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Kennel Soncco CuaCzechia
Kennel Soncco Cua

Kennel beautiful noble breeds with great temperaments. Kennel was founded in 2009 and every year we breed a litter of puppies. Our puppies are all over the world and are very successful at shows.

Chinese Crested Dog Peruvian Hairless Dog Bull Terrier

Luma Tomio kennelCzechia
Luma Tomio kennel

We are a small home and family kennel of Bolognese in Czech. Please visit our homepage to know more about our dogs, our show successes and our future plans.

Bolognese Leonberger

Kiaora Bearded Collie & Skye TerrierCzechia
KIAORA Bearded Collie & Skye Terrier

We are small family run kennel situated in the heart of Europe - in Czech republic, please visit our homepage to know more about dogs, our show successes and our future plans.

Bearded Collie Skye Terrier


Breeder Thai ridgeback dog.

Thai Ridgeback Dog

Angelic Paws - kennel of Staffordshire BullteriersCzechia
Angelic Paws
- kennel of Staffordshire Bullteriers

We are small hobby breeders of Staffordshire Bull Terrier in Czech Republic.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier


Zabýváme se chovem australských ovčáků, snažíme se odchovat zdravé a typické představitele s vynikající povahou.

Australian Shepherd

Kennel Dream of joyCzechia
Kennel Dream of joy

Kennel Border collie, Epagneul nain continental - Papillon and Chihuahua especially for shows. Breeding only healthy dogs.

Border Collie Papillon Chihuahua

Fast Dunderry Whippet KennelCzechia
Fast Dunderry Whippet Kennel

Welcome to whippet kennel from Czech Republic:-)

We are planning puppies in 2012 out of Bellinda Lee Fast Dunderry (ICH. Multich. Adagio Love Supreme X CH. Butter & Jam Sobresalto). Sire will be announced.


Sengge ThorigCzechia
Sengge Thorig

Welcome to our Tibetan Mastiff kennel Sengge Thorig. Our goal is to breed these dogs usable for other successful breeding, exhibitions and also for free time as a company.

Tibetan Mastiff

Narpo Ransi Tibetan Mastiff's KennelCzechia
Narpo Ransi Tibetan Mastiff's Kennel

Welcome in our home tibetan mastiff�s kennel called Narpo Ransi, this means "wild darling" in tibetan language. Our dogs and puppies grow up in familly atmosphere, they are socialized well and we are concentrate on their health. Tendency of our breeding is returning big size, strong bones and muscularity in line with FCI standard.

Tibetan Mastiff

Kennel MajescoCzechia
Kennel Majesco

Our small family kennel breed dogs with excellent characters and unique features. Our champions leads boodlines of famous European (Raglan, Lucia's Dream) and American (Chess, Anstamm) champions.

Scottish Terrier

Via HeraltiszCzechia
Via Heraltisz

Small family kennel breeding Jack Russell terriers for shows, pets and sports.

Jack Russell Terrier

Nacambel Bearded ColliesCzechia
NACAMBEL Bearded Collies

Small family kennel from Czech Republic /Prague/.

Bearded Collie

kennel Estrella de OroCzechia
kennel Estrella de Oro

We breed Goldens for show and work. Small family kennel with high-quality dogs.

Golden Retriever Flat Coated Retriever

Blackline Czech - SchipperkeCzechia
Blackline Czech - Schipperke

Kennel " Blackline Czech " is engaged in breeding the smallest herding breed schipperke. Schipperke is a small unassuming dog is suitable for beginners and children. He is intelligent, flexible and obedient, friendly, easygoing and tolerant.

You can be kept indoors or outdoors in the insulated shed. It is good watcher. Suitable for training, agility and canine therapy. Weight 3-8 kg, black.


Dog Miracle FCI kennelCzechia
Dog Miracle FCI kennel

Labrador retriever FCI kennel Dog Miracle.

Labrador Retriever

Plané louky & vom NilpferdhofCzechia
Plané louky & vom Nilpferdhof

Our small kennel has working german shepherd.

FCI kennel vom Nilpferhof we have more than 10 years experience with Appenzell. We have havanna female (HD, ED, PL 0/0) and we want produce healthy, good character, excellent exterior and also havanna puppies. Our female has many working exams (tracking, obedience, protection) she is preparing for IPO. We have working malinois. Our females are very fast, high drive, temperamentful and healthy. Our first female is preparing for IPO3 championships. We are waiting puppies! More info:,,,

German Shepherd Dog Appenzell Cattle Dog Belgian Shepherd Dog - Malinois

Moravia Artex CSCzechia
Moravia Artex CS

We are breeders with many years of experience in breeding dogs. We have good experience in breeding tradional and in the training of dogs.

We are breeding and training all types of dogs, for example miniature Schnauzer, American Staffordshire Terrier. We get a lot of prizes and titles in international tournaments.

Our breeding of German Sheppard's is very successful. The pups get selected to be trained as police dogs and get new owners all over Europe and in America.

We have over 35 let yers of high professional level and quality training of all kinds of dogs.our group training.

German Shepherd Dog

Moravian Hurricane kennelCzechia
Moravian Hurricane kennel

Bernese Mountain Dog from Czech Republic. Our kennel was registered 2006, FCI Nr.510/06. We are a small kennel and all my dogs are family pets.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Kennel Magic MadgeCzechia
Bohemian Touch - JRT

Bohemian Touch - JRT in australian TOP Quality

We are a small family kennel specialized to JRT withfull australian blood. Feel free to see our webs a know some updated news about us :o).

Jack Russell Terrier

Kennel Filipuv dvurCzechia
Kennel Filipuv dvur

Welcome in the breeding station Filipuv dvur from Czech Republic whichhas been breed Great Pyrenees since 1996.

Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Sylvadog Bohemia KennelCzechia

Shih-tzu from Czech Republic.

Shih Tzu

Bear MountainCzechia
Bear Mountain

Black newfoundland dogs kennel from Czech republic.


Zlatá nymfa FCICzechia
Zlatá nymfa FCI

Chováme černé a béžové mopse, máme malý, domácí chov, zaměřený především na zdraví a kvalitu odpovídající standardu plemene.


kennel z Kosířských hvozdůCzechia
kennel z Kosířských hvozdů

Miniature Schnauzers P+S from Czech republic, EU. More info on web site.

Miniature Schnauzer

Moravian Rose KennelCzechia
Moravian Rose Kennel

We are a small kennel breeding Yorkshire Terriers and newly Parson Russell Terrier. We imported a Parson Russell Female from Belgium kennel Vallé Suave owned by Katinka Stotijn breeder. We are expecting first puppies at the end of summer 2010.

Yorkshire Terrier Parson Russell Terrier

z Benkovského kopce Fox Terrier kennelCzechia
z Benkovského kopce Fox Terrier kennel

Kennel of Wire and Smooth Fox Terriers from the Czech republic. We are small family kennel. We love fox terriers for their temperament and hunting possibilities. Our dogs are succesfull showing and hunting dogs.

Fox Terrier (Smooth) Fox Terrier (Wire)

Impossant Bohemia kennelCzechia
Impossant Bohemia kennel

Kennel in the heart of Europe conversant breeding Staffordshire bull terrier since 1998.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Sirius Nova WeimaranersCzechia
Sirius Nova Weimaraners

Weimaraner breeder in the Czech Republic.



The small kennel of Chihuahua ( Čivava ) in Czech Republic.


Coton de Tuléar Klenot ToliaryCzechia
KLENOT TOLIARY Coton de Tuléar

Breeding station Klenot Toliary.

Coton de Tuléar

Leyas BorzoiCzechia
Leyas Borzoi

We are a small kennel in the Czech Republic, breeding Borzois mainly for joy. Our main breeding aim is a healthy Borzoi of good temperament and type. Good homes for our puppies are our preferences but we also welcome owners interested in showing.

We are willing to stay in a close contact with all the owners ready to help with education, nutrition and perhaps even shows.



Border collie kennel, we would like to breed healthy (!!!), good temperament border collies for work, sports, hobby and dog shows. We tested our dog CEA, CEA/PRA, TNS, NCL, hips and other.

Border Collie

DIPLOMATE AMBASSADEUR - family kennel FCICzechia
family kennel FCI

Visit our website and see our Champions and top quality puppies. We are family kennel based in Czech Republic. Individual care for each dog, love and devotion!

French Bulldog English Bulldog

Schönez kennelCzechia
Schönez kennel

Welcome to Schönez kennel.

English Cocker Spaniel

Ellen-staff kennel of Staffordshire Bull TerierCzechia
kennel of Staffordshire Bull Terier

We are a small family kennel located in Czech Republic.On our web you find a lot of interesting photos, puppies, dogs, dogs and agility or coursing ...

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Od řeky DyjeCzechia
Od řeky Dyje

Newfoundland kennel in the Czech republic.


 Hermanova dvora FCI Shelties kennelCzechia
Hermanova dvora FCI Shelties kennel

Welcome to Kennel "z Hermanova dvora" FCI Shelties ! We are breeding Top Quality Shelties of all colours.

Shetland Sheepdog

Kennel Black SunshineCzechia
Kennel Black Sunshine

We are a small kennel located in the Czech Republic. In our website you'll find photos of our Berner Mountain Dog, pedigree, show results, trial results, info about pups and other interesting information. Just now I have one bith - Ch.with 10 successful trials. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Bernese Mountain Dog

kennel TaienCzechia
kennel TAIEN

Over 10 years of Taien's history. We are hobby kennel with white shepherds and schipperkes, we are training, breeding and loving dogs. For more info look to our homepage.

White Swiss Shepherd Dog Schipperke

Schipperke od Černé KráskyCzechia

Chovatelská stanice šiperek.Nejmenší ovčák mezi ovčáky.


Chihuahua Le-Ru-JiCzechia
LE-RU-JI Chihuahua

Chovatelská stanice dlouhosrstých a krátkosrstých čivav.Čivavy jsou členy naší rodiny.


Denelis ExtraCzechia

Kennel FCI. We present long-haired chihuahua breed. Our dogs are raised in a home environment with great care and love. Visit our website and look at our pets.


Zlonínské pláně English BulldogCzechia
Zlonínské pláně

Chovatelská stanice Anglických buldoků.

English bulldogs kennel FCI.

English Bulldog

Santa la VidaCzechia
Santa la Vida

More info on web site.

Chinese Crested Dog


Website of Kennel Heritage in Czech Republic. Our breeds are Briard, Tervueren and Zwetna Bolonka.

Belgian Shepherd Dog - Tervueren Briard Russian Coloured Bichon

Nort Brun peruvian dogCzechia
NORT BRUN peruvian dog

Peruvian hairless dogs are slim and elegant, with fine and smooth skin (Peruvian hairless dogs have a higher body temperature than other dogs), in bare form suitable for allergic people, very devoted to their family, heartbreaking for almost everyone, who gets to know them better.

Peruvian Hairless Dog

Kennel Bady-RonCzechia

We are small kennel from Czech Republic. We are breeding original K-9 working shepherds for 19 years. Our Kennel using very famous stud dogs from Top Czech border patrol and using Best DDR working blood lines. Next we are breeding boston terriers top quality for show & breeding. Check out our website for more info+photos.

German Shepherd Dog Boston Terrier

Landseer Z OtmarovaCzechia
Z Otmarova Landseer

We are small kennel breeding Landseers with excellent pedigree. Now we have litter B. Pappies were born on 12.January 2010.They could leave us for new home in the middle of March. Landseers are friendly dogs well disposed to children. Good for a house with garden. More information you can find on our website.



We are the hobby kennel in Czech Republic. We breed our dogs for shows, sports, joys and fun with love. We own dogs from interesting bloodlines from all over the world. You are wellcome to see our website.

Papillon Collie Smooth Chihuahua American Akita

B.G's PhantasiaCzechia
B.G's Phantasia

Siberian husky from Czech republic.

Sibiřský husky z České republiky.

Siberian Husky

Nepean River ChihuahuasCzechia
Nepean River Chihuahuas

Nepean River chihuahuas is founded on Australian Champion bloodlines. Where beauty, health, soundness and temperment are a reality.The home of Aust.Ch,CZ.Grand Champion Cheekychi Best O Ze Best.


American Idol Kennel American Staffordshire TerriersCzechia
American Idol Kennel

Our kennel �AMERICAN IDOL� was founded in 2008 to breed dogs with typical characteristics and standard exterior. The main objective is to keep healthy dogs with a balanced character and quality exterior. Dogs are universally develop and we infill to their needs. Finally, we focus on proper nutrition. In a small farming, we create optimal conditions for the start, development and implementation of all the excellent qualities of this breed.

American Staffordshire Terrier

Chihuahua kennel FCI Jarvin-BoxCzechia
Jarvin-Box Chihuahua kennel FCI

Chihuahua longhaired and chihuahua shorthaired.


Kennel Rainy LoveCzechia
Kennel Rainy Love

Breeding station Rainy Love came into being on the 26.10.2005 and we deals with breeding Border Collie. We support the breeding of healthy dogs, sheep herding, agility, dog show, frisbee, dogdancing and other dog sports.

Border Collie


French bulldog kennel Bullmelone.

French Bulldog

CHS Petty PunCzechia
CHS Petty Pun

Cavalier King Charles Breeder Station.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

English bulldog LeneycoCzechia
Leneyco English bulldog

FCI kennel, Our kennel specializes in the English Bulldog breed. We are members of the Bulldog Club Czech Republic. Our dogs live in shared household with us, they can run around a garden, and take a lot of walks with us. We give them all the care they need.

English Bulldog

kennel Moravia LordCzechia

Stafford Kennel in CZ 2012 - kennel Moravia Lord - 7. place (from 88)! (only 6 litters in our kennel, only 5 dogs on shows in CZ!).

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Monarte Rich kennelCzechia

We focus not only on the exterior and a great exhibition, but also the usability of the working breed! Particular hunting training, canisterapy, sports training and coursing. In these areas, we gained quite a few successes.


Danitty Magyar Vizsla kennelCzechia
Danitty Magyar Vizsla kennel

Shorthaired Magyar Vizsla kennel from the Czech Republic. Site available also in English.

Hungarian Shorthaired Vizsla

Beach Star peiCzechia
Beach Star pei

Shar-pei kennel Beach Star Pei.

Shar Pei

stanice Od ČitunkyCzechia
Chovatelská stanice Od Čitunky

Hello, we are a small breeding station from Czech republic.

King Charles Spaniel Irish Wolfhound

Mabonda Yorkshire TerrierKarlovarský, Czechia

Yorkshire terrier kennel (FCI) - Czech Republic.

Yorkshire Terrier

Kennel Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Z Lískových oříšků (From Hazelnut)Czechia
Z Lískových oříšků (From Hazelnut)
Kennel Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

... I love dogs of all breeds. Therefore I fullfiled my dream and opened a dog hairdressers. I meet so many dogs every day and I am pleased that my clients and their owners like to come back to me.

And why have we just cavaliers at home? Because it is a dog for the whole family, which is always the most cheerful and with good humour can infect everyone ...

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

American Akitas from Chikara ChiCzechia
from Chikara Chi American Akitas

We are a family kennels located in Liberec, Czech Republic. We have engaged in breeding of American Akitas since 1995. We have two last puppies from our Litter B for sale. These puppies are well socialised. See our website.

American Akita

BestMudi KennelCzechia
BestMudi Kennel

Smart, fast, tough. The Mudi. Working mudis for working/sporting homes only. FCI BestMudi Kennel is focused on natural instincts, stable temperament, working drive and health, included in well proportioned and strong bodies, with almost no inbreeding. Visit our website.


Anima Canis French Bulldog KennelCzechia
ANIMA CANIS - French Bulldog Kennel

A small family French Bulldog kennel located in the Czech Republic, Europe. We breed our frenchies with love for joy, health and breed quality improvement. Our bullies live with us, work with us and are full-fledged family members. Our puppies are carefully raised at home; we have at most 1-2 litters per year. Our kennel is FCI registered (Reg. No. 1320/06).

French Bulldog

Magic Maltese kennelCzechia
Magic Maltese kennel

More info on web site.


Dalmatians of NaireCzechia
OF NAIRE Dalmatians

We are a small family kennel black and liver dalmatian located in Czech Republic. We want to welcome you to our web site, that connect ours "Dalmatian home" with the outer world andpresent our dalmatian and our breeding.

Typical dalmatian - health, character and show !!!



Our cattery is focused on breeding dogs Havana.


Cidabro kennelCzechia
CIDABRO kennel

We breed ACDs and schipperkes for sport and show. Our dogs are our family members.

You are welcome.

Australian Cattle Dog Schipperke Bohemian Shepherd