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Породы собак - алфавитный список
Iz Doma Edisonya Kennel French BulldogsRussia
Kennel French Bulldogs

We set as the objective, to use in cultivation, manufacturers of the best nurseries of the Europe and the United States America, constantly improving a livestock of our dogs. Aspiration to We prove to perfection the successful, long-term activity recognized by authoritative experts of the different countries. Already more than 10 years we are members the Austrian Club of French Bulldogs.

French Bulldog

Gallana AristosRussia

Professional kennel RKF / FCI. The kennel is breeding based on the world's best lines, Durrer 's Rigeyr (Canada-Latvia). Our puppies are successfully exhibited at the show in different countries, BIS, BIS, multi BOB. Puppies have strong anatomy, sustainable mind, high-quality wool.

Yorkshire Terrier

Kennel Liben BernRussia

We are a small kennel in St. Petersburg, dogs live in our family, delighting us an extraordinary mind, a real Bern character and a bright beauty. We try to make our puppies brought light and joy to their new family! Come to our site and you will see how we live!

Bernese Mountain Dog


Питомник английских бульдогов в России. Зарегистрирован в системе FCI. Мы занимаемся разведением качественных, здоровых собак. Грамотный подход к породе, красивые щенки, гарантия качества.

English Bulldog

Mille BassiRussia

Welcome to our web-site, this site about our pugs «Mille Bassi» In our web-site you can found information about our pugs, about results from dogs exhibitions and about our puppies. We have been breeding black and fawn pugs.


Kennel Karneliks - White Swiss ShepherdRussia
Kennel Karneliks
White Swiss Shepherd

Kennel - "Karneliks", breeding of Swiss white shepherds. Our breeding results in healthy, and show dogs.

White Swiss Shepherd Dog

Ipolbox Kennel of German BoxersRussia
Ipolbox Kennel of German Boxers

Breeder of kennel is Irina Polshakova. since 1999 is Official start of breeding of boxers, but my first Boxer from 1991 years. Today in pedigree my breeding I use the best blood and lines of World Famous Boxers ! Welcome to our site about our favorite breed!

German Boxer

Nasha Marka zwergpinscher kennelRussia
Nasha Marka zwergpinscher kennel

Miniature pinschers from kennel Nasha Marka.

Miniature Pinscher

Maho Mirai KennelRussia

Breeder of Japanese Spitz in Russia. Welcome to our web site and see more!

Japanese Spitz American Akita

Rus De'ViaroRussia
Rus De'Viaro

Цель питомника Rus De'Viaro состоит в том, чтобы разводить хороших рабочих (охота) собак бракко-италиано. Для нас важно, чтобы они проявляли способность великих охотников.

Желательно, чтобы собаки из нашего питомника попадали в руки охотников, но мы не против, если вы взяли бракко для совместных прогулок или для участия в спортивных состязаниях с ними.

Italian Pointing Dog

Amelhuk - kennel of Alaskan Malamutes and a basset houndRussia
Amelhuk - kennel of Alaskan Malamutes
and a basset hound

Alaskan Malamutes and Basset Hound from Russia for the sport, show and breeding.

Alaskan Malamute Basset Hound

'Fedjevi' kennelRussia
Kosta Felicitas

We have been breeding standard and miniature dachshunds kurzhaar professionally. You can to buy puppies for show, breeding and pet in our kennel sometimes. We devote special attention to good health, well-balanced mind and excellent temperament dogs for breeding.

Our kennel is actively developing. We have great expectations for completion of our young. New lines of kennel - Weimaraner, Collie rough, Sheltie. On the site you will find information of pedigree, show career of our dogs, current and planned litters. We are open for communication and look forward to all!

Dachshund Weimaraner Collie Rough Shetland Sheepdog

Питомник ГАРДИАН

Ch of Russia, Belarus, Litva, RKF, national Club, CACIB

We nave breeding the dog of those breeds. We offer males for mating and exceleent puppies. For all buying puppies from as, we help in thei problems. We show we dogs at exhibitions, You can stay the dog when you not at home, also we can doying the fotos of your dog.

Dalmatian Welsh Corgi Pembroke Central Asia Shepherd Dog

'Fedjevi' kennelRussia
'Fedjevi' kennel

Pugs in Russia. Yorkshire Terrier in Russia.

Pug Yorkshire Terrier


Small kennel Prager Rattler. Champions of Russia and Eurasia. Puppies for home and breeding.

Prague Ratter

Киндли Гланс питомник ши-тцу,
Киндли Гланс
питомник ши-тцу, мальтезе

Питомник Киндли Глнас занимается разведением пород ши-тцу, мальтезе, бивер йорк. Продажа щенков.

Shih Tzu Maltese Yorkshire Terrier

Tripolitaniya BoxRussia

TRIPOLITANIYA BOX - kennel of Deutscher Boxers! FCI

German Boxer

Sibirski MedvedRussia

We live in Russia in Novosibirsk. Our experience with the breed Tchiorny Terrier with 1987goda. My breeding dogs have appeared since 2001. We have dogs of our breeding in many countries of Europe, Asia and USA. SIBIRSKI MEDVED is one of the strongest and largest kennels internationally. Our dogs are victorious at prestigious exhibitions in Russia and abroad.

We offer Top Quality Black Russian Terrier Puppies For Sale. We also offer Stud Service from a few of our Outstanding Males. We offer only a Few select quality litters each year. We feel this gives us the time needed to devote to each and every litter. Every breeding we do has been carefully researched and planned to ensure the highest quality of BRT puppies. We have you will not find an angry or a cowardly dog, all our pets are cheerful and happy, they love people and enjoy communicating and being at exhibitions. The dogs have a great nervous system and excellent working capacity. Many dogs are checked for dysplasia. invite you to visit the site, always glad to communicate with like-minded. I invite you to visit.

Russian Black Terrier

Питомник Империя ДемоновRussia
Питомник Империя Демонов

Многопородный Питомник Империя Демонов  образован в Москве (Россия). Руководитель Питомника Эксперт-Кинолог Михайлова Екатерина В нашем питомнике Mastino Napoletano, English Mastiff, Spanish Mastiff, Pomeranian, Yorkshire Terrier.

Neapolitan Mastiff English Mastiff Spanish Mastiff Pomeranian Yorkshire Terrier

Beauty of AnRussia
Beauty of An

Kennel Beauty of An - pug, cavalier king charles, riesenshnauzer, central aziat.

Pug Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Giant Schnauzer Central Asia Shepherd Dog

Semargl SiberiansRussia
Semargl Siberians

SEMARGL Siberians - a small kennel in Russia to the breeding of show siberian husky. We are a RKF-FCI approoved kennel. We believe in strong, healthy and well balanced dogs. Our kennel is located in Kazan city, 800 km abroad Moscow.

Please visit our website!

Siberian Husky

Regalia Toy kennel - russian toy terriar smooth hair & long hairRussia
Regalia Toy kennel - russian toy terriar smooth hair & long hair

Welcome to the website dedicated to the smallest breed of dog, bred in Russia - the Russian Toy.

We hope you will be interested in the site and you'll find lots of useful information!

Russian Toy

Ot Pandy SharmRussia
Ot Pandy Sharm

Yorkshire Terrier, Pomeranian and German Zwergspitzand Klainspitz, Biewer York, Biro York, Maltese. Our kennel dog FCI registered in the year 2000. Our dogs participate and win in international exhibitions around the world.

We strive to obtain a harmonious development of the dog: not only beautiful on the exterior, but with a balanced mind and good health.

Yorkshire Terrier Pomeranian Maltese

Fritsweet - Westie and Cairn terriersRussia
Fritsweet - Westie and Cairn terriers

Мы занимаемся племенным разведением вест-хайленд-уайт и керн терьеров. Наши собаки многократные победители и призеры выставок.

West Highland White Terrier Cairn Terrier

Jelany Red KennelRussia


ARESVUMA OLANA RED (Int, Multi CH Heshima Ya Kimba Fuku Shabalala х VEW'11, Multi CH Vizara Iringa Aresvuma) *18.01.2009, 66 sm, 35 kg, scissor bite, full dentition, Temp. test - 1st grade, Blood tracking test - 3nd grade
Breeder Svetlana Malinnikova, owner Kamle Elena

RIDGE’S STAR JEREMY RED (Int, Multi CH N'Gai Zamu of Ginba's Hero х Int, Multi CH Rebecca Ridge’s Star)
*12.11.2005,  68 sm, 41 kg, , scissor bite, full dentition, HD–A/A, ED–0/0, Temp.test - 1st grade, General training test - 1st grade, Blood tracking test - 2nd grade

Breeder Anna Spesivykh, owner Kamle Elena.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Raizen Glory Dogue de BordeauxRussia
Raizen Glory Dogue de Bordeaux

Our site is devoted to the kennels “Raizen Glory”, to our achievements at the shows, to some of the samples of the breed and, certainly, puppies of the best samples of the ancient breed The Dogue of Bordeaux (Frenchmastiff)

The priority directions of the breeding activity of our kennels are psychic and physical sanity of the dogs. Our dogs are certain to get a qualified medical help at the clinic “Bazilio and Kit” we closely cooperate with. All of our DDBs get a hip joint and elbow joint dysplasia check up. The pedigrees of our DDBs have the most modern lines of the leading European kennels.

Our kennels is young, however we have high-quality male breeds and we are going to improve further. We cooperate with the leading kennels and breeders of Russia and Europe, participate in the maijor shows, permanently raising our expertise and trying to keep ourselves informed about all the events in the kinology world, in particular, in the world of the Dogue de Bordeaux.

Dogue de Bordeaux

Kennel DyumariRussia
Kennel Dyumari

Mono-nursery, have been breeding Chihuahuas. Cattery is registered in the FCI. In cultivation the best blood of Russian and foreign manufacturers. Here you can buy a puppy for show, breeding and as a pet.


Pes AristokratRussia
Pes Aristokrat

Jack russell terrier and basenji kennel 'Pes Aristokrat' is breeding dogs according to all the rules and standarts of Russian Kynological Organization.

Jack Russell Terrier Basenji

Юлту / YultuRussia
Юлту / Yultu

Питомник шпицев и японских хинов "Юлту".  Я буду рада приветствовать Вас на сайте моего питомника Вы можете узнать полную информацию о нашем питомнике, достижениях на выставках и планах на будущее.  Качество наших питомцев многократно подтверждено победами на  выставках. Мы гарантируем высокое качество и отличное здоровье любого нашего выпускника. Мы всегда дадим консультацию и рекомендации по выращиванию, кормлению, воспитанию щенков и многое другое.

Pomeranian Japanese Chin

Princess Janice kennelRussia
Princess Janice kennel

Our kennel is officially registered in the RCF and the FCI. We are professionally engaged in the breeding performance and breeding dogs decorative breed Yorkshire Terrier. The Aim of the Nursery is to match pairs not only with regard to exterior, phenotype, and genotype manufacturers.

It is important that the offspring were not only beautiful, but also healthy , the most relevant to the requirements of the standard. We will introduce You to our four-legged family, show pictures, and of course will tell you about our show results. I hope that the time spent browsing the site You will find useful and fun!

Yorkshire Terrier


We have a tosa more then 10 years in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.


Iz Donskoy Liberii - Akita américain and Deutscher SpitzRussia
Iz Donskoy Liberii
Akita américain and Deutscher Spitz

The kennel "Iz Donskoi Liberii" is registered in 2000, the Basic breeds - the American Akita and the Pomeranian spitz.

On pages of a site you can see representatives of our kennel, their descendants, familiarise with genealogical, our successes and achievements and is final, to pick up to yourself the loyal friend.

American Akita Pomeranian

EP Helios Hektor & ZhCh Rostislav - mine dobermanns Russia
EP Helios Hektor & ZhCh Rostislav
- mine dobermanns

Personal site of dobermann males, information about them and their progeny.


kennel Iz RazdoliaRussia
kennel Iz Razdolia

International & Multi Show Ch , hunting Ch

Website about our borzoi-kennel Iz Razdolia. About our borzois, about our litters and about our breed. Moscow, Russia.


Kennel FAIRA - Rhodesian ridgebacksRussia
Kennel FAIRA - Rhodesian ridgebacks

Welcome to our young kennel FAIRA! We began breeding from mating at Chzeck Republik and have got the beautiful puppies in our first litter, two of which have been Inter and Multi Champions and one a Junior European Champion!

Our stud male Faira Arif Kamilifu successfully used in breeding and has several litters with a minimum number of faults, excellent anatomy and temperament. Our dogs have successfully engaged obedience, agility and have success in the show rings.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

IZ Korolevstva Margarity Samoyed kennelRussia
Samoyed kennel

We are Samoyed Kennel in Russia.



'Из Замка
Приора' Питомник цвергпинчеров Russia
'Из Замка Приора'
Питомник цвергпинчеров

Питомник цвергпинчеров "Из Замка Приора", перспективные щенки цвергпинчера,племенные кобели для вязок.Питомник занимается разведением собак породы цвергпинчер,она является ведущей породой нашего питомника. Так же у нас в питомнике есть собаки породы: такса кроличья длинношерстная и немецкий шпиц.На страницах нашего сайта Вы можете познакомиться с представителями нашего питомника,узнать о о наших планах на будущее.В разделе продаж посмотреть щенков,имеющихся в данный момент в питомнике.Мы будем рады видеть Вас на страницах нашего сайта.Приятного Вам просмотра.

Miniature Pinscher

Питомник Цвергпинчеров 'Харди
Питомник Цвергпинчеров 'Харди Хантер'

Kennel Zwergpinscher "HARDY HUNTER " I will be happy to welcome you on a site of my cattery  you can find out full details of our cattery, achievements at exhibitions and plans for the future.

Питомник Цвергпинчеров "Hardy Hunter" Щенки цвергпинчера . кобели для вязок. Я буду рада приветствовать Вас на сайте моего питомника Цвергпинчеров " Харди Хантер " Вы сможете узнать полную информацию о представителях нашего питомника , достижениях на выставках и планах на будущее.Мы всегда дадим консультацию и рекомендации по выращиванию , кормлению ,воспитанию щенков и многое другое.

Miniature Schnauzer

Del Terro Perros - Dog kennelRussia
Del Terro Perros - Dog kennel

Dog kennel "Del Terro Perros" registration in FCI-RKF, a member of IBC (Internationaler Biewer Yorkshire Terrier Club e. V.). Breeding Breeds - Chinese Crested, Yorkshire Terrier and Biewer York.

Chinese Crested Dog Yorkshire Terrier

Salonga kennelRussia
Salonga kennel

Kennel Basenji. Articles about the breed, photos and video dogs.

Питомник басенджи. Статьи о породе, фото и видео собак. Породный форум.


Наши йорки и их друзьяRussia
Наши йорки и их друзья

Welcome to website  "Наши йорки и их друзья"!

Сайт и форум  для любителей  йорков и других пород собак, кошек... На форуме Вы найдете информацию о породе - выбор, уход, сожержание воспитание, много статей, фотографий видео, полезной информации, научим Вас шить бантики, одежду для своих питомцев, много выкроек... Приятного просмотра! Мы ждем Вас !

Yorkshire Terrier

Chinua Chihuahuas kennel ot ChernovoyRussia
CHINUA Chihuahuas kennel ot CHERNOVOY

We are passionate about breeding and showing at exhibitions of the smallest the world's breeds of dogs native to the American Continent.

The basis of our breeding stock up dog exclusively American lines the most successful kennels of America and Canada - such as: DARTAN'S, QUACHITAH, BURGUNDY, MAR-RICH'S, MINA'S,  MISALOU'S, MARLISA'S, FANDANGO, MINEGOLD, PICASSO'S. Our Chihuahua are the descendants of the most prominent and well-known dog breeds of all time - № 1 in the rock in places of origin of the breed.


kennel Angrly CharlyRussia
kennel Angrly Charly

Our "Angrly Charly" kennel has 6 years history. We breed irish soft couted wheaten terier Our dogs have good health, stable psycology and fine resuits at dog shows.

Питомник "Ангелы Чарли" занимается разведением мягкошерстных пшеничных терьеров. Собаки, рожденные в нашем питомнике,имеют крепкое здоровье, уравновешенную психику и хорошие выставочные результаты.

Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Sher Multibreed kennelRussia
SHER Multibreed kennel

Kennel Sher - airedaleterriers, Russian toys, papillons. Puppies, dog-shows, grooming, handling, many photos of dogs.

Airedale Terrier Russian Toy Papillon

Santa Knyrys zwerschnauzerRussia
Santa Knyrys zwerschnauzer

First kennel of zwerschnauzer in Russia

Santa Knyrys was founded in 1992 and is one of the first Russian dog kennel breed zwergschnauzer (miniature schnauzer).

We breed colors black and silver, black, white. We want to make our dogs were beautiful and healthy. Our offspring -the World and European champions and young champions, International Champions, Champions of different countries, winners of many Internationals shows.

The last 8 years we have been prize winners in a rating of the top kennels of Russia.

Miniature Schnauzer

StrollingScop scottish terriersRussia
STROLLING SCOP scottish terriers

Scottish terrier kennel in Russia.

Scottish Terrier

Африканский МолчунRussia
Африканский Молчун

Питомник собак породы басенджи. В Санкт-Петербурге этот питомник занимается разведением только этой породы уже более 10 лет.

На сайте рассказ о наших собаках, о породе в общем, статьи о здоровье, воспитании, о выставках, форумы. Есть авторские статьи руководителя питомника.


Pomgalaxy KennelRussia
Pomgalaxy Kennel

Our kennel has been breeding Pomeranian and German Miniature Spitz.

Pomeranian / German Miniature Spitz.

Kennel Iz Blagorodnogo DomaRussia
Kennel Iz Blagorodnogo Doma

Specialized Kennel of Swiss Sennenhunds "Is Blagorodnogo Doma" was registered in RKF(FCI) in 1999. The main task of our work is breeding dogs with salubrity and stable psyhic. Puppies of show and pet classes are growing up equally well.

Among our dogs, borned in our kennel, World's and Europe's Champions of different years. We are happy with our dogs and we would be glad to make you some more happy too. Welcome!

Entlebuch Cattle Dog Great Swiss Mountain Dog Bernese Mountain Dog Appenzell Cattle Dog

Snow Train Alaskan MalamuteRussia
Snow Train Alaskan Malamute

We appreciate and respect the Alaskan malamute - the ancient breed of dogs and we will be glad to present you these beautiful and magnificent Northern sled dogs at our information kennel site. Visit us and we believe you will fall in love with this gorgeous breed.

Alaskan Malamute

Sobahli ShamRussia
Sobahli Sham

Welcome to our kennel!
The main aim of our breeding - is to get dogs with typical temperament, well-balanced beautiful representatives of breed Dachshund.


Kennel Favorit StyleRussia
Kennel Favorit Style

Russkiy toy (Russian toy): Best of Breed, photos, dogshow, puppies for sale.

Russian Toy

Kennel Korona RossiiRussia

Питомник "Корона России" занимается разведением Berner sennenhund, Grosser Schweizer sennenhund, Entlebuher sennenhund. Наша цель здоровые и красивые собаки. Наши собаки живыт с нами под одной крышей.

Посетите наш сайт, познакомьтесь с нашими собаками. Мы рады видеть вас среди владельцев наших щенков! Мы любим своих собак!

Bernese Mountain Dog Great Swiss Mountain Dog Entlebuch Cattle Dog

Kennel Field UnionRussia

KENNEL FIELD UNION многопородный питомник.
Aмериканский Бульдог (American Bulldog), Aмериканский Пит Буль терьер (American Pit Bull Terrier, АРВТ), Английский Сеттер (English Setter), Йорширский терьер (Yorkshire Terrier), Померанский Шпиц (Pomeranian), Мопс (Mops),  Бриар (Briard).

Kennel Field Union
многопородный питомник

Kennel Field Union
Field Union
American Pit Bull Terrier, English Setter

На сайте представлены наши питомцы, породы: American Pit Bull Terrier - English Setter.

Kennel Field Union Old.Bulldog
Kennel FIELD UNION Old.Bulldog

Olde Bulldogge - Эта порода является, прежде всего- отличными компаньонами, а также обладая шармом, темпераментом и ловкостью быть почти универсальной породой- как служебная так и спортивная собака.

Старо-английский бульдог (Олд бульдог) обладает чувством собственного достоинства, шармом, преданностью, отлично ладит с детьми, превосходный друг.

American Bulldog American Pit Bull Terrier English Setter Pug Yorkshire Terrier Pomeranian Briard Olde English Bulldogge


Breeding kennel West highland white terrier and Jack russell terrier

West Highland White Terrier Jack Russell Terrier

БРАЙТ НОУЗ - Kennel of west highland white and Norwich terriersRussia
БРАЙТ НОУЗ - Kennel of west highland white and Norwich terriers

Our kennel situated in 20 kilometers from Moscow. We have 12 westies and 2 norwich terriers. All our dogs live as a members of our family. All of them trimed and shown by us.

We breed for helth, exellent temperament and super exterrier.

West Highland White Terrier Norwich Terrier


Vandebor, kennel of English Toy Terriers (black and tan), Zwergpinschers. Russia, Moscow.

English Toy Terrier Miniature Pinscher

Magic Shine - West Highland White TerrierRussia
Magic Shine
West Highland White Terrier

Magic Shine - West Highland White Terrier of Russia. Breeder Fomicheva Lubov, location Moscow.

West Highland White Terrier

Moya Oda - American Staffordshire terrier kennelRussia
Moya Oda
American Staffordshire terrier kennel

American Staffordshire terrier kennel "Moya Oda". Russia, Krasnoyarsk.

American Staffordshire Terrier Welsh Corgi Pembroke Chihuahua

GladeStone - kennel of english bulldogsRussia
GladeStone - kennel of english bulldogs

On our site we want to invite you into the world of amazing and wonderful friend of man - a real gentleman of the dog world - the English Bulldog. We will introduce you to our dogs, talk about the exciting journey that may never have taken place, do not be with us the Bulldog!

We hope to share with you, dear friends, a particle of the love that lives in our family between people and bulldogs.

English Bulldog

Imperial GoldRussia
Imperial Gold

Kennel of bichon frises.

Bichon Frise

Defino - labrador kennelRussia
Defino - labrador kennel

"Defino" welcomes you!

We were fortuned to be involved in breeding our beloved labradors. Our dogs have been successful in shows and field work as well.We always have been matching our females with successful and worthy sires to produce healthy and good looking puppies. Our main goal is to breed labradors that are pleasing to look at, easy to live with and having all necessary abilities to become trusted hunting or sporting companion.

If you are considering purchasing a labrador retriever puppy in our kennel, please contact us.

Always a pleasure to see visitors!

Labrador Retriever

Серебряная пуля Silver BulletRussia
Серебряная пуля - Silver Bullet

The kennel "Serebrynaya pulya" specializes on hunting breeds of dogs. The first dog of this kennel is Weimaraner or a SILVER GHOST. Now in Russia the most popular dogs from continental gun breeds are such as Kurtzhaar and Drathaar, however a Weimaranerunfairly forgotten is becoming popular exactly in a class of hunting dogs. Although this breed seems to be very frail, it combines power and speed, lightning reaction and extraordinary intellect, not for nothing Weimaraner is considered to be an aristocratic dog. It is like Rolls-Royce of the dog world (The first car of Rolls-Royce has appeared in 1907.It has received the name of Silver Ghost for a beautiful silver body).

We are glad to welcome you on our site and we hope that your interest to Weimaraner will outgrow in something more.


Dzhey Ti kennelRussia
Dzhey Ti kennel

We do not pursue quantity - We Prefer Quality!

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Splendid Three Color - SennenhundsRussia
Splendid Three Color - Sennenhunds

We have a small kennel. We love the Bernese Mountain Dog,Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, EntlebucherMountain Dog and Apentseller Mountain Dog. Occasionally we have puppies. All dogs in the kennel are tests of health.

We also love Chihuahuas and Russian Toy!

Beauceron Great Swiss Mountain Dog Entlebuch Cattle Dog Appenzell Cattle Dog Russian Toy Chihuahua Papillon

Moolti (Мульти)Russia
Moolti (Мульти)

To date, namely the end of 2011, in Russia there are only two Young Champion Of The World! (a breed Mini Bull) and they were born in my kennel! I'm extremely proud of it!

MOOLTI  kennel, rightly, considered to be the Best Kennel Miniature Bull Terrier in Russia!

After all, bring a good dog is easier than to give birth to her! and we have just given birth! Want to Mini Bull  excellence, growth, and the mind?? = Welcome To Us!!!

I am very grateful to all owners of my kids, love them! For honesty and integrity! I'm glad I was not mistaken in the choice! My children live the best!

Miniature Bull Terrier

GoldPom PomeranianRussia
GoldPom Pomeranian

Nursery "GoldPom" Pomeranian spitz-dogs in Russia, (Moscow). Dogs for show and pets. Puppies for sale.

German Miniature Spitz / Pomeranian

Viat GalenaRussia
Viat Galena

We are glad to welcome you on the pages of our site. We live in Russia, in city Kirov. Our nursery works with the different breeds of dogs from 1999. Presently in a nursery tribal work is conducted with the American staffordshire terrier, English springer spaniel. In a nursery there are two representatives of hunting dogs 7 groups of German Shorthaired Pointer and Scottish setter.

More detailed information you can know, writing a letter to us.

American Staffordshire Terrier English Springer Spaniel German Shorthaired Pointer Scottish Terrier

русский той Из Дома ЧайковскихRussia
русский той Из Дома Чайковских

Продажа щенков русского тоя.

Russian Toy

Kennel Terra FantastikaRussia
Kennel Terra Fantastika

Breeder - Filatova Lyudmila Borisovna. RKF.Breed : boxer, brussel griffon, pti-brabanson, belge griffon, doberman.Klass - show.

German Boxer

D'Alta MarckaRussia
D'Alta Marcka

Site about з бракко Italian and кане корсо the Italian. The information on the standard and history of breeds, achievements of representatives of nursery, photo albums, puppies and many other things.

Italian Pointing Dog Cane Corso Italiano

Йоркширский терьер. рф / Community amateur Yorkshire TerrierRussia
Йоркширский терьер. рф
Community amateur Yorkshire Terrier

Сайт сообщества йоркширский терьер.рф создан для объединения любителей этой породы.

Йоркширский терьер.рф - это возможность выразить себя и поделиться своим опытом. Получить ответы на интересующие вопросы о йоркширских терьерах от опытных пользователей сайта, узнать много полезной информации

Yorkshire Terrier

LAVR DE DIS Akita & shiba kenelRussia
LAVR DE DIS Akita & shiba kenel

Japan dogs akita and shiba, puppy, standart FCI, AKIHO, NIPPO.

Akita Shiba

Sheriff Aga Central Asian Shepherd Dogs KennelRussia
Central Asian Shepherd Dogs Kennel

Our nursery has an official status, registered in Belgium in the International Canine Organization (FCI), part of the RCF, registration number # 9252. Nursery SHERIFF AGA specializes in breeding Turkmen Alabai. Kennel is located 200 km from Moscow in an ecologically clean area. Dogs captive content but fully provided with the necessary exercise (walking in the fields, swimming).

Tribal CAO tested for breeding, with the highest score T1, have certificates OKD - 2 and COP - 1. Stud dogs have titles: Junior Champion of Russia, Champion of Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Champion, Champion RKF, RFSS RFLS Champion OANKOO, RFOS, INTERCHAMPION, MultiChampion, etc. The exhibitions of international, national and regional level our pets many times were the owners of the honorary title of high-BOB (BOB).

Central Asia Shepherd Dog