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Bumir LöwchenSweden
Bumir Löwchen

Breeding for type, temperament and health.

Little Lion Dog

Kennel MoalitzSweden
Kennel Moalitz

We are a small kennel in the country in Sweden. For more information ples look att our hompage.

Japanese Spitz


Breeding Norwegian Lundehund & Bullterrier.

Norwegian Lundehund Bull Terrier

Chihuahua Beautypaw KennelSweden
Beautypaw Kennel

A small kennel with goals of breeding nice, healty, quality chihuahuas. We don't breed on merles! We love our dogs and they are family members that lives with us inside the house. We are located in south Sweden. The kennel is reg. in FCI and SKK.


Formositas KennelSweden
Formositas Kennel

A small cageless breeding in Sweden where the dogs are parts of our family! I breed tibetan spaniel & Russkiy toy terrier.

Russian Toy Tibetan Spaniel

Puli Kennel ImpeccableSweden

Welcome to our small Puli kennel! The ultimate goal with our breeding is reflected in the kennel name (impeccable as in 'with no faults') -healthy offsprings with sound temperament and type.

Quality, not quantity, is definitely our top priority!


Miniature Schnauzer Kennel TinghofsSweden

Breeding of black Miniature Schnauzer in Sweden.

Miniature Schnauzer

Siberian Husky DraghundenSweden
Draghunden - Siberian Husky

We are a small family owned hobby kennel in Sweden. We show and mush with our Siberian huskyn. The health of our dogs is our number one priority. We breed siberians mostly for mushing and shows.

Siberian Husky

Lhasa Apso kennel Dajala'sSweden
Dajala's Lhasa apso kennel

We are a small Swedish homebreeder of Lhasa apso. Our beloved dogs are living together with us and are a part of our family.

Lhasa Apso

Swedish Vallhund Kennel VikingSweden
Kennel Viking

We are a small kennel in the southern parts of Sweden. We breed Swedish Vallhund in a small scale. All the dogs live as family members. You are welcome to visit our webpage.

Swedish Vallhund

Rhodesian Ridgeback Emoyenis KennelSweden
Emoyenis Kennel Rhodesian ridgeback

The rhodesian ridgeback owners definitive reference page for the rhodesian ridgeback. The # 1 Scandinavian Website lokaded in Sweden dedicated to the magnificent rhodesian ridgeback. Welcome in and enjoy our lovely ridgeback.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Schnauzers Kennel RiesenspassSweden
Kennel Riesenspass

Breeding of giant schnauzer and miniature schnauzer.

Giant Schnauzer Miniature Schnauzer

American Staffordshire Terriers Kennel Mexican BlackBirdSweden
Kennel Mexican BlackBird

Breeding of American Staffordshire Terrier.

American Staffordshire Terrier

Shih Tzus Kennel NettlavallensSweden
Nettlavallens Kennel

Shih Tzu breeder in Sweden. Welcome to visit my website.

Shih Tzu

Lowchens and Italian Greyhound Irish MistSweden

Small selective breeding of high quality Lowchens in Sweden. The kennel is celebrating its 25th Anniversary in the Lowchen breed, 1983-2008. New litters planned for this year.

You are always welcome to ask anything about the breed, I will do my very best to answer. My e-mailaddresses you can find on my webpage.

Lowchen Italian Greyhound

Zandirah SalukisSweden
Zandirah Salukis

Small scale salukibreeder in Sweden.



Small breeder in Sweden. Welcome to vistit our site.

French Bulldog Chinese Crested Dog

Phalène kennel Thairghay'sSweden
Thairghay's kennel

Small breeding of Phalène with goals of mentality, health and beauty.


Samoyed Kennel HaletorpetsSweden
Haletorpets Kennel

We are a small kennel in SkĂĄne. We breed samoyed in a small scale. All the dogs live as family members. You are welcome to visit our homepage.


Japanese Spitz kennel Kannibalen'sSweden
Kannibalen's kennel

We are a small kennel in the south of Sweden (SkĂĄne). We breed Japanese Spitz in a small scale. All the dogs live as family members. You are welcome to visit our hompage to se what's up :-)

Japanese Spitz

Miniature Schnauzers Kennel Pepalfa'sSweden
Pepalfa's Kennel

Black and White Miniatureschnauzer since 1978.

Miniature Schnauzer

SweDrent's Drentsche PatrijshondSweden
SweDrent's Drentsche Patrijshond

Drentsche Patrijshond in north of Sweden.

Dutch Partridge Dog

No'Lobos kennelSweden
No'Lobos kennel

No'Lobos kennel breeds Pyrenean Mastiff and CĂŁo da Serra da Estrela. We also have a CĂŁo da Serra de Aires. We've had Pyrenean Mastiff since - 96, CĂŁo da Serra da Estrela since - 95 and CĂŁo da Serra de Aires since 2005. If you want to know more about us and our dogs, please contact us!

Pyrenean Mastiff Serra da Estrela Mountain Dog Portuguese Sheepdog

Italian Greyhounds and Yorkshire Terriers Kennel Skogsville'sSweden
Skogsville's Kennel

Proud breeders of IG's with show attitude.

Italian Greyhound

Forsfararens MiniaturepoodlesSweden
Forsfararens miniaturepoodles

Small breeding of miniaturepoodles in black and brown.


Labrador and Golden Retrievers Hultrum's KennelSweden
Hultrum's Kennel

Small breeder of Labrador and Golden Retriever. We live in the south of sweden in Sävsjö "Småland".

Labrador Retriever Golden Retriever

Agapimos Shar Pei KennelSweden
Agapimos Kennel

Breeder of Chinese Shar Pei, both Horsecoat and Brushcoat in colours chocolate, black, red fawn and fawn. Our goal is to have healthy dogs with great eyes, showtype and mentality.

Feel welcome to get in touch for information about our dogs, puppies and how you can become a proud owner of a dog from us. Shipping worldwide.

Shar Pei

Parsonalities Parson Russell TerriersSweden
Parsonalities - Parson Russell Terriers

Parsonalities breed Parson Russell Terriers made for show, work and fun.

Parson Russell Terrier

Wolfmark Siberian HuskiesSweden
Wolfmark Siberians

Siberian husky kennel in the northern part of Sweden. Our goal is to produce dogs for both show and mushing. Welcome to our site!

Siberian Husky

Labrador Retriever Kennel CacciaSweden
Kennel Caccia

Labrador Retrievers since 1987.

Labrador Retriever

A'monibe's PoodlesSweden

Small quality breeding of black & white miniatures and white & silver dwarfs.


Marachinos Chinese Crested Dog and Perro Sin Pelo Del PeruSweden
Marachinos Chinese Crested
& Perro Sin Pelo Del Peru

A small breeder with Chinese Crested Dog and Perro Sin Pelo Del Peru.

Chinese Crested Dog Peruvian Hairless Dog

Kennel Tajmahal Whippets and Afghan HoundsSweden
Kennel Tajmahal

High quality whippet for show are sometimes availible.


Kennel Rajfax Bouvier Des Flandres & Lagotto RomagnoloSweden
Kennel Rajfax

Breeder of Bouvier Des Flandres and Lagotto Romagnolo.

Bouvier des Flandres Lagotto Romagnolo

Team Paparazzi Portuguese Water DogSweden
Team Paparazzi

Breeder of Portuguese Water Dog. Key words in my breeding are sound mentality, correct breed type in body and temperament and good health. Welcome to my website to learn more about Team Paparazzi.

Portuguese Water Dog

Kennel MadlandsSweden
Kennel Madlands

Portuguese Waterdogs for show, work & family.

Portuguese Water Dog

Camalis KennelSweden

Miniaturepinscher breeder located in south part of Sweden. Welcome to visit our site.

Miniature Pinscher

Chininas kennelSweden
Chininas kennel

We breeds Chihuahua, Cirneco dell'Etnas and Italian Greyhounds. Our dogs live as part of our family and sleeps in bed and sit in the TV sofa at night.

Chihuahua Italian greyhound Cirneco dell'Etna

Kennel Grey MountainSweden
Kennel Grey Mountain

A small breeder of the Galgo Español. I breed only on healthy dogs. Both to shows, Coursing and as family dogs. All dogs lives inside with us as a family.

Spanish Greyhound

Blue Shiraz KennelSweden
Blue Shiraz Smooth and Feathered Saluki

Blue Shiraz Salukis with the swift effortless movement. Honest breeding with respect to tradition and heritage.


Starcastle Hounds KennelSweden
Starcastle Hounds Silken Windhound Kennel in Sweden

Silken Windhounds are gaining recognition all over the world as one of the very few really serious new breed creations in recent times.

The Silken Windhound is a small longhaired sighthound breed from USA. Starcastle Hounds are proud to be the first breeder of Silken Windhounds in Europe and the first breeder of a Silken Windhound that obtained a national champion title.

Silken Windhound

Tibets Pride's KennelSweden
Tibets Pride's Shih Tzu

Breeding and showing Shih Tzu in Sweden. Happy, healthy dogs for dogshows or as your companion!! Welcome to visit our website.

Shih Tzu


Hi! We are a little kennel in the North of Sweden. Our biggest enjoy with the dogs is to go on sledding tours and take long walks in nature, and some times we go to dog shows. Please visit our site to read more about us, and meet our Samoyeds.


Flushtimes and Clearwater's BloodhoundsSweden
Flushtimes and Clearwater's Bloodhounds

Quality breeding for more then 30 years. Bloodhounds for companion, show and trial. Welcome to visit us and our wonderful Bloodhounds.


Arsathas KennelSweden
Kennel Arsathas

Borzoi in Sweden.


FireWoods KennelSweden
Kennel FireWoods

We breed American Staffordshire Terrier. Our goal is to breed secure, healthy, stable and exterior beautiful dog's. We will only use healthy and stable dog's in our breeding.

American Staffordshire Terrier

Kennel VinddragetsSweden
Vinddragets hemsida

Small breeder of pugs in the north of Sweden.


Bamburs KennelSweden
Kennel Bamburs

We breed miniatureschnauzers in all four colors. Breeding since 1986. Located in Strängnäs 1 hour by car from Stockholm.

Miniature Schnauzer

SvartAlfernas KennelSweden
Svart Alfernas Kennel

Breeder of toy, dwarf and miniature Poodle in black, white and brown.


Sub Terram KennelSweden
Kennel Sub Terram

Quality breeding of borderterrier for work, company and show.

Border Terrier

Kennel LappriketsSweden
Lapprikets Kennel

Small family owned kennel showing and breeding Finnish Lapphunds.

Finnish Lapphund

Bordrocks BreederSweden
BORDROCKS Border Terriers

Quality breeding of Border Terrier for many years.

Border Terrier

Axbor BreederSweden
Axbor Border Terriers

Top winning breeder in Sweden. Border Terriers true to type.

Border Terrier

Cayafa's Griffons

Top Griffons in north of Sweden. Welcome to visit us. The site is in both swedish and english.

Griffon Bruxellois Griffon Belge Petit Brabancon

Kennel Bivvilis Sweden
Bivvilis Kennel

A quality breeding in a very small scale with family dogs. I only breed on healhty dogs with a sound temperament.


Ghazoot KennelSweden
Sloughi & Pharaoh Hound

Welcome to a small kennel in Dalarna, Sweden. All our dogs live in the house as part of the family Please visit us and read more of our success! Welcome!

Pharaoh Hound Sloughi Whippet

Kennel PolarvargensSweden
Polarvargens Kennel

We are a smal kennel in Dalarna, Sweden.We have 1-2 litters per year. We only breed on healthy dogs, free hips and eyes.


Dobgun's KennelSweden
Kennel Dobgun's

Kennel Dobgun's a FCI reg. Breeder of European line Dobermann, for conformation, work & K9-units. A compleat dog with soundness in temperament, health and strong ability to work. We have puppies and occationally young dogs for sale.

Herding Instinct's KennelSweden
Kennel Herding Instinct's
Swedish Lapphund

High quality breeding of swedish lapphund located in Sweden. Our goal is healthy and typical swedish lapphund in body and mind.

Swedish Lapphund

Ana-Faro's KennelSweden
Ana-Faro's Kennel

A small family kennel that breed and show Portuguese Water Dogs, all fully health tested, we breed for type, temperment and health. We have sometimes puppies available for show, companionship or work. Feel free to contact us.

Portuguese Water Dog

Kennel AplicadoSweden
Kennel Aplicado - Portuguese Water Dog

We have a small kennel in Sweden that breed and show Portuguese Water Dog. Our dogs is health tested and lives inside our home. We breed for type, temperment and health. Puppies sometimes available for show, companionship or work.

Portuguese Water Dog

Kennel RacystarSweden

Racystar working german shepherd, leonberger, greenland dog and jack russell terrier.

German Shepherd Dog Greenland Dog Jack Russell Terrier Leonberger

 Wazin KennelSweden
Wazin Basenji

Welcome to my kennel Wazin page! We breed basenji in a small scale. With interesting blood lines, Finnish, Swedish, Austrailan and American.


Gazette's KennelSweden
Gazette's Kennel

We are a small kennel in north of Sweden. We breed buff, black and black/tan puppies.

American Cocker Spaniel