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Giant Schnauzers z Bedýnky FCICzechia
Z Bedýnky FCI

Welcome to our kennel.

Giant Schnauzer


Kennel Paluduz breeds Irish wolfhound, Deerhound and Australian terriers.

Irish Wolfhound Deerhound Australian Terrier

Leonberger Od Brdské studánkyCzechia
Od Brdské studánky

Leonberger kennel from Czech republic.


Cerny Onyx Brabancon,Griffon Belge and Griffon BruxelloisCzechia
ČERNÝ ONYX Brabancon, Griffon Belge
and Griffon Bruxellois

We started our kennel in 1994. We are breeding high quality Pettit Brabancon,Griffon Belge and Griffon Bruxellois. We pride ourselves in raising sound, stable, well-socialized, and beautiful puppies with keen intelligence and outstanding temperament, who are in excellent physical health.

Belgian Griffon Brussels Griffon Small Brabant Griffon

Berger Blanc Suisse AnciliaCzechia
Ancilia - Berger Blanc Suisse

Czech Breeders of Berger Blanc Suisse.

White Swiss Shepherd Dog

Shar Pei ArikoblCzechia
ARIKOBL - shar-pei

Shar-pei kennel, exclusive blue stud LOTUS Z DYNASTIE CHAN - meaty mouth, healthy, heavy type - we offer to stud service.

Shar Pei

Basset Hound Taylor Dominik and Born On My Birthday PrdlavkaCzechia

Basset hound Taylor Dominik and Born On My Birthday Prdlavka.

Basset Hound

Borzoi Kennel Z Višňového květuCzechia
Barbie Paradis Snorlax
rusian sithound borzoi

Web Barbie Paradis Snorlax - rusian sithound borzoi.


Kennel Queen ElsaCzechia
Kennel Queen Elsa

Breeding bernese mountain dog and now also appenzeller mountain dog deal with almost 10 years. Behind that time arise from our breeding already much best - selling individuals, but also very much lubricator bis families. Ours aim is escalation long age in breeding and support health pages breeding. Deal with also training dogs and pay work at school for dogs.

Bernese Mountain Dog Appenzell Cattle Dog

Fox Terrier Smooth TuskulumCzechia
TUSKULUM Fox Terrier Smooth

We are kennel of fox terrier smooth founded in 1996. We breed quality smooth with typical character. Our dogs are used in hunting also. Our the most succesful is European winner, Interchampion, Universal working dog, champion Chart Tuskulum.

Fox Terrier Smooth

Poodles Teschiro KennelCzechia
Teschiro Kennel

Teschiro kennel, miniature apricot, brown and black poodles, Czech Republic.



Order puppies Weimaraners short - haired, after peak parents, father import with USA, reasonable price, nativity pup June, takings August - September 2008.


Elimar Doubrava DachshoundsCzechia
Elimar Doubrava Dachshounds

Dachshund and Red Iirsh Setter kennel in the Czech Republic.

Dachshund Irish Red Setter

German Boxers Bosim FCI Czechia

The Boxer breeding kennel BOSIM FCI is dedicated to the breeding and training of the german boxer. Our goal is to raise healthy puppies with superb temperaments. In 2003 we whelped our A litter, in 2005 our B litter and our C litter was whelped in 2007.

Our main goal is quality training of our dogs. Several times a year we compete in qualifying trials for boxers. We have competed at the national and international levels as well as represented the Czech republic at the world championships for boxers in IPO (ATIBOX WM).

German Boxer

Airedale Terriers kennel AgaYagaCzechia
AgaYaga kennel

Airedale as a companion for life, a lot of photos, new video of puppies. Once airedale, always airedale. Welcome to our pages.

Airedale Terrier

Miniature Schnauzers kennel z Povodí OharkyCzechia
z Povodí Oharky - Schnauzer kennel

Miniature Schnauzers Peepper and Salt from Czech republic. Our ladyes, puppies, pedigree, pictures, etc. ...

Miniature Schnauzer

Tosa Inu Diamant SeveruCzechia
Diamant Severu

Tosa breeding station Diamant severu.


Bernese Mountain Dogs Kennel z Peruckých lesůCzechia
Kennel z Peruckých lesů

We have two females Bessy z Kolínského Polabí and her daughter Champion of Czech republic Ambra z Peruckých lesů and one male Archimedes Čierne Král'ovstvo. Now our Ambra has eight puppies with Champion of Germany Don vom Bärligarten.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Dachshunds Kennel Grand AmityCzechia

Small familly kennel, home of wire-haired and smooth-haired dachshunds with dual purpose.


Miniature Pinschers kennel Via BohemicaCzechia
Via Bohemica kennel

Miniature pinschers with top quality on shows, sports and breeding but on first place as best friends. You are welcome!!!

Miniature Pinscher

Schnauzers kennel Alarm BeskydCzechia

Alarm Beskyd is one of the most successful kennel in breeding Standard Schnauzer - pepper and salt. Our puppies grow in the fresh nature of foothills Beskydy mountains.

Standard Schnauzer

Shetland Sheepdogs kennel Shetlandská hvězdaCzechia
Shetlandská hvězda - kennel

Shetland sheepdog kennel from Czech Republic. Show, agility, ...

Shetland Sheepdog

Chinese Crested Dogs Kennel Forseti'sCzechia
Forseti's kennel

Chinese crested dog kennel located nearly capitol city of Czech republic.

Chinese Crested Dog

French Bulldogs de Moravie noblesseCzechia
de Moravie noblesse

French bulldog kennel from Czech republic.

French Bulldog

Border Collie PitipitipaCzechia

Border Collie Kennel, Excelent stallion dog Azer Meg Bor.

Border Collie

Samoyeds Vidnavska zareCzechia
Vidnavska zare

Samoyeds from Czech Republic. All about our dogs, breeding plans and shows.


Dobermann FCI Kennel ColdplayCzechia
Coldplay - Dobermann Kennel FCI

The website of a small Dobermann Kennel from Czech Republic, from the heart of Europe. Presentation of our females, a lot of photos, videos (work, puppies, etc). Our daylife ... You are hearty welcome!!


English Mastiffs U Tri OrechuCzechia

English Mastiff Kennel and The Czech Club of English Mastiff Breeders. Excelent breeding dog Westgort Anticipation.

English Mastiff

English Bulldogs and Pugs ArcitaCzechia
ARCITA - English Bulldog and Pug

Our breeding station ARCITA was established in 1990 and except for english bulldogs we also successfully breeded Dandie Dinmont Terriers and moloss races. We always started goal-directed animal breeding on the imported stallion dogs that exceeded in quality and absence of problems.

Outbound dogs from our station are already representing their owners at exhibitions. They are holders of the highest assessments and prizes from national, international and european exhibitions. We breeded Champions, Interchampions, Multichampions and World and European champions and winners. We ensure an all-day and affectionate care for the dogs and for puppies particularly. We strictly obey principals of correct diet and a permanent contact with people and dogs.

English Bulldog Pug

King Charles Spaniels kennel z ValldemoseCzechia
kennel z Valldemose

We breed all coloured varietes of King charles spaniel.

King Charles Spaniel

Poodles KrálováciCzechia

Info website - Standard poodles breeder CZ+SK.


Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Kennel Wanton Buddy'sCzechia

Irish soft coated wheaten terrier - breeding based on the old quality European breed lines. Type - temperament - soudness.

Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Central Asian Shepherd Dogs kennel Medzhal Ala - AlabaiCzechia
Medzhal Ala kennel (ALABAI)
Central Asian Shepherd Dogs

We have CAO's from Russia with turkmenian and novosibirian bloodline (line of INTCh. Darstan Alladin, Ch. Ayla Ak Sulu-aborigen from Turkmenia-by this female we have two littersisters, INTCh. Gray Vest Lubim, GCh. Ashdar - S.Galiaskarov, INTCH. Shaimerden, INTCH. Tau Bay, Ch. Sary Shaitan Kibirka, fighting dogs Alar, Aray-turkmenian,dog etc.. )

Please visit our website to see our Central Asian Shepherds :-). We have puppies by russian-turkmenian bloodline available !

Central Asian Shepherd Dog

Bichon Frise kennel CharnettCzechia
CHARNETT Bichon Frise

Kennel CHARNETT established in 1982, intent on a health, vitality and quality exterier of litters. Our puppies are bearers of more than 100 Champion-titles from different countries of the world.

Bichon Frise

Deerhounda and Chinese Crested Dogs Z PodlipniceCzechia
Z Podlipnice

Život se psy, výstavy, odchovy.

Deerhound Chinese Crested Dog

Yorkshire Terrier hafíka ŇufíkaCzechia
Stránky jednoho hafíka Ňufíka

This is site for my beautiful doggy Ňufi. It's yorkshire terrier from Ostrava from Czech republic.

Yorkshire Terrier

Shetland Sheepdogs kennel ze Skalní vyhlídkyCzechia
ze Skalní vyhlídky - shelties kennel

The small kennel of shelties in Czech Republic.

Shetland Sheepdog

Hovawart kennel Plavy vitrCzechia
Plavy vitr - Hovawart kennel

Our Hovawart kennel have long tradition (since 1989) and was one of the first former Czechoslovakia. We had 14 litters. In our the most successful litter "K" there are 4 Interchampions.


Ze Stoupovy chaloupky DachshundsCzechia
Ze Stoupovy chaloupky

We breed longhaired dachshund (Dachshund Zwerg / Kaninchen Langhaar) since 2005.


Fortuna bohemica German PinschersCzechia
Fortuna bohemica

Eine kleine Hobbyzucht der Deutschen Pinscher in der schwarz-roten Farbe. Für mehrere Infos sind Sie an unseren Webseiten herzlich willkommen!

German Pinscher

Pibaro kennelCzechia
Pibaro kennel

Top dog kennel & profesional handler.

Pug American Akita

Agartha Irish WolfhoundsCzechia
AGARTHA Irský vlkodav

Czech breeding station AGARTHA - Irish wolfhound.

Irish Wolfhound

Ytaner Apricot PoodlesCzechia
Ytaner - apricot poodles

We breed Miniature apricot poodles since 1978.


Teckel Toklarama's kennelCzechia

TOKLARAMA'S kennel of Teckels & Professional handling and grooming.


Karaj King Charles SpanielsCzechia

This is the site of the King Charles Spaniel, Kennel Karaj from Czech Republic.

King Charles Spaniel

Amana Akita InuCzechia

We breed akitas since 1987. We have a lot of Interschampions. We have a dog from France. We sell red and brindle puppies.

Akita Inu

Darrem Canis English Springer Spaniels kennelCzechia

Welcome in our website with information about our English Springer Spaniels and puppies !

English Springer Spaniel

Chihuahua kennel ze StrmeCzechia
ze Strme Chihuahua kennel

Isn't easyrearing dogbreeds Chihuahua. Every puppiesit's original and something completely different. So is breeder forever at the outset.

Chihuahua long haired and short haired

Dogue de Bordeaux and Shetland Sheepdog Kennel ze Zlaté hvězdyCzechia
Kennel ze Zlaté hvězdy

Small show kennel in Prag - Dogue Bordeaux and Shetland Sheepdog.

Shetland Sheepdog Dogue de Bordeaux

Harmony star German PinschersCzechia
Harmony star German Pinschers

Kennel of German Pinschers from central Europe.

German Pinscher

Malý Tom Chinese Crested DogsCzechia
MALÝ TOM Chinese Crested Dogs

Chovná stanice Malý Tom, chon čínský chocholatý pes a velký knírač.

Chinese Crested Dog

White and Black Standard PoodlesCzechia
White and Black standard poodles

Breeding station - white and black standard poodles.


Japanese Chin KennelsCzechia
Od Dvou ořechů
Veselý skřítek - Junshin

Welcome on the web pages of three kennels from the Czech Republic. Two kennels have a long-standing experience in breeding Japanese chin.

Several International champions came from them, as well as chins who scored great success at European and World shows. The third breeder is just standing on the start line of breeding Japanese chins.

Japanese Chin

BASO Marhan - Tibetan MastiffCzechia
BASO Marhan - Tibetská doga

If you want to know something about our amazing tibbie Baso Marhan, visit his site. There are many pictures, information, show results, etc. included.

Tibetan Mastiff

Great Dane Silva Tarok KennelCzechia
Silva Tarok Kennel

Our fist Great Dane was a dog that was called Hugo. We acquired him in 1994 from a breeding station UTTIS.

Hugo was our first harlequin. It was a giant with a warm heart, a friend and above all a great personality. He won our hearts and enraptured us to an extent that it was clear, that we wont settle just for one Great Dane.

Our kennel began to expand to the extent that in 1995 we have acquired a temperament lady-friend for Hugo. A Great Dane Jagu Uttis. They really clicked at first sight and became an inseparable pair. From that time on, a wonderful life with our animal friends has started.

Great Dane

Beagle and English Springer Spaniel Kennel Z Lonskeho letaCzechia
Z Lonskeho leta Beagle
and English Springer Spaniel Kennel

Our small family kennel is officially registred with the FCI. Visit us.

Beagle English Springer Spaniel

Shedag BulldogsCzechia
SHEDAG Bulldogs

English bulldogs FCI protected kennel.

English Bulldog

Od Ledové královnyCzechia
Od Ledové královny

Top Alaskan malamute and Greenlanddog kennel since 1994. Among many distinctions, we provided European Junior Winner 2005, World Winner 2006, European Winner 2007.

Alaskan Malamute Greenland Dog

Basset Hound Bohemia HorridoCzechia
Bohemia Horrido

Bassethound kennel in the Czech Republic since 1991.

Basset Hound

of Malizi Doghouse Tosa InuCzechia
of Malizi Doghouse Tosa Inu

Breeders of Tosa Inu Czech Republic. We breed only Tosa. Visit our web page for moore informations: pictures, show results, new litter 2008.

Tosa Inu

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