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Kennel Lacrima ChristiCroatia

Top dalmatian kennel. Already 20 years, we strive to follow line breeding on best lines and illness free dogs. Planned litters are thecontinuation of our carefull genetical research by all means. Nobility, health, structure and temperament are our guiding stars and objective selection has raised the LACRIMA CHRISTI kennel name to the worldwide known kennels.

Our kennel name is proudly being carried by many dogs on all continents and we are more than gratefull to all their owners, who are more than great of keeping us informed and they are all like a big family to us !

Dalmatians von der Montforter EbeneAustria
Dalmatinerheim von der Montforter Ebene

Dalmatiner Welpen aus gesunden, wesensfesten Tieren. Wir praktizieren verantwortungsbewußte Heimtierhaltung, seit 1986, mit kontaktorientierter Aufzucht. Auch nach dem Kauf bieten wir Hilfestellung an und stehen für ALLE Fragen gerne zur Verfügung.

Sollten Sie ein verantwortungsbewußter Interessent für einen lauffreudigen Dalmatiner sein, freuen wir uns wenn Sie mit uns Kontakt aufnehmen! Nähere Informationen auf unserer Homepage.

Kykado DalmatiansNetherlands
Kykado Dalmatians

Kykado Dalmatians, home of Alphadirato Glitter Girl , Rocca Al Mare Donatella & Laguna Dios Duran Duran. We are living in the eastern part of the Netherlands.

Stormguard kennel - StormGuard питомник собакUkraine
StormGuard питомник собак

We're happy to welcome our dear guests. Please allow us to present you our STORMGUARD kennel - professional Ukrainian breeder kennel.

Добро пожаловать к нам в профессиональный питомник собак - StormGuard. Мы - заводчики из Украины, наша цель - высокопородные щенки Далматина, Бернского Зенненхунда и Вельш Корги Пемброк. Наши производители - собаки, которых мы специально привезли из лучших мировых питомников, которые являются постоянными участниками и победителями выставок.

Bernese Mountain Dog Welsh Corgi Pembroke

Dalmatian Kennel BenfattoLatvia
Kennel Benfatto - Dalmatian

We present Dalmatian Kennel Benfatto from Latvia. On our Home page you can read about dogs,which had been breaded in our kennel, you can feel happy for their success in the Dog Show, or You can leave a request to choose a puppy.

In breeding we do accent on nice temperament, correct movement and good top line, but we mainly prefer the best of scandinavian lines. In our kennel we can help you to choose the dalmatian puppy correctly, according to your wishes and requirements. We will consult You in questions offeeding, gladly share with You our experience about puppycultivation and education, also we will give you some useful advices about how to correctly prepare your dog for the Dog Show. Welcome to our web site!

Picolino DalmatinerGermany
Picolino Dalmatiner

Dalmatians sience 1998 from Germany.

Dalmatian kennel DanarnyCzechia
kennel Danarny

Dalmatian kennel.

Dalmatiner Zuchtstätte.

Chovatelská stanice Dalmatinů.

Steadfast Leader Russian Toy & DalmatianUkraine

One of leading kennel of breeds Russkiy toyand dalmatian in Ukraine. Excellent genealogies, excellent exterior, excellent quality is a result of our breeding Champions of many countries!

Russian Toy

dalmatiens du moulin de l'age France
dalmatiens du moulin de l'age

Love and passion for dalmatians liver and black. Breeding family.

Spotted Angels Dalmata KennelHungary
Spotted Angels Dalmata Kennel

Dalmatian breeding in Hungary.

kennel ZabavanFinland
kennel ZABAVAN

Dalmatian kennel. Home of many champions and winners.

Gloriandus kennel - питомник ГлориандусRussia Dog Breeders
питомник Глориандус

"GLORIANDUS" - the youngest kennel specializing in breeding beautiful dalmatians. The main priority in breeding for us is health, temperament, harmony and breed type. Welcome!

Dalmatian kennel Petrovicky vitrCzechia
Petrovicky vitr dalmatian kennel

Our kennel Petrovicky vitr since in 1989.

We breed black and liver spotted dalmatians. Our breeding specialized in health, characters and exterior. Our dalmatians are sportingly lead and we make with them cannisterapy too. They have many dogshow succies. And we love them.

Dalmatian kennel VetrelecCzech Republic Breeders
Vetrelec Dalmatian kennel

I breed dalmatian from year 1979.The breed of Vetrelec is specific to own type of good characters, excelent pigmentation and strong skeleton with the elegant in the movement. My dalmatians are workly training. A lot of dalmatian champions were born in this dalmatian kennel.

And my motto is: "Never can't be the beauty more important than the health and characters of the dalmatian."

Jumalpa Dálmatas y Dogos AlemanesSpain
Jumalpa - Dálmatas y Dogos Alemanes

Cría Selectiva y Rigurosa de las mejores Líneas de las Razas Dálmata y Dogo Alemán, en ambiente familiar. Para Exposición y Compañía.

Great Dane

Dalmatians of NaireCzechia
OF NAIRE Dalmatians

We are a small family kennel black and liver dalmatian located in Czech Republic. We want to welcome you to our web site, that connect ours "Dalmatian home" with the outer world andpresent our dalmatian and our breeding.

Typical dalmatian - health, character and show !!!

Dalmindy's DalmatiansNetherlands
Dalmindy's Dalmatians

Breeding for our hobby and passion, once in a while a litter at home, from excellent bloodlines and good temperaments.

Home of Multi Ch.Amelanchiers Amusing Eloise, Laguna Dios Ranger Supreme, Alphadirato Innovation Brand, Dalmindy`s Ivy Indigo & Groovy Gainsboro. All loveing pets and showdogs. Dalmatians since 1998.

Monarte Rich kennelCzechia

We focus not only on the exterior and a great exhibition, but also the usability of the working breed! Particular hunting training, canisterapy, sports training and coursing. In these areas, we gained quite a few successes.

Olrif's dalmatiansRussia
OLRIF's dalmatians

All about my beautiful dogs.

Aboensis DalmatiansFinland
Aboensis Dalmatians

Puppies available from good blood lines! ARDS-free combination. Both parents are healthy and with nice characters. Strong agility background through 3 generations. Couple puppies are excellent show quality. Please check our website!

O'Zone dobermanns & dalmatiansFinland
O'ZONE dobermanns & dalmatians

High quality Dobermanns and Dalmatians from international bloodlines. Litters occasionnally aiming at sound character, excellence in exterior and proven health. Multichampion health-tested males for stud only to quality females.


Pjegava Sanjaska - Dalmatian kennelCroatia
Pjegava Sanjaska - Dalmatian kennel

Breeding of Dalmatian dogs since 1994. First we fly from the Croatia to America, first we had from the Croatia world champion!

Our first female WCH.Aska, marked by Croatia Cynology becoming world champion in Puerto Rico 1997th. Dogs do not keep the boxes, our dogs are in commercials and TV shows.

Allevamento Dalmata HerberiensisItaly
Allevamento Dalmata HERBERIENSIS

Herberiensis Dalmatians di Francesco Ricchetti è riconsciuto ENCI e FCI  come allevatore della razza dalmata a Rubiera (RE) e il suo nome deriva da Herberia, l’antico nome latino di Rubiera. I nostri riproduttori sono sempre soggetti BAER +/+ (cioè udenti bilaterali) e soggetti tipici plurititolati nelle esposizioni di bellezza sia in Italia che all’estero.

Da Herberiensis Dalmatians potrai trovare splendidi cuccioli di dalmata selezionati, figli di campioni italiani di bellezza che vengono ceduti solo dopo i 60 giorni con le prime vaccinazioni, libretto sanitario e pedigree ENCI (ROI).


Dalmatian Kennel recognized ENCI/FCI. We breed selecting dogs and puppies of excellent genealogy, without genetical diseases, BAER tested, to ensure puppies healthy, beautiful, in standard and socialized.

Nel nostro centro di selezione crescono adulti e cuccioli altamente selezionati. Esenti da malattie ereditarie e caratteriali, di ottima Genealogia, Testati BAER, per garantire cuccioli sani belli e nello standard.

Питомник ГАРДИАН

Ch of Russia, Belarus, Litva, RKF, national Club, CACIB

We nave breeding the dog of those breeds. We offer males for mating and exceleent puppies. For all buying puppies from as, we help in thei problems. We show we dogs at exhibitions, You can stay the dog when you not at home, also we can doying the fotos of your dog.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke Central Asia Shepherd Dog

Spotrain DalmatiansItaly
Spotrain Dalmatians

A small family dalmatian breeding in Italy. We breed for passion!!!!! A lot of photos of our 3 lovely dals in our website ... take a look!

Algarvia KennelSpain

Spanish Breeder of Dalmatian and Shiba Inu.

Criador de Dálmatas y Shiba Inu. Seleccionamos por Salud, Caracter y Belleza.

Shiba Inu

Spirit of Magic Kennel - DalmatianSlovenia Dog Breeders
Spirit of Magic Kennel

The passion about animals I have since I was a little girl. I grew up in a farming family where we always had a dog. Even the ancient people were saying, "The family without a dog is not a family!" I grew up with dogs and cats, but I always prefer dogs than cats.

Initially we had in house always dogs breed Newfoundland or "happiness on leash," as some call it. These dogs are the biggest fans of families and children, but especially water. However, since I was a little girl, I always desire to have dogs breed Beagle and Dalmatian. Those two breed were mine the biggest wish.

Redcliffe's kennel DalmatianSweden
Redcliffe's kennel

Dalmatians sice 1984 and Whippets since 1990. Focus on healthy dogs with an easy going mentality and with genetic diversity and correctly built according to breed standards. Breeding indoors as family dogs.


God's Creatures FCI 12/16 Dog kennelCroatia
God's Creatures FCI 12/16 Dog kennel

We are kennel from Croatia, we have available Siberian Husky and Dalmatian dog for sale and world wide transport. Feel free to contact us.

Siberian Husky

Obsidian Snowflake kennelCroatia
Obsidian Snowflake Dalmatian kennel

Dalmatian kennel registered at FCI.

Criadero UsaskuSpain
Criadero USASKU

Nos dedicamos a la cría familiar y responsable de la raza dálmata.

Tenemos solamente una o dos camadas al año para lograr la máxima dedicación a cada cachorro y un carácter excelente. Nos volcamos por completo en cada camada, desde la selección de ejemplares a cruzar, como en los cuidados intensivos de todos los cachorros durante su estancia en el criadero.

Dalmatian Duncansby SpottedHungary
Duncansby Spotted

Az első dalmatámat 1993 ban vásároltam, majd 1999 óta tenyésztem is a fajtát. Célom a minőségi dalmata mellett az egészségre való törekvés. Úgy gondolom, hogy dalmata nem való mindenkinek, csak aki nagyon sok szeretetet tud biztosítani neki. Ha ez a szeretet kölcsönös akkor viszont a világ legcsodálatosabb kis lényét kapja 😊.

Duncansby Spotted Dalmata
Duncansby Spotted

A dalmata szerelem gyermekkorom óta megvan. Teljesen elvarázsolt csodálatos külsejével, természetével. 1999 óta tenyésztem a fajtát. Először Duncansby majd Duncansby Spotted kennelnéven. Célom egészséges, gyönyörű kutyák tenyésztése akik lehetőség szerint a család tejes tagjaként élnek családjukban.