de l'oeil du cyclone chow

We breed for quality chow chow We select on health and character. passionate about this exciting race!

Mon Ange Chow chow & American akita kennelUkraine
Chow chow & American akita kennel

Professionally breeds Chow chows and American Akita's!

American Akita

De Sin Hiang Chow ChowFrance
De Sin Hiang Chow Chow

Tout petit "élevage" familial, uniquement par amour et passion de la race.

Les Portes de CaranuscaFrance

Elevage familial de Braque de Weimar (PC) et de Chow Chow. Situé dans la Loire, à 1H de Lyon et de Clermont-Ferrand.

Braque de Weimar