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Prato Della CorteItaly Dog Breeders
Prato Della Corte

Prato della Corte arises from a dream:
to live in harmony with our dogs, ourselves and the world around us.

We decided to breed for a purpose:
to share with the future owners that ideal framework represented by a combination of matching and then offer them a subject who can get the basics for a peaceful and balanced coexistence.

Our philosophy, hence the choice of our stallions and mares, runs on parallel but inseparable tracks consisting of:
• morphological beauty as a prerequisite for wellness and health,
• proper handling of sensitive periods as a pillar for equilibrium behavior.
This is us, this is the dream we want to share with everyone.

You are most welcome ...

Bernese Mountain Dog

Tempeste della Presolana Rottweiler & Jack Russell TerrierItaly Dog Breeders
Tempeste della Presolana
Rottweiler & Jack Russell Terrier

Allevamento Riconosciuto ENCI - FCI dispone di cuccioli delle migliori linee di sangue, esenti da patologie ereditarie.

Rottweiler         Jack Russell Terrier

Ricassò - Allevamento dedicato alla razza Bovaro del BerneseItaly Dog Breeders
Ricassò - Allevamento dedicato alla razza Bovaro del Bernese

Bernese Mountain Dogs have lived in Ricassò since 1997 and this small kennel is to them fully dedicated.  Ricassò is a vine covered hillside at the foot of the Alps in Valtellina,  where we found our little paradise along with our Berners.

Health, type and temperament is what we are focused on and committed to. Although show winners, our dogs are mainly raised as family dogs and no different lifestyles may match their nature better.

Bernese Mountain Dog

The King Arthur WeimaranerItaly Dog Breeders
The King Arthur Weimaraner

Allevamento Amatoriale Weimaraner Hunting and Show.


Lion's Heart BulldogItaly Dog Breeders
Lion's Heart Bulldog

Allevamento per la selezione del bulldog inglese. Nel nostro allevamento troverete le migliori linee di sangue inglesi,quindi soggetti molto tipici,con qualita da show e soprattutto sani. I nostri sogetti infatti sono testati DNA e Ecocardiodoppler.

English Bulldog

Dell'Alto Feudo KennelItaly Dog Breeders

Hight selection of harlequin and black Great Danes.

Great Dane

kennel Del Dharmapuri Spanish MastiffItaly Dog Breeders
kennel DEL DHARMAPURI Spanish Mastiff

Puppies available from important blood lines.

Spanish Mastiff

Carchi's FarmItaly Dog Breeders
Carchi's Farm

Tibetan Mastiff from Carchi's Farm, little family kennel.

Tibetan Mastiff

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