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 American Akita

 Great Japanese Dog / Akita américain / Amerikanischer Akita

American Akitas Serenada Severnoy Doliny KennelRussia Dog Breeders
Serenada Severnoy Doliny

Breeder of Samoyeds, American Akita and Russian toy-dogs located in Russia, SAINT- PETERSBURG. Kennel history, photos, pedigrees and information on upcoming litters.

Samoyed         Russian Toy

American Akitas Finigan KennelPoland Dog Breeders
Finigan American Akitas

Breeder of American Akitas & White Toy Poodles.

White Toy Poodle         Pyrenean Mastiff

Mara-shimas American AkitasThe Netherlands Dog Breeders
Mara-shimas American akita

Meet our beautiful American akitas with lots of pics private and in the showring. Occasionly we have pups raised in the house, all our dogs are clear tested before breeding.

American Akitas de Santo NikolaUkraine Dog Breeders

Jack russell terrier, Beagle, Berner Sennenhund, Leonberger, Briard, Shar-pei (lilac, isabelle and blue), Golden and Labrador retriever, American Akita, Welsh Corgi Pembroke end Cardigan - it's ours dogs. We're dont speek English good, but speek Spaine.

Beagle       Bernese Mountain Dog       Briard       Golden Retriever

Jack Russell Terrier         Labrador Retriever         Leonberger         Shar Pei

Welsh Corgi Cardigan         Welsh Corgi Pembroke

American Triumph Akita KennelBelgium Dog Breeders
American Triumph Akita Kennel

Top showdog akita kennel, Pups availlable.

Winslett�s American Akitas & Terrier BrasileirosFinland Dog Breeders
American Akitas & Terrier Brasileiros

Bichon's and akitas with love for about ten years now. We are a small homekennel located in the middle of Finland. We have bred some Fin & Int. Ch and lots of "sofa-champions" to be loved. Litters occasionally. Enquieries are welcome!

Bichon Havanais         Brazilian Terrier

Starchaser American Akita'sIreland Dog Breeders
Starchaser American Akita's

We are a small show kennel in Ireland with over 20yrs of experience in the showring. We are committed to the ongoing development of the Akita breed. All our dog's posse's the strict movement and conformation we thrieve for, they also posse's a temperment of the highest Quality. Visit our site to see our Champion's and our plan's for the future.

Wolf Point American Akita kennelRomania Dog Breeders
Wolf Point American Akita kennel

Breeder of american akita. Breeding for quality and splendid temperament.

Rottsworth ShowdogsNorthern Ireland Dog Breeders
Rottsworth Showdogs

Breeders and Owners of Champion Showdogs.


Lord of Odate's inheritance American AkitaGermany Dog Breeders
Lord of Odate's inheritance American Akita

... American Akita ... picture as extensive as possible about our breeding and show event and we want to answer questions concerning the American Akita and about owning dogs, education and health ...

Dei Patrizi Romani American AkitaItaly Dog Breeders
Dei Patrizi Romani - American Akita

We breed under the must rigorous health & caracterial control. We care the morfological parameters marked for the american standard. All our puppies are sired by Champion titles stallion with tested health and beauty progeny.

We make very few litters with, from our point of view, are the best american blood lines, following to make a "good work" for the breed. Our loved American Akitas are our passion, we are not a comercial farm.

Frisco American AkitasCroatia Dog Breeders

American Akita Breeder from Croatia.

Maroteam American akitaHungary Dog Breeders
MAROTEAM American akita

MAROTEAM American akita kennel. Proffesional handler and groomer.

Modelvill American AkitasIreland Dog BreedersNorthern Ireland Dog Breeders
Modelvill American Akitas

Modelvill Akitas the top winning akita kennel in Ireland Home of Quality Akitas.

akitasland.comKalamta, Greece Dog Breeders

Breeding of American Akitas. We show and breed Akitas in Greece.

Monte Rosa American Akita KennelItaly Dog Breeders
Monte Rosa American Akita Kennel

American Akita Kennel. With Passion and Love

We are a medium Kennel who decided to improve this great breed in North Italy. We start our kennel work with the most beautiful European and American Bloodlines.

Bear Look AkitasGreece Dog Breeders

Start it as a hobby, become a love, now is our world.

Nosferatu Breeders Of Champion AkitasUnited Kingdom Dog Breeders
Nosferatu Breeders Of Champion Akitas

One of the oldest established Show Kennels in the U.K. Championship show judges, breeders of high quality Champion Akitas.


Melodor AkitasUnited Kingdom Dog Breeders
Melodor Akitas

One of the Top American Akita Kennels in the UK, producing Champions Worldwide.

Bluevine AkitasUnited Kingdom Dog Breeders
Bluevine Akitas

Show kennel based in Wales, breeding type, quality and substance.

Estava Rain American AkitaNorway Dog Breeders
Estava Rain American Akita

American Akita Kennel in Scandinavia.

American Akita vom WächterbergGermany Dog Breeders
vom Wächterberg American Akita

American Akitas are our love and passion. Our little kennel is situated in the east of Germany and our main purpose is to breed puppies of high quality both in appearance and temperament.

America Dream Devil's AkitasGermany Dog Breeders
America Dream Devil's - Akitas

Website about our dogs, show results, informations about breed, breeding and puppies for sale, also dogs for stud with photos.

Limbonsnest American Akita & Welsh Corgi PembrokeNetherlands Dog Breeders
American Akita & Welsh Corgi Pembroke

Limbonsnest American Akita & Welsh Corgi Pembroke Kennel. We Breed quality dogs and with an excellent health. All puppies are raised in homely room. For more information you can contact us by E-mail or phone. Or take a look at our website.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke

American akita of Wettiner KenGermany Dog Breeders
of Wettiner Ken American akita

Wir züchten Akitas aus Leidenschaft und Liebe zur Rasse. Wir sind Hobbyzüchter und wollen vor allem eine gesunde und dem Standard entsprechende Nachzucht.

Unser Credo sind vor allem Showdogs. Wir lieben Hundeausstellungen und besuchen sehr viele Ausstellungen in Europa.

Zasen AkitasSpain Dog Breeders
Zasen Akitas

Cria selectiva de Akita Americano.

La Grande QuerciaItaly Dog Breeders
La Grande Quercia

La Grande Quercia is an American Akita kennel. It aims at the respect of the standard and at maintaining the peculiar physical and behavioral characteristics of American Akita.

American Akitas from Chikara ChiCzech Republic Dog Breeders
from Chikara Chi American Akitas

We are a family kennels located in Liberec, Czech Republic. We have engaged in breeding of American Akitas since 1995. We have two last puppies from our Litter B for sale. These puppies are well socialised. See our website.

IremirCzech Republic Dog Breeders

We are the hobby kennel in Czech Republic. We breed our dogs for shows, sports, joys and fun with love. We own dogs from interesting bloodlines from all over the world. You are wellcome to see our website.

Papillon         Collie Smooth         Chihuahua

Dei Due salici Akitas/RottweilerItaly Dog Breeders
Dei Due salici Akitas/Rottweiler

We are a small family kennel placed in center Italy. Usually we have few pups/year, because breeding must to be ah hobby and not a work. Please visit our website: we'll be glad for this.


z Olexovho dvora FCISlovakia Dog Breeders
z Olexovho dvora FCI

American Akita - Olexa's Kennel.

Allevamento Akita Americano NewstarwoodItaly Dog Breeders
Allevamento Akita Americano Newstarwood

Alleviamo con grandissima passione la razza per noi piu bella al mondo , l'Akita Americano .Selezioniamo questa razza con lo scopo di creare soggetti tipici , sani ed equilibrati.

Cà del Corsi KennelItaly Dog Breeders

Our dogs has been selected for dog shows and character since 1989.

Bernese Mountain Dog         Appenzell Cattle Dog

Romagna Water Dog

Miniature Pinscher         Jack Russell Terrier

Rikoran - Jack Russell Terrier KennelRussia Dog Breeders
Rikoran - Jack Russell Terrier Kennel

A Kennel Rikoran located in Russia, Saint-Petersburg. We successfully breed Jack Russell Terriers and American Akita. Our aim is to breed healthy, happy and beautiful puppies. Exports available to loving homes worldwide. Please visit our site for more information.

Jack Russell Terrier

Pearl River AkitasCzech Republic Dog Breeders
Pearl River Akitas

Please browse our site, devoted to our passion, the American Akita. We are small select kennel located in the Czech Republic. We love the American Akitas and we breed to better the Akita in type, temperament and health.

Daitan Ni-Am's American AkitaCatalonia, Spain Dog Breeders
Daitan Ni-Am's American Akita

Daitan Ni-Am's is a small breeder of American Akitas sited in Catalonia (Spain) that has had international success by keeping a small breeding programm, resulting in Champions American Akitas here and across Europe.

MIDIAN'S American Akitas, American FoxhoundsFinland Dog Breeders
American Akitas, American Foxhounds

Awarded breeding in Finland. Midian's breed American Akitas, American Foxhounds and Beagles. Over 30 bred American Akita Champions.

American Foxhound         Beagle

Exotik StarKazakhstan Dog Breeders
Exotik Star

Breeding of Pomeranian, Akita américain and Akita. FCI registered.

Pomeranian         Akita

Mabushii AkitasUnited Kingdom Dog Breeders
Mabushii Akitas

We are a small family kennel based in Lincolnshire, UK. We strive to produce top quality American Akitas which not only fit the breed standard but have perfect temperaments. To find out more more about us please visit our website.

Angel In Fur AkitasCzech Republic Dog Breeders
Angel In Fur Akitas

We have small and family American Akita kennel. Our main goal is to produce only healthy and beautiful puppies with lovely character.

Fire HouseUkraine Dog Breeders
Fire House

Sunny family invites in guests!

Shar Pei

Prince of Devonshire kennelHungary Dog Breeders
Prince of Devonshire kennel

American Akitas in Hungary.

Dos Ancestros American AkitaSpain Dog Breeders
DOS ANCESTROS American Akita

Breeding and selection of American Akia.

Cria y seleccion de Akita Americano.

Boy - American Akita studSlovenia Dog Breeders
Boy - American Akita stud

We are planing litter in January 2012, with our stud, and excelent bitch in our owneship ower parturition period, for this ltter. All informations are availabile from our site.

Ritetype AkitasIreland Dog Breeders
Ritetype Akitas

We are a family Kennel based in Dublin in the Republic of Ireland and dedicated soley to exhibiting the American Akita Breed. Please visit our site to view our show News and our future plans. We hope you enjoy our site.

zoomir-club.ruRussia Dog Breeders

МООО ZOOMIR unites the largest nurseries of Russia and is engaged in cultivationof dogs of breeds: American Akita, Boerboel, White Swiss sheep-dog, Sennenhunds, Basset hound, Klamber aspaniel,� English bulldog, French bulldog, Caucasian sheep-dog, Alaskan malamute, spitz-dog , Pomeranian spitz-dog, zwergpinscher, chihuahua, Russian toy, etc. All puppies of our club are drawn up by cynologists and examined by the veterinarysurgeon. At sale we make the purchase and sale contract. On puppies metrics,the veterinary Passport stand out. Delivery in any city is possible.

МООО ЗООМИР объединяет крупнейшие питомники России и занимаеться разведением собак пород: Американская акита, Южноафриканский бурбуль, Белая швейцарская овчарка, Зенненхунды , Бассет-хаунд, Кламбер спаниель, английский бульдог, французский бульдог, кавказская овчарка, аляскинский маламут, шпиц малый, померанский шпиц, цвергпинчер, чихуахуа, русский той, йоркширский терьер и др.

Все щенки нашего клуба актированы кинологами и осмотрены вет. врачем. При продаже составляем договор купли-продажи. На щенков выдаются метрики, вет. Паспорт. Возможна доставка в любой город.

Akita Inu         Clumber Spaniel         Alaskan Malamute         Basenji         Basset Hound

akita-american.ruRussia Dog Breeders

Американская акита - питомник собак.

Iz Donskoy Liberii - Akita américain and Deutscher SpitzRussia Dog Breeders
Iz Donskoy Liberii
Akita américain and Deutscher Spitz

The kennel "Iz Donskoi Liberii" is registered in 2000, the Basic breeds - the American Akita and the Pomeranian spitz.

On pages of a site you can see representatives of our kennel, their descendants, familiarise with genealogical, our successes and achievements and is final, to pick up to yourself the loyal friend.


Kyoshi American Akitas & Japanese Akita InusUK Dog Breeders
American Akitas & Japanese Akita Inus

Welcome to Kyoshi Akitas & Japanese Akita Inus.

We are an experienced show/breeding kennel based in the middle of the UK. We breed Akitas of correct size, substance, good colour and excellent temperaments. We only breed occasionally when we are ready for a puppy ourselves. Quality rather than quantity! I hope you enjoy our dogs.

Japanese Akita Inu

Leigas Paw american akitaNorway Dog Breeders
LEIGAS PAW american akita

American Akita Kennel in Norway/Scandinavia..

Small hobby breeder with limited number of dogs and do limited breeding. Breeding for quality, show and splendid temperament.

Kiaraz DesignDenmark Dog Breeders
Kiaraz Design

Hobby breeder of American Akita. Be inspired of this beautiful breed !

Maho Mirai KennelRussia Dog Breeders

Breeder of Japanese Spitz in Russia. Welcome to our web site and see more!

Japanese Spitz

Allevamento Dei MaggioItaly Dog Breeders
Allevamento DEI MAGGIO

Allevamento riconosciuto Enci FCI per lupo di saarloos, cecoslovacco e akita americano. Soggetti delle migliori linee di sangue. Figli di campioni ed esenti da patologie ereditarie.

Czeslovakian Wolfdog         Saarlooswolfdog

Snow FluffPoland Dog Breeders
Snow Fluff

Breeder American Akita in Poland. Please visit my website and see more - I'll be glad!

Blacktabby | Nobbys American AkitasGermany Dog Breeders
BLACKTABBY | Nobbys American Akitas

Mit Herzblut und Liebe züchten wir die Hunderasse Amerikanischer Akita.

of Blackamerican AkitasGermany Dog Breeders

Liebe Akita-Interessierte, seit mehr als 20 Jahren verfügen wir über Hunde- bzw. Zuchterfahrung mit verschiedenen Rassen und sind mit unserer Amerikanischen Akita Hündin Apachi auf den "richtigen" Hund gekommen.

Wir haben eine Hobbyzucht und versuchen, Informationen über die Hunderasse Amerikanischer Akita, das Zusammenleben sowie die Zucht zusammenzutragen: Alltägliches, Amüsantes, Besonderes und Spannendes.

Kennel 'Azijos Magija'Lithuania Dog Breeders
Kennel 'Azijos Magija'

Kennel "Asian Magic" was registered in 2009, although the Central Asian Ovcharka growing for more than 15 years. Recently, i.e., In 2012 we bought another one of the amazing breed-Shiba Inu -very independent, absolutely not pampered and unsophisticated, very interesting character dogs. And as recently as the spring of 2013, we were brought American Akita!

We look forward to an interesting communication :) In our kennel are always live Few dogs, so each of this we dedicating mach attentions, each of which is led by a walk and gets socialization and formal school grounds. We can provide a service-driven and bring the dogs and puppies to (or from) the European Union countries.

Central Asia Shepherd Dog         Shiba

Guardia Of The Emperor KennelSerbia Dog Breeders
Guardia Of The Emperor Kennel

Our kennel, The Guardian Of The Emperor kennel has a strong-minded notion about what must should be a real Akita! We give this name - The Guardian Of The Emperor - to our dogs, that try to showing you what kind of type is preferred by us. We think that Akita is dainty, lightsome, eminent, properly speaking it must have imperial appearance.

These advantages have got to conjugate with balanced and stable nervous system, strong and definite character, as well as devoted and legendary faithful heart! Our dogs help us to achieve these attributes with their excellent, mostly Japanese and American-bloodline benefits. They also had great results at the exhibitions.


Gold Onar AkitasGreece Dog Breeders
Gold Onar Akitas

Breeders and exhibitors of American Akitas in Greece.

Kennel OstviksRussia Dog Breeders
Kennel Ostviks

American Akita top kennel in Russia.

Mon Ange Chow chow & American akita kennelUkraine Dog Breeders
Chow chow & American akita kennel

Professionally breeds Chow chows and American Akita's!

Chow Chow

No Divas Alaskan Malamutes & American Akitas VDH/FCIGermany Dog Breeders
No Divas Alaskan Malamutes
& American Akitas VDH/FCI

Wir sind ambitionierte Züchter und Aussteller der Rassen Alaskan Malamute und American Akita und vereinen beides unter dem Kennelnamen "No Divas". Wir leben in Deutschland in der Nähe des Nürburgrings. Unsere Hunde sind Teil unserer Familie und teilen Haus und Garten mit uns.

Unsere Verpaarungen werden sorgfältig geplant, um eine bestmögliche Qualität bei den Welpen zu erreichen, was Gesundheit, Charakter und Rassestandard angeht. Die Welpen werden mit VDH/FCI Pedigree abgegeben. Wir sind Mitglied im DCNH e.V. und Akita Club e.V. . Wir legen großen Wert auf gute Sozialisierung der Welpen. Wir freuen uns über Ihr Interesse!

Alaskan Malamute

ALM St Monica KennelItaly Dog Breeders
ALM St Monica Kennel

Our kennel select American Akita and Australian Shepherd in order to produce tipycal morphologically dogs, with sociable temperament and rigorously tested for hereditary diseases. We select ONLY American bloodlines, visiting kennels in U.S.A. and/or nothern Europe and personally importing our dogs.

Australian Shepherd

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