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Breeding of Shetland Sheepdogs, Bullmastiff and French Bulldog.

Shetland Sheepdog Bullmastiff French Bulldog

Kennel Ewokes Flatcoated RetrieversSweden
Kennel Ewokes Flatcoated Retrievers

Small breeding of black and liver Flat coated Retriever in a country home setting located up in the north of Sweden. Gunsdogs with good character and health combined with beautiful looks are the main aim for the breeding!

Welcome to visit our website for updated information about our dogs, and current litter. Experience with the breed since 1986!

Flat Coated Retriever


Breeder of toy and dwarf poodle in apricot, red and black. Optigen tested and checked for Patella.


Kennel AberloursSweden
Kennel Aberlours

Breeder of Spanish Waterdog, Perro de Agua Español in Sweden.

Spanish Waterdog

Popeye's shih-tzusSweden
POPEYE'S shih-tzus

Home of World Winners!

A small but successful breeding for show and pleasure since 1983.Combine the body, the strength and the attitude! Then add a wonderful temperament and movement- and you have a Popeye's shih-tzu!

Shih Tzu

Geyron's Basset HoundsSweden
Geyron's Basset Hounds

Small breeder in Sweden.

Basset Hound

Kennel Bed'ykinsSweden
Kennel Bed'ykins

On our website you can find info about our dogs, results from shows and puppies. We are a small and serious breeding and our main aim is breed lovely Cresteds with excelent temperament, health and show ability.

All our breeding dogs are selected in showing and health. We were the winner of WDS-08. Our dogs are beloved family members and live with us.

Chinese Crested Dog

Ramita De PalmaSweden
Ramita De Palma

A small Swedish Kennel. Breeders of Spanich Water dog.

Spanish Waterdog

Alla Tiders KennelSweden
Alla Tiders Kennel

Swedish Vallhund - Västgötaspets - The Viking Dog - Alla Tiders Kennel began in 1987. We live in the countyside at the westcoast of Sweden.

Swedish Vallhund

Tiny Rascal's KennelSweden
Tiny Rascal's Kennel

We breed chinese crested dogs and want whith our breeding efforts, produced little cheer and happy breed, typical Chinese crested.

Chinese Crested Dog

Cool Crowd'sSweden
Cool Crowd's

The Cool Crowd's breeding policy is to breed first class cresteds. We look upon our breeding as pet dogs, but with their cool temperament and fabolous style they're great show-machines ...

Chinese Crested Dog

Manaca's Cocker spaniels & Miniature DachshundsSweden
Cocker spaniels & Miniature Dachshunds

Breeder of English Cocker spaniel at Top level. Also a small breeding of shorthaired miniture Dachshunds.

English Cocker Spaniel Dachshund

Johtina's kennelSweden
Johtina's kennel

Breeder of Phalène in Sweden.


Kennel BiwasSweden
Kennel Biwas

Small family breeding of miniature short-haired and normal wire-haired dachshunds with a good mentality, exterior and good hunting instincts.


Rozcoe'z Kennel LandseerSweden
Rozcoe'z Kennel - Landseer

Uppfödning av Landseer.


Smultronställets KennelSweden
Smultronställets Kennel

Welcome for a visit, to my maltese kennel. My dogs, have 2 live web camera. Its a small breeding, with three good bloodslines.


Brick Wall KennelSweden
Brick Wall Kennel

Breeder of 100% Johnson bulldogs.

American Bulldog

Bielkersmils kennelSweden
Bielkersmils kennel

We are a kennel in Värmland nearby the big lake Vänern in Sweden. We like to go sledding with our dogs both for fun and for competition. We also like to go for dog shows. As we use our dogs as working dogs it's very important that they are healhty and have a sound temperament.

In our small breeding we seek to breed dogs who can function as familydogs as well as workingdogs. Welcome to our website to read more about us and to get to know our samoyeds.


Chagall's KennelSweden
Chagall's Kennel

We breed Shar Pei and Miniature Schnauzer in Sweden.

Shar Pei Miniature Schnauzer

Thad's kennelSweden
Thad's kennel

Breeder of miniatureschnauzer since 1980. Thad's kennel is situated just outside Mariestad, a small town  just by the big lake Vänern 180km north of Gothenburg.

Miniature Schnauzer

Bennaz' PumiSweden
Bennaz' Pumi

World, European and Scandinavian Show-winners Showdogs, Obedeancedogs, Workingdogs, Searchdogs and Agilitydogs.

Bennaz' Pumi - Breeder since 1984


American Staffordshire Terrier Kennel BringemoSweden
Kennel Bringemo

Kennel Bringemo - Beauty & Brains

We have been with this breed since 1997 and we focus on breeding for correct type and for workability. We have produced several Show and Working CH. Please check our website for further information.

American Staffordshire Terrier

Noble Nadirs PhalènerSweden
Noble Nadirs Phalèner

A small Phalènebreeding in Sweden. Our dogs livs with the family.


Wendron Fox Terrier SmoothSweden

Welcome to visit our webbsite.

Fox Terrier - Smooth

Hofva's AiredaleterrierSweden

Welcome to visit our website.

Airedale Terrier

Duckling's Jack Russell TerriersSweden
Duckling's Jack Russell Terrier

Welcome to a small scale breeding of FCI Jack Russell Terrier in Sweden. 100% Australian dogs representing Baylock - Malung - Otwaymist bloodlines.

Jack Russell Terrier

Havanese Kennel KR'KarreiSweden
Kennel KR'Karrei

We breed Bichon Havanais and we also breed Ragdoll. Welcome to visit our homepage.


Kennel HeslabySweden
Kennel Heslaby

Breeder of Bearded Collie and Gos d'Atura Catala.

Catalan Sheepdog Bearded Collie

Gos d'Atura Catalá Kennel SolarwesSweden
Kennel Solarwes

We are a small breeder of Gos d'Atura Catala.

Catalan Sheepdog

Sugarhills Chihuahua kennelSweden
SUGARHILLS Chihuahua kennel

We breed Chihuahuas, and have imported the most famous lines from very nice kennels,from all over the world.

In our breeding program we strive to breed perfect Chihuahuas in every way, In Health, Body and Soul! We are located on the exotic island of GOTLAND in the baltic sea, belongs to Sweden. We ship world wide. We are members of FCI, SKK, AKC.
Welcome to contact us! Sincerely
Mr Peter Borgenstrand


Lejonbols kennelSweden
Lejonbols kennel

Breeding of Eurasier, Samoyed and Leonberger. Visit our home page and see all photos och our beautiful dogs. Breedingdogs are free in hips, elbows, patella and eyes. Good mentalitet are very important for us. We are located in the south of Sweden. Welcome.

Eurasier Samoyed Leonberger

Dragon Light's kennel Irish WolfhoundsSweden
Dragon Light's kennel

Breeding Irish wolfhound and in family enviroment, to become happy, healthy and good socialized dogs.

Irish Wolfhound

Knallåsen´s kennelSweden
Knallåsen´s kennel

Home of Irish Wolfhound and Galgo Espanol.

Irish Wolfhound Spanish Greyhound

Yygeia Kennel DachshundsSweden
Yygeia Kennel

Show quality dachshunds. Using the best bloodlines from Europe and USA. Bred for quality and Elegance.


Black Orange's Show PomeraniansSweden
Black Orange's Show Pomeranians

We have been breeding Pomeranians since 1993 in a nice environment on the countryside. All our dogs are like family members on the kennel, which consist of three lovely Pomeranians, two females and one male. Our females are all qualified at shows before covering. We strive to get sound, healthy and vital dogs. Dogshows are our main interest and that is why we rarely have litters. It is not the quantity, but the quality that counts.

Our male World Junior Winner -08 Black Orange's Limited Edition aka Tiger was the most winning junior in Sweden in 2008. Tiger was one of Scandinavians most winning Pomeranians and placed at Top Ten in Sweden. We are looking forward to see Tigers offspring’s in the show ring this year.

In 2000 we got the opportunity to buy a promising femalepuppy from kennel Sunline in Norway. She provred to be very successful at dogshows and she has provided her offspring with fine qualities. Her name is Multi Champion INT NORD FIN S DK CH Swedish Winner -03 Sunline Lady In Red " Bonnie" She is one of Scandinavian Top Winning Poms during the past years, and The Very Best Female on Top Ten Pomeranians in Sweden 2002 and 2003.

In 2007 I had the pleasure of handling the Top Pomeranian "Smiley" Sunterra Spontaneous Daystar to an International, Swedish and Danish Champion.
Smiley became 1 # Pomeranian in Sweden 2007!

You will find us in the western part of Sweden in Särö, about 30km south of Gothenburg.


Jomgarden's Berger des PyrénéesSweden
Jomgarden's Berger des Pyrénées

Welcome to Jomgarden's!
We are a small kennel who breeds Berger des Pyr�n�es in home enviroment. If you want more information take a look on our homepage, mail us or give us a call!!
Regards Mari

Long-haired Pyrenean Sheepdog Pyrenean Sheepdog - smooth faced

Explorer's ShibaSweden
Explorer's Shiba

A kennel where the dogs comes first and our Shiba is our pride. We have been awarded the Hamilton plaque by the Swedish Kennel Club for outstanding merit in the breeding of Shiba and Samoyed.


Springlet German Spitz - KleinspitzSweden
Springlet - German Spitz - Kleinspitz

"We want the goodlookers to work - and - the workers to look good"
Breeding and loveing kleinspitz. - My dogs are members of the "pack" that includes us human beings, on dogs premissions.

That is: the dogs have always been members of our family, on the dogs-conditions ... that is I am the boss, and the other "two-legged" family-members are also "bosses under me".

German Spitz - Kleinspitz

Black Lillie's Kennel Chinese Crested Dog and Toy PoodleSweden
Black Lillie's Kennel

My name is Lilian Berglund. I have a small breeding program, most important for me is health. I only had 1 maybe 2 litters per year. My motto is quality not quantity. Look into my homepage or contact me for more information.

Chinese Crested Dog Toy Poodle

Joddricks Staffordshire Bull TerrierSweden

smal kennel whith fokus on our dogs heth! Al our dogs are family members, living inside the house! We compet in the showring as well as in obediance end tracking,sucsessfully. Al our dogs have bin helth tested fore L2hga/Hc Hipps/elbows eyse end more ... Welcome take a look on our home page!

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Kennel Chappers SchapendoesSweden
Kennel Chappers Schapendoes

Our breeding is in a small scale and our goalis to breed dogs that are healthy, typical for the breed and have the special it.We aim for you to get the dog that is best for you, considering what you want to do.

Our puppies grows up in the house and are out on a lot of adventures before leaving us.

Welcome to our website to read more about us and our dogs.

Dutch Schapendoes

Irish Red Setters Kennel Cherry Bloom'sSweden
Kennel Cherry Bloom's

Small breeder of Irish Red Setters.

Irish Red Setter


Breeder of "Show" Greyhounds and Russkiy Toy.

Greyhound Russian Toy Tibetan Terrier

Rochamgo's kennel Staffordshire Bull TerrierSweden
Rochamgo's Kennel

A small kennel of Staffordshire Bull Terrier in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Stommelyckans kennel Miniature SchnauzersSweden
Stommelyckans kennel

We breed miniatureschnauzers in the colours black, black&silver, pepper&salt. Our first goal is that our dogs are loved familymembers with very good temperament. But ofcourse we also strive for the really good looking miniatureschnauzer.

Miniature Schnauzer

Kennel A-Te-Ell's GroenendaelSweden
Kennel A-Te-Ell's Groenendael

If you want a nice looking companion to show, agility, obedience, tracking, long walks or whatever, just give me a call or an email. I usually have one, or maybe two, litters a'year with social, happy and friendly dogs. Wellcome to my webpage.

Belgian Shepherd Dog - Groenendael

Skogsville's Kennel Spanish Water DogsSweden
Skogsville's Kennel

Breeder of Perro De Agua Espanol (Spanish Water Dog) and Italian Greyhound !

Spanish Water Dog Italian Greyhound

Aquador Labrador RetrieverSweden
Aquador Labrador Retriever

With Labradors since 1971, breeding since 1998.

We are members of Swedish Labrador Retriever Club (LRK) and registered with the Swedish Kennel Club (SKK), which in turn is associated to FCI, and follow their rules for breeding. We only breed dogs that are free for generations on hips (A or B), elbows, and eyes; current eye certificate must not be older than a year from mating. All breeding stock is shown with at least excellent on conformation and many have some working test done. We aim for mentally sound dogs, kind cuddly dogs that love to work with you and also have excellent conformation.

Litters are raised indoors making the pups used to things in a normal home such as vacuum cleaner, washing machines, cats, and children among other things. At delivery at 8 weeks they are fully registered with SKK, wormed several times, micro chipped,examined by vet and had their first vaccinations.

Labrador Retriever

Saint Bernhard Dog Swed snow saver'sSweden
Swed snow saver's

Breeders of Saint Bernhard dogs, smooth and rough haired.

Saint Bernard Dog

Pharaoh Hound & Portuguese Warren Hound Kennel ChassellisSweden
Kennel Chassellis

A small breeding of Pharaohhound and Podengo Portugues smooth pequeno. All the dogs lives in the house with the rest of the family out in the country in South of Sweden.

Pharaoh Hound Portuguese Warren Hound

Isumi's kennel Japanese SpitzSweden
Isumi's kennel

Breeder of Japanese Spitz in Sweden. Breeder since 1980 Beauty at its Best. Welocome to vissit my website dont forget to sign my guestbook.

Japanese Spitz

Collie Rough Kennel DantosSweden
Kennel Dantos

A small breeding of rough collie. Important for me is a strong psychic and the dogs health.

Collie Rough

Strandkungens kennel White Swiss Shepherd DogsSweden
Strandkungens kennel

Welcome to Strandkungens kennel, a family run kennel with lovely White Swiss Shepherds.

White Swiss Shepherd Dog

 Kennel Beastly's Bearded CollieSweden
Kennel Beastly's Bearded Collie

Breeder in the south part of Sweden since 1989. Planning for puppies when we want to keep something for our us self. Breeding for helth, mentality and beauty.

Bearded Collie

Fondador Kennel KromfohrländerSweden
Fondador Kennel

Small family owned kennel breeding Kromfohrländer.


Bergenhovs Kennel HovawartsSweden
Bergenhovs Kennel

Breeder of Hovawart in Sweden.


Dogue de Bordeaux Kennel HjärtekullaSweden
Kennel Hjärtekulla

Breeder of Dogue De Bordeaux.

Dogue de Bordeaux

Kennel Dowiti's English Springer SpanielsSweden
Kennel Dowiti's

Breeder of English Springer Spaniel in Vimmerby, Sweden. Visit our website for updated information about our dogs, and current puppies.

English Springer Spaniel

Yangadoo's Lhasa ApsoSweden
Yangadoo's Lhasa Apso

We are breeding Lhasa Apsos, our aim is to breed healthy, happy and good looking lhasas. Our dogs live with us as our family members. Your very welcome and visit us at our website! Please contact us if you have any questions!

Lhasa Apso

Kennel Pax Mariae German Hunting TerrierSweden
Kennel Pax Mariae

We are a small kennel breeding guality working dogs in Sweden.

German Hunting Terrier

Landaria's Kennel LandseersSweden
Landaria's Kennel

A small breeding of Landseer in home surroundings. For you, which want to training swimming and rescuing. The Landseer is also well suited to companion dog. Please visit our site (only in Swedish).


Laekenois Kennel VajertSweden
Kennel Vajert

Here you can find everything about our breed - the Belgian Shepherd/ Laekenois - history, standard, our dogs, litters, statistic and a lot of photos! Welcome!

Belgian Shepherd Dog - Laekenois

Smatuvans Kennel FCI ChihuahuasSweden
Smatuvans Kennel (FCI)

A tiny breeding of chihuahuas since 1990 with top winning dogs in Sweden.


Checkpoint Lakeland TerrierSweden
CHECKPOINT Lakeland terrier

Small select breeding of Lakeland terriers in Sweden. Welcome to visit our site.

Lakeland Terrier

Gentlemen By Nature English SettersSweden
Gentlemen By Nature English Setters

Breeder of English Setters - using top qualified UK lines.

English Setter

Canine Connection's SchnauzersSweden
Canine Connection's

Kennel Canine Connection's is located in Mölnlycke just outside the city of Gothenburg. Our Passion are dogs especially the breed Giant Schnauzer and Standard Schnauzer. We breed black Giant Schnauzer and Standard Schnauzer and our goal is to breed healthy loving dogs.

Giant Schnauzer Schnauzer

Krambjörnen's NewfoundlandsSweden
Krambjörnen's Newfoundlands

Small, serious breeding of newfoundlanddogs, black and white/black.


Light Dream's kennelSweden
Light Dream's kennel

Top winning American Cockers in Sweden!

American Cocker Spaniel