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Drenthe, Flevoland, Friesland (Fryslân), Gelderland, Groningen, Limburg, Noord-Brabant, Noord-Holland, Overijssel, Utrecht, Zeeland, Zuid-Holland,

Vorkosmia Norsk LundehundNetherlands
Vorkosmia Norsk Lundehund

We are a small kennel of Norwegian Lundehunds. All our puppies will be raised in the living room and get raw food.

Norwegian Lundehund


Information on my Perro de Agua Español or Spanish Waterdogs and the breed Spanish Waterdog in the Netherlands.

Spanish Waterdog


Onze woonplaats is Assendelft, dat ligt in Noord Holland, ten noorden van Amsterdam. Wij houden van old english bulldogs en pitbulls.

De old english bulldog die wij houden zijn old english bulldogs waarvan sommige uit de leavitt lijn. De Leavitt lijn is opgezet door David Leavitt. De pitbulls zijn Amerikaanse pitbull en American  Bully

Af en toe zullen we een nestje hebben, wat we met veel liefde zullen verzorgen. We zullen iedere keer een weloverwogen combinatie van teef en reu maken.

Zodat wij er alles aan doen om gezonde, mooie en vooral lieve Pups te krijgen. Alle honden maken deel uit van ons gezinsleven en verblijven dan ook in onze woonkamer.

Old English Bulldog American Pit Bull Terrier American Bully

van de DrentsegrondNetherlands
van de Drentsegrond

We breed Great Danes sinds 1963 in the color Blue, Fawn and Brindle. We like to breed Happy, Healty dogs. Visit our website for more information about us, and our Great Danes.

Great Dane

From Fabulous BlackNetherlands
From Fabulous Black

Great Danes, harlequin and black with exelent temperament and health. Visit our Web site.

Great Dane

Spirit of Happiness Tibetan TerriersNetherlands
Spirit of Happiness Tibetan Terriers

As lovers of this breed we occassionally have litters in our home. Our only aim is to breed healthy and well socialized pups from well choosen parents.

To show is a small part of our hobby and certainly not the goal of our efforts. Happy and Healthy dogs!!

Tibetan Terrier


We have Shorthair & Longhair Chihuahuas only with official FCI pedigree and bred according to the breeding rules of the Dutch Chihuahua Club and of the Supervisory Management on Cynologic field in the Netherlands.

I hope you enjoy watching my site. Any questions please feel free to contact me.

Kort & Langhaar Chihuahua's uitsluitend gefokt volgens het fokreglement van de Nederlandse Chihuahua Club en het Centraal Fokbeleid van de Raad van beheer.Uit Internationale Toplijnen.


Liric XcaliberNetherlands
Liric Xcaliber

Site dedicated to Gordon Setter Ch. Liric Xcaliber. Read all about this wonderful boy, see lots of photos, latest news, showresults, offspring and more.

Gordon Setter

La Maison Du MarchandNetherlands
La Maison Du Marchand

Wij zijn een kleine erkende Tibetaanse Spaniel fokker. Wij zijn lid van de de Pekingees- en Dwergspanielclub. Onze toekomstige pups krijgen een eigen stamboom mee. Ongeveer 1x per jaar wordt er bij ons een nestje geboren, alleen en uitsluitend bij ons in de woonkamer.

Tesamen met onze 3 kinderen worden de Pups tot 9 weken gesocialiseerd opgevoed tot heerlijke sociale en vrolijke hondjes. Wij fokken alleen met honden die vrij zijn van PRA en Patella- Luxatie. Voor vragen kunt u ons altijd bellen of een bericht sturen via de website.

Tibetan Spaniel

In the Spirit of KAishaNetherlands
In the Spirit of KAisha

Sharpei kennel where dogs live in a family friendly environment. Important for us is breeding healthy dogs with a nice character. Visit our website for more information and contact details.

Shar Pei


Happy Doodles is a home breeder of the australian labradoodle. Our dogs have bloodlines straight to Tegan Park and Rutland Manor. Contact us for availability of labradoodle puppies.


Bialy DomownikNetherlands
Bialy Domownik

Bialy Domownik is the name of our kennel, which meaning is white friend of the house. All our dogs share our home and receive all the love, affection and experiences that home life brings.

Puppies that we breed are reared this way and are most of all loving affectionate companions therefore we do hope and expect that their new homes offer them the same quality of life.

Please take a look at some pictures of our beautiful dogs and their siblings. Enjoy Your Visit !

Tatra Shepherd Dog

Kennemer Doodles - LabradoodlesNetherlands
Kennemer Doodles - Labradoodles

In the fall of 2019 we will have a litter of Australian Labradoodles.

Australian Labradoodle

of Angelsfantasy labradorsNetherlands
of Angelsfantasy labradors

We are a small labrador kennel where all dogs live in our house... we breed only yellow and black labradors and just one litter a year we breed only with dogs who are tested on the eyes (yearly), hips, elbows and E.I.C. we are registrated at the FCI , Dutchkennel club (raad van beheer) and NLV.

Labrador Retriever

NewagepitbullsXL Blue Bully'sNetherlands

Xl blue bully pitbull breeder. Specializing in Xtreme Bully,Royal Blue Generation, Mugleston, Gotti bloodlines.

American Pit Bull Terrier

PronkRidge rhodesian ridgebacksNetherlands
PronkRidge rhodesian ridgebacks

PronkRidge Rhodesian Ridgeback kennels in the Netherlands. In 2012 we are planning our very first litter. The sire will be Multi Champion Vizara Jukati and dam Red Hot Line Arziki Ayanda Amara. Welcome to our website!

Rhodesian Ridgeback

A Story With A Tail Bassethound KennelNetherlands
A Story With A Tail Bassethound Kennel

I am a small Bassethound breeder from the Netherlands.

Basset Hound

Sheltiekennel De Casa WolvesonNetherlands
Sheltiekennel De Casa Wolveson

Welcome to Kennel 'De Casa Wolveson'!

We are a small sheltiekennel in the Netherlands. You can meet our Shelties on our website. Puppies are born and raised in our bedroom, and move into our living room at 3 weeks of age. We try to breed sound and healthy shelties with a good temperament.

The small size of our kennel allows us to ensure that each puppy is properly socialized. Each puppy, no matter whether destined for the show ring or for a family companion, receives the same loving care. We provide ongoing support to all buyers and hope to continue to serve this lovely breed. For additional information please visit our website.

Shetland Sheepdog

Trimsalon Rianne harlekin standard poodle and lhasa apsoNetherlands
Trimsalon Rianne
harlekin standard poodle and lhasa apso

Breeder of harlekin standard poodle and lhasa apso.

Poodle Lhasa Apso

van Juttersburch Chow ChowsNetherlands
van Juttersburch Chow Chows

Our live with the smooth and rough van Juttersburch clan.

Chow Chow

Blue Champagne Chinese CrestedsNetherlands
Blue Champagne Chinese Cresteds

We have a small family kennel with healthy sound Chinese Crested dogs. Our main interest is visiting shows with them. Our breeding is limited. We only use dogs with clear genetic testing of PLL, ECVO and patella and excellent characters. Our dogs live with us in the house as family members, never caged.

Chinese Crested Dog

Kennel Little White WonderNetherlands
Kennel Little White Wonder

Small bolognese kennel based in The Netherlands. We try to breed healthy, beautiful bolognese with a golden temperament. We do health tests on every dog we use in our program. We go to dogshows to make sure we work with the right phenotype and study pedigrees to find the perfecte match in genotype for the puppies.

Take a look at our website and you might just fall in love with this wonderful breed as much as we have!


Wyclydo's Clumber SpanielsNetherlands
Wyclydo's Clumber Spaniels

A young kennel with only a few Clumbers how a bred for the first time a litter.

Clumber Spaniel

v.d. Aster's Pride Shih-Tzu kennelNetherlands
v.d. Aster's Pride Shih-Tzu kennel

We are a "v.d. Asters Pride" Kennel situated in Netherland. Our dogs are our passion and we are  proud of them all. All of our dogs have wonderful, loving and playful temperaments and enjoy free roam of our home and garden, they spend time with us as a family every day.

Shih Tzu

uijt de Praktijck - wirehaird dachshundNetherlands
uijt de Praktijck - wirehaird dachshund

We are a small home basedkennel. We breed only wire-haired standard dachshund since 2000.


Rex - Grote Zwitserse Sennen HondNetherlands
Rex - Grote Zwitserse Sennen Hond

All information about Great Swiss Mountain Dogs,Grosser Schweizer Sennenhund and Rex a approved stud male, with al tests and a rays.

Rex ist einer genehmigte deckrĂĽde.
Rex a un approuvé chien.

Great Swiss Mountain Dog

Mighty MidgetNetherlands

We breed only on occasion with our girls who are in Excellent condition and full of caracter. We breed according to the rules of the ZWHVN & BTCN.(FCI) Beautiful, Healthy Puppies Expected In Januari 2011!!! Both parents are HD-A,ED-FREE MDR1-FREE !!

White Swiss Shepherd Dog Boston Terrier

Van Iduna Staff'sNetherlands
Van Iduna Staff's

We are a small home kennel breeding Staffordshire Bullterriërs from the Nederlands. Also males available for approven females.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

WaggleTeckel - de leukste teckels van de ZaanstreekNetherlands

De leukste dwergteckels van de Zaanstreek.

We have beautifull dachshunds, in different patterns. But most important: healthy and a great caracter!!!!


the Gardian AngelNetherlands
the Gardian Angel

A leonberger breeder.


Stuiterbal en CoNetherlands
Stuiterbal en Co

A website about my leonbergers.


Bulls of Crown French Bulldogs and American BulldogsNetherlands
Bulls of Crown
French Bulldogs and American Bulldogs

Welcome at "Bulls of Crown" French Bulldogs!!! Our family are 100% animals lovers and they are a large part of our live. Are you looking for a healthy pup from fully tested parents inclusive a DNA certificate then you have come to the right place. We wish you much pleasure at our website!! You can call or email us...

We of the Bulls of Crown kennel started breeding American Bulldogs(hobby) from 1999 and we have been confessed in all countries. We have already exported puppies to Aruba, France, Belgium, Curacao, Norway, Spain, Canada, Sweden, Romania, USA, Hawaii, England, Turkey, Australia, Portugal, Hungary, Bonaire, Switzerland , Russia... We only breed with dogs that are Hip dysplasia(HD), Elbow Dysplasia(ED), Canine Ceroid Lipofuscinosis(NCL), ichthyosis tested and all our dogs have a DNA certificate.

French Bulldog American Bulldog

Vom Schloss Mordor Australian TerrierNetherlands
Vom Schloss Mordor Australian Terrier

The Australian Terrier is playful, alert, and very intelligent. It is highly energetic and powerful, especially for its small size. It seems to think of itself as a rather large dog. Australian Terriers are clever and adventurous. They do not bark frequently. Aussies have great hearing and pay keen attention, making excellent watch dogs. They are cautious, but not aggressive, around strangers.

The Australian Terrier gets along fine with children, provided they are respectful. Aussies are calm and outgoing, making excellent companions. They have a high prey instinct, especially for small cats or rodents, and should be socialized when young if they are intended to live with other pets. Australian Terriers require frequent human companionship.

Australian Terrier

Kennel vom BurgseeliNetherlands
Kennel vom Burgseeli

We have had Newfoundland since 1984. Our goals are longevity, type and temperament, which is paramount in our lines. All our dogs are screened for hip & elbow displasia, Heart, Cystiniria.

We prefer to breed big, impressive, chunky & well boned Newfoundland, with superbe movement and the typical Newfoundland temperament which means lifely & devoted.

Our Puppies will be born and reared in the house and will be FCI Registered. 1st injection given, wormed, vet checked, microchiped, diet sheet, help and advice. Be prepared for questions about you and your family.

Once I have seen you and happy with you then I will let you have one of my puppies.

Bernese Mountain Dog Newfoundland

Karhunkierros Greater Swiss Mountaindogs en EntlebucherNetherlands
Karhunkierros - Greater Swiss Mountaindogs en Entlebucher

For over 10 years specialised breeder of greater swiss mountain dogs en entlebucher cattledogs.

Great Swiss Mountain Dog Entlebuch Cattle Dog

Fanchon English SettersNetherlands
Fanchon English Setters

Fanchon English Setters: ' Where exterior qualities, health and hunting abilities still go together.'

A healthy English Setter population has and always be our strive and ever since confronted with deafness (early 1990's) we have tested all our adult dogs prior to breeding them and all their offspring (puppies) without any exception. Dogs bred, co-bred,co-owned or owned by us gained 38 Champion Titles and/or Multi Champion Titles. On occasion we have a litter but do not breed very often so the quality of our dogs can't be found in how many dogs we have bred over the years as we believe less is much better.

English Setter

Onze Saluki Jongens / Our Saluki BoysNetherlands
Onze Saluki Jongens / Our Saluki Boys

Dat je met saluki niet alleen op show maar ook op coursing en baanrennen aan de top mee kunt doen.


of MwammojaNetherlands
of Mwammoja

A small Rhodesian Ridgeback kennel with great love for this special breed.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Beautyful Arankah Tibetan MastriffNetherlands
Beautyful Arankah Tibetan Mastriff

We breed with 2 females (a red one and her doughter a black and tan), they have HD A en all the other testes are also oke. The are growing up in our livingroom. With our cats.

Tibetan Mastiff

du Greffier du RoiNetherlands
du Greffier du Roi

Grands & petits Bassets griffons Vendéens since 1978. More then 60 Champions and 19 Int. Champions including Worldchampions.

Grand Basset griffon vendéen Petit Basset griffon vendéen

Newfoundlander kennel van het StolzhofNetherlands
Newfoundlander kennel van het Stolzhof

Newfoundlander liefhebbers.

We breed black and brown newfoundlanders.


La Cuba Cao HavaneseNetherlands
La Cuba Cao Havanese

We are a little breeder in the Netherlands.


Krilulok siberian husky kennelNetherlands
Krilulok siberian husky kennel

Siberian husky kennel en sleddogteam. From the netherlands. Races in Europe.

Siberian Husky


Hello, my name is Marion, and my big loving is the Bordeaux on this momment we have 9, bordeauxdog and 1 frencie and hope in the summer having a nw breed in our kennel. We love too walk shows Nat and internationaal, more info about us and my dogs, you can,t find on the site,
greetings Marion

Dogue de Bordeaux

Briards van de HoolhoeveNetherlands
van de Hoolhoeve Briards

Wij fokken af en toe een nestje uit wel overwogen combinaties, Wij fokken op karakter, gezondheid en werkeigenschappen. puppen ondergaan op de leeftijd van 7 weken een karaktertest.


Van DesaroNetherlands
Van Desaro

Teckels in het langhaar dwerg en kaninchen en ruwhaar kaninchen.


: Gremley's Shih TzuNetherlands
Gremley's Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu breeder on small basis, all dogs live in the house, companion is important. We also do shows, since 1991, and enjoy it a lot. Breeding with very good bloodlines, always welcome to see our dogs at home.

Shih Tzu

van 't BrökskeNetherlands
van 't Brökske

Wij fokken af en toe een nestje in geel/gestroomd en zwart/wit. Voor meer informatie bezoek onze website eens.

We breed in fawn/brindle and black/white. Look for more information our website.

Wir zuchten in gelb/gestrommt und schwarz/weis. FĂĽr mehr Information bitte besuche unseren Homepage.

Great Dane

van SinBer-Heim saint bernardsNetherlands
van SinBer-Heim saint bernards

We are a small showkennel in the Netherlands. Come and visite our site and meet our dogs.

St. Bernard Dog

 Vrienden van de Bearded CollieNetherlands
Vrienden van de Bearded Collie

Site about the Bearded Collie with showresults and pics from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg.

Bearded Collie

Nederlandse Bearded Collie ClubNetherlands
Nederlandse Bearded Collie Club

The official Dutch Bearded Collie Club.

Bearded Collie

Cintamani Tibetan SpanielsNetherlands
CINTAMANI Tibetan Spaniels

Many years we have been breeding Tibetan Spaniels and showing them to Champion. Over 15 years we select on health and caracter. Our Tibbies are family members and puppies are born and grow in the family. We socialize them before they leave our house. We don't breed much, just about 2 litters a year, carefully planned.

Tibetan Spaniel

v.d. Schaope Dobbe Briard en Schapendoes kennelNetherlands
v.d. Schaope Dobbe
Briard en Schapendoes kennel

Sometimes we have puppies from beautyful and nice dogs.

Briard Dutch Schapendoes

Dalmindy's DalmatiansNetherlands
Dalmindy's Dalmatians

Breeding for our hobby and passion, once in a while a litter at home, from excellent bloodlines and good temperaments.

Home of Multi Ch.Amelanchiers Amusing Eloise, Laguna Dios Ranger Supreme, Alphadirato Innovation Brand, Dalmindy`s Ivy Indigo & Groovy Gainsboro. All loveing pets and showdogs. Dalmatians since 1998.


van Elegast kennelNetherlands
van Elegast kennel

Van Elegast is a small kennel. In 1992 I got my first Curly Coated Retriever and ever since that's my favorite breed. Two other breeds have a very special place in our hearts: the Golden Retriever and the Welsh Springer Spaniel. We take extremely good care of our dogs.

Our dogs are being raised and trained with respect and lots of love. And of course they are living in our house. We want to breed a litter Curly's in 2010. We invite you to meet our dogs on our website.

Curly Coated Retriever

Anjo da Guarda Fila brasileiro Netherlands
Anjo da Guarda Fila brasileiro

Welcome in the world that called Fila Brasileiro, take a look at our website and let yourself be enchanted by our Brazilian Mastiff dogs. From time to time, we have puppies from responsible combinations.

We breed with the characteristics in mind. Do you have any questions or interested do not hesitate and contact us.

Fila Brasileiro

Van de MaasparelNetherlands
Van de Maasparel

Dogue de Bordeaux and Fila Brasileiro Kennel based in The Netherlands. We breed for passion on health and character.

Fila Brasileiro Dogue de Bordeaux

BarkingBeauty Shihtzu kennelNetherlands
BarkingBeauty Shihtzu kennel

We are a small shihtzu kennel in the Netherlands, we enjoy our dogs.

Shih Tzu

kennel van het BalgzandNetherlands
kennel van het Balgzand

We are a small Bolognese kennel in the Netherlands. Visit our website to learn more about us and this lovely breed.


Waggerland Cardigan Welsh Corgi KennelNetherlands
Waggerland Cardigan Welsh Corgi Kennel

Cardigan Welsh Corgi Kennel. Sound and healthy Cardigans, shown throughout the world.

Welsh Corgi Cardigan

Old Averest LabradorsNetherlands
Old Averest Labradors

The main goal of my kennel, Old Averest Labradors, is to produce healthy, intelligent and sound Labradors. Our labs are entered for shows and take part in obedience- and gundog trials. We firmly believe in the all purpose Labrador who is confident in the home, field, water or show ring.

Old Averest is located in the north-east of Holland, and is surrounded by fields and forests. Our labs play and train in the local fields and streams.

We guarantee the health of the parents of each litter. We are small hobby breeders who treat our Labradors as our friends and companions.

Our goal is to improve the Labrador breed, to breed dogs with good looks, good health, super temperament, sound and willing to please, and to share them with other people.

The above is a brief resumé of my small kennel, where quality and select breeding is my first consideration.

Labrador Retriever

Kipir Kipir Australian Shepherd Netherlands
Kipir Kipir Australian Shepherd

I breed Australian Shepherd in the color Black tri and red tri. On my site you can see a lot of pictures.

Australian Shepherd

Dutch Mystic Staffordshire Bull Terrier KennelNetherlands
Dutch Mystic
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Kennel

Dutch Mystic is a small Staffordshire Bull Terrier Kennel from the Netherlands. We invite you to visit our website and enjoy our dogs as much as we do.

Kind Regards
Berry and Gerie

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Oet Shuwik's TipiNetherlands
Oet Shuwik's Tipi

We breed standard wirehaired Dachshunds and Australian Shepherds. Please visit our homepage for more information.

Dachshund Australian Shepherd

Valkoinen-Valiot: Breeder of Maremmano Abruzzese SheepdogNetherlands
Valkoinen-Valiot - Breeder of
Maremmano Abruzzese Sheepdog

Our site about Maremmano Abruzzese Sheepdogs, the breed, our dogs, links, litters etc..

Maremma and Abruzzes Sheepdog

Limbonsnest American Akita & Welsh Corgi PembrokeNetherlands
American Akita & Welsh Corgi Pembroke

Limbonsnest American Akita & Welsh Corgi Pembroke Kennel. We Breed quality dogs and with an excellent health. All puppies are raised in homely room. For more information you can contact us by E-mail or phone. Or take a look at our website.

American Akita Welsh Corgi Pembroke

of Lovely Lady's ValleyNetherlands
of Lovely Lady's Valley

We are breeding of lovely Jack russell terrier's and we breed with Australian and Dutch bloodlines.

Visit our website for more information and many pictures.

Jack Russell Terrier

from Bri-Jos homeNetherlands
from Bri-Jos home

Everything about our Leonbergers, puppy's, breed and studdogs. We hope that you enjoy our homepage where you can find many information about our Leonbergers. Every leonberger and all our breed puppy's have his/her own photo-album.

If you want more information you can contact us per email, or phone (we speak and write a little Eglisch and a little German).


Kennel van de Josephina's HoeveNetherlands
Kennel van de Josephina's Hoeve

We breed standard whirehaired dachs.


Dobermann Kennel Grande NoblesseNetherlands
Grande Noblesse Dobermann Kennel

We invite you to take a look at our website. It's full of information, pictures and results.


fan'e Sudewyn StabyhounNetherlands
fan'e Sudewyn

Information about the Frisian Pointer in general and on our dogs in particular. The Stabyhoun is a continental pointing dog that originates from the Netherlands. It's a pleasant family companion as well as an excellent working dog. But since it's a rare breed, it's not well known for its working abilities.

With our kennel, we aim to contribute to the breed itself, and with our site to its familiarity as a working dog.


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