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Hunter's ParadeLatvia
Hunter's Parade

We are dog lovers from Latvia.All our dogs live in house with us.We don't keep our dogs or puppies in kennels,they are family members from the day they are born.

Dachshund standard smooth

Into LightningLatvia
Into Lightning

Welcome to kennel INTO LIGHTNING, where lives Multi Ch & TOP basenji 2013 (LV)!We live in Latvia, a nice country at Baltic sea. Our dog is part of our family, our pleasure and pride!


Whispering Sand:atvia Dog Breeders
Whispering Sand

Welcome to our small kennel. We live near Baltic see, in Latvia. Our dogs are part of our family and live with us. Welcome.

Pharaoh Hound


Central Asian Ovcharka Choice and Chow-Chow Umka - their life, sport, shows and travel.

Central Asia Shepherd Dog         Chow Chow


Web page is about Bavarian mountain hounds in Latvia. About available puppies, show and work results.

Bavarian Mountain Scenthound


Šī ir viselegantāko sunīšu mājaslapa, kurā Jūs varat uzzināt par Kavaliera Karaļa Čārlza Spaniela šķirni un iepazīties ar šīs šķirnes cienīgiem pārstāvjiem.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Latvian national dog breed.

Latvian Hound

Lucky StaffLatvia
Lucky Staff

Wellcome to happiest & luckiest staffy and amstaff !!!

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

American Staffordshire Terrier

Kennel ShevilanLatvia

Small family-run kennel. Welcome to our home page. We love Griffons!

Brussels Griffon         Belgian Griffon

Small Brabant Griffon

AMBERNOSE Rhodesian ridgebacksLatvia
Ambernose Rhodesian ridgebacks

Beautiful Rhodesian ridgebacks with sound temperament for many beautiful days together, for shows and for daily activities. Livernosed and blacknosed. FCI.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Royal GalaxyLatvia
Royal Galaxy

I am a breeder of pomeranian and kleinspitz, located in Riga, Latvia. Registered in FCI. All our dogs has the test of eyes (PRA) and patella (PL).

German Miniature Spitz, Pomeranian

Bergberry kennelLatvia

Bergberry is small kennel from Riga, Latvia. Our breeds - dachshund wirehaired miniature and kanninchen.



Welcome to Helen's Magic Ever Praid website.

Miniature Pinscher


American Hairless Terrier first in Latvia. Russian Toy in Latvia. Puppies for home and breeding.

Американский голый терьер первый в Латвии. Русский той в Латвии. Щенки для дома и разведения.

Amerikaņu kailais terjers pirmais Latvijā. Krievu toiterjers Latvijā. Kucēni mājās un vairošanās.

American Hairless Terrier         Russian Toy

Brandt's KennelLatvia
Brandt's Kennel

Brandt's Kennel has been breeding pit bulls since 1995. Genetic basis of our breeding program is the famous Stonewall blood line. Our breeding program is based on the best traditions of American and European master-breeders.

You can be sure of the blood purity and pedigrees authenticity of our dogs.

American Pit Bull Terrier

'FCI kennel DarisvetLatvia

" I love my dogs. I show my dogs, I test my dogs, I really live together with my dogs" (c)

My name is Svetlana, I live in Latvia, one of the Baltic countries. I am the proud owner of a small hobby kennel "DARISVET", registered FCI since 2006, February - Nr. 176 FCI 2/06. DARISVET, translated from Russian means "gift of the light". We breed in our kennel Petit Brabancons, Bruxelois and Belgian Griffons and also we have Southrussian Sheepherdogs. We successfully show our dogs in many different countries and are very proud of them.

From time to time we have puppies in our kennel, but not very often, because we are worried for the quality of our puppies and the health of our dogs. You can find all news about our show results, new litters, new Champions in our kennel here in our website.

Belgian Griffon         Brussels Griffon         Small Brabant Griffon

Nardicum kennelLatvia

Nardicum kennel from Latvia. Breeds: central asian shepher dog (sredneaziatskaia ovtcharka), deutcher jagdterrier, Russkaia Tsvetnaia Bolonka. Available puppies and adult dogs, stud dogs.

Central Asia Shepherd Dog

German Hunting Terrier         Russian Coloured Bichon

cavalier.lvLatvia website is set up to collect all Latvian Cavalier King Charles Spaniels registered in the LKF / FCI system.

At the moment we are not yet in very large numbers but we are nice and happy to meet you.

We want to introduce you to our beautiful dogs, which represent this breed very well and come from very good parents. We can tell you how to buy a good dog of this breed, how to nurture them, what to pay attention to and that this dog breed is the best in the world!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

SavSan DobermannsLatvia
SavSan Dobermanns

Welcome to the Dobermans website from Latvia! The main idea of breeding is to keep and improve the favorite breed. All our dogs live as family members.



Alaskan Malamute is a big, strong, stately dog. At first glance a very serious-looking dog, but if you look into its eyes, these intelligent and kind eyes, that would never deceive, they reflect the love of man.

So we bought an Alaskan Malamute puppy. Then we thought that “The only thing better than a malamute, is two!”

At the time of the decision a lot of thoughts were in my head: big, looks menacing, would protect the house; happy eyes that are glowing with love for the man - is the most important thing! Beautiful and further only pros and synonyms. Malamute is love at first sight!

Alaskan Malamute


The site is about dogo canario and English cocker spaniel. The origin of Breeds. Standard Breeds. Training and Shows. Puppy Sale. Photo. Many other interesting information. We hope to see you here on the site.

Canary Islands Mastiff         English Cocker Spaniel


(FCI) Yorkshire Terrier Kennel from Latvia. Here you can buy puppies of excellent quality.

Welcome to the websayte - you will find information on the kennel, breed standard, photos of our dogs.

Yorkshire Terrier


Home page of our Rottweilers, puppies and their offspring


Aresvuma Jumba-Jafari and Aresvuma Paa-Palika ridgebacksLatvia
Aresvuma Jumba-Jafari
and Aresvuma Paa-Palika ridgebacks

Aresvuma Jumba-Jafari and Aresvuma Paa-Palika ridgebacks from Latvia. Ridgeback puppies.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

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