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Information about the breed, show class puppies available… Breeding of cane corso, after the original Italien standard… dogs are living like family pets… Show and working lines… athletic body and guarding instincts make it the ideal dog for family and training… One of the first cane corso breeders in… dogs are from world champion bloodlines… Cane Corso participate with great results in all Europe shows… Αll our dogs they have parents from the most important Italian blood lines… Kennel of Cane Corso Italiano breed 2 a 3 litters a year with allot of love and passion for the breed… The purpose of the kennel is correct selection, preservation of the breed type of the breed… like the molosser type of dogs, but it has to meet specific requirements… the first FCI approved Cane Corso home kennel in… breeders of the rare Italian Mastiff known as the… puppies very seriously and only plan a few litters a year… fine representative of working cane corso… a brave protector of both owner and property… Kennel devoted to the preservation breeding and genetic improvement of the Italian Cane Corso…     ***       Cane Corso Breeders and Kennels -    

Cane Corso Italiano

Cane Corso Italiano Kennel La Potenza E L'AmoreNetherlands
La Potenza E L'Amore
Cane Corso Italiano

Our passion is the Cane Corso Italiano. We have imported divers bloodline from Italy. Our pups grow up in our house and we give lots of attantion to there socialisation. We breed tipical dogs with good temperment. Please feel welcome to visit our website!

Cane Corso Italiano Kennel EaglemountEstonia
Kennel Eaglemount

Small homekennel in Estonia, we breed Cane Corso. Welcome to visit oure site!

Chiaro e Tondo Cane CorsoNetherlands
Chiaro e Tondo Cane Corso

We are breeders of the wonderfull breed Cane Corso Italiano. Our goal is to breed healthy dogs with a good character, according the breedstandard. We are now breeders of the Cane Corso for more than 13 years and we have proven ourselfs on national and international shows.We have bred many champions and are proud of our dogs.

Cane Corso Italiano Allevamento di Fosso CornoItaly
Allevamento di Fosso Corno

"di Fosso Corno" kennel, Cane Corso Italiano, French Bulldog & Boston Terrier. Home of national, international and several countries champions! We breed for health, temperament and tipicity with passion and love.

French Bulldog Boston Terrier

Des Contes De Lola - Elevage de Dogo Canario et de Cane CorsoFrance
Des Contes De Lola - Elevage
de Dogo Canario et de Cane Corso

Situé au plein coeur de la bretagne, notre élevage s'étend sur 4 hectares de prairie et de bois.

Notre cheptel se compose de 6 chiens dont une femelle et un mâle cane corso ainsi que 2 mâles et 2 femelles dogo canario. Seulement 3 de nos chiens sont des reproducteurs. 2 de nos chiens, sélectionnés au départ mais n'étant pas conforme à nos attentes, ont été écartés de la reproduction. Le dernier est encore trop jeune pour que l'on puisse évaluer s'il sera reproducteur.

Nos chiens sont élevés comme des chiens de garde et de défense donc pas question de strass et de paillettes. Mais pas question non plus d'économiser sur la nourriture, l'hygiène et les soins : le cane corso et le dogo canario sont 2 races rustiques. Nous les élevons donc de manière à ce qu'ils connaissent dès leur prime enfance l'extérieur, le froid, le vent, la pluie et les chaleurs estivales.

Ils disposent de chenils situés dans une étable aménagée selon les saisons. Ils ont de la nourriture saine et nutritive (nuova fattoria) et ont de l'eau claire changée plusieurs fois par jour. Les chiots naissent à la maison pour des soucis d'hygiène, de confort, de socialisation et pour la surveillance ; une nurserie est aménagée pour les temps où ils seront plus autonomes afin que la séparation avec la maman ne soit pas trop brutale.

Néanmoins, nous apportons une grande importance au fait qu'ils restent également des chiens de famille et en ce sens, nous passons plusieurs heures par jour en leur compagnie. C'est pourquoi nous accordons une valeur primordiale à la socialisation de tous nos chiens (bruits, gens, autres animaux, situations particulières...), car qui a-t-il de plus agréable que de vivre aux côtés d'un chien bien dans sa tête?

De plus, nous ne sommes pas une usine à chiots : les unions que nous programmons sont mûrement réfléchies et nous sélectionnons les couples en fonction de leurs lignées, leur beauté et leur caractère. Nous ne cherchons pas l'appat du gain car nos travails respectifs nous permettent largement de subvenir à nos besoins et d'entretenir nos chiens. Ainsi, vous n'entendrez jamais parler chez nous d'échanges de chiens ou de revente d'adultes : nous garderons nos chiens auprès de nous toute leur vie.

Dogo Canario

Majosháza Réme Kennel - Caucasian Shepherd Dog and Cane CorsoHungary
Majosháza Réme Kennel - Caucasian Shepherd Dog and Cane Corso

My name is Ignac Toth. I'm a golden wreath master breeder of Caucasian Shepherd Dog. We have many champion dogs, and very good bloodlines. We are breed fanciers, advocates, and guardians.

I am Cane corso Breeder in Hungary. 2003-2004-2005-2006-2007 Years Top Breeders, the Majosh�za Réme Kennel. We import plenty of dog Italy.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Cane Corso I Fieri Custodi di OzCento (FE), Italy Dog Breeders
I Fieri Custodi di Oz

Piccolo allevamento amatoriale che nasce da una accurata selezione ... e chi ben comincia è a metà dell'opera!

Australian Shepherd

Cane corso Italiano Quinta de QuiresPortugal
Quinta de Quires
Rottweiler and Cane corso Italiano

Criamos já há alguns anos estas duas raças ...


Cane Corso du bois d'AquilasFrance

Venez partager notre passion, petit élevage familial, VICKING CHAMPION DE FRANCE 2008, dysp A/A, dispo pour saillie.

Sangue Magnifica Cane Corso kennelSerbia
Sangue Magnifica Cane Corso kennel

Sangue Magnifica Cane Corso and Dogo Canario kennel from Serbia. Proud to present our dogs from most exclusive blood lines.

Dogo Canario

Cohors Poland FCIPoland
Cohors Poland FCI

Small home Cane Corso kennel. We love our work.

Arrabida Hills Cane Corso Italiano & Jack Russell TerrierPortugal

ARRABIDA HILLS is proud to do a selective breeding of our Cane Corsos of Ceddar's Spirit and Jack Russell Terrier de Arrabida Hills. We trust in a high selective and quality breeding, concerning our males and females that we have and that we are proud.

Our Cane Corso are delivery only with pedigree registration, health vaccine book and microship. Since 2007 that we have started this passion and we look forward to continue and do our best. Please, take a look at our new web site.

Jack Russell Terrier

Allevamento i Fontanili Italy
Allevamento i Fontanili

I have always been fascinated by big dogs. They are the origin and object of my passion for loving dogs.

Among these, the light version of the Roman molossus above all has inspired and inspires my imagination. In ’86, when I discovered that there had been a group of fans for several years who had been involved in the difficult recovery of this breed, I dedicated myself ipso-facto to the study and documentation of this magnificent Italian dog, falling hopelessly enough in love to inspire me, after experience with Rottweilers and giant Schnauzers, to undertake – around the mid ‘90s – to raise them.

At the beginning of my internship – during those early ‘90s – I visited the known breeders then in fashion one by one and, having since then become fascinated, to this day I remain emotionally attached when faced with that strong bone structure, the large gait, by the types and expressions of those belonging to the Dyrium bloodline.

Even if today, finally, other bloodlines have these morphologicalcharacteristics, the percentage of Dyrium blood in the dogs bred by me is always and however a predominant feature. My primary objective in breeding is to create healthy, functional dogs without getting too far from this type. Most of the dogs in my kennel will number among the many pedigreed champions of this breed, and some of those bred by me or evaluated as Promising Young ENCI, Multichampion Dalì, the Israelian Champion Doryan, Champion Dam Brenda, Champion sire Diryo, Champion Dam Rebecca, swede Champion Toscanoand the Young World Champion, Argentine, Uruguayan, Latin American and Caribbean Championess Jaime.

I maintain that it is important to select with undertaking and passion, thinking carefully about mating, monitoring the sires and dams for the most ordinary genetic breed pathologies, and constant updating on the evolution of the same in the attempt leave an imprint, always within the standard terms, on the true bloodline, notwithstanding the trends and fashions which differentiate it from the commercial demand for puppies.

CC are animals whose background goes back to ancient psyches; centuries, millennia, living with man, used as auxiliary and loyal companion, incorruptible in many functions.

The CC is a reflexive and balanced dog who naturally discerns situations of real danger from those simulated. The serious breeder’s job consists of not just attending beauty shows but to preserve and consolidate these natural gifts which are unique in the canine world.

Whoever has had the luck to own one knows that a mastiff is for life; falling in love is instant and fatal. Who instead is looking for a slightly aggressive dog would do better to ask himself about his psychological gaps or at least to turn his attention to another breed (sigh!).

Rex regisSlovakia
Rex regis

Breeding kennel of Dogue de Bordeaux, stud dog Cane Corso.

Dogue de Bordeaux

Almighty Highs Cane Corso Italiano and Deutscher BoxerSweden
Almighty Highs Cane Corso Italiano
and Deutscher Boxer

Little breeding in the north of Sweden. Breeding only for quality, not quantity. Try to find interesting individual dogs and matings.

German Boxer

Kennel Bodyguard landGeorgia
Kennel Bodyguard land

This is first Cane Corso kennel in Georgia.

Du Temple Des VestalesFrance
Du Temple Des Vestales

Elevage de Cané Corso dans le Limousin. Nos chiots sont élevés à la maison, ils sont dès leur plus jeune âge manipulés par nos enfants, ils sont sociabilisés avec les chats et chiens de Petite et grande races. Nous assurons le suivi de nos bébés. Nos chiots sont vendus sur le territoire Français ainsi qu'à l'étranger.

Gardiens des Murailles KennelFrance
Gardiens des Murailles Kennel

Breeding of Cane corso italiano, in the country of the red wine and cognac, close to Bordeaux wine. 2 Champion of France since 2007.

We select our reproducers best the lines Italian. Dogs of exposures and reproduction available, Standards available for projection. Come to discover our Internet site!!

Valoroso Kennel Cane CorsoGreece
VALOROSO Kennel Cane Corso

Welcome to VALOROSO Kennel (Cane Corso)

Our Kennel, selects the best breeding dogs (best based not only in morphology but in working character as well, since Cane Corso isprimarily a 'working Dog') and produces puppies of very high quality.

Ourdogs are registered with pedigree at the Greek Kennel Club (KOE) in accordance with FCI specifications.

Don Guard kennelCroatia
Don Guard kennel

We are kennel from Croatia and we have quality dogs Cane Corso and Rotweiller.


Kennel VanajaSweden
Kennel Vanaja

Breeder of Cane Corso Italiano in Sweden.

Del-Orte Cane Corso professional kennelPoland
Del-Orte Cane Corso
professional kennel

Del-Orte is professional kennel of cane corso located nearby Warsaw, Poland. We're focused on health, temperament and lovely breed expression. Puppies occasionally available out of fully healthy-tested and temperamentally sound parents. We bred for health and quality, not quantity. More on our web page.

Guardiana cane corso kennelCroatia
GUARDIANA cane corso kennel

GUARDIANA cane corso kennel. Home of many champions and winners.

Elevage de l'Ancien PresbytereFrance
Elevage de l'Ancien Presbytere

Eleveurs diplomés, passionnés depuis toujours, nous ne faisons naître que des chiots LOF haut de gamme pour lesquels nous choisissons les lignées avec soin et amour.

Si vous êtes à la recherche d'un chiot haut de gamme, d'un(e) retraité(e) d'élevage ou d'une saillie pour votre chienne, vous trouverez sur notre site les LOF de nos reproducteurs ainsi que de nombreuses photos de nos adorables toutous...!

French Bulldog English Bulldog Shar Pei

Amberland Cane Corso kennelLatvia
Amberland Cane Corso kennel

Amberland kennel is near Baltic sea coust in beatifyl city Liepaja, in Latvia. In kennel live Cane Corso Italiano and Caucasian Shepherds. Be welcome to wisit our web site!

Caucasian Shepherd Dog


Kennel has been breeding dogs, Cane Corso. The breeding and exhibition activities. Puppies are always very high quality. Help to grow and advice.

Ginostra ŐrzőjeHungary
Ginostra Őrzője

The Corso is my real family, otherwise you will not even accept the kutyatartást. Have free access to the apartment and kennelmentes lives.

Their care with great attention, including walks, runs, own care and feeding. For me, the most important of the health of my dogs, quiet nature, a balanced nervous system.

My goal is to get more of the Cane Corso dog loving people get acquainted, endear, family, hobbies or munkakutyaként more joyful moments for you to obtain.

Caelus Antiquum - Cane Corso kennelBulgaria
Caelus Antiquum - Cane Corso kennel

Breeder of Cane Corso Italiano in Bulgaria. You are welcome to visit us!

Kennel Klensmen KliriUkraine
Kennel Klensmen Kliri

Питомник занимается разведением собак породы ротвейлер и бассет-хаунд. На сайте Вы можете познакомиться с нашими питомцами и их достижениями на выставках,а так же узнать о наших планах на будущее.

Rottweiler Basset Hound

D'Alta MarckaRussia
D'Alta Marcka

Site about з бракко Italian and кане корсо the Italian. The information on the standard and history of breeds, achievements of representatives of nursery, photo albums, puppies and many other things.

Italian Pointing Dog

Cane Corso NobileBelgium
Cane Corso Nobile

Cane Corso & Dwerg Teckel.


Il mio amico della mostraNetherlands
Il mio amico della mostra

We are Jane and Rene, we have a small kennel in the Netherlands, have a look at our site, and enjoy our dogs.

Della Dorsale Cane CorsoGermany
Della Dorsale Cane Corso

Erster deutscher Cane Corso Zwinger und einzige deutsche Zucht mit 3 selbstgezogenen Champion!

Miniature Bull Terrier

Corso Di Munteanu KennelSerbia
Corso Di Munteanu Kennel

Cane Corso breeder from Serbia. The goal of our kennel is to breed healthy and quality cane corso with very good and healthy character.

Del Montagna OroNetherlands
Del Montagna Oro

We are a small breeder in Holland We start in 2006 with our kennel We have breed some nice litters and love the Cane Corso. We show a lot with our dogs and have nice results on the show with them You can show our website and see how we work with our dogs and pups and shows We have a lot off pics on our site.

'Un Dono Della Provvidenza'Russia
'Un Dono Della Provvidenza'

Kennel Cane Corso was founded in 2007. Kennel is located in an ecologically clean area, in the heart of Russia in the Republic of Tatarstan, in the suburban area of the city of Kazan. In cultivation manufacturers in Italy, Europe and Russia.

Kennel DeliziosoSweden
Kennel Delizioso

Delizioso is a kennel of cane corso and pug. We are located in south of Sweden. We are focused on health and nice family dogs for showing and breeding quality. Puppies sometimes available out of healthy and temperamentally sound parents. We have possibility to sell puppies, young or adult dogs abroad.


L'Eredita Di GrecoGreece
L'Eredita Di Greco

Cane corso italiano breeder in Greece.

Ariston Call of Duty - Cane Corso KennelSpain
Ariston Call of Duty
Cane Corso Kennel

Cane Corso en Cantabria - Spainish Cane Corso Kennel

Esta espectacular y antigua raza italiana con vasta historia nos apasionó desde el primer día que vimos un ejemplar. Transmite seguridad y confianza, es un perro tranquilo, poderoso, rápido, inteligente, astuto, alerta, silencioso. Apasionado de su amo y la familia le gusta la tranquilidad y atención, los juegos, paseos, nadar, escalar, saltar, playa, montaña, coche, barco, avión,… el Cane Corso es un perro valiente y compañero fiel.

De mentalidad equilibrada y salud de hierro, musculoso cuerpo, huesos fuertes, manto suave y brillante. No son perros para pisos o casas pequeñas, ni para personas que no puedan disfrutar de tiempo libre para dedicar mínimo dos horas a su amigo diariamente. El Cane Corso es un perro que debe recibir una educación adecuada y correcta tanto en modales como en tiempos. No es un perro para personas que nunca antes tuvieron un perro. La persona que quiera adquirir un Cane Corso debe ser una persona equilibrada, tranquila, con conocimientos de comportamiento canino, pasión por los animales y esta bella raza. No solo te vendemos un perro sano, equilibrado, bonito y alegre, sino que queremos que adquieras un compromiso con nosotros de por lo menos unos 10 años.

Nos gustará recibir noticias de cómo le va a tu nuevo amigo, que nos mandes fotos, cuéntanos que personalidad tiene. Queremos que le des la mejor vida posible como nosotros se las damos en nuestra casa. Coman lo mejor, beban fresco, estén protegidos, cuidados, sanos, vacunados, curados, confortables y alegres. No queremos venderte un perro queremos proporcionarte a tu nuevo mejor amigo, queremos que experimentes nuestro estilo de vida, nuestras alegrías en cada juego y momentos especiales al lado de nuestros Cane Corsos.

Rayla di Cors KennelSpain

Tras conocer y convivir varios años con los Cane Corsos la evidencia de haber encontrado nuestro tesoro es evidente. Nuestros perros son casi perfectos: Serios, fieles, protectores, reflexivos, dulces, alegres, ágiles, nada obstinados, muy listos y fáciles de enseñar.

A la vez son sensibles (una de las cualidades más destacadas de la raza), tranquilos, así que tenemos que declararnos sin remedio Locos Del Cane Corso Para Siempre. Nuestra filosofía se puede resumir en la crianza y tenencia seria de perros de show y compañía en un entorno familiar donde convivir y educar es un acto constante de cariño y respeto.

Raul Aguero y Laura Vidal

Sei Il Mio Grande AmoreNetherlands
Sei Il Mio Grande Amore

Sei Il Mio Grande Amore: Jij bent mijn grote liefde! Meer informatie op onze website.

kennel Splendori Dell'ItaliaCane Corso ItalianoNetherlands
kennel Splendori Dell'Italia
Cane Corso Italiano

Cane Corso Italiano kennel Splendori Dell'Italia is een Nederlandse Cane Corso kennel. Gezondheid en behoud van het typische Cane Corso hoofd zijn de speerpunten in onze fok.

royal-kennel.comBosnia and Herzegovina

We are officially registered Cane Corso breeder form Bosnia and Herzegovina, registered at FCI under number 19/15. Our goal is to preserve this magnificent breed and improve quality and offer our beutifull puppies to new owners all around the world.

Maxima lux kennelSerbia
Maxima lux kennel

Cane corso breeder from Serbia, Europe. Quality italian mastiff. Available puppies, stud service, adult dogs.

Corso BiH FCI 85Bosnia and Herzegovina
Corso BiH FCI 85

Kennel Cane Corso Kennel BiH is most successful, professional kennel of this breed. We have exported dogs in more then 50 different countries all around the World. Most of them are Champions. We breed dogs with love and every puppy we raise with a lot of attention and patience.

All dogs who have gone from us, we remain whole lifetime dog in contact with the owners, we are here for advice and assistance at any time of day or night. Our all dogs and bloodlines are health tested and mental tested. We breed until 2005 year.

MEMBERS OF BOSNIAN Kennel Club from 2005. Registered in F.C.I. (FCI - World Kennel Association) under number FCI 85

Di Best Talavera Kennel Italian Cane CorsoUkraine
Di Best Talavera Kennel

Kennel Di Best Talavera - kennel of Italian Cane Corso breed placed in Kiev (Ukraine) with long history of famous dogs presented on national, european and world shows.

We do our best to give all our love and care for every male and female we beget and grow for us and for you - for those who are in love of cane corso.

Kennel is famous for their national champions, medalists of european and world shows, including Best World Puppy, Vice-European Champions, Junior World Champion etc.

We will be very glad to help you to find the best puppy - for home or for kennel breeding.

Vis et Honor kennel Cane Corso ItalianoItaly
Vis et Honor kennel

Our commitment is to select dogs of high genealogy, healthy and free of hip and elbow dysplasia (parents are free of dysplasia, visible on pedigree), free of inherited heart diseases and ocular trichiasis.

Andreana kennelUkraine

We are a professional FCI kennel specializing in the breeding of breeds such as the Labrador Retriever, Cane corso italiano, Golden retriever, Brussel Griffon, Belgian Griffon, Petit Brabancon.

Labrador Retriever Golden Retriever Brussels Griffon Belgian Griffon Small Brabant Griffon /

Kennel Saternus Cane Corso Italiano & French BulldogSweden

Breeder of Cane Corso Italiano and French Bulldog. Have males for mating. We have 1-2 litters Cane Corso and 2-5 litters with French Bulldog. Focus on health.

French Bulldog

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