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Forjana Slovakia siberian huskySlovakia
Forjana Slovakia siberian husky

We are a small siberian husky kennel in Slovakia, we have dogs for shows, sports and for pets.

Siberian Husky

Mariadolf - pomeranian & kleinspitzSlovakia
Mariadolf - pomeranian & kleinspitz

Vitajte na stránke chovateľskej stanice Máriadolf.

Pomeranian - Miniature Spitz

Vatrová (FCI) Bavarian Mountain Hound kennelSlovakia
Bavarian Mountain Hound kennel

Bavarian Mountain Hound from puppy to adult, taining, tracking, hunting, puppies, interchampion females and more ... visit our website.

Bavarian Mountain Scenthound

Randavica beagle kennelSlovakia
RANDAVICA beagle kennel

Welcome to our beagle kennel (FCI), beagle for shows and hunting, puppies, stud dogs and more ...


Lux Essenia - irish wolfhound kennelSlovakia
Lux Essenia - irish wolfhound kennel

Irish wolfhound kennel in middle Europe, Slovakia, neer city Bratislava.

Irish Wolfhound

Molly's yardSlovakia
Molly's yard

We are a small bernese mountain dog kennel from Slovakia.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Snow Flake of EngelSlovakia
Snow Flake of Engel

Welcome to our Alaskan Malamutes in Slovakia. You can find information about our dogs, breeding and pedigrees.

Alaskan Malamute

Cuteberry kennelSlovakia
Cuteberry kennel

Kennel Cuteberry is specializing on two breeds: Coton de Tulear and Pyrenean Mountain Dog. Puppies, stud dogs, gallery, shows and results.

Coton de Tuléar Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Alpine Villa WescanSlovakia
Alpine Villa Wescan

Shar Pei Stud Boy.

Shar Pei

Tosa BlackSlovakia
Tosa Black

Slovak Tosa Inu (rare black colour) breeder.

Tosa Inu

Ridgeback's HIARI AdeSimbaSlovakia
Ridgeback's HIARI AdeSimba

Simba is a wonderful stud dog. His pedigree includes many famous, proved and high quality dogs. In Simba's pedigree is Dutch, African and also American bloodliness. He's full of health and happiness.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Tatranská Afrika Rhodesian RidgebackSlovakia

Our kennel was established in 2007. We are located in Slovakia in High Tatras. We breed only Rhodesian Ridgebacks under FCI. Check our website, to see if we have available puppies.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Havanese kennel BielylúčSlovakia
Bielylúč Havanese kennel

My goal is to raise happy, cheerful & well-socialised dogs with the intention of preserving the Havanese true breed standards. Havanese have adorable personality - affectionate, intelligent and non-shedding which makes them perfect family pets or therapy dogs.


pod Borovú horu� Collie Rough, Shetland SheepdogSlovakia
pod Borovú horu�
Collie Rough - Shetland Sheepdog

"pod Borovú horu" - kennel FCI breeding Collie Rough and Shetland Sheepdog.

Collie Rough Shetland Sheepdog

Fox Meadow's Parson Russell TerriersSlovakia
Fox Meadow's Parson Russell Terriers

Small family kennel, breeding for health, temperament and standard. Our dogs do sports and are successfull on shows under specialist judges. Puppies available occasionally.

Parson Russell Terrier

Rex regisSlovakia
Rex regis

Breeding kennel of Dogue de Bordeaux, stud dog Cane Corso.

Dogue de Bordeaux Cane Corso Italiano

Queens joy labradorsSlovakia
Queens joy labradors

Labrador retriever kennel.

Labrador Retriever

Mastiffs from Slnko ZemplinaSlovakia
Slnko Zemplina Mastiffs

Slnko Zemplina kennel - stud males, puppies available. Puppies from our kennel are charactarized by their muscularity, great motion, and flawless temper. They are dedicated to contribute on highest shows with achievements. We breed mastiffs more than 20 years.


Intergalaxia Chihuahua KennelSlovakia
INTERGALAXIA - Chihuahua Kennel

Kennel chihuahua long coat and smooth coat and all colors from Slovakia.


FCI Ammeron - kennef of chihuahuaSlovakia
FCI Ammeron - kennef of chihuahua

A short hair and long hair chihuahua's breeding with excellent international lines.


English Bulldog spod Vlčieho kameňa Slovakia
spod Vlčieho kameňa

Small English bulldog kennel from Slovakia, ours dogs, puppies, contact.

English Bulldog

Minas Ithilien Scenthounds and BloodhoundSlovakia
Minas Ithilien

Breeders of Bavarian Mountain Scenthound, Hanoverian Scenthound, Bloodhound.

Bavarian Mountain Scenthound Bloodhound Hanoverian Scenthound

Bianca Fiore German SpitzSlovakia
Bianca Fiore

German Kleinspitz site in Slovakia.

German Spitz

Whippet London’s fogSlovakia
London’s fog Whippet

Whippet kennel in Slovakia.

London's fog Whippet Kennel
London's fog Whippet Kennel

Small Whippet Kennel in Slovak Republic. Show line, stud male and puppies. Welcome to the world of London's fog Whippets!


Longhaired Whippet of Silken GraceSlovakia
of Silken Grace

A Slovakian kennel promoting the rare breed of Longhaired Whippet (aka: Silken Windsprite).

Longhaired Whippet


Webpage about rarity of dogbreeds.

Giant German Spitz

Golden Miracle Makers Golden Retriever kennelSlovakia
Golden Miracle Makers kennel

Welcom to the web of the Golden Miracle Makers.

Golden Retriever

Scarlett Team Cavalier King Charles SpanielsSlovakia

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel kennel "SCARLETT TEAM" presentation our dogs, bitches, puppies, our hopes, results from shows and many more.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

German Shepherd Dogs z Vetrovej lukySlovakia
z Vetrovej luky

Breed and trainning of German shephard dog.

German Shepherd Dog

Due Parchi Happy Days Border ColliesSlovakia
Angelical glamour kennel

Small family kennel in Slovakia. We breed with lot of love and passion english bulldogs and pugs. Please visit our Webpage.

English Bulldog Pug

Zaniah's Labrador RetrieversSlovakia
Zaniah's Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retriever breeder in Slovakia.

Labrador Retriever

z Certovej zahrady Boston TerriersSlovakia
z Certovej zahrady

Breeders of Boston Terrier :)

Boston Terrier

Little Magic Chinese Crested DogsSlovakia
Little Magic

Breeding of chinese crested dogs.

Chinese Crested Dog

Cristaux Glace's PoodlesSlovakia
Cristaux Glace's Poodles

White Standard Poodles kennel.


Gangkar Tibetan MastiffsSlovakia

Tibetan mastiff kennel - puppies, stud males, shows.

Tibetan Mastiff

Samborra Hovawart KennelSlovakia
Samborra - Hovawart Kennel

Hovawart kennel from Slovakia. Puppies, information, photo gallery and more ...


Parson Russell Terriers Zo SaratovaSlovakia
Zo Saratova

Kennell of Parson russell terrier.

Parson Russell Terrier

CHS HuganiaSlovakia
CHS Hugania

Kennel from Slovakia. Our name is Hugania. Photos, info, puppies.

Central Asia Shepherd Dog

Rough Collies Yaless BlueSlovakia
Yaless Blue

Page about rough collies. Personal page about my collie: Rineweld Zaria The Princess.

Collie Rough

Papillons Maria SirrahSlovakia
Maria Sirrah Papillons

The Papilon's breed in Slovakia. Visit our website.


Yorkshire Terriers Declan'sSlovakia
Declan's Yorkies

Yorkshire Terrier Kennel FCI.

Yorkshire Terrier

Welsh Springer Spaniels Kennel MinebeaSlovakia
Minebea Dog Kennel

Our Kennel Minebea is breeding working welsh springer spaniels with succes in showring too.We will have in April puppies after dog Benton Lookin for Duck "Ed Stevens".

Welsh Springer Spaniel

Saint Bernard Dogs Jurastic BernarosSlovakia
Jurastic Bernaros

We breed saint bernard dog. I have dogs from the Europe famous kennels. Dein Hard and kertesi- Bársony.

Saint Bernard

Mad-Mops kennelSlovakia
MAD-MOPS kennel

Pug breeding station is Slovakia, Champion pug males,imported dogs.


Yorkshire Terriers Danube's heritageSlovakia
Danube's heritage

Yorkshire terriers - our males, females, puppies. You are welcome!

Yorkshire Terrier

Papillon de PompadourSlovakia
Papillon de Pompadour

Toy, butterfly dogs.


Chihuahuas z Jantarovej cestySlovakia
CHS z Jantárovej cesty

Longhair chihuahua kennel "z Jantarovej cesty" from Kysucke Nove Mesto, Slovakia. You are welcome to visit us, have a look at our chis!

Chovateľská stanica dlhosrstých čiváv "z Jantárovej cesty", Kysucké Nové Mesto, Slovensko


Patricia Hausnerova - junior handler & Ch. Cygne Hot ChocolateSlovakia
Patricia Hausnerova - junior handler
& Ch. Cygne Hot Chocolate

Junior handling and show handling by Patricia Hausnerova.CCD Ch. Cygne Hot Chocolate all the time best powder puff female in Slovakia!

Chinese Crested Dog

Saint Bernard Dog Kennel St.Fellix King'sSlovakia
Kennel St.Fellix King's

We are hobby kennel located in heart of Europa in small country Slovakia. We fall in love with Saint Bernard Dogs in year 1999 and since this we can not stop our love to this beutiful giant breed :)

We visit with our dogs many shows andwill try to breed combinations of nice & interesting bloodlines. We kindly welcome you to visit our homepage to get idea who we are :)

Saint Bernard Dog

Maryons HomeSlovakia
Maryons Home

Top kennel yorkshire terrier of Slovakia.

Yorkshire Terrier

Slovakia DobermannsSlovakiaSlovakia Doberman

WWW-page of dobermanns. More photos, videos and database, puppies.


Joranza Yorkshire TerrierSlovakiaJoranza - Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier breeding station.

Yorkshire Terrier

Duelano WhippetsSlovakiaDUELANO

HP about my whippets Toby, Timmy and Mischa with many photos.


Buballoo's American Cocker Spaniels SlovakiaBUBALLOO'S

Small American Cocker Spaniels Kennel.

American Cocker Spaniel

Van-bull English and French Bulldog KennelSlovakiaVAN-BULL English and French Bulldog

English and French bulldog kennel from Slovakia.

English Bulldog French Bulldog

Ivepet KennelSlovakiaIVEPET Lhasa Apso Kennel

Nice and lovely lhasa from Ivepet kennel from Slovakia.

Lhasa Apso

Agata Lux KennelSlovakiaAGATA LUX Lhasa apso

Kennel with long tradition.

Lhasa Apso

Andrax Gold KennelSlovakiaAndrax Gold kennel

Chihuahua & Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from Slovakia. Stud dog, shows, puppies, more informations and photos about our dogs.

Chihuahua Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Zamocka zahrada KennelSlovakiaZamocka zahrada

Welcome to our website of Kennel Zamocka zahrada from Slovakia. You can see informations about Lhasa apso breed, shows, photos etc ...

Lhasa Apso