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Show quality dogs and working dogs… old Canadian, American and European bloodlines… Sledding, skijoring, bike, dog trekking… large body and strength are accompanied by their large soul… you can find pedigrees, shownews, info on our dog's and bloodlines… working, family and show dogs all in one… healthy, working malamutes with excellent personality… a combination of a spliendid character and execlent movment undimished exemplery type and quality… breeds puppies for family/show dogs with good temperment… kennel is dedicated to breeding dogs for working… kennel, endeavouring to produce Malamutes of sound type and temperament… dogs are proven at the highest level in the ring, gaining many show titles… to keep show looks and good working ability in the breed together with outstanding health…     ***       Alaskan Malamute Breeders and Kennels -    

Alaskan Malamute

Alveig Alaskan Malamutes KennelRussian Federation Dog Breeders
Alveig - Alaskan Malamute kennel

Alaskan Malamute from Russia. Sport and show.

Alaskan Malamutes Kennel ShamanrockCzechia
Shamanrock kennel

Top Alaskan malamute kennel since 1990.Our offsprings are World Junior winners and European winner.

Stormyth Alaskan Malamutes KennelCzechia

Alaskan Malamute kennel in Czech Republic (first malamute since 1997).

od Mamutí skály Alaskan Malamutes KennelCzechia
od Mamutí skály

Alaskan malamute kennel from Czech Republic. Show, sport and puppies.

Polární úsvit Alaskan Malamutes KennelCzechia
Polární úsvit

Alaskan malamute kennel from Czech Republic. Shows, puppies and sport.

Winanga Kennel - Alaskan MalamutesHungary
Winanga Kennel - Alaskan Malamutes

Winanga Alaskan Malamute kennel strives to breed healthy and beautiful malamutes. We work with American bloodlines from topkennels like Wild Wind, Nanuke, Sno Klassic, Kasaan and Atanik. Feel free to visit our page and contact us.

Arctic Challenge Alaskan Malamutes KennelPoland

Our dogs are our pride, hobby, pride and happines!


Od Ledové královnyCzechia
Od Ledové královny

Top Alaskan malamute and Greenlanddog kennel since 1994. Among many distinctions, we provided European Junior Winner 2005, World Winner 2006, European Winner 2007.

Greenland Dog

Neatut-kennel Alaskan MalamutesFinland

Working alaskan malamute kennel located in the middle of Finland. We have been with malamutes since 1998, breeding since 2002. Our dogs are for working and showing but most important - loving family members.

Alaskan Malamute of Kiyara's Wolf PakGermany
of Kiyara's Wolf Pak Alaskan Malamute

We are located in Germany. We are member of the FCI and DCNH. - DOMAIN FOR SALE - MAKE AN OFFER!
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