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 Impala KennelRomania
IMPALA kennel

Show quality dogs from healthy lines.


Multatuli kennel of Miniature PinschersRussian Federation Dog Breeders
MULTATULI kennel of Miniature Pinschers

We are very fan of Miniature Pinschers and feel passion of breeding of this breed. Dog quality: character and beauty - it's the basic purpose for us! We breed in Russia with Russian and foreign bloodlines.

Welcome to official homepage of our kennel! Much beautiful dogs and pictures here, full chronicle of events of our kennel... and also puppies, of course!

Millgret KennelEstonia

Zwergpinscher, Chihuahua, Prague Ratter kennel in Estonia. Welcome to visit our site!

Chihuahua Prague Ratter

Tangetoppen Miniature Pinschers KennelNorway Dog Breeders
Tangetoppen kennel

Breeder of high quality pugs and miniatyrpinscher in Norway, our dogs are high loved familydogs that also do well in the show ring. Please contact us for a nice dog-vhat.


Vandebor Miniature Pinschers KennelRussia
Vandebor kennel of zwergpinschers

Miniature pinschers from Russia. Welcome!

Camalis Miniature Pinschers KennelSweden

Miniaturepinscher breeder located in south part of Sweden. Welcome to visit our site.

Miniature Pinschers Kennel Didaktic'sFinland
Kennel Didaktic's

We breed top quality MinPins and Australian Kelpies in home environment.

Australian Kelpie

Miniature Pinschers Kennel DuvinalRussia

The information on private kennel of zwergpinschers. An opportunity to buy puppies and selection of sires.

Dobermanns and Miniature Pinschers kennel Santa JulfRussia
kennel Santa Julf

Kennel of dobermanns and pinschers mini from Russia.


Miniature Pinschers kennel Via BohemicaCzechia
Via Bohemica kennel

Miniature pinschers with top quality on shows, sports and breeding but on first place as best friends. You are welcome!!!

Miniature Pinscher Kennel PilawaPoland
Kennel Pilawa

Kennel of miniature pinschers from Poland.

Miniature Pinscher Kennel PocahontasPoland
Kennel Pocahontas

Kennel of miniaturepinschers from Poland.

Lazurnij Frant kennelBelarus
Lazurnij Frant kennel

The kennel was founded in 2004. We breed 3 breeds: shetland sheepdog, pomeranian spitz, zwergpincher. We hope you'll enjoy our website, where you can see the photos of all our dogs and the dogs who was born in our kennel, besides you'll have a chance not onlysee the pedigrees but toget acquainted withour dogs' relatives on photos! Welcome!

Shetland Sheepdog Pomeranian

Dobermanns van Crowded HouseBelgium
van Crowded House Dobermanns

Since 1990 we dedicated our lives to our Dobermanns. Our Dobermanns are devoted, friendly, passionate and stylish with a considerable dose of self-confidence and a stable character. They are family dogs to the backbone.

With our combinations we found the perfect balance between beauty and character. Every puppy is raised in a social and familial environment and grow up in the house of course. For information or a visit without further engagement you can always contact us.


Wild Look KennelRomania
Wild Look Kennel

Siberian Husky, West Highland White Terrier and Miniature Pinschers show quality dogs!

Siberian Husky West Highland White Terrier

Kennel GratsianoUkraine
Gratsiano Kennel

We breed dobermanns, zwergpinschers and malinois and train them. Invite to our site. You can find there videos, pictures and information about our dogs.

Dobermann Malinois

Miniature Pinscher di SenatoreGermany
di Senatore Miniature Pinscher

Welcome to Miniature Pinscher Kennel "di Senatore" (FCI/VDH/PSK). We are a small family run Kennel, our dogs live with us as family members and are socialised with children from birth. So they know a lot of the common life and are very good socialized.

To see our breeding, stud dogs, puppies and kennel news go to our website. We hope you will enjoy your stay at our Homepage and find the information you need, otherwise feel free to contact us.

Miniaturowe Pinczery Spod Katedry FCIPoland
Spod Katedry FCI PinczeryMiniaturowe

Welcome to Miniature Pinscher kennel from Poland. We are a small home kennel and all our dogs are our beloved family members. Since 1984 we've been aiming at breeding high quality, healthy dogs with balanced character, lovable personality, and a great show potential.

Our dogs have only the best Polish lines and carefully choosen male breeders in their pedigrees. Miniature pinschers are our passion and lifestyle that we truly hope to share with you. Enjoy our site.

Pinschers nains des Lutins de La CerisaieFrance
Pinschers nains des Lutins de La Cerisaie

Home french kennel since 20 years.

van 't Duinezicht DobermannsBelgium
van 't Duinezicht Dobermanns

We started breeding dobermanns in 1982. All our puppies are sold with a puppy sales contract and health garanty. Our females and puppies are always living in the house with the family. Our dogs are intelligent and good in character, we are proud of every dog we have ever bred. We are always available to help our new puppy owners.


SchanchoMiniature Pinschers & English Toy TerriersIrelandGreat Britian Dog Breeders
SchanchoMiniature Pinschers
& English Toy Terriers

"SCHANCHO" Show Dogs Were Est. Around the 196O's
We have been successful in breeding/owning Ch's in all our chosen breeds and are currently showing record breaking Champion Miniature Pinschers and English toy terriers. We only breed for a replacement show dog.

English Toy Terrier

Tchernaja Kalitva Rottweilers & Miniature SchnauzerRussia
Tchernaja Kalitva

Professional breeding of zwergpinschers and rottweilers.


Kennel YakoGorRussia

Breeding work we do in 1988. The official name of "YakoGor" was registered in RKF-FCI 20.05.2009, certificate number 10356 Currently, our cattery breeds of dogs: Australian Terrier, Australian Silky Terrier, Pyrenean Mountain Dog, Miniature Pinscher. We have the right approach to breeding.

Carefully select the pair to produce a healthy and beautiful offspring with high prospect of the show and breeding. All our dogs regularly participate in the most prestigious international dog shows in Russia and Europe, and have titles and International Champion Candidate for International Champion Beauty. On our site you can find detailed information, meet with the presented species, get advice or ask questions on the acquisition and reservation of a puppy.

Australian Silky Terrier Australian Terrier Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Miniature Pinschers kennel Juros SypseneleLithuania
Miniature Pinschers kennel

Miniature Pinschers (Zwergpinscher) kennel from Klaipeda, Lithuania. We are home based kennel. We try to breed funny, brave, healthy,and good temperament minipinschers.

All our dogs live in our home as part of our family and are not kennelled in outdoor kennels. Pls, feel free to visit our site! (english, russian and lithuanian languages available)

Bim-Bom-Bam Bobtail and Miniature PinscherSpain
Bobtail and Miniature Pinscher

A site for loving, caring and showing Old English Sheepdog and Miniature Pinscher.

Old English Sheepdog / Bobtail

kennel Nasha MarkaRussia
kennel Nasha Marka

Welcome to Miniature Pinscher kennel Nasha Marka.

Pécsi chihuahua miniature pinscher kennelHungary
chihuahua miniature pinscher kennel

Chihuahua and miniature pinscher breeding.


Kennel Blanco PirataSweden
Kennel Blanco Pirata

We breed Dogo Argentino and Miniturepinscher in Sweden. We have been living with the breeds since year 1999.

Dogo Argentino

Nasha Marka Dmitriy DonskoyRussia
Nasha Marka Dmitriy Donskoy

Welcome to personal website of Miniature pinscher Nasha Marka Dmitriy Donskoy.

Exigor's kennelSweden
Exigor's kennel

I have breeding Miniature Pinscher since 1986 in the south of Sweden. My goal is healthy and good temperament in a good looking body!!

Mallo ChicoSpain

Breeding zwergpinscher FCI 17199.

Kennel T&IA zwergpinscher and german shepherdBulgaria
Kennel T&IA
zwergpinscher and german shepherd

Kennel T&IA for zwergpinscher and german shepherd dog FCI 49/99

We are very fan of Miniature Pinschers and feel passion of breeding of this breed. Dog quality: character , beauty and they are working dogs - it's the basic purpose for us!

We train our dog agility and obedience, some of them are therapeutic dogs for people with disabilities.

German Shepherd Dog

Dwarfen Ergy Miniature Pinscher and Schipperke kennelHungary
Dwarfen Ergy Miniature Pinscher
and Schipperke kennel

Miniature Pinscher and Schipperke kennel in Hungary. Welcome to visit our site.


Transylvanian LegendRomania
Transylvanian Legend

Transylvanian Legend Canisa de Miniature Pinscher(Zwergpinscher) inregistrata de (FCI,ACHR,COR) ''Pasiunea noastra pentru acesta rasa(miniature pinscher) este mai presus decat un hobby. Ea face Parte din viata noastra in fiecare zi''... Noi ne-am dedicat tot timpul si sufletul pentru cainii nostri si pentru cresterea lor .Fiecare catel este crescut într-un mediu social si familial.

Cu o doza considerabila de încredere în sine si un caracter stabil,ei sunt membrii dragi ai familiei. Scopul nostru de reproducere este sa obtinem exemplare de cea mai inalta calitate,incercam sa gasit echilibrul perfect între frumusete si caracter. Cainii nostri nu doar ca au cele mai bune linii genetice alese cu grija in reproducere ,ei sunt sanatosi(testati genetic) cu caracter echilibrat, personalitate simpatica si castigatori in expozitiile de frumusete atat pe plan national cat si international Miniature Pinscher sunt pasiunea noastra si stilul de viata pe care cu adevarat speram sa-l împartim cu voi . Bucurati-va de site-ul nostru.

VandeborMoscow, Russia Dog Breeders

Vandebor, kennel of English Toy Terriers (black and tan), Zwergpinschers. Russia, Moscow.

English Toy Terrier

'Из Замка
Приора' Питомник цвергпинчеров Russia
'Из Замка Приора'
Питомник цвергпинчеров

Питомник цвергпинчеров "Из Замка Приора", перспективные щенки цвергпинчера,племенные кобели для вязок.Питомник занимается разведением собак породы цвергпинчер,она является ведущей породой нашего питомника. Так же у нас в питомнике есть собаки породы: такса кроличья длинношерстная и немецкий шпиц.На страницах нашего сайта Вы можете познакомиться с представителями нашего питомника,узнать о о наших планах на будущее.В разделе продаж посмотреть щенков,имеющихся в данный момент в питомнике.Мы будем рады видеть Вас на страницах нашего сайта.Приятного Вам просмотра.

Zwergpinscherzucht vom Hause GutmannSwitzerland
Zwergpinscherzucht vom Hause Gutmann

Welcome to Miniature Pinscher Kennel
"Zwergpinscherzucht vom Hause Gutmann" (FCI / VDH / PSK). Schweiz / Germany.

Elevage de Pinscher d'Auguin de l'AuguinièreFrance
Elevage de Pinscher d'Auguin de l'Auguinière

Petit élevage de qualité nous proposons que des Zerwgpinscher chiots lof . Notre élevage particulier et amateur avec deux portées par an est affilié à la SCC n° 852999 affixe 74593, au Club Français du Schnauzer et du Pinscher, ainsi qu'à la Société Canine de Vendée et au Club Canin Yonnais, et nos chiens participent aux concours de beauté.

Ulnight ButterflyEstonia

Small hobby kennel in Tallinn since 1996.

Miniature Schnauzer

Laky Sharm KennelBelarus
Laky Sharm Kennel

We always welcome guests in our virtual house. We hope that you will find many interesting and useful.


питомник СМОЛЬГИВ & SMOLGIV kennelBelarus
питомник СМОЛЬГИВ & SMOLGIV kennel

Kennel concerns with breeding of the dogs. On put kennel You may see the photo a puppy and their parents.


Simpatija Miniature pinscher Lithuania
Simpatija Miniature pinscher

Kennel Simpatija is a big miniature pinscher breeder in Lithuania. We offer a great puppies for sale.

Nasha Marka zwergpinscher kennelRussia
Nasha Marka zwergpinscher kennel

Miniature pinschers from kennel Nasha Marka.

Min-Pin - Pinscher Miniature KennelPortugal
Min-Pin - Pinscher Miniature Kennel

Miniature Pinscher in Portugal.

Pinscher Miniatura de TotanaSpain
Pinscher Miniatura de Totana

Crianza familiar del pinscher miniatura de calidad. Cachorros ocasionalmente, para exposición o compañìa.

Aarielle's Demon Zwergpinscher and Siberian Husky KennelItaly
Aarielle's Demon Zwergpinscher
and Siberian Husky Kennel

Italian Breeder of Zwergpinscher and Siberian Husky.

Siberian Husky

Sabona StyleUkraine

Welcome to Miniature pinsher kennel SABONA STYLE !

Pinscher nain du Mas d'AigretFrance
Pinscher nain du Mas d'Aigret

Élevage de pinscher nain du mas d'aigret en France.

Fury Dragonfly Fiery Miniature PinscherBulgaria

The biggest kennel for zwergpinscher in Bulgaria.

Miniature Pinscher Kennel Be PawsitiveHungary
Kennel Be Pawsitive

We are a Hungarian / Dutch Miniature Pinscher/Zwergpinscher Kennel.

The most important to us is to breed the perfect balance between health, temperament, intelligence and beauty. Apart from our dogs having top bloodlines and being very succesful in dog show world, they are great familiy dogs, super loving and affectionate, intelligent and easy to live with. They are social with other animals and people.

Our dogs are our beloved family members. For us, our dogs come first, always and forever, even if it means putting our own needs and social life aside. This is our choice, breeding is not just a hobby, but a lifestyle for us! All our dogs live together with us in our house. We raise our puppies also as family members, with non-stop care. - DOMAIN FOR SALE - MAKE AN OFFER!
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