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Magic Shine - West Highland White TerrierRussia Dog Breeders
Magic Shine - West Highland White Terrier

Magic Shine - West Highland White Terrier of Russia. Breeder Fomicheva Lubov, location Moscow.

West Highland White Terrier

Moya Oda - American Staffordshire terrier kennelRussia Dog Breeders
Moya Oda
American Staffordshire terrier kennel

American Staffordshire terrier kennel "Moya Oda". Russia, Krasnoyarsk.

American Staffordshire Terrier

Welsh Corgi Pembroke         Chihuahua

GladeStone - kennel of english bulldogsRussia Dog Breeders
GladeStone - kennel of english bulldogs

On our site we want to invite you into the world of amazing and wonderful friend of man - a real gentleman of the dog world - the English Bulldog. We will introduce you to our dogs, talk about the exciting journey that may never have taken place, do not be with us the Bulldog!

We hope to share with you, dear friends, a particle of the love that lives in our family between people and bulldogs.

English Bulldog

Imperial GoldRussia Dog Breeders
Imperial Gold

Kennel of bichon frises.

Bichon Frise

kennel Gladiaterra Cane Corso ItalianoRussia Dog Breeders
kennel GLADIATERRA Cane Corso Italiano

Gladiaterra kennel is organized to cultivate and to promote Cane Corso Italiano

Browsing pages of Cane Corso GLADIATERRA kennel you will learn about history of this magnificent breed, will find out most distinguishing features of the standard recognized by FCI, you will 1st to know most important events in Cane Corso Breed life, we will try to show most important representatives of Cane Corso Italiano, in our albums you will find photos of cane corso puppies, in litter announcement you will find the one cane corso you searched for.

GLADIATERRA  - Born gladiator, always 1st from pup untill the champion.


Defino - labrador kennelRussia Dog Breeders
Defino - labrador kennel

"Defino" welcomes you!

We were fortuned to be involved in breeding our beloved labradors. Our dogs have been successful in shows and field work as well.We always have been matching our females with successful and worthy sires to produce healthy and good looking puppies. Our main goal is to breed labradors that are pleasing to look at, easy to live with and having all necessary abilities to become trusted hunting or sporting companion.

If you are considering purchasing a labrador retriever puppy in our kennel, please contact us.

Always a pleasure to see visitors!

Labrador Retriever

DemishStar Shiba-Inu KennelRussia Dog Breeders
DemishStar Shiba-Inu Kennel

Shiba-Inu Mono-breed Kennel «DemishStar» is the first and only in all Russian Far East region. We aim to produce litters of Nippo-style quality. Shibas of «DemishStar» Kennel are the only in Russia and Europe that have titles of Champions of Asia, Korea and China.


Iz doma VengreRussia Dog Breeders
Iz doma Vengre

Welsh corgi pembroke & cardigan kennel "Iz doma Vengre".

Welsh Corgi Pembroke         Welsh Corgi Cardigan

Серебряная пуля Silver BulletRussia Dog Breeders
Серебряная пуля - Silver Bullet

The kennel "Serebrynaya pulya" specializes on hunting breeds of dogs. The first dog of this kennel is Weimaraner or a SILVER GHOST. Now in Russia the most popular dogs from continental gun breeds are such as Kurtzhaar and Drathaar, however a Weimaranerunfairly forgotten is becoming popular exactly in a class of hunting dogs. Although this breed seems to be very frail, it combines power and speed, lightning reaction and extraordinary intellect, not for nothing Weimaraner is considered to be an aristocratic dog. It is like Rolls-Royce of the dog world (The first car of Rolls-Royce has appeared in 1907.It has received the name of Silver Ghost for a beautiful silver body).

We are glad to welcome you on our site and we hope that your interest to Weimaraner will outgrow in something more.


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