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Epagneul nain Continental / Papillon / Phalène / Butterfly Dog / Kontinentaler Zwergspaniel / Continental Toy Spaniel

Kennel Nightfire's PapillonsGermany
Nightfire's Papillons

Topwinning Papillons from Germany, small homekennel with finest international bloodlines, take a look at our website to see our familymembers!

Papillon Tila's KennelGermany
Tila's Papillons

Small Papillon Hobbykennel in Germany with some special champion bloodlines,take a look at our homepage to see our beautyfull butterflies.

Hundebuden's Papillon KennelGermany
Hundebuden's Papillons

A Papillon became for me more than just a hobby. We breed for and show family. You are invited to our website or to our home for visit this fanstic breed.

Питомник Веа-СтарRussia
Питомник Веа-Стар

Добро пожаловать на сайт питомника "Веа-Стар" (РКФ-FCI), посвященного породам - пекинес, йоркширский терьер,папийон.

Pekingese         Yorkshire Terrier

Papillon de PompadourSlovakia
Papillon de Pompadour

Toy, butterfly dogs.

Papillons and Phalenes AbbeytonScotland
Abbeyton Papillons & Phalenes

A diary of my Papillon dogs.

Papillon Tasmańska ElittePoland
Tasmańska Elitte

Bernese mountain dog & Papillon kennel from Poland.

Bernese Moutain Dog

Phalène kennel Thairghay'sSweden
Thairghay's kennel

Small breeding of Phalène with goals of mentality, health and beauty.

Papillons Maria SirrahSlovakia
Maria Sirrah Papillons

The Papilon's breed in Slovakia. Visit our website.

Papillons Magic SunriseLatvia
Magic Sunrise papillons

"Magic - Sunrise" is a small kennel, located in Riga, Latvia. Registered in FCI. All our dogs has the test of eyes (PRA) and patella (PL). Welcome to see our home page, here you can see many nice photos from dogs shows, pedigree and many interesting info about papillons.

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