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… breeding is to rear dogs which are not only for shows but also for mushing… produce some lines with excellent origins for show, sport and company… show quality siberians Huskies with very good pedigrees… dogs heritage boosts some of the best lines and kennels from around the world… breeding, showing, mushing, and living with these friendly breeds of sled dogs… Grown in family environment and well socialised puppies with excellent mentality, great exterior and temperament, show looks and good working ability… Home of pure american types of siberians from the best bloodlines and to be successful in breeding and showing… champion lines from kennels in USA, Canada and Europe… the native beauty and graceful movement representatives of this breed… information about huskies, pedigrees, shownews, training, breeding plans, and avaliable puppies, photos and videos of exhibitions and racing… the breed with correct, affectionate and balanced specimens with very good pedigrees… registered breeder of Siberian Huskies, breeding, exhibiting and racing… dogs from the best bloodlines and to be successful in breeding… breed healthy show and work Siberians and happy pets for each family… breeding goal is to breed species-strong, healthy, active, attentive and beautiful dogs… a limited amount of puppies…     ***       Siberian Husky Breeders and Kennels -