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Berger Blanc Suisse / White Swiss Shepherd Dog / White German Shepherd / Weiße Schäferhunde / Weisser Schweizer Schäferhund / Pastor Blanco Suizo

White Swiss Shepherd Dogs Kennel EgeborgDenmark
Kennel Egeborg

This site is about the lovely breed White german shepherd. We have puppies in spring.

Vivid Daydream White Swiss Shepherd DogsNetherlands
White shepherd lover/breeder NL

We have two beautifull females at home. Only ones a year a litter puppies born and raised with all our love in our family.

White Swiss Shepherd Dogs Real del Ocejon KennelSpain
Criadero Real del Ocejon
Pastor Blanco Suizo

Criadero de pastor blanco suizo. Estamos en la sierra de Madrid donde nuestros amigos viven en libertad.

White swiss shepherd kennel in Madrid-Spain.

White Swiss Shepherd Dogs Kennel of the Holy WhiteGermany
of the Holy White

Breeding White Swiss Shepherds since 1991. Our Puppies are raised in our family, in house and garden with cats and kids. High quality puppies with pedigree, EU-Passport, excellent parents, multichampions, Bloodlines from Germany, Denmark, Sweden, UK, USA, our dogs have x-rayed hips 0/0.

White Shepherds are intelligent, medium-sized dogs, family dogs who love children, they are suitable for any activity-agility, companions for horseriding,are easy to housebreak and train. More next info on my website.

Conquistadores del Azahar Pastor Blanco SuizoSpain
Conquistadores del Azahar
Pastor Blanco Suizo

Family breeder and lover of the White Swiss Shepherd dog. Our dogs have unique blood lines in Europe and our dogs came as puppies with us from all over Europe. They are all of European and even World champions lines. Our dogs live free in our home and land and when we have puppies (once or twice a year) the puppies grow up in our house and get a lot of attention and love.

All puppies will come with full official pedigrees, European passports, micro-chip, all vaccinations and anti parasite treatments that they need. For more information or photos look on our web-site or send us an e-mail.

German Dream's White Swiss Shepherd Dogs KennelGermany
German Dream's
Weisse Schweizer Schäferhunde

Wir züchten Weisse Schweizer Schäferhunde mit Herz und Verstand. Zeitweise vielversprechenden Nachwuchs abzugeben.

SLO - White Rose Kennel White Swiss Shepherd DogSlovenia Dog Breeders
Kennel SLO - White rose

Kennel SLO - White rose, breeding of Swiss white shepherds and Chihuahuas. Our breeding results in healthy, working and top quality show dogs.


White Swiss Shepherd Dog - Aron & Guadalupe White ApacheBosnia and Herzegovina
Aron & Guadalupe White Apache

Aron is a beautifull FCI stud dog from the Bosnia, with a great character, verry strong dark pigment of skin, super male head, beautiful white coat, and huge super chest, boneand elegant, harmonious outline. He is JCHSCG, CHBIH, CHSCG, CHHR, CH MNE. Guadalupe Is beautiful young female ...

White Swiss Shepherd Dogs Regius KennelEspana Dog Breeders
REGIUS Cría selectiva del Pastor Blanco

Somos un criadero familiar del antiguo Pastor Alemán Blanco (AKC) o Pastor Blanco Suizo para la FCI desde 2003.

Criamos de forma muy selectiva unas pocas camadas al año, todas de gran calidad. Nuestros perros provienen de las mejores líneas de Europa y América con múltiples campeones en sus pedigrees y varios con nivel de adiestramiento máximo Sch3 IPO3. Además han pasado los estrictos controles del Club de Raza CEPBS para lograr el "Apto para Reproducción", están libres de displasia tanto de cadera como de codos, y la mayoría ya han ganado exposiciones o eventos caninos desde cachorros con excelentes valoraciones por jueces internacionales.

Pero lo más importante es que por nuestra forma de criar y el tiempo de calidad que les dedicamos, entregamos cachorros muy bien socializados, alegres y con un carácter excepcional, muy equilibrados, avalados por decenas de amigos que ya tienen un cachorro nuestro por toda España y que algunos incluso nos han pedido un segundo ejemplar con el tiempo.

Si deseas más información de la raza, conocernos o reservar un cachorro, no dudes en llamarnos o escribirnos un email y con gusto nos pondremos en contacto.

Un saludo.... Pablo y Ali

Bohemia Mandiga White Swiss Shepherd Dogs KennelCzechia
Bohemia Mandiga
Chihuahuas & White Swiss Shepherds

Traditional family kennel, founded 1992 of White swiss shepherds and chihuahuas. Big photoworld ! Welcome :)


of Reckhem's Castle Swiss White ShepherdsBelgium
of Reckhem's Castle
Swiss White Shepherds

Breeder of Swiss White Shepherds. We are affiliated with several kennel clubs. Our breeding dogs are checked for HD, ED, MDR1, CE / spondylosis, deafness (BAER test), hereditary eye diseases and DM (Degenerative Myelopathy). There are namely more DNA tests, allowing us to detect certain abnormalities. Not all of these health checks are mandatory in accordance with the requirements of the KMSH and breeding rules, but in the interest of the breed, I find it important to have knowledge about the health.

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