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Shih-tzu breeder in the Czech republic.

Shih Tzu

Brittany Spaniel z TarankyCzechia
z Taranky

Epagneul breton kennel in the Czech Republic, Benesov. Breeder since 1975.

Brittany Spaniel

Black perleCzechia
Black perle

Newfoundland dog in the Czech republic.


Krasny SenCzechia
Krasny Sen

West Highland white terrier in the Czech republic.

West Highland White Terrier

Anika Vevos / ze Staré MoravyZlínský, Czechia
Anika Vevos / ze Staré Moravy

Peruvian hairless dog breeder in the Czech republic. Two males imported from Peru are aviable for mating in our kennel.

West siberian laika kennel in the Czech Republic.

Peruvian Hairless Dog West Siberian Laika

Kyjská zahradaCzechia
Kyjská zahrada

Kennel large white spitz from the Czech Republic. Photos of puppies, video, ...

German Spitz

Kennel Running FreeCzechia
Kennel Running Free

We have brown-white bitch border collie nad tricolor male sheltie. Our activities are agility, shows, obedience, dogdancing, coursing, ... And now in octobre we are waiting puppies of border collie by very good parents.

Border Collie Shetland Sheepdog

Porubský květCzechia
Porubský květ

Behave at home Papillon and British Shorthair cats.


Heart of EuropeCzechia
Heart of Europe

Chihuahua kennel from Czech Republic.


Renzo - Chs.dobrmanCzechia
Renzo - Chs.dobrman

Osobní stránky dobrmana Renzo.



Chovatelská stanice  plemeno bullmastiff, bulmastif, štěnata, chovní psi - šampioni.



Boxer kennel from Czech Republic. We breed only boxer. Enjoy with our webpage!

German Boxer

Amocco Highlands HeartCzechia
TAmocco Highlands Heart

Amocco Highlands Heart is son of excelent Polish male breeder Ch.Czar Cara Polot and the same successfully mother Ch.Feria Fleszy Polot. She was imported to Czech Republic.

Amocco has origin in the best French,Slovenian, American, Russian and Polish champions. He's beautiful tricolor male with excelent character and perfect physique andgreat elegant in the movement. But the most important is that he is my best friend and I am his :-)


Vládce noci Tibetan MastiffCzechia
Vládce noci - Tibetan mastiff

Tibetan mastiff from Czech Republic - welcome in a family kennel. Visit our website and see our life with TM, our dogs, shows, interesting trips, ... In season 2009/2010 we are planning puppies after our Interchampion Aira Saga-Dava (daughter of a legendary Falco Strážce z Tibetu)!!!

Tibetan Mastiff

Dalmatian kennel VetrelecCzechia
Vetrelec Dalmatian kennel

I breed dalmatian from year 1979.The breed of Vetrelec is specific to own type of good characters, excelent pigmentation and strong skeleton with the elegant in the movement. My dalmatians are workly training. A lot of dalmatian champions were born in this dalmatian kennel.

And my motto is: "Never can't be the beauty more important than the health and characters of the dalmatian."


Z labské Fila BrasileiroCzechia
Z labské Fila Brasileiro

We have the Brazilian Fily.My have one of the most successful females in the Czech Republic Baghira Proskovickou Vyhlídku. 7 BOB *, 10 * CACIB, 11 * CAC, 4 * CACA.2 National vítěz. My own import.psa from Brazil.

Fila Brasileiro

David a GoliathCzechia
David a Goliath

You have entered our web site that we have made as the presentation of the most wonderfull dogs in the world : Chihuahuas.

We are happy to present you also our small family hobby - the breeding of this splendid breed, our kennel David and Goliath registered in FCI.

Our kennel was registered in 1996. We were visiting the exhibitions, reading the wise books, collected informations and bought our first chihuahua in the autumn of 1998. The first litter "A" David and Goliath was born in 2000. Why David and Goliath? In the past we always had only big dogs - true GOLIATHS - so with our first chihuahua - small, brave and intelligent DAVID the name of kennel was decided.


Alikiss BeaglesCzechia
Alikiss Beagles

Multiple Champions, Group and Breed winners in several countries on two continents. But most importantly our beloved friends.

Puppies occasionally available to special homes.


Mischenka BarzojCzechia
Mischenka Barzoj

Website of Borzoi Kennel Mischenka in Czech Republic.



Portuguese Shepherd - dog for farm work, breeding and show. A great companion, good friend, reliable partner. Intelligent, smart and loyal, communicative and tireless. It is a Portuguese shepherd ...

Portuguese Sheepdog

Iowa IndianaCzechia
Iowa Indiana

The small kennel of shelties in Czech Republic.

Shetland Sheepdog

Kennel od Hadího potokaCzechia
Kennel od Hadího potoka

Our small kennel presents dogs breed Bloodhound and Basset hound. On our websites you can find information and photos about our dogs, the future litters and many more. Our goal is to breed healthy, breed-typical and sociable dogs - with love and care.


Tosa KenCzechia
Tosa Ken

Our small kennel Tosa Ken deals only breeds Tosa Inu.

Tosa Inu

Asisa BlissCzechia
Asisa Bliss

Kennel American cocker spaniel Asisa Bliss from Czech Republic.

American Cocker Spaniel

Dalmatian kennel Petrovicky vitrCzechia
Petrovicky vitr dalmatian kennel

Our kennel Petrovicky vitr since in 1989.

We breed black and liver spotted dalmatians. Our breeding specialized in health, characters and exterior. Our dalmatians are sportingly lead and we make with them cannisterapy too.They have many dogshow succies. And we love them.


Pumida KennelCzechia
Pumida Kennel

Kennel breed Pumi.


Kennel ErefCzechia
Kennel Eref

Small kennel black plus black and white Newfoundland in Czech republic. Shall we Newfoundland since 1990.


Z Panských lesůCzechia
Z Panských lesů

I have been a breeder of vizslas since 1989 (since 1997 my official kennel). There are high quality dogs and females in my kennel.

On 18th July 2009 new puppies were born, so we have 4 males and 5 females. The parents of puppies are: Dramé z Panských lesů and the father is Vadászfai Remek. Both of them are very good at hunting tests and dog shows, too.

Hungarian Vizsla


Welcome to our Kennel of German Shepherds, Westies and French Beauceron.

German Shepherd:
We offer for stud male ICh. Unique Sherak - 13 trials, Junior Champion of Czech Republic, Champion of Czech Republic and Slovak Republic, HD a normal, First Class Breed Survey 5JX1/P life-long; And now we offer puppies - term of taking is about 30.9.2009.

German Shepherd Dog West Highland White Terrier Beauceron

Doveny Afghan hound kennelCzechia
DOVENY Afghan hound kennel

We are proud to introduce our dogs who reached many national and international titles including BIS, SBIS and Top Afghan Hounds CZ since 2007.

Afghan Hound

Kennel Bohemia KevinCzechia
Kennel Bohemia Kevin

Smooth and long coated Chihuahua's
Excellent body, super character, lovely puppie's
Breed dog's - 5 xC. I. B., 4 x Nominacion
CRUFT'S England, MCH, CH, Top Chihuahua 2008



Int.Ch. Multi-Ch. CALIMERO Mysi kozisek (black standard male)
Int.Ch. Multi-Ch.HUGO BOSS Marco Bohemica (white standard male)
Multi-JCh. BASTIEN z Cerneho panstvi (black standard male)


Acherontia Atropos & Night's Butterfly kennelsCzechia
Acherontia Atropos
& Night's Butterfly kennels

Staffordshire Bull Terrier kennels from Czech republic. More details on our website. All our puppies are genetically clear for L-2-HGA/HC.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Mastin Espanol MastibeCzechia
MASTIBE - Mastin Espanol

Kennel MASTIBE. Specializing only on the breed Mastin Espanol. From our kennel are World Winners and European Winners.

Spanish Mastiff

Very-Merry Apricot and Red Standard Poodle kennelCzechia
Apricot and Red Standard Poodle kennel

Welcome to my standard poodles website. If you are a fan of standard poodles or are looking for a puppy as a pet or for show then this is the right place to be!



Our kennel specializes in the color of chocolate chihuahuas and other attractive colours - like blue, lilac - lavander, atc.


Boston terrier Od Půlnočního slunceCzechia
Od Půlnočního slunce Boston terrier

Breeding for high-quality bloodlines. Breed, show, puppies.

Bostonský teriér, bostonek chov, výstavy a štěňata.

Boston Terrier

Red Joker - Irish Red Setter KennelCzechia
RED JOKER - Irish Red Setter Kennel

The Irish Setter is an ancient, aristocratic breed from Emerald Isle recognised throughout the world for his silky crimson coat and rollicking personality.

Irish Setter is often described as the most beautiful of all dogs,friendly, devoted,loveable clown and sometimes downright rebellious devil.

It stays a puppy for a long time, and retains some of its merry Irish character forever.

Irish Red Setter

Kennel - Shulamith and Chrysos MinotaurusCzechia
Kennel - Shulamith and Chrysos Minotaurus

Welcome to our site .Breeding Russkiy toy - long hair. Photo our dogs and bitch, puppies for sale.

Russian Toy

Od Jahodové panekyCzechia
Od Jahodové paneky

Jack Russell Terriers - Top Australian Lines.

Jack Russell Terrier

Německý Ovčák z AcomyCzechia
z Acomy

Prezentace chovatelské stanice NO která se zabývá chovem a výcvikem německého ovčáka.

German Shepherd Dog

Saarlooswolfhond & Ceskoslovensky Vlcak kennel Seda eminenceCzechia
Třešňový květ - WHWnd & Ceskoslovensky Vlcak

Web site of the kennel Seda eminence, Brno city, Czech republic. We are for more than 20 years breeders of the czechoslovakian wolfdogs, and now the saarloos wolfdogs too. There are also some information about wolfs, wolf-dog hybridisation and crossbreeds features in the web site. In Czech and English language.

Saarlooswolfdog Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog z PeronowkiCzechia
z Peronowki

The most successful Czechoslovakian Wolfdog kennel (FCI) breeding quality dogs for work and show. We do not breed for "several dozens of years" but our kennel has already the most prestigous achievements.

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog
De Luxe Bohemia Shih-Tzu KennelCzechia
De Luxe Bohemia Shih-Tzu Kennel

Kennel Shih-Tzu De Luxe Bohemia. We are breeding chocolate Shih-Tzu.

Shih Tzu

Fodan German BoxerCzechia

Breeder of German Boxer.

German Boxer

Lucky Veles Welsh Corgi CardiganCzechia
Lucky Veles

Small kennel of the super breed welsh corgi Cardigan.

Welsh Corgi Cardigan

Z Dynastie Chan ChihuahuaCzechia
Z Dynastie Chan - Chihuahua

Small kennel with qualitty chihuahuas for show and breeding, we prefare smooth coat type.


Király Puszta Komondor & German Shepherd DogCzechia
Király Puszta

This is the site of the Komondor and German Shepherd Dog from Czech Republic.

Komondor German Shepherd Dog

 Infoborzoi - web for youCzechia
INFOBORZOI - web for you

Information and contactborzoi web for you. If you want you can send us information you wish to be presented on this web sites (males, females, litters, kennels and funny photos).


Vives BohemiaCzechia

Hunting dogs kennel from Czech Republic. "Vives Bohemia" affix. Our goal is to breed healthy puppies with temperament, working premises and conformation closest to as described by the breed standard. We prefer Dachshunds Normalgrösse Rauhhaar, Deutscher Kurzhaariger Vorstehhunds,  English Cocker Spaniels and Rövidszörü Magyar Viszlas of high quality hunting characteristics.

Dachshund German Shorthaired Pointer English Cocker Spaniel Hungarian Shorthaired Vizsla

Gilovam kennel DachshundsCzechia
Gilovam kennel

Kennel Gilovam,Czech republic. Smoot-haired and long-haired mini dachshunds (zwerg und kaninchen).


Třešňový květ West Highland White TerrierCzechia
Třešňový květ - WHWT

This kennel was founded in 70's last century and it si one of the oldest in the Czech Republic. You can find a lot of information about our westies, photos and dog shows.

West Highland White Terrier

Russian Toy Kennel MoomoonCzechia
Kennel Moomoon

Welcome to our Kennel "Moomoon".

Russian Toy

Little SoulmateCzechia
Little Soulmate - WHWT

Our kennel of West Highland White terriers is in the Czech Republic. You can find a lot of information about our females, photos of our westies and video, puppies and dog shows.

West Highland White Terrier

Arwin Boston Terrier and German BoxerCzechia

Kennel Arwin - boston terrier and boxer.

Boston Terrier German Boxer

Aldaha Gold Cavalier King Charles SpanielsCzechia
Aldaha Gold

Cavalier King Charles spaniel - kennel Aldaha Gold.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Japan Chin breeding station Sakura BlossomCzechia
breeding station Sakura Blossom
Japan Chin

Japan Chin's breeding station Sakura Blossom offers nice puppies! The Japan Chin dogs are the best partners for life! We are going to exhibitions and our dogs have excellent results! We look forward to see you!

Japan Chin

Magicblack kennel Staffordshire Bull TerrierCzechia
Magicblack kennel

Staffordshire Bull Terriers kennel from Czech Republic. "Magicblack" affix. Our goal is to breed healthy puppies with temperament and conformation closest to as described by the breed standard. We prefer Staffordshire Bull Terriers of black colour and so we concentrace on this colour.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Shiba del Monte de HayaCzechia
del Monte de Haya

Twenty years long life with shiba.


Bolonka breeding station Vinny vrchCzechia
breeding station Vinny vrch - Bolonka

We are breeding, in our breeding station Vinny vrch, Bolognese Color/Russkaya Tsvetnaya Bolonka since year 2004. We are very lucky because our dogs are ones of the best dogs in Czech last years. Our dandy Gagi has awards Czech Champion of Champions ;-) Check our websites for more info, photos and puppies offer.

Russian Coloured Bichon

French bulldog kennel Slamova ZahradaCzechia
SLÁMOVA ZAHRADA French bulldog kennel

French bulldog kennel from Czech republic. Raising dogs in the family tradition of 10 years.

French Bulldog

Whippets Kennel Czech SpringCzechia
Kennel Czech Spring

Welcome to whippets from Czech Spring!


Bohemia Vivace kennel PumiCzechia
Bohemia Vivace kennel - Pumi

I'm interested in pumi breeder. And sports with my dogs - agility, kynology, dog show, ...


 Australian shepherd breed Ivelbero's darling Czechia
IVELBERO's darling
Australian shepherd breed

Focused on Australian shepherd breeding. Every day updating about our exhibitons, agility, herding and other activities. Actual and finished litters. NEWs - we have new litter now. Puppies still available!!

Australian Shepherd

Z Kamilkove ZahradyCzechia

Kennel of Australian shepherds and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. I am breeding dogs since 1984.

Australian Shepherd Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Pyrenean Mountain Dog Kennel Patou von TraumbergCzechia
Kennel Patou von Traumberg

A small family kennel of great pyrenees from Czech republic.

Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Scotch do pole Kennel Gordon SetterCzechia
Scotch do pole Kennel

Gordon setter bitch Maria Matilde Scotch DAMA Krkonose.

Gordon Setter

Fila Brasileiro Fi-Box KennelCzechia
Fi-Box Kennel

The Fi-Box kennels has been established on 9.Feb.1998, when we decided to go in for this wonderful, majestic, intelligent and absolutely unique breed. There was almost two years long period with our first female Ofka Fi-it before we took this step. She persuaded us that Fila Brasileiro is the dog we want for the rest our life. Due to Ofka's great success in the show ring and her marvellous nature, we decided to share this joy with the others through her offspring.

Our doggies are convincing us about their wonderful character every day. No matter whether it is their love to our kids (they spend a lot of time together) or our tomcat and another animal family members. The family, whoever it is, is the most important thing for the Fila in his life. The need for protection of the familiy memberes and their place is driven by this feeling. In combination with the high inborn intelligence, there is no other family guardian, watchdog and companion like Fila Brasileiro.

Fila Brasileiro

Fila Brasileiro ze Sakaliho dvora KennelCzechia
ze Sakaliho dvora Kennel

Not the number of puppies, but our effort to reach ideal joint of exterior and nature drives our breed. Using non-relative parents we avoid degeneration.

Our aim is to get to standard as close as possible. We stress correct head type and strenght of the skeleton. Good health of our dogs is of great importance for us as well, all of them are examined for hip and elbow displasia. Our breeding stock is full-teeth with scissors bite, none of our puppies is poor-indented or suffers with hips.

It makes us the happiest ever when the owners are happy with their puppies - doesn't matter if these are winners of the shows or just pets.

Fila Brasileiro

Valentine Dogs KennelCzechia
Valentine Dogs Kennel

We expect puppies in February 2013.


Shar-pei kennel Princess of MoraviaCzechia

Shar-pei breeder in the Czech republic. Owners of an excellent show male - Mr.Bastien Iz Kitaiskogo Kvartala.

Shar Pei