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Jacksville Jr Jack Russell TerrierGreece
Jacksville Jr Jack Russell Terrier

Jacksville kennel is located in a suburb of Veroia,near Thessaloniki in north Greece. Our jack russells are result of connection of most famous bloodlines and concentrated on breeding with registered pedigree at Kennel club of Greece under FCI. Our aim is to breed healthy, balanced and full of tamperament dogs as true terriers. Our dogs live in our house, they are socialized, educated and well trained. They are also examinated for hereditary diseases of eyes and patella.

The puppies are born in our house and leave home at the age of 8 weeks at least, vaccinated,dewormed,microchipped,with health passport and fci perigree.

Kind regards
Xristos Milkas & Antigoni Karagiannidou

Jack Russell Terrier

Portaris Tibetan MastiffGreece
PORTARIS Tibetan Mastiff

We are a kennel which focuses on pure Do-Khyi type and on the health of our great breed.

Tibetan Mastiff

Englorious BulldogsGreece
Englorious Bulldogs

We are a small kennel located in Greece, We dedicated to breed healthy & quality bulldogs. Our Dogs are part of our family and live with us.. All our dogs are health checked. We attend to shows International, National and Abroad.. Enjoy our web site and feel free to contact for any information.

English Bulldog

Cephalus KennelGreece
Cephalus Kennel

We are a small family owned kennel and we love breeding dogs of Greek origin. Breeding is our favorite hobby and in no case we do not do it for commercial purposes. This very fact can also be proven through the small number of litters our kennel has completed..

We basically try to rescue and promote the native breeds of Greece and we are supported by a network of relatives and friends. These people are owners of some samples of breeds and they usually ask our kennel for advice on the survival of these breeds in the future.

Italian Greyhound         Bullmastiff         Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Central Asia Shepherd Dog         Kokoni         Cretan Hound

Greek Griffon         Cretan Moropa         Molossus of Epirus

Cephalonian Hound

Thor og Freya kennelGreece
Thor og Freya kennel

In our kennel we breed Belgian shepherd (Malinois)and Jack Russell terrier and we also train them. Our Malinois are excellent for IPO and security because we combine only the best bloodlines. Our Jack Russell are very good family dogs and playfull.

Belgian Shepherd Dog - Malinois         Jack Russell Terrier

Immortal Spirits Bull TerriersGreece

Our names are Labrini and Kostas, owners of Immortal Spirits Bull Terrier Kennel.Our love for the breed has deep roots. From the first moment we came in contact with these adorable creatures, we were so impressed by their funny expressions, their special appearance and temperament.

Our breeding program will be based on the health and temperament of the breed, and preserving type as according to the F.C.I. The Bull Terrier is a breed known for its distinctive appearance along with its unique character. With the characteristically egg-shaped head it appears as a robust and muscular dog with well-balanced characteristics. A Bull Terrier has a smart and determined expression, is very active, enjoys life and requires an active role in the family.

Both personality and temperament are multidimensional. They belong to this most affectionate breed, as they love and entertain their owners while being very friendly and protective with children.... we wish you a happy tour on our site and if you can positively answer the question on whether you can responsibly raise a Bull Terrier to be social, healthy and happy with you, we wish to make your dream come true, acquire a Bull Terrier and have a loving relationship during all the years of its life!!!

Bull Terrier

Gold Onar AkitasGreece
Gold Onar Akitas

Breeders and exhibitors of American Akitas in Greece.

American Akita

Aegean King - Rottweiler KennelGreece
Aegean King - Rottweiler Kennel

Our priority is to stay true to the breed and all of our Rottweilers meet the standard of the breed, based on FCI breed standards. Our Rottweilers breeding only from grand champions and champion bloodlines and treated with the finest veterinary care and nutrition possible.

Our dogs stay at home with us, raised in a healthy enviroment with love and care and we share our passion for this excellent breed, the Rottweilers. We aim to selective breeding and we give particular attention to health, breed standards and welfare of our Rottweilers and their offsprings.


Proud Face BulldogsGreece
Proud Face Bulldogs

We are a hobbyist Bulldog kennel based in Glyfada, Greece dedicated to breeding and showing excellent and healthy specimens of the breed!

Our focus is on Health, Temperament & Conformation! In that order! Our dogs live in our house (an apartment!) with us and enjoy a family life! We love dog shows and travel great distances to show our dogs in as many shows and countries as possible.

English Bulldog

Crystal Kingdom EurasiersGreece
Crystal Kingdom Eurasiers

Greek Family Eurasier Breeders.


Aslan Kennel GreeceGreece
Aslan Kennel Greece

Turkish Kangal Kennel in Greece. Original Kangals from Sivas Turkey.

Turkish Kangal

L'Eredita Di GrecoGreece
L'Eredita Di Greco

Cane corso italiano breeder in Greece.

Cane Corso Italiano

Vom Altar der Musen RottweilersGreece
Vom Altar der Musen Rottweilers

Rottweiler kennel in Greece.


Spartan-Arena RottweillersGreece
Spartan-Arena Rottweillers

Here in Spartan Arena kennel we breed top quality Rottweilers. Rottweilers that are mentally healthy, with good character and very good health (hyp/ear dysplasia free, heart scans). All our Rottweilers are coming from the best bloodlines around Serbia and Germany, we spend lots of time studying on pedigrees in order to breed very high standard rottweilers.

Our aim is to preserve the old style Rottweiler temperament, strong working drive, courage, stability and cool temperament at the same time aiming to breed dogs with correct conformation, strong bones, strong head, and genetic soundness. All our puppies have the genetics to take part and compete in any morphology/working shows. We do not exhaust our females with repeated pregnancies. we raise each litter as they were our kids and we only give them to loving owners.


Adorable GangGreece
Adorable Gang

We are a small, selective Boston Terrier kennel in Greece! Our dogs live and sleep with us as they are members of our family! We are doing all necessary health tests, participate in dog shows and breed for the best or our breed!

Boston Terrier

Mitsiter west highland white terrierGreece

Mitsiter west highland white terrier

West Highland White Terriers, breeder in Greece for 15 years. Kennel and Breed Information, Show results and News. We have 26 Champions and 6 International.

Welcome you to our website in facebook is full of pictures, pedigree and informations for my dogs.

West Highland White Terrier

Atrotos Kennel BoxerGreece
Atrotos Kennel Boxer

Breed Boxers Selectively. Visit our Site for More Info.

German Boxer

Dog CenterGreece

For more than 20 years, we are breeding high quality American staffordshires from the best bloodlines worldwide. For more information and available puppies, please visit our website.

American Staffordshire Terrier

Havihara FCI Havanese KennelGreece
HAVIHARA FCI Havanese Kennel

Small family havanese kennel in Greece.


Scarva's Strand KennelGreece
Scarva's Strand Kennel

Family kennel established since 1996. with Rottweilers and latest years with Dobermanns too. Following all necessary standards in breeding, our dogs that participated in events around Europe, always brought to us very good results through the years.

We make breedings with aim only to improve the breed as closest to the standards, and not to sell puppies for profit.Another very important occupation is dog train from Basic Obedience and Guarding up to Working and Breeding Exams, like : BH, IPO, ZTP..."

Rottweiler         Dobermann

Familiaros Boxer KennelGreece
Familiaros Boxer Kennel

Boxer Kennel in Athens.

German Boxer

Biancomarrone jack russell terrierGreece
Biancomarrone jack russell terrier

My name is George Xipnitos I was born in Athens, Greece and as long as I can remember we always had dogs in the family. All these years I have been fascinated by breeding, dog psychology and training. In 2008 I got my first Jack Russell, Ramnous Buchu d’ Evita a small dog with a big heart, and it did not take too long before I decided to breed my first litter.

My aim is to breed healthy and sound dogs with nice characters. All my dogs have current “clear” certificates for testing eyes and patella. I have only a few litters per year, and each is carefully planned. Puppies are born in my home and are ready to go to their new families as of 8 weeks old. I pay a lot of attention to socialize the puppies so that when they go to their new owners are a pleasure to own.

All puppies have registeredpedigrees with the Greek Kennel Club, are de-wormed 4 times, had their first vaccination and are micro-chipped. When a puppy is exported I provide an “export” pedigree and pet passport.

Jack Russell Terrier

Verginas KurzhaarsGreece
Verginas Kurzhaar

In a green area of ??110,000 sqm, the farm hosts and trains dogs safely secured in a written agreement. Our specialty are dogs breeds like Kurzhaar, Golden Retriever and German Sherpared.

German Shorthaired Pointer

Angel Driver - Labrador RetrieversGreece
ANGEL DRIVER - Labrador Retrievers

Quality breeders of Labradorable Labs!

Labrador Retriever

Rocharis Kennel - Boston TerriersGreece
Rocharis Kennel - Boston Terriers

Rocharis Kennel in Athens Greece, is an FCI recognized kennel specializing in breeding of Boston Terriers. Our foundation dogs have been carefully selected from top kennels worldwide and include some of the best bloodlines of the Boston Terrier breed such as Bo-K, Kens, Beacon Hill, Rodonna, Wildax, Rahnee, Al-Mar, Markas.

Boston Terrier

Hecuba Boston TerriersCyprusGreece
HECUBA Boston Terriers

HECUBA is a Boston terrier kennel in Greece/ Cyprus recognized by FCI and is named after the queen of Troy who was a compassionate mother, so as we breed healthy Boston terriers with compassion, care, love and affection, always according The FCI standard.

Boston Terrier

Posidonia - Epagneul BretonGreece
POSIDONIA - Epagneul Breton

Welcome to “POSIDONIA”. This site is dedicated to dogs, peoples best friend. This space is specifically manufactured for the projection of dogs that raises her kennels Posidonia.

Brittany Spaniel

Snowy's LegacyRGreece Dog Breeders
Snowy's Legacy

Rough Collies are my passion and breeding my hobby. I like the classic English type and my goal is to breed true to type, sound construction, good movement and sound temperament.

Puppies available every one or two years.

Collie Rough

Palmhill French BulldogsGreece
PALMHILL French Bulldogs

High quality breeding for show and good health.

French Bulldog

Sueño de la vidaGreece

Very small hobby kennel based in Patra. Our dogos traiining sociallized and live with familly. Our dogos are very ballanced, friendly with people, good hunters.

Dogo Argentino

by the Sea dobermannsGreece
by the Sea dobermanns

Hello visitor,

my name is Andreas Archontakis.The purpose of our breeding program is only to improve the health, the character and the conformation of  this special breed and find the best owners for them to live with. the Sea  is a kennel name registered and internationally, protected by Fédération Cinologique Internationale (FCI)# 012/09.


Alma Libre KennelGreece
Alma Libre Kennel

We have Jack and Parson Russell Terriers and bicolor English Cocker Spaniel.

Our dogs live in our home with us and are of excellent character and temperament. All our dogs have been examined for the hereditary diseases. We hope you enjoy our dogs as much as we do!

Thank you for visiting Alma Libre Family,
Lina Petsiti & Elias Sofronas

Jack Russell Terrier         Parson Russell Terrier

English Cocker Spaniel

Best of Dominion KennelGreece
Best of Dominion Kennel

Breeding black and black&silver miniature schnauzer.

Miniature Schnauzer

Staff DiamondsGreece
Staff Diamonds

Welcome to Staff Diamonds Kennel
We select the best breeding dogs of American Staffordshire Terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terrier and produces puppies of high quality.

Our dogs are registered with pedigree at the Greek Kennel Club (KOE) in accordance with FCI specifications.

American Staffordshire Terrier         Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Kahnoob BulldogsGreece
Kahnoob Bulldogs

We are a small kennel which is located in central Greece. We own bulldogs since 1994 and throughout all these years we have a limited number of litters. Our aim is to breed healthy and as closer to the (FCI) standart bulldogs. You are always welcome to visit our website and to meet our bulldogs.

English Bulldog         French Bulldog

Kynon Melathron Shar-pei and Traditional Shar-pei kennelGreece
Kynon Melathron
Shar-pei and Traditional Shar-pei kennel

The first kennel that breeds shar-pei and traditional shar-pei with workings abilities and show quality.

Shar Pei

Valoroso Kennel Cane CorsoGreece
VALOROSO Kennel Cane Corso

Welcome to VALOROSO Kennel (Cane Corso)

Our Kennel, selects the best breeding dogs (best based not only in morphology but in working character as well, since Cane Corso is primarily a 'working Dog') and produces puppies of very high quality.

Ourdogs are registered with pedigree at the Greek Kennel Club (KOE) in accordance with FCI specifications.

Cane Corso Italiano

Di IthomiGreece

Kourzhaar breeding for hunting and dogshows.

German Shorthaired Pointer

 Soul Guardian Bulldogs & CeskysGreece
Soul Guardian Bulldogs & Ceskys

Bulldog passion, cesky fans. Small kennel in Greece. Show and breed bulldogs from 1998. Great show champion lines. Puppies and youngs sometimes available to approved homes.

English Bulldog         Cesky Terrier

Amfiali Pitbulls KennelGreece
Amfiali Pitbulls Kennel

We are a small yard in Greece. We breed American Pit Bull Terriers of great conformation and high drive. Our dogs are equally great as a family pet or a hard working dog.

American Pit Bull Terrier

Kraft HillGreece

Welcome to KRAFT HILL.


Ramnous Jack Russell TerriersGreece
Ramnous - Jack Russell Terriers

We are located in the beautiful area of Ramnous, 45 km east of Athens in the region of Marathonas, Greece.

We concentrate on small scale breeding of Jack Russells with registered pedigree at the Greek Kennel Club (KOE) under FCI rules. Our JRT live with us in the house and they have a big garden to play in. Our dogs are checked for patella and their eyes are checked every year.

Once in a while we have a litter that is carefully planned. Pups are born in our kitchen and are very well socialized. They are wormed every 2 weeks until they are 8 weeks old, and at 6 weeks old they are micro chipped and vaccinated. A Jack Russell puppy is 8 weeks old when it leaves "Ramnous".

We hope you enjoy our website, and we would be happy if you leave a message in our guestbook.

Jack Russell Terrier

Imperial ChowsGreece
Imperial Chows

Our kennel is comprised of dogs carrying top European and American bloodlines. Great care and attention is given to producing loving, healthy and competitive indivduals, that adhere to the breed standard and are a joy to be around at home or at shows.

Chow Chow

Bear Look AkitasGreece

Start it as a hobby, become a love, now is our world.

American Akita

akitasland.comKalamta, Greece Dog Breeders

Breeding of American Akitas. We show and breed Akitas in Greece.

American Akita

Caneguardiano BullmastiffsGreece
Caneguardiano Bullmastiffs

Caneguardiano bullmastiff breeders Giannis Roussos - Maridespi Georgala Our kennel is situated in a small beautifull island of Greece, where we and our bullmastiffs grow up and leave peacefully. Do have a look, in our website. Hope you will enjoy it...


Fragmabox German BoxersGreece

Boxers Domestic Breeding.

German Boxer

shar pei Precious HugGreece
Precious Hug shar pei

Shar Pei Fine breeding from quality lines ...

Shar Pei

Erebus Dobermann KennelGreece
Erebus Dobermann Kennel

We are a small Greek kennel that just started to breed using excellent European bloodlines. Our intention is to breed healthy show dogs with high tamperament and working proportions.


Desert Eagle Bulldogs English Bulldog BreederGreece
Desert Eagle Bulldogs
English Bulldog Breeder

Dogs are our Passion!

We are a small kennel and all our dogs are family members and live with us in the living room. Our goal is te breed a healthy and typical bulldog in best quality. Hope you enjoy your visit to our website and if you have any question, please contact us.

Alexandros & Silva

English Bulldog

ΕΚΤΡΟΦΕΣ ΔΙΑΜΑΝΤΗΣ Alaskan MalamuteGreece
Alaskan Malamute

A few years ago (1999), I bought my first dog,a male Alaskan Malamute in precise. I live in a suburban territory, just outside Ioannina City, in a farm stretching over 5,000 square meters in the foot of Mt.Mitsikeli, something that helps me grow those big-sized animals up
Γιώργος Διαμάντης

Alaskan Malamute

Boxer Kennel Volcano's SecretGreece
Volcano's Secret Boxer Kennel

Boxers For Health, Morfology & Temperament!


Pugs Smiling FarmGreece
Smiling Farm Pugs

Black and Fawn Pugs in Greece.


Afghan Hounds Kennel Antara'sGreece
Antara's Kennel

A Greek Afghanhounds Kennel.

Afghan Hound

Venilil English Cocker Spaniel KennelGreece

English Cocker Spaniel Kennel - Handling - Webdesign.

English Cocker Spaniel         Dog Web Design

Ygeia KennelGreece
Ygeia kennel

Bred for Quality and Elegance!!!


Angels Warriors KennelGreece
Angels Warriors

Angels Warriors bullterrier / bullterrier miniature kennel.

Bull Terrier - Miniature Bull Terrier

Amalthea Nais KennelGreece
Amalthea Nais Labrador Retrievers

Labrador retriever breeding for show ring and temperament.

Labrador Retriever

M.C. of PalmhillGreece
M.C. of Palmhill

High quality breeding of Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers.

Golden Retriever         Labrador Retriever

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