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Butterfly od Beskydských vrchůCzechia
BUTTERFLY od Beskydských vrchů

We are Moscow watchdog Kennel, Czech republic, North Moravia.

Moscow Watchdog

Big-Boss BohemiaCzechia
Big-Boss Bohemia


We are small English Mastiff Kennel located in the west of the Czech Republic. Our goal is to breed healthy dogs for Shows and family life with an excellent character. Puppies available now - Jan 2014 Please feel free to look at our website.

English Mastiff

From The Far CountryCzechia
From The Far Country

Kennel "From the Far Country" is engaged in breeding dog breeds: Bernese Hound and Bracco Italiano.

Italian Pointing Dog Bernese Hound

Smart HeartCzechia
Smart Heart

Prague Chihuahua breeder.


'Canis Regalis'Thai Ridgeback Dog
 and Rhodesian RidgebackCzechia
'Canis Regalis'Thai Ridgeback Dog
and Rhodesian Ridgeback

Welcome to our kennel "Canis Regalis". The name comes from Latin, Canis means dog and Regalis means royal. Our breeding kennel was established in 2012 and we are specialized in breeding Rhodesian Ridgeback and Thai Ridgeback Dog. We are located in Czech Republic.

Thai Ridgeback Dog Rhodesian Ridgeback

Luxardo StarCzechia

Our West highland white terriers and Norwich terriers.

West Highland White Terrier Norwich Terrier Chihuahua


Czech Italian Greyhound kennel. Elegant, healthy and charming Italian Greyhounds. Our passion since 1985!

Italian Greyhound


Kennel breed Chesapeake Bay retriever,

Chesapeake Bay Retrieverd

Diamond Rush Australian Shepherd KennelCzechia
Diamond Rush
Australian Shepherd Kennel

Diamond Rush - Australian shepherd kennel (Diamond Rush - chovatelská stanice Australských ovčáků) Breeders: Veronika Pavlikova & Martin Balaz

Australian Shepherd

Kennel Krasotka MojaCzechia
Kennel Krasotka Moja

We are a family kennel engaged in the breeding of Russian-colored bolonka else too - Russkaya Tsvetnaya bolonka, our goal is to develop the breed according to the current Russian standard, ie, primarily, a successful show career of our dogs health and appearance, which is not yet fully consolidated.

We focus on breeding puppies with only PP - FCI, pleasing tips, short nose, wide head, long shiny hair quality. Stud dogs will pick discretion - preferably directly imports of Russian origin resembling the tip of our females, so that they complement each other.

Russian Coloured Bichon

Apache Earls Legend - white toy poodleCzechia
Apache Earls Legend - white toy poodle

Apache Earl�s Legend, white toy male, 28 cm/29,5 cmCZCH, SKCH, PLCH, RSCH, HCH, Club champion, CZJCH, SKJCH, ROJCH, DOB: 03.10.2010 Sir :C.I.B.Whitney�s Top Dancer Dam: Leggero Danzatori Iolanta Prcd PRA normal/clear by DNA test, patela 0/0, full dentition.


Cesky Fousek 'z Lubiechowa'Czechia
Cesky Fousek 'z Lubiechowa'

"z Lubiechowa" We are breeders of Cesky Fousek`s. This breed is Czech wirehaired pointing griffon, dog with long history in our country. Great peculiarity of Cesky Fousek is: Cesky Fousek does not hunt for his fondness but for his master. My father was big person about breeding of Cesky Fousek`s for 40 years and I continue in his job, together with my wife.

We have 2 females, mother and daughter, very good exterior and tested on hunting tests. They are including in breeding program of our club. Some of their puppies are in our breeding program, too. ...

You like more information`s about Cesky Fousek or are You looking for puppy or trained dog, please contact me. It is part of my job for our club of Cesky Fousek breeders.

Ing. Pavel Dostal / International secretary of "Club of Cesky Fousek breeders" Czech republic.

Bohemian wire-haired Pointing Griffon

Sirius BrixCzechia
Sirius Brix

Welcome to our website about the amazing breed Labrador Retriever. Our small, family kennel located in the heart of Europe in the Czech Republic. We have black and chocolate Labradors.

Labrador Retriever

Nezny zmatkarCzechia
Nezny zmatkar

We breed Old english mastiffs for 10 years. Stud dogs and puppies available. Hip and elbows scored. Our mastiffs are members of our family.

English Mastiff

Rrady Go KennelCzechia

We plan puppies racing great parents (summer 2013). We take records on puppies.


Bisdog BohemiaCzechia
Bisdog Bohemia

Fawn and brindle great dane kennel - Bisdog Bohemia.

Great Dane


"Japan Klub ČR" is the Kennel Club of the Czech Republik for the breed japanese chin. On our homepage you can find many useful and interesting information about breeding, shows and champions of this breed. Also you can find there contacts to breeder in the Czech Republik, who are our member.


Ferus vesperCzechia
Ferus vesper

We are small kennel (5 dogs) with puppies of Norfolk terrier occasionally available. All our dogs are living with us in our home and are part of our family. Even though we don't have them very long, from every litter we had there is at least one Champion.

Our most successful girl Becky of Meggy is first Grand Champion in our country. We are very proud of our dogs, theirs good temperaments and nice appearance. Our new male is from Brymarden/Nanfan blood line and is also very successful in the dog shows.

Norfolk Terrier

Assetto Corse Italian greyhound kennelCzechia
Assetto Corse Italian greyhound kennel

We are small hobby and family kennel of Piccolo Levriero Italiano. We breed beautiful and elegant, but sporty type of IGś. Welcome to visit our website.

Italian Greyhound

CHS Kama LevandeCzechia
CHS Kama Levande

FCI Kennel od beagles.


Cool Dog Star - FCI kennel - English BulldogCzechia
Cool Dog Star
FCI kennel - English Bulldog

English Bulldog kennel - FCI registered. We breed top quality english bulldogs. We pride ourselves on breeding really healthy, movable and powerful bulldogs with fantastic temperaments. All our dogs are healthy and tested and all our puppies have health guarantee certificate. We have years of experience in this breed.

English Bulldog

z Barbořinského vrškuCzechia
z Barbořinského vršku

Jsme poměrně mladá chovatelská stanice, která se zabývá chovem převážně zlatých sheltií. Odchovaná štěňátka necháváme vyšetřit geneticky na CEA a MDR1.

Shetland Sheepdog

Od GuvernéraCzechia
Petaki Kensha Akita inu

Our kennel Petaki Kensha deals with breeding Japanese breed Akitas Inu.

Akita Inu

Merano BohemiaCzechia

The aim of our small breeding kennel is to breed healthy, temperament and strong puppies of Staffordshire Bull Terrier with excelent pedigrees.

Cílem naší rodinné chovatelské stanice je odchovávat kvalitní, zdravá, temperamentní a silná štěňátka stafordšírského bulteriéra s výbornými rodokmeny.

цель нашей kennels является выведение качества, здоровoe, живое и сильное Стаффордширский бультерьер щенки с отличной родословной.

El objetivo de nuestro criadero familiar es criar cachorros de Staffordshire Bull Terrier sanos, temperamentes y fuertes z con excelentes pedigrees.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

kennel Ultra Maxima - spanish mastiffCzechia
kennel ULTRA MAXIMA - spanish mastiff

Welcome to our website dedicated to the Spanish Mastiff!

Spanish Mastiff

Moravské štěstíCzechia
Moravské štěstí

Malá rodinná chovatelská stanice Parson Russell Terierů.

Parson Russell Terrier

Bravostar - Chovatelská stanice FCICzechia
Bravostar - Chovatelská stanice FCI

Russian toy is mini terrier. The most countries outside of Russia hawe very low ammount of this dog. Kennel was founded 2011 at Prague. Moscow toy terrier is new breed, with temperament and happy and sweet nature. Ideal for Agility and other dog sports.

Russian Toy

Z JeřicCzechia
Shaggy Freedom border collies

Jsme malá chovatelská stanice zabývající se chovem a výcvikem psů plemene border kolie.

Border Collie

Z JeřicCzechia
Z Jeřic

We breed Prazsky krysarik since 1990. We have healthy nice and typical small dogs about 2kg in allgrowth, succesful on the shows and lovely as home-"pets". We have more coloured variants of this small gorgeous race. We are kennel registered by FCI.

Prague Ratter

Regenia BohemiaCzechia
Regenia Bohemia

We are a kennel Bohemian Shepherd - Bohemian shepherd in the Czech Republic. 7.9 2012 puppies were born. We have 6 females and 4 males. If interested, please contact us. I wish you a nice day
Jitka Žáková

Bohemian Shepherd

Duez Morava kennelCzechia
Duez Morava kennel

Our breeding kennel was established in August 2012, but we are concerned with obedience and breeding of German shepherd over than 20 years. The aim of our breeding kennel is to breed healthy and beautiful puppies of German shepherd, which are promising for obedience, showing and breeding as well.

German Shepherd Dog

Erya Haryon - Chovatelská Stanice Stafordšírského BulteriéraCzechia
Erya Haryon - Chovatelská Stanice Stafordšírského Bulteriéra

Jsme malá chovatelská stanice Stafordšírských bulteriérů rodinného typu. Námi odchovaná štěňátka vyrůstají po celou dobu s námi při běžném provozu domácnosti. Naším cílem je odchovávat kvalitní štěňata jak po stránce zdravotní tak po stránce exteriérové a rodokmenové.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

z Richardovskych SkalCzechia

We are small familly kennel of leonbergers in Czech Republic. Please, visit our homepage to know more about owner dogs, shows successes and mainly about Our Puppies!


Pearl of the Moon kennelCzechia
Pearl of the Moon kennel

Pearl of the Moon kennel, breeder Tibetan Spaniel and Australian Shepherd.

Tibetan Spaniel Australian Shepherd

Karelsky medvedi pes Moravský medvídekCzechia
Karelsky medvedi pes Moravský medvídek

Chovatelská stanice Moravský medvídek se zabývá chovem Karelských medvědích psů od roku 1996. Naši psi jsou úspěšní na výstavách a skládají lovecké zkoušky. Štěňátka z naší chov. stanice jsou vhodná na chov, myslivost i jako rodinný a hlídací pes.

Karelian Bear Dog

Avatar Pinc PekingeseCzechia
Avatar Pinc Pekingese

Kennel pekingeses ,puppies for sale, more to website.


Avatar Pinc Italian Greyhound
Avatar Pinc Italian Greyhound

Kennel Italian Greyhound , more to website.

Italian Greyhound


Pekingese Club - CZ - Klub pekingských palácových psíků PrahaCzechia
Pekingese Club - CZ - Klub pekingských palácových psíků Praha

"KPPP Praha" is the Kennel Club of the Czech Republik for the breed pekingese. On our homepage you can find many usefuland interesting information about breeding, shows and champions of this breed. Also you can find there contacts to breeder in the Czech Republik, who are our member.

Klub pekingských palácových psíků je občanské sdružení chovatelů, majitelů, milovníků a přátel plemene pekinéz. Je řádným členem ČMKU. Přehled krycích psů, chovatelských stanic, klubových šampionů, termíny a výsledky výstav pro plemeno pekinéz aj.


Kennel BuxussonCzechia

Kennel, which is trying to be perfect - healthy dogs, humorous nature, no aggression at all, always happy, elegant appearance, enthusiasm owners.

Our dogs stay active and playful into old age.

English Springer Spaniel

'Te Salutant' - Sport Kelpie KennelCzechia
'Te Salutant' - Sport Kelpie Kennel

Small kennel specialized for heathly, temperament and strong doggies. Kelpies special for Agility, Flyball, Frisbee and next dog-sports, for shows and of course as amazing pet.

Australian Kelpie

Z Vítové - Cavalier King Charles SpanielCzechia
Z Vítové - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Visit our website about Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and take a look on our photogalery. Pay attention on our puppies!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Neverending Grace - Gordon Setter Kennel
Neverending Grace
Gordon Setter Kennel

This website is about my unique Gordon Setter bitch Ch. Arry z Dvorku Čamourku "Grace". Our kennel was found in March 2012. We are planning our first litter in autumn 2012.

Gordon Setter

Samojedi od Račí studánkyCzechia
Samojedi od Račí studánky

We are small kennel from east part of Czech republic. We are breeding samoyed. We have sometimes available puppies. We are breeding with love are samoyeds. We are also very susceful on dogshows.


Joliot PekingesesCzechia
Joliot Pekingeses

A small pekingese kennel in the Czech Republic.


Ice Touch - West Highland Whitte TerriersCzechia
Ice Touch
West Highland Whitte Terriers

West highland white terrier kennel in Czech Republic. Informations about breed, shows, puppies and more. Healthy dogs with excelent pedigrees.

West Highland White Terrier

Akawanda Afghan houndCzechia
Akawanda Afghan hound

Puppies will be born at the beginning of May 2012.

Father of puppies - import from USA Raffica Red Dzazir of Robega (direct descendant of the most successful bitch in USA Am. ch.Xandali Isabeau Of Boanne) mother of puppies Akawanda z Úpatí hor - bitch from exhibition and also racing line (father Zázrak ze Zličínských luk after Milton de Darjeling x Madonna Domino ze Zličínských luk, mother Kyrie Lu-Kon).

Puppies with kind personality and excellent temperament, convenient for exhibions and also for racing, colours - cream, gold with mask, black and tan, black, striped and dominoes. Only to good hands and stable home. ...

Afghan Hound

Yantarni - Alaskan Malamute kennelCzechia
YANTARNI - Alaskan Malamute kennel

Zabýváme se chovem a výchovou Aljašského Malamuta včetně budoucí nabídky štěňat.

Alaskan Malamute

Scholz-Bolognese Bohemia RegiCzechia
Scholz-Bolognese Bohemia Regi

Chovatelská stanice specializovaná na chov plemene ruská barevná bolonka, neboli ruských barevných boloňských psíků.

Russian Coloured Bichon

Chovatelská stanice 'ze Sulické
tvrze' - Rhodesian RidgebackCzechia
Chovatelská stanice 'ze Sulické tvrze'
Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgeback – Chovatelská stanice „ze Sulické tvrze“

S dvacetiletou tradicí chovu plemene, nabízí štěňátka vrh „R“ ze spojení PEM NIKI ze Sulické tvrzexICH.SENANGA BASHIRI (SK), šampion Slovenska, Maďarska, Česka, Rakouska, Slovenský Grand šampion, ZOP 98/100b Oba zdraví DKK A, DLK 0/0, OCD negativní, silných koster, barvy červeně pšeničné.

Rodinný odchov, celodenní péče, socializace štěňátek, budou zvyklá na naše vnoučata a další pejsky, koně. Pod kontrolou Veterinární kliniky Vltava České Budějovice. Vrh zaměřen na povahu obou rodičů, předpoklad klidných rodinných psů při zachování vlastností RR.

Odběr štěňat v první polovině května. Info a rezervace na ...

Rhodesian Ridgeback

von Mraque - kennel blue variety - Great DaneCzechia
von Mraque
kennel blue variety - Great Dane

Kennel von Mraque-Czech rep./EU has a beauty puppies/blue variety for sale now. We have absolutely socialization method for the future life your next puppy. We can guaratee the parents healthy-HD0/0, USG heart negativ, DNA tests ok. Dam:Bardottka von Mraque -CIB,JCh, Champion many states, Euro winner, 2xClub winner Sire:Sid Cevelob - Nacional winner, Club winner, EU Show 2nd place, JCh,Ch Czech. Our puppies are in our house inside, with children, small dog and cats.

Great Dane

Charles GardenCzechia
Charles Garden

Breeding kennel of Cavalier King charles spaniel from Czech republic. My dogs have RU, BT, BH and TR colours of fur. These dogs come from a long line of Championship dogs. See our website or write me a e-mail for more information.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Kennel CizeraCzechia
Kennel Cizera

Kennel Cizera was founded in 1994.We specialize on breading the English Springer Spaniels.Our goalis to breed dogs with the best health, breed standars and temper.

English Springer Spaniel

Alvemia - landseerCzechia
ALVEMIA - landseer

Welcome to kennel Landseer in Czech.



Prodám šťěňata malého bílého knírače s PP.

Miniature Schnauzer


We are small family kennel of Berger Belge Groenendael. We also train and work with our dogs. Our goal is to breed quality dogs of excellent health and character.

Belgian Shepherd Dog - Groenendael

Gates of HeavenCzechia
Gates of Heaven

We are small weimaraner and boston terrier kennel. We want bring a new bloodline to Czech republic.

Boston Terrier Weimaraner

Sparks Of The Tempest Shetland sheepdogs kennelCzechia
Shetland sheepdogs kennel

Welcome to the SPARKS OF THE TEMPEST Shetland sheepdogs kennel. We are a small family based kennel. Our dogs always were, are and will be equal and legitimate members of our family. They live in our household under one common roof and participate at everything that is going on in our lives.

Their health and well-being are most important for us. Our breed is based on english and scandinavian pedigrees mostly. We are aiming to keep and venerate a true british type of our shelties in the future aswell.

Shetland Sheepdog

Pleasure of FriendshipCzechia
Pleasure of Friendship

Maltese and dobermann kennel.

Maltese Dobermann

Kennel IvanciceWelsh Springer SpanielCzechia
Kennel IVANCICEWelsh Springer Spaniel

Welcome to kennel IVANCICE.

Kennel Ivančice was founded in 1993. Our first  stud bitch was Anita od Bílé Břízy a first stud dog Erny Jikran. We would like to breed welsh springer spaniels which have exterier breed standart, temperament and hunting will and without heritable disease. To catch this intention we would like to use in our breeding program only dogs which  have the same criteria and there some conditions to give them to next generations.

More info about us and our dogs you can find at our websites.

Welsh Springer Spaniel

kennel Dragons ManorCzechia
kennel Dragons Manor

Kennel Dragons Manor breeds English Springer Spaniels of show quality with a focus on good health, temperament and hunting abilities. Puppies sometimes available to an appropriate homes.

English Springer Spaniel


Breed for show, work, nature.

Border Collie

od Mnichu - Shih TzuCzechia
od Mnichu - Shih Tzu

FCI kennel - Europe, Czech Republic, Prague.

Shih Tzu

Saidy HabibiCzechia
Saidy Habibi

Welcome at family Basenji kennel from Brno in the Czech Republic. We can offer you puppies with interesting blood line.


Von ChirlitxCzechia

Kennel FCI. Our station is engaged Schipperke breed, smallest sheepdog. Visit our website and read this interesting breed.


Brixi's PrideCzechia
Brixi's Pride

We breed the beautiful breed of WSS. This breed is very ancient and pure origin. WSS are very intelligent, sociable and adaptable. He is great fun for sports, entertainment, caress. WSS have a good relationship with a children.

The aim of our breeding stations is healthy, balanced, and working exploitable individuals. On our web site you find more about the breed and our breeding WSS station.

Welsh Springer Spaniel

Flowers CityCzechia
Flowers City

Czech FCI kennel Flowers City, breeding the amazing Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Visit us on your website!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Breeding with a long tradition with an emphasis on health, quality nature and exterier.

Giant Schnauzer

Happy Chilli Dogs - Great Danes KennelCzechia
Happy Chilli Dogs - Great Danes Kennel

We are kennel from Czech republic. We breed fawn and brindle danes. Health of our dogs is most important for us. We have dogs from Champion and Interchampion bloodlines. Our dogs are very successful on shows in many countries of Europe (Club winner of italy, Czech and Slovak, Class winner of Austria and Eu.DDC).

We have very special litter now - Mother Zarah della Baia Azzurra (Italian import, Multichampion) and Father Egisthe d`Iskandar (France, Champion).

See our sites for more info. We will be happy you contact us.

Great Dane

von SbaritzCzechia
von Sbaritz Dachshunds

Dachshunds smooth-haired miniature & kaninchen.



Kennel focused on breeding the Central Asian shepherd dogs.

Central Asia Shepherd Dog

Dharmapala & Laspro - Tibetan Mastiff KennelsCzechia
Dharmapala & Laspro
Tibetan Mastiff Kennels

Nearly cooperative breeder station Tibetian mastiff deal with breeding typical representatives breed Tibetian mastiff, planned litterpuppies and publicity breed.

Tibetan Mastiff

Z Bučávky Shetland SheepdogCzechia
Z Bučávky Shetland Sheepdog

Klein Hobbyzucht - shelties, australien sheepherd.

Shetland Sheepdog Australian Shepherd