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English Springer Spaniel

Ocean Pitfal KennelFinland
kennel Ocean Pitfal

Welcome to read more about me and my springers from our website.

Welsh Springer Spaniel

Negro's KennelGermany

English Cocker and English Springer bred with love.

English Cocker Spaniel

Crownmaple KennelEstonia

Our new site! Crownmaple is English Cockers & English Springer Spaniels kennel since 2000. We are little hobby kennel and our goal is to breed with best style, health and temper.

English Cocker Spaniel

Wildomar's kennelFinland
Kennel Wildomar's

Our target is to breed healthy beautiful dogs, which fit well to the breed standard and have excellent co-operative temperaments.

English Setter

Obsession in Blue KennelNetherlands
Kennel Obsession in Blue

Little kennel with a lot of information on my website over the health and grooming from a English Springer Spaniel. Whe onley breed with the English type English Springer. I have also a database on my site with free tested dog from Glaucoma.

Joep and the Springer-ClannetjesNetherland Dog Breeders
Joep and the Springer-Clannetjes

Information about our english springer spaniel studdogs. Their showresults, their kids and everything they do in their live! And information about our english cocker and the heartdisease cardiomypthy which occurs in the cocker.

English Cocker Spaniel

Des Vauriennes Welsh and English Springer SpanielsNetherlands
des Vauriennes Welsh Springer Spaniels

A comprehensive website about our welsh springer spaniels and english springer spaniels. Although small, our kennel has had some nice results at dogshows; most of our dogs are titled.

We occasionally have a litter which is carefully planned. Parents are hipscored, eye checked and thyroid tested.

Welsh Springer Spaniel

Beagle and English Springer Spaniel Kennel Z Lonskeho letaCzechia
Z Lonskeho leta Beagle
and English Springer Spaniel Kennel

Our small family kennel is officially registred with the FCI. Visit us.


Kennel TEMA English Cocker Spaniel and English Springer SpanielLithuania
Kennel TEMA

English cocker spaniel and English springer spaniel kennel.

English Cocker Spaniel

Meadowdale GundogsUK
Meadowdale Gundogs

Medaowdale Gundogs is a small kennel based in Essex, Specialising in German Shorthaired Pointers, English Springer Spaniels and Ladradors.

We both show and work our dogs, and have had 3 champions to date, and many field trial awards.

Visit our site for full information on our dogs
Kind regards
Steve & Jane Eyeington

German Shorthaired Pointer Labrador Retriever

Darrem Canis English Springer Spaniels kennelCzechia

Welcome in our website with information about our English Springer Spaniels and puppies !

Leonbergers du Moulin d'OreuseFrance
du Moulin d'Oreuse Leonbergs

All about our leonbergers and their friends !


Springer Nest Kennel English Springer SpanielAustria Hungary
Springer Nest Kennel
English Springer Spaniel

We have beautiful puppies from household springers. All our springers are hunting, some of them are searching truffles, we have dogs in rescue work. We have best results on shows in 11 countries.

Kennel of Artemis´s InstinctsFrance
Kennel of Artemis´s Instincts

Elevage familial „OF ARTEMIS´S INSTINCTS“ de springer spaniel anglais,  situé en Lorrain. Chien LOF, toutes couleurs, lignée beauté et travail, haute sélection sur le santé. Ce site est dédié à tous les passionnés de springer, et ceux qui souhaitent découvrir cette race exceptionnelle. Standard – nos chiens – chiots – exposition – sports canins – nombreuses photos.

Клуб Порода - сеттеры и спаниелиRussia
Клуб Порода - сеттеры и спаниели

Клуб "Порода" - племенное разведение собак всех пород, опыт работы 19 лет. Оказываем помощь в подборе щенка, в дальнейшем индивидуальное обслуживание на дому: контроль здоровья, воспитание и дрессировка, подготовка к выставкам, хэндлинг, подготовка к охоте.

Основная специадизация: английский сеттер.Клуб является членом НКП "Английский сеттер". Национальный клуб породы «Английский сеттер» (НКП) - межрегиональной общественная кинологическая организация, созданная в соответствии с законодательством Российской Федерации и нормативными документами РКФ. Дата создания 28.05.2003. НКП представляет породу в РКФ и отечественное её состояние в ФЦИ.

English Setter Irish Red Setter

Canouan English Springer Spaniels & AffenpinschersFrance
Canouan English Springer Spaniels
& Affenpinschers

Welcome to the Canouan family based in the South West of France. Bred for health, type and temperament. Show dogs who work for a living.

Home of Champion Affenpinschers. Our dogs are our delight.


Kennel Dowiti's English Springer SpanielsSweden
Kennel Dowiti's

Breeder of English Springer Spaniel in Vimmerby, Sweden. Visit our website for updated information about our dogs, and current puppies.

Lordsett English Springer Spaniel KennelPoland
Lordsett - English Springer Spaniel Kennel

We are kennel from Poland. We breed ESS from over 5 years using top lines of Europe. Please visit our website to find out more about us and our dogs.

Killkerrygal Gundogs English Springer SpanielBelgium

Elevage familial de Springer Spaniel de travail. Reproducteurs importés directements d'Angleterre hors des meilleurs champions actuels de Field Trial sur gibier tiré. Lignées Anglaises et Irlandaises. Chiots disponibles sporadiquement car nous ne faisons qu'une à deux nichées maximum par an.

Tamaam ESSPoland
Tamaam ESS

Tamaam is a small kennel, without "dogs' buildings" or cages. Dogs are true members of our family, living at home and spending each day with us. Our goal is to breed healthy, nice - looking dogs, keeping up their natural ability to work. Our breeding stock is regularly checked on eyes and hips, and most of our team members have passed the working trials with the 1st prize. You are welcome to visit our homepage, and meet us face-to-face! :)

Kennel Z Lesnej Gromady - English Springer SpanielPoland
Kennel Z Lesnej Gromady
English Springer Spaniel

In our small kennel you can find your English Springer Spaniel! Check our webside!

Magic StreetCzechia
Magic Street

English Springer Spaniel and Epagneul Breton from Czech Republic.

Brittany Spaniel

De la prieutiereFrance

Depuis 1982, nous élevons des English Springer Spaniel. Si vous partagez notre passion, bienvenue sur notre site.

Springfield's English Springer SpanielsGermany
Springfield's English Springer Spaniels

English Springer Spaniel Dual Purpose - FCI - JGHV - VDH .

Torwind English Springer SpanielsEngland
Torwind English Springer Spaniels

English Springer Spaniels -  DNA Fuco & PRA cord 1 clear. English Springers that Love Life!

We are kennel Club Accredited Breeders breeding from good pedigrees and  healthy, happy lines from DNA tested clear /non carrier dogs , which are also eye tested yearly.

We breed Liver and White, Black and White and Tri Colour dogs, which are very rare in the working type lines, which ours are. We Provide a very friendly, individual and informative service with long term back up advice.

We have 2 stud dogs from different lines, used by others as well as ourselves and have 2-3 litters per year from our gorgeous girls. We usually have  along waiting list, so if you are interested in asking about a pup, then it is best to contact in advance.

Viat GalenaRussia
Viat Galena

We are glad to welcome you on the pages of our site. We live in Russia, in city Kirov. Our nursery works with the different breeds of dogs from 1999. Presently in a nursery tribal work is conducted with the American staffordshire terrier, English springer spaniel. In a nursery there are two representatives of hunting dogs 7 groups of German Shorthaired Pointer and Scottish setter.

More detailed information you can know, writing a letter to us.

American Staffordshire Terrier German Shorthaired Pointer Scottish Terrier

kennel Dragons ManorCzechia
kennel Dragons Manor

Kennel Dragons Manor breeds English Springer Spaniels of show quality with a focus on good health, temperament and hunting abilities. Puppies sometimes available to an appropriate homes.

Kennel CizeraCzechia
Kennel Cizera

Kennel Cizera was founded in 1994.We specialize on breading the English Springer Spaniels.Our goalis to breed dogs with the best health, breed standars and temper.

Kennel BuxussonPrague, Czech Republic Dog Breeders

Kennel, which is trying to be perfect - healthy dogs, humorous nature, no aggression at all, always happy, elegant appearance, enthusiasm owners.

Our dogs stay active and playful into old age.

Ganwales English Springer SpanielsAustria
Ganwales English Springer Spaniels

May I invite you to visit GANWALES GUNDOGS?

Come and see how wonderful it can be to share your life with dogs. All our dogs are true members of our family. They come from english quality breeding lines and my aim is to continue this long-termed work. Always having in mind to keep the hunting instincs, the good looks, the pure character and friendliness of this lovely breed in my breeding.

Kennel Kahden Siskon English Springer SpanielsFinland
Kennel Kahden Siskon
English Springer Spaniels

We are small breeder of quality english springer spaniels in Finland. Our goal is to breed typical springers for both show and work. We only breed fully health tested dogs and our dogs live with us, not in kennel. You are welcome to visit our website and learn more about our dogs!

vom Leiningerland English Springer SpanielGermany
vom Leiningerland
English Springer Spaniel

Liebhaberzucht von English Springer Spaniel mit VDH-Papieren. Unser Ziel ist es gesunde und wesensfeste Spaniels zu züchten. Auzucht in Haus und Garten.

Ker-Paravel FCIPoland
Ker-Paravel FCI

We are a small, home kennel based in north of Poland. Our aim is to breed from good pedigrees- truly english lines, healthy, happy and good tempered dogs for work, shows or a companion( ideal for families with children). You are welcome to visit our website and find out more!

Dream Passion FCIPoland
Dream Passion FCI

We're DREAM PASSION FCI, English Springer Spaniel kennel from Poland.

Bois des AmourettesSwitzerland
Bois des Amourettes

Happy spaniels living with us in the big house and big garden.

Clumber Spaniel English Cocker Spaniel

Mysterion Britanica English Springer SpanielCzechia
Mysterion Britanica

English Springer Spaniel breeder in the Czech Republic since 2012 and we live with English Springer Spaniels since 1995.

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