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Moloss kennel japanese tosa inu, sport bulldog (OEB) breedingHungary
Moloss kennel - japanese tosa inu,
sport bulldog (OEB) breeding

Moloss kennel (HU)- anno 1985.

Sport Bulldog Hungarian Old English Bulldog breeding. Anno 1995. Breeders: Barnabás Skropkó ( and István Kiss (Moloss kennel), Hungary.

Tosa Inu Olde English Bulldogge

White Lupus Silicis kennelHungary
White Lupus Silicis kennel

If you like white shepherds visit this site.

White Swiss Shepherd Dog

Ishara kennelHungary
Ishara kennel

Breeder of Afghans Hound, very important USA and American blood line, temperament and costruction eccellent.

Afghan Hound

Shamrock Golden Retriever KennelHungary
Shamrock Golden Retriever Kennel

Champion bloodlines, Cruft's qulaified dogs, helathy genetic background, real will to please temperament and very promising show quality puppies!

Golden Retriever

Greentree's Pei shar-peiHungary
Greentree's Pei shar-pei

We are Hungarian Kennel Club Accredited Breeders of shar-pei. We are loving hobby breeders (not our livelihood), we have two litters in one year a variety of dilute colours, including my favourite colour; lilac.

Shar Pei

Black Jade Pakony KennelHungary
Black Jade Pakony Kennel

Show quality, well socialized pugs. Black pugs.


Angyali Annie KennelHungary
Angyali Annie Kennel

Beagle Master Breeder.


Snoopy Kid Beagle KennelHungary
Snoopy Kid Beagle Kennel

Snoopy Kid Beagle Kennel from Hungary.


Eszter-Házi Drótos Hungarian Wirehaired VizslasHungary
Eszter-Házi Drótos
Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas from the original home of the breed! Please visit our webpage!

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla

Dashing Dawn shepherdHungary
Dashing Dawn shepherd

White suisse shepherd & border collie kennel (2007).

White Swiss Shepherd Dog Border Collie

Syva's Pride kleinspitz kennelHungary
Syva's Pride kleinspitz kennel

Small kleinspitz kennel from Hungary.

German Spitz

Delizia Boxer KennelHungary
Delizia Boxer Kennel

German boxer kennel from Hungary! Informations and photos about our dogs. Welcome to our website!

German Boxer

Toy poodle white and silver Silver Joker PoodlesHungary
Silver Joker Poodles
Toy poodle white and silver

Breeder of toy poodles in white and silver.



ANGELINASTAFF American Staffordshire Terrier kennel.

American Staffordshire Terrier

FairySett Gordon Setter KennelHungary
FairySett Gordon Setter Kennel

More informations and pictures of our gordons. Enjoy the visit!

Gordon Setter

Babocsai Hovawart KennelHungary
Babocsai Hovawart Kennel

A Hungarian hovawart kennel with huge experience.


Köd-hegy DachshundHungary
Köd-hegy Dachshund

Standard dachshund kennel - Passz v.Golf and Faworek Basta.


Dollywood KennelHungary
Dollywood Kennel

Kennel of the Year in 2003! Quality, style, elegance!

High qualitative english cocker spaniel, dobermann kennel! English cocker spaniels for shows, hunting and family pet! Dobermanns for shows, work and family pet!

English Cocker Spaniel Dobermann

Bonett Bride Golden retrieverHungary
Bonett Bride Golden retriever

I breed golden retrievers since 2003, it isn't a long way but I try to learn a lot from special british bredders! My breeding Multi Jch. Bonett Bride Double Decker, who was second on the British Champion Clubshow in July 2009.

Golden Retriever

Lean On Me Great Dane KennelHungary
Lean On Me Great Dane Kennel

We are a small, family kennel in Hungary focusing on quality not quantity. Please meet our blue and black danes in our home or webpage. Excellent bloodlines and show results.

Great Dane

Ceca boxHungary
Ceca box

Boxer box in west of Hungary.

German Boxer

 La Scale kennelHungary
La Scale kennel

Top English Cocker Spaniel Kennel 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017 in Hungary.

English Cocker Spaniel

Border Collies From Camilland'sHungary
From Camilland's Border Collies

Our aim is breeding healthy border collies with great character, excellent herding instinct and appearance. We do several sports with our dogs: herding,obedience, dog-dancing and frisbee.

Our female border collie, Milly is Interchampion, Multichampion, Hungarian Herding and Obedience Winner. Milly's first litter will be born in 2010 Jaunary from IntCh.Csovanyospataki Elixir.

Border Collie

Léka GyöngyeHungary
Léka Gyöngye

Léka Pearl Zwinger, Ungarn, sind 6 kleine rüde geboren, liebevollen Familie Suchen   Eltern sind  sehr gut, Stammbaum, gutmütig schönen  gesundes -, Ausstellungs-Hunde.


Stormy Corner Bearded Collie'sHungary
Stormy Corner Bearded Collie's

Here they love the Bearded only!

Bearded Collie

Klondike KennelHungary
Klondike Kennel

Fox Terrier-Wire - Golden diploma master breeder.

Fox Terrier Wire

kennel WestyleHungary

West Highland White Terrier Master Breeding & Show Kennel.

Welcome to WESTYLE Westies. My kennel Westyle is home of FCI Registered West Highland White Terrier Champion showdogs and their puppies. Dedicated to excellent quality, health, appearance and temperament.

Our adult dogs and puppies live with us in our home as family members. Our life revolves around them. I have references in the USA, Canada, South America, Asia and Europe.

West Highland White Terrier

Zemplen Fighter KennelHungary
Zemplen Fighter Kennel

Bull Terrier kennel from Hungary.

Bull Terrier

Diva Noire standard short haired dachshund kennelHungary
Diva Noire
standard short haired dachshund kennel

I'm a dachshund fan, so I'd like you to know more about my pets, my kennel. My breed have outstanding qualitiesin terms of appearance (phenotype). They are born and bred dachshund with a stable nervous system (excellent for burrowing).


Shiva Tibetan Mastiff kennelHungary
Shiva Tibetan Mastiff kennel

I am specialized on Tibetan Mastiff since 1992.

My principle aim by putting new individuals into the kennel is to raise the quality of the kennel. Thanks to this purpose and to the affectionate trainings the succesful presentation of Shiva Kennel puppies on the exhibitions can be expected.

Tibetan Mastiff

 Pusztai-Pandur hovawart kennelHungary
Pusztai-Pandur hovawart kennel

Hovawart breeder since 1993 in Hungary. Pusztai-Pandur kennel gold-grade master breeder. Club-Winners, and Champions came out of this Kennel.


Compatriota di Bonfini KennelHungary
Compatriota di Bonfini Kennel

Our kennel's goal is to breed great looking and well working Bracco Italianos. Visit our homepage where you can find information about the breed in English and German.

Italian Pointing Dog

Amaruq-Chimo Tibeti Masztiff KennelHungary
Amaruq-Chimo Tibeti Masztiff Kennel

Többszörösen győztes, több országban Champion címet elért kutyákkal rendelkező, fiatal tenyészet.

Many times winner, Champion understands a title in more countries young culture at which dogs are.

Mehrmals Sieger, mehr Land Champion Titel errungen HĂĽnde, Junge GezĂĽcht.

Tibetan Mastiff


Quality breeding with quality dogs.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bohemian Grow malinois and german shepherd dogsHungary
Bohemian Grow
malinois and german shepherd dogs

Working malinois and slovak bloodline working german shepherd dogs.

Belgian Shepherd Dog - Malinois German Shepherd Dog

Bentavölgyi Bátor Sarplaninac KennelHungary
Bentavölgyi Bátor Sarplaninac Kennel

Sarplaninac kennel since 2001. Photos and information on our website or further information please contact via e-mail.

Yugoslavian Herder

From Northland Of Hungary KennelHungary
From Northland Of Hungary Kennel

English Cocker Spaniel & American Cocker Spaniel Welcome !! Black Mirage Puppies and Dogs!

English Cocker Spaniel
American Cocker Spaniel

My Little Giant Pug and Leonberger KennelHungary
My Little Giant
Pug and Leonberger Kennel

We are a Pug and Leonberger kennel from Hungary. Our pugs have great pedigrees, conformation and temperament. For more information and photo please look at the our homepage.

Pug Leonberger

Phanatic kennelHungary

Shar-pei puppies for sale, different colours, all over the year, champion parents. We offer top male for mating.

Shar Pei

 Tigerwood's American Staffordshire TerrierHungary
American Staffordshire Terrier

Tigerwood's American Staffordshire Terriers in Hungary.

American Staffordshire Terrier

Rábaközi-Nemes Puli KennelHungary
Rábaközi-Nemes Puli Kennel

Rábaközi-Nemes White Puli Kennel! Pictures about puli dogs and white puli puppies. The sales of white puli puppies!

It was founded on the spring of 2005. However, we work already with Pulis for six years. Our goal is that many people should get to known this type of a Hungarian dog and possibly there should be one lovely Puli in every household. Puli is a type of a dog that a person can trust in without any conditions since it is a faithful kind. It is a devoted dog to its owner without terms.


Black Bead BostonHungary
Black Bead Boston

We are a young and healthy boston terrier kennel. Our champion dogs live with us like a family members.

Boston Terrier

Blue Batta Shar Pei kennelHungary
Blue Batta Shar Pei kennel

Blue and Lilac Shar Pei.

Shar Pei

Diablos Arrugados Shar-PeiHungary
Diablos Arrugados Shar-Pei

High qualitative breeding in Hungary! Show and breed quality puppies for sale!

Shar Pei

Keve-Bull's KennelHungary
Keve-Bull's Kennel

French Bulldog breeder - Hungary.

French Bulldog

African Fata Morgana Rhodesian Ridgeback KennelHungary
African Fata Morgana
Rhodesian Ridgeback Kennel

The African Fata Morgana Kennel breeds since 1993 Rhodesian Ridgebacks for family, breeding and show. From our breeding many breeding founders, as well as numerous show champions are descended.

On our internet side you can find about us more information. To our aim is breed the puppies of high class, beautiful, healthy and with good character.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Spotted Angels Dalmata KennelHungary
Spotted Angels Dalmata Kennel

Dalmatian breeding in Hungary.


Castle's Queen Rough ColliesHungary
Castle's Queen Rough Collies

Collie Rough Kennel in Hungary.

Collie Rough

Lowe von Blumengarten Leonberger KennelHungary
Leonberger Kennel

Our dogs are being brought up in affection, a family in our culture. With a good nervous system, strong skeleton is at their disposal. Public healthwise filtered. We achieve superb results with them on exhibitions we use many dogs bred by us for a therapy. Write to us if our culture was liked.


Budavári Fekete KennelHungary
Budavári Fekete Kennel

Bichon bolognais and Havanais Kennel.

Bolognese Havanese

Wookiee Gang Bearded Collie KennelHungary
Wookiee Gang Bearded Collie Kennel

Welcome to the Wookiee Gang Bearded Collies! The site is dedicated to our beardies with news, photos & video clips and many more. We are a family, running a small, MEOE/FCI registered bearded collie kennel in Hungary.

Bearded Collie

Parad Hungarian Shorthaired VizslaHungary
Parad Hungarian Vizsla

Lovely hungarian vizsla babies are looking for their new homes.

Hungarian Shorthaired Vizsla