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Luna de Media Noche WestiesSpain Dog Breeders
Luna de Media Noche Westies

My name is Almudena, I live with my family and my westies in a region of south western Spain. What began as a dream is becoming reality. We look west highland white terrier breed quality, fully balanced and make their owners happy. Our goal is to make a big family with our puppies and their families.

West Highland White Terrier

mibichonmaltes.esSpain Dog Breeders

InformaciAln sobre la raza BichAln Maltes. Consejos de salud y cuidados de la raza de perro.


Zoagolden Golden RetrieverSpain Dog Breeders
ZOAGOLDEN Golden Retriever

Cria y selecion de golden retriever en Asturias (EspaA�a).

Golden Retriever

Can Rinxols KennelSpain Dog Breeders
Can Rinxols Kennel

Can Rinxols Kennel: Spanish water dog at Barcelona.

Spanish Waterdog

Costa do VentoSpain Dog Breeders
Costa do Vento

We are pleased to introduce our dogs and great friends unconditional. We are in Galicia in northern Spain.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Campos del Sur - Dachshund KennelSpain Dog Breeders
Campos del Sur - Dachshund Kennel

Teckels - Dachshund Kennel "Campos del Sur". F.C.I. 009451

We breed Miniature and Kaninchen Smooth Hair Dachshunds. They grow healthy in nature, with careful breeding. Suitable as Show,hunt or pet dog.

Criamos Teckels Kaninchen y Miniatura de pelo corto, en un entorno familiar y con gran dedicaciAln.

Elevage de Teckel Kaninchen et Miniature A� poil ras, en pleine nature et avec les meilleurs soins.


Da Toleria BoxersSpain Dog Breeders

El Boxer... nuestra pasiAln. Conocenos en nuestra web.

German Boxer

Can Manys Golden RetrieverMadrid, Spain Dog Breeders
Can MANYS Golden Retriever

CrA�a selecta y familiar del Golden Retriever en Madrid-EspaA�a.

Selective and family breeding of Golden Retriever in Madrid-Spain.

Golden Retriever

De MirAlbriga Perro de Agua EspaA�olSpain Dog Breeders
De MirAlbriga Perro de Agua EspaA�ol

Cria y selecciAln del Perro de Agua EspaA�ol. Ejemplares bellos y funcionales. Camadas ocasionalmente. MA?s informaciAln en nuestra web.

High breeding and selection of Spanish Water Dog. Beautiful and functional dogs. Occasional litters. More info on the web.

Spanish Waterdog

Cote Basque criador de Bulldog FrancesSpain Dog Breeders
Cote Basque criador de Bulldog Frances

Cria selectiva de Bulldog FrancA�s. Asesoramos para la correcta eleccion antes de comprar su cachorro, nuestros bulldogs son perros sanos, siguen el standard y son perros con muy buen carA?cter y bien sociabilizados. Ocasionalmente tenemos cachorros de bulldog frances disponibles. Cria y seleccion de Bulldog Frances, criador de cachorros de bulldog frances en guipuzcoa, bajo estandar oficial de la raza. Ocasionalmente cachorros de bulldog frances disponibles. CrA�a y alta selecciAln de Bulldog Frances. Criadero de Bulldog FrancA�s que trabaja con genA�tica de campeones. Cachorros bellos y saludables. Criadero familiar de Bulldog FrancA�s, dedicado a la crianza en un entorno familiar de perros de Raza Bulldog Frances para show y para mascotas. Cote Basque cria familiar de Bulldog frances. Bulldog frances calidad show. Criadores de bulldog frances, venta de cachorros bulldog frances.

French bulldog kennel, Ocasionally puppies available, Breeding and selection of French Bulldog, bulldog breeder of pups french under official breed standard. Occasionally litters available. Show quality french bulldog, Cote Basque breeding French Bulldog family. Breeding and selection of French Bulldog, bulldog breeder of pups french under official breed standard. French bulldog puppies occasionally available. Breeding and selection of French Bulldog high. French Bulldog Breeder working with genetics of champions. Beautiful and healthy puppies. French Bulldog family kennel dedicated to breeding in a family of French Bulldog breed dogs for show and pet. Cote Basque breeding French Bulldog family. French Bulldog show quality. French bulldog breeders, french bulldog puppies for sale.

French Bulldog

Cimillet MalteseSpain Dog Breeders

Exclusive and selected top quality Maltese

CIMILLET Maltese is located half an hour from Madrid. We are dedicated to breeding top quality Maltese for show and for pet.

Our malteses are from one of the top quality Maltese Kennel in South Korea that have an exclusive and carefully selected bloodline.

Our purpose is directed to breed dogs of top quality for show, never leaving behind the essential criteria of beauty for those who wish to have these so adorable friends as loyal companions to their daily lives.

We are dedicated to show our most ideal dogs to thereby contribute in some way in improving race while we take care of the little details at the time of breeding to make them ideal partners with a very loving and open nature itself of the race.


Muguiris KennelSpain Dog Breeders
Muguiris Kennel

Selective breeding of Coton de tulear and Havanese in Spain.

Coton de TulA�ar         Havanese

Muvhimi Shumba Rhodesian RidgebackGranada, Spain Dog Breeders
MUVHIMI SHUMBA Rhodesian Ridgeback

Breeding and Selection of Rhodesian Ridgeback. We breed with the best lines in Africa. Our dogs are bred in the countryside, the instnto mantienn from small wild race. Our dogs are free of any disease and congenital malformation. We breed according to the breed standard.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Garaba Deutsche DoggeSpain Dog Breeders
Garaba Deutsche Dogge

Deutsche Dogge Breeder since 1979

We are breeding Great Danes in the 5 colors, with passion for more than 30 years and we are the most titled Spanish breeding of the history. We attach a lot of importance for the beauty and we count lot of champions all over the world, but we also select our dogs for their health and especially for their good character.

Great Dane

Labradores Vikingos do UllaSpain Dog Breeders
Labradores Vikingos do Ulla

Cria y SelecciAln del Labrador Retriever.

Labrador Retriever

bostonterriercanarias.comSpain Dog Breeders

CrA�a familiar y muy selecta.

Boston Terrier

Torobully AB'sSpain Dog Breeders

Passion for te American Bulldog.

American Bulldog

EurasipomerSpain Dog Breeders

Eurasiers en espaA�a, dedicados al eurasier desde 1997 consiguiendo multitud de titulos de belleza y haciendo una camada esporadicamente.


Dinner Jacket kennelSpain Dog Breeders

Cria familiar y seleccion de Boston Terrier. Muestra gran pasion en la vida son nuestros pequeños Boston terrier.

Boston Terrier

Cijara MalamutesSpain Dog Breeders

Selective top breeding of Alaskan Malamutes with import USA bloodlines.

Alaskan Malamute

Wolf-Canyon Alaskan Malamute BreedersSpain Dog Breeders
Wolf-Canyon Alaskan Malamute Breeders

Selective breeding of Alaskan Malamutes. Beauty, health and working habilities. Health tests done on every breeding dog. Occasionally we have puppies. Champion bloodlines.

Alaskan Malamute

Dos Ancestros American AkitaSpain Dog Breeders
DOS ANCESTROS American Akita

Breeding and selection of American Akia.

Cria y seleccion de Akita Americano.

American Akita

Del Rinconcillo DachshundSpain Dog Breeders
Del Rinconcillo Dachshund

Small and familiar kennel, Miniature longhaired and smoothaired in Madrid, Spain.


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