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Nuevo Comienzo Chihuahua kennelNetherlands Dog Breeders
Nuevo Comienzo Chihuahua kennel

We are a small home kennel. Approved by the FCI breed association and member of the NCC. We breed our dogs and keep the rules of the Board and the Dutch Chihuahua Club. And only and exclusively with FCI pedigree. Enjoy visiting our website.

Ursula van der Velden.


Il mio amico della mostraNetherlands Dog Breeders
Il mio amico della mostra

We are Jane and Rene, we have a small kennel in the Netherlands, have a look at our site, and enjoy our dogs.

Cane Corso Italiano

WolfwishNetherlands Dog Breeders

Pure American wolfdog, Spencer wolfdog breeder.

American Wolfdog / Spencer Wolfdog

Italian Guardian - Cane Corso Italianothe Netherlands Dog Breeders
Italian Guardian - Cane Corso Italiano

We are a small but very passionate breeder from the northern of Holland. We have a small pack at our home to give our best friends the best possible attention they need. We only breed with dogs in excellent shape and health. Please check our website for more information.

Cane Corso Italiano

'Silky Society' Havanese KennelNetherlands Dog Breeders
'Silky Society' Havanese Kennel

Official proud breeder of lovely Havanese dogs with passion and lots of love.

Our dogs are all full members of the family, from Multi Champion to puppy. They live in and around the house in a way as ourselves. Have a look at our site and feel free to contact us for puppies or more information.


v.d. Tiny Divathe Netherlands Dog Breeders
v.d. Tiny Diva

Small breeder of Chihuahua's.


Hometown Glory's Chihuahua KennelThe Netherlands Dog Breeders
Hometown Glory's Chihuahua Kennel

We have Shorthair & Longhair Chihuahuas only with official FCI pedigree and bred according to the breeding rules of the Dutch Chihuahua Club and of the Supervisory Management on Cynologic field in the Netherlands.

I hope you enjoy watching my site. Any questions please feel free to contact me.

Kort & Langhaar Chihuahua's uitsluitend gefokt volgens het fokreglement van de Nederlandse Chihuahua Club en het Centraal Fokbeleid van de Raad van beheer.Uit Internationale Toplijnen.


Tribal hunters gordon setter kennelThe Netherlands Dog Breeders
Tribal hunters gordon setter kennel

Welkom bij gordon setter kennel tribal hunters Neem gerust een kijkje op onze website. heeft u vragen , u kunt altijd contact opnemen.

Gordon Setter

TulpashoeveThe Netherlands Dog Breeders

Onze Zwarte Riesenschnauzers en Dwergschnauzers leven bij ons in huis, dus niet in kennels. Het zijn echte familiehonden.Ook doen ze het uitmuntend op de shows. We fokken op gezondheid, goed en betrouwbaar temperament, maar natuurlijk ook op uiterlijk.

We love the Black Giantschnauzers and the Miniature Schnauzers and our dogs are familymembers with a nice temperament. Visit our site with a lot of pictures of our beautifull dogs!

Giant Schnauzer         Miniature Schnauzer

Sundance Bulldogs, Leavitt and AlternativeThe Netherlands Dog Breeders
Sundance Bulldogs, Leavitt and Alternative

We breed athletic and free breathing Old English Bulldogs.

Old English Bulldog

Destination of Love Lhasa ApsoNetherlands Dog Breeders
Destination of Love Lhasa Apso

We are a small Lhasa Apso breeder in the Netherlands. Once in a whil we have puppy's available. All our puppy's wil be raised in the livingroom. All our dogs we have their eyes checked before breeding!

Lhasa Apso

Amor del Perro Chihuahua'sthe Netherlands Dog Breeders
Amor del Perro Chihuahua's

We are a small Chihuahua kennel located in South Holland, the Netherlands. Once in a while we have puppies available. Both parent dogs are tested on genetic disorders and have had all vaccinations and deworming. For more information, please visit our website.


FreedombullsNetherlands Dog Breeders

We breed Leavitt Bulldogs Or what they say in Europe OEB the original old English bulldog.

Leavitt Bulldog

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