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Kennel Iz Blagorodnogo DomaRussia Dog Breeders
Kennel Iz Blagorodnogo Doma

Specialized Kennel of Swiss Sennenhunds "Is Blagorodnogo Doma" was registered in RKF(FCI) in 1999. The main task of our work is breeding dogs with salubrity and stable psyhic. Puppies of show and pet classes are growing up equally well.

Among our dogs, borned in our kennel, World's and Europe's Champions of different years. We are happy with our dogs and we would be glad to make you some more happy too. Welcome!

Entlebuch Cattle Dog         Great Swiss Mountain Dog         Bernese Mountain Dog

Appenzell Cattle Dog

Snow Train Alaskan MalamuteRussia Dog Breeders
Snow Train Alaskan Malamute

We appreciate and respect the Alaskan malamute - the ancient breed of dogs and we will be glad to present you these beautiful and magnificent Northern sled dogs at our information kennel site. Visit us and we believe you will fall in love with this gorgeous breed.

Alaskan Malamute

Sobahli ShamRussia Dog Breeders
Sobahli Sham

Welcome to our kennel!
The main aim of our breeding - is to get dogs with typical temperament, well-balanced beautiful representatives of breed Dachshund.


Kennel Favorit StyleRussia Dog Breeders
Kennel Favorit Style

Russkiy toy (Russian toy): Best of Breed, photos, dogshow, puppies for sale.

Russian Toy

Grand WinnerlandRussia Dog Breeders

Our breeding is based on aspiration to receive dogs with a sound health, excellent mentality and nice breeding viewing. We support friendly relations with leading owners and breeders of Europe and we fulfill the international requirements to breeding.

We are interested in loving and responsible owners of our puppies. We are always ready to render the feasible help in a choice of a puppy, its cultivation and education, and as support concerning the maintenance, participations in exhibitions. We are watching  development of all our puppies and invite their owners to active communication.

We hope that our dogs will please you with excellent health and beauty.

Entlebuch Cattle Dog         Great Swiss Mountain Dog

Kennel Korona RossiiRussia Dog Breeders

Питомник "Корона России" занимается разведением Berner sennenhund, Grosser Schweizer sennenhund, Entlebuher sennenhund. Наша цель здоровые и красивые собаки. Наши собаки живыт с нами под одной крышей.

Посетите наш сайт, познакомьтесь с нашими собаками. Мы рады видеть вас среди владельцев наших щенков! Мы любим своих собак!

Bernese Mountain Dog         Great Swiss Mountain Dog         Entlebuch Cattle Dog

Kennel Field UnionRussia Dog Breeders

KENNEL FIELD UNION многопородный питомник.
Aмериканский Бульдог (American Bulldog), Aмериканский Пит Буль терьер (American Pit Bull Terrier, АРВТ), Английский Сеттер (English Setter), Йорширский терьер (Yorkshire Terrier),  Померанский Шпиц (Pomeranian), Мопс (Mops),  Бриар (Briard).

Kennel Field Union
Kennel FIELD UNION многопородный питомник.

Kennel Field Union
Field Uunion
American Pit Bull Terrier, English Setter

На сайте представлены наши питомцы, породы: American Pit Bull Terrier - English Setter.

American Bulldog         American Pit Bull Terrier         English Setter

Yorkshire Terrier         Pomeranian         Pug         Briard

westi-jackrassellterrier.comRussia Dog Breeders

Breeding kennel West highland white terrier and Jack russell terrier

West Highland White Terrier         Jack Russell Terrier

БРАЙТ НОУЗ - Kennel of west highland white and Norwich terriersKaliningrad, Russia Dog Breeders
БРАЙТ НОУЗ - Kennel of west highland white and Norwich terriers

Our kennel situated in 20 kilometers from Moscow. We have 12 westies and 2 norwich terriers. All our dogs live as a members of our family. All of them trimed and shown by us.

We breed for helth, exellent temperament and super exterrier.

West Highland White Terrier         Norwich Terrier

VandeborMoscow, Russia Dog Breeders

Vandebor, kennel of English Toy Terriers (black and tan), Zwergpinschers. Russia, Moscow.

English Toy Terrier         Miniature Pinscher

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