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English Bulldog BajokaCzechia
Bajoka - English Bulldog kennel

Hello, my kennel is small, all my girls live together inside the house. We have sometimes puppies available for loving homes.

English Bulldog

Ehl Dynasty Chihuahuas kennelCzechia
Ehl Dynasty - Chihuahuas kennel

Breeding station of chihuahua long haired, information about dog shows, training, nutrition, care of coat and much more. Breed male and female and their puppies.


Altan-Corgo Tibetan Mastiffs KennelCzechia
Altan-Corgo Tibetan mastiffs kennel

Tibetan mastiffs from Altan-Corgo kennel.

Tibetan Mastiff

Alaskan Malamute Polární úsvit KennelCzechia
Polární úsvit

Alaskan malamute kennel from Czech Republic. Shows, puppies and sport.

Alaskan Malamute

Giant Schnauzer and German Shepherd Dog Goldest Danubius KennelCzechia
Goldest Danubius

Giant schnauzer black and German Shepherd from Czech republic.

Giant Schnauzer German Shepherd Dog

Yorkshire Terrier JasmĂ­novĂ˝ Sen KennelCzechia
JasmĂ­novĂ˝ Sen

Yorkshire Terrier breeding station FCI, Czech Republic.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier Hekaba KennelCzechia

Yorkshire Terrier from kennel Czech Republic.

Yorkshire Terrier

French Bulldog Aglaos KennelCzechia
Aglaos - french bulldogs

Aglaos french bulldogs from Czech republic invite you! For persian and exotic cats was Aglaos cattery established in 1984. Top blood lines quality, many pictures, links, pedigrees ...

French Bulldog

Parson Russell Terrier Paleur KennelCzechia
PALEUR Parson Russell terrier

Shows, puppies, photos, informations about Parson Russell terriers, links ...

Parson Russell Terrier

Lhasa Apso Z Kybely Bohemia KennelCzechia
KYBELY BOHEMIA - lhasa apso

Lhasa Apso kennel from Czech.

Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso Corazor Bohemia KennelCzechia
CORAZOR BOHEMIA - lhasa apso

Lhasa Apso kennel from Czech.

Lhasa Apso

German Spitz z Vitonského panství KennelCzechia
z Vitonského panství
Black Spitz kennel

We are breeders of z Vitonského panství black spitzes from Czech Republic. We breed from 1996. We service just unrelated and healthy dogs. Our puppies are unique, always of other liasion.

German Spitz - Grosspitz

Z Nerudovky Hovawart KennelCzechia
Z Nerudovky Hovawart Kennel

We keep two hovawart females. Currently, we have litter B. See our web pages for more info.


Yorkshire Terrier Malé potěšení KennelCzechia
Malé potěšení Bohemia Nobility

Yorkshire terrier kennel (FCI) from Czech. Photos, results of shows and atc.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier Blandy's Madeira KennelCzechia
Blandy's Madeira Yorkies

Presentation of our dogs - show results, pictures and more. Occasionally we have puppies.

Yorkshire Terrier

Karamit Nova& Ĺ umbarskĂ˝ pramen KennelsCzechia
Ĺ umbarskĂ˝ pramen & Karamit Nova

Mittelspitz, Kleinspitz, Pomeranian Wolfsspitz & Standard Poodle.

Standard Poodle Pomeranian & German Spitz
Peruano Peruvian Hairless DogCzechia

Grand peruvian hairless dog kennel in the Czech Republic, Prague.

Peruvian Hairless Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog Magica Stella KennelCzechia
Kennel Magica Stella

Bernese mountain dog - Berner Sennenhund. Dogs, puppies, links, shows ...

Berner Sennenhund

Lhasa Apso Dar Tibetu KennelCzechia
Kennel Dar Tibetu

Kennel Lhasa apso in Czech Republic.

Lhasa Apso

Alaskan Malamute od Mamutí skály KennelCzechia
od Mamutí skály

Alaskan malamute kennel from Czech Republic. Show, sport and puppies.

Alaskan Malamute

Schnauzer Fortuna Moravia KennelCzechia

Breeding standard schnauzers Salt and Pepper. Stud dogs, puppies for sale, pedigree, pictures, etc. ...

Standard Schnauzer pepper & salt

Portuguese Water Dog and Lowchen Cordata KennelCzechia
kennel Cordata

The family kennel of Lowchen and Portuguese water dogs. More informations about our dogs and litters you can find on our webpages.

Portuguese Water Dog Lowchen

Action Alet KennelCzechia
Action Alet

Kennel Pugs and French Bulldogs from Czech Republic.

French Bulldog Pug

Alaskan Malamute Stormyth KennelCzechia

Alaskan Malamute kennel in Czech Republic (first malamute since 1997).

Alaskan Malamute

Shih Tzu z Vatomy KennelCzechia
z Vatomy Shih-Tzu

Shih-Tzu z Vatomy.

Shih Tzu

Chihuahua Action Alet KennelCzechia
Action Alet

Kennel chihuahua from the Czech Republic - quality home kennel.


Schnauzers Gloria LeonesPardubickĂ˝, Czechia

We are Standard schnauzers breeder. Our dogs are top quality in exterier, health and menthality.

Standard Schnauzer

Shih Tzu Imperial Bohemia KennelCzechia
Imperial Bohemia Shih Tzu kennel

Show and pet quality shih-tzu from Czech Republic - see our website and dogs.

Shih Tzu

Yorkshire Terrier Kennel z Dynastie ChanCzechia
Z Dynastie Chan Yorkshire Terrier

Our dogs have freedom, homecare, big love. We offer pupps for show and breeding program show quality, healthy, happy.

Yorkshire Terrier

Shiba z Volenského dvora KennelCzechia
z Volenského dvora

Shiba kennel z Volenského dvora.


Bernese Mountain Dog Polepske Udoli KennelCzechia
POLEPSKE UDOLI Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese mountain dog, Polepske udoli kennel from Czech Republic, puppies, news, info, breeding servis, contact.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Alaskan Malamute Kennel ShamanrockCzechia
Shamanrock kennel

Top Alaskan malamute kennel since 1990.Our offsprings are World Junior winners and European winner.

Alaskan Malamute

Giant Schnauzer Strazce klidu KennelCzechia
Strazce klidu Giant Schnauzer

Breeding for the selection of schnauzer for sport and companion.

Giant Schnauzer

English Bulldog Kennel BenetonCzechia

English bulldog kennel.

English Bulldog

Labrador Retriever Tetrevi dvur KennelCzechia
Tetrevi dvur

Black and chocolate labradors in small family kennel. Health, character, show and work - typical labs.

Labrador Retriever

Leonberger Zaricke udoli KennelCzechia
Zaricke udoli

Leonbergers kennel-puppies, stud dog, photos ...


Boston Terrier Kennel Od kopce ZebĂ­naCzechia
Od kopce ZebĂ­na

Boston Terrier breeder from the best bloodlines. Occasionally sale of puppies.

Boston Terrier

Shih Tzu Poppyfield KennelCzechia
Shih-tzu kennel z Ticheho Podhradia

We are small kennel very close to the capitol Praque in Czech republic. We breed ans show our dogs with love and solicitude.

Shih Tzu

Kennel Cavaliers z Derylova panstvĂ­Czechia
Cavaliers z Derylova panstvĂ­

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels from Czech republic. Only BT a RU ones. Big photogalery. Puppies time to time ...

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Basset Hound Moravia Bray KennelCzechia
Moravia Bray Kennel

Our kennel Moravia Bray presents dogs breed Basset hound. On our websites you can find information and photos about our dogs, the future litters and many more.

Basset Hound

Queen's Hemerlin Kennel Basset Hound Czechia

Basset Hound kennel QUEEN´S HERMELIN fromCzech republic in Europe presentation our dogs, bitches, puppies, galery of champions.

Basset Hound

Kennel Queen's Hemerlin

Pug - Mops kennel QUEEN'S HERMELIN from Czech republic in Europe prezent our dogs, bitches, puppies, galery of champions.


Great Dane Kennel Claudia BohemicaCzechia

Small, but the most successful kennel in the Czech Republic. We have owned harlequin, mantle and black Great Danes since 1995, and have been breeding since 1999. We bred for health and quality, not quantity. We have bred much International and National Champions.

Great Dane

Shar Pei Z Dynastie Chan KennelCzechia
Z Dynastie Chan Shar-Pei

Shar-pei kennel Z Dynastie Chan, colours blue, lilac, isabell, choco, fawn, red, mahagon, black, creme. STUD DOGS - lilac - blue - mahagony. Our dogs have freedom, homecare, big love ...

Shar Pei

Tibetan Terrier Tashi Bodjul KennelCzechia
Tashi Bodjul Tibetan Terriers

Small, but the most successful kennel in the Czech Republic. We have owned Tibetan Terriers since 1984, and have been breeding since 1988. We bred for health and quality, not quantity. All our breeding stock have been hip scored under the FCI scheme and regularly eye-tested.

We have bred 17 International and National Champions, European Champion and European Youth Champion.

Tibetan Terrier

Miniature Schnauzer Svarcava KennelCzechia
Welcome to Svarcava Kennel !

White Miniature Schnauzers from Czech republic, Europe.

White Miniature Schnauzer

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