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Simsala ChinGermany
Simsala Chin

Ein Rasseliebhaber schrieb Anfang des Jahrhunderts über diese Hunde:

"Niemals werden diese kleinen Aristokraten zum Ärgernis oder zum Verdruß für ihren Halter und ihre Manieren sind einer jeden Ladies Boudoir würdig, da sie sehr gehorsam und voll sprudelnden Lebens und Fröhlichkeit sind. In der Tat ist das Leben mit ihnen ein nicht endenwollender Feiertag an guten Stunden, eine Landpartie voll guter Dinge, eine Welt voller Lächeln und ohne Stirnrunzeln."

Wie wahr doch dieser Verfasser hat. Ich kann ihm nur beipflichten.
Silvia D`Elicio

Japanese Chin KennelsCzechia
Od Dvou ořechů - Veselý skřítek - Junshin

Welcome on the web pages of three kennels from the Czech Republic. Two kennels have a long-standing experience in breeding Japanese chin.

Several International champions came from them, as well as chins who scored great success at European and World shows. The third breeder is just standing on the start line of breeding Japanese chins.

Japanese Chins Von ReifraNetherlands
Von Reifra

Japan Chins in the Netherlands. FCI Japan Chins in all 3 colours. Show results pedigree and some time babies.

kennel of Rikmans BulldogsLatvia
kennel of Rikmans bulldogs

Nursery "Rikmans" FCI-1998 Friends and admirers of breed an English bulldog!My partners, favourites and results are offered your attention Breeding work since 1994.The nursery is engaged in careful selection of breeding pairs and cultivation Bulldogs bright, massive, short and thickset.

English Bulldog

Japanese Chin Z Podhájské chaloupkyCzechia
Z Podhájské chaloupky

Small breeding station Japan china exhibition grounds with success.

Aikemuno kennelRussia
Aikemuno - kennel

In ouer kennel have 5 world, europeans champions,welcome inweb-site !

Brussels Griffon Small Brabant Griffon

Japan Chin breeding station Sakura BlossomCzechia
breeding station Sakura Blossom
Japan Chin

Japan Chin's breeding station Sakura Blossom offers nice puppies! The Japan Chin dogs are the best partners for life! We are going to exhibitions and our dogs have excellent results! We look forward to see you!


Succesful Japanese Chin breeding for showing and for loving pet homes.

Legenda Koroley kennelRussia

Japanese chin kennel form Russia. Success - is a journey! Who's with me?

Spirited Away Japanese Chin and Miniature SchnauzerPoland
Spirited Away
Japanese Chin and Miniature Schnauzer

We are small kennel who devoted our love to suchwonderful breeds as Japanese Chins and Miniature Schnauzers in black & silver,and pepper & salt colours. On our site you will find information about breed standard, breed history,pedigrees, achievements of our dogs,gallery,and much more!

Miniature Schnauzer

Toffs Chihuahua & Japanese SpitzIreland

Breeders excihibitors of Japanese Chin and Chinese Crested based in Ireland.

Chinese Crested Dog

Imperium AuriRussia
Imperium Auri

Welcome to my site! Japanese chin -the charming small doggie -the favourite living toy of the Japanese emperors, will captivate forever your heart and become the most devoted friend as once ithappenedto me. Here you can admire photos of my chins and their puppies, see pictures with participation of Japanese chins of the kennel "Imperium Auri", read my poems dedicated to them. If you have a desire to continue acquaintance to this exotic breed, open the door of your house towards to a wonderful holiday, a name to which is Japanese chin. Strategy of my kennel -mainly Japanese breeding line of dogs imported from Japan - homeland of breed.

Pleasant viewing!
Sincerely yours, Svetlana Durand,owner of kennel "Imperium Auri"

Vesely skritek - JunshinCzechia
Vesely skritek - Junshin

Welcome on the web pages of 2 kennels from the Czech Republic. Several International champions came from them, as well as chins who scored great success at European and World shows.

kennel OmikudziRussia
kennel Omikudzi

“Omikudzi” kennel has been breeding chins from the year of 2000, having a big population of chins, owned by the kennel or living with other owners – all “Omikudzi” kennel members. Our chins are International Champions and the Champions of many foreign countries.

� In 2008 our bitch CH Omikudzi Bella Donna was awarded Best of Breed at European Dog Show. In 2010 our bitch CH Omikudzi Tsunami became Champion Class Winner at European Dog Show in Slovenia.

Vom OhmgebirgeGermany
Vom Ohmgebirge

Since several years we breed the Japanese Chin with FCI/VDH Pedigree.

Griffon LandPoland
Griffon Land

The Griffon-Land FCI kennel is breeding of the beautiful Griffon and Japanese Chin. Our purpose is to breed healthy dogs with excellent body and nervous system up to the standards, which will have a happy life their new owners.

We carefully selected the dogs of the breeding, regarding exterior and pedigree from both sides of the male and female. Our target is to approach the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) standard as much as possible, furthermore health and temper is the necessary part of our breeding program.

Brussels Griffon Belgian Griffon Small Brabant Griffon

Pia's kennelSweden
Pia's kennel

Japanese chin, Podengo Portugues Grande, Italien Greyhound, Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua in Sweden. Sound, helthy and happy dogs for pet, show and breed.

Portuguese Warren Hound Italian Greyhound Yorkshire Terrier Chihuahua

Юлту / YultuRussia
Юлту / Yultu

Питомник шпицев и японских хинов "Юлту".Я буду рада приветствовать Вас на сайте моего питомника Вы можете узнать полную информацию о нашем питомнике, достижениях на выставках и планах на будущее.Качество наших питомцев многократно подтверждено победами навыставках. Мы гарантируем высокое качество и отличное здоровье любого нашего выпускника. Мы всегда дадим консультацию и рекомендации по выращиванию, кормлению, воспитанию щенков и многое другое.


Nyima Ospara KennelEstonia
Nyima Ospara Kennel

Tibetan mastiffs kennel.

Tibetan Mastiff


"Japan Klub ČR" is the Kennel Club of the Czech Republik for the breed japanese chin. On our homepage you can find many useful and interesting information about breeding, shows and champions of this breed. Also you can find there contacts to breeder in the Czech Republik, who are our member.

Igriviy LuchikUkraine
Igriviy Luchik

Welcome to my site!


Stepovyj Viter kennelUkraine
Stepovyj Viter kennel

Japanese Chin breeding. Top quality dogs. Puppies sometimes available. Kryvy Rih, Ukraine.

Розведення Японських Хінів. Здорові собаки, що відповідають стандарту породи FCI. Час від часу продаж цуценят.

Японские Хины отвечающие стандарту FCI. Продажа щенков.

Toshi No Miya FCI kennel Slovenia Dog Breeders
Toshi No Miya FCI kennel

French bulldog and Japan Chin breeders.

French Bulldog

Kvitka SakuryUkraine

Breeding of dogs: Japanese chins, Shih Tzu- Kennel Kvitka Sakury. Welcome to website of kennel Kvitka Sakury! On pages of our site you can get acquainted with our pets, look at their photo, a pedigrees, puppies.

Племенное разведение собак: японских хинов и ши-тцу- Питомник Квитка Сакуры. Добро пожаловать на сайт питомника Квитка Сакуры! На страницах нашего сайта Вы можете познакомиться с нашими питомцами, посмотреть их фото, родословную, щенков.

Shih Tzu

Arh Beauty kennel Labrador Retriever, Welsh Corgi Pembroke, Japanese Chin, Cavalier King CharlesKaliningrad, Russia
Arh Beauty kennel

Small dog kennel located in Russia (Kaliningrad). Not only beautiful and intelligent, but also healthy dogs. Delivery of puppies is possible worldwide. Our breeds: Labrador Retriever, Welsh Corgi Pembroke, Japanese Chin, Cavalier King Charles.

Labrador Retriever Welsh Corgi Pembroke
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel