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Bulls of ParadiseHungary
Bulls of Paradise

FCI/MEOE - English Bulldog and Pug - Breeder.

English Bulldog Pug

Star-Mountain Strong Kennel - BloodhoundHungary
Star-Mountain Strong Kennel - Bloodhound

Star-Mountain Strong Kennels in Central Europe, Hungary, in Budapest. English bloodhound kennel dogs deal. Kennel founder of award-winning bitch, the type specimen.


Little MonsterHungary
Little Monster

We are breeders of rare colour pugs and french

Bulldogs, we breed white, platium and chocolates pugs and blue and chocolate frenchies. We are based in Hungary but regularly ship all over europe, we have been breeding for many years and are very experienced in breeder rare colours.

If you need anymore information please feel freeto contact me.

Pug French Bulldog


We have brought Sarplaninac dogs from several parts of Kosovo in order to breed characteristic, perfect moving offspring with good nervous system.

Akela Nأ©pe Kennel, Akela's people Kennel, Rأ³mai Mandula Kennel, Roman Almond Kennel, Kisbأ©ri Szأ¼rke, Farkas, Kisbأ©ri Grey Wolf Kennel.

Yugoslavian Shepherd Dog - Sharplanina

Medvebergi Maszkos Leonberger KennelHungary
Medvebergi Maszkos Leonberger Kennel

We have a few leos at home, they are all loved, but we breed only those, who are successfull in dogshows, and who are Perfectly healthy. Our aim is to have leos with very good temperament, health, and ability to show or breed them.

It is a familial kennel, they are family members here. I hope, if you want a puppy from us, you think the same.



American staffordshire terrier kennel from Hungary.

American Staffordshire Terrier

Szentmihályi-Szabó puli kennelHungary
Szentmihályi-Szabó puli kennel

In 1987 I received my first Puli, Tengerdi-Hazi Morgo. A couple of years later, for Morgo az a mate, we obtained Diofastelki Hiros, who in my view even today, was the ultimate Female Puli. It is because of her that my life changed radically.

Currently we live near Budapest in Maglod, due to Puli breeding we had to give up our Matyasfoldi home in Budapest to provide adequate facilities for our Puli family.


Várda Fekete Gyöngye KennelHungary
Várda Fekete Gyöngye Kennel

Várda Fekete Gyöngy Miniature and Kaninchen Dachshund Kennel.



Quality Rough Collie puppies from Hungary.

Collie Rough

Strawberry Goldens KennelHungary

Top quality Golden Retriever breeder.

Golden Retriever

Bagolyvári berni kennelHungary
Bagolyvári berni kennel

The 2011th December 26 was born on the beautiful Bernese Mountain proprietary vendors babies - six boys, two girls -. Excellent parents! The 2012th March negotiable előjegyeztethetők now. Exclusively loving pet owners are welcome! For more information ...

Bernese Mountain Dog

Reedy Gold Golden Retriever KennelHungary
Reedy Gold Golden Retriever Kennel

If you chose a Golden retriever you will find a faithful and true friend. This breed has endless loyalty for the family members and joyful temperament. The Golden retriever soon became one of the most popular breed around the word. Not by chance!

Golden Retriever

Dancing Master KennelHungary
Dancing Master Kennel

Chihuahua breeding. Puppies for sale for dogshow, breeding program or Hobby aim.


Holiday Hills Rough ColliesHungary
Holiday Hills Rough Collies

High quality Rough Collies in Hungary. Gold Wreathed Master Kennel. Established in 1991.

Collie Rough

Leobeni Norwich Terrier kennelHungary
Leobeni Norwich Terrier kennel

Leobeni is a small norwich terrier kennel in Hungary, where the first puppies were born in September, 2011. The most important is the health in our kennel. You are welcome!

Norwich Terrier

of Bacardi great dane dogs kennelHungary
of Bacardi great dane dogs kennel

Home of Bacardi great dane dogs in Hungary.

Great Dane

Dwarfen Ergy Miniature Pinscher and Schipperke kennelHungary
Dwarfen Ergy Miniature Pinscher
and Schipperke kennel

Miniature Pinscher and Schipperke kennel in Hungary. Welcome to visit our site.

Miniature Pinscher Schipperke

Agilis Papillon KennelHungary
Agilis Papillon Kennel

Papillon - Top Quality - from Hungary!
Welcome to the Agilis Kennel!


Kennel  Köd-hegy DobermannHungary
Kennel Köd-hegy Dobermann

Baltazár Kod-hegy (IDC V1 2009), Holly Tahi-reme.


CT's Show PomsHungary
CT's Show Poms

The CT's Show Poms is a very young and small breeding of the beautiful Pomeranian small spitz.

We live in a historial town near Budapest in Hungary. We were both turned towards the breeding by the admiration of the breed. We carefully selected the dogs of the breeding, we think it is very important to breed excellent dogs regarding show and breeding from both sides of the male and female. Our target is to approach the AKC (American Kennel Club) standard as much as possible, furthermore health and temper is the necessary part of our breeding program.

We hope that you will enjoy the visit on our website!


Szőlőhegyi Bitangűző KennelHungary
Szőlőhegyi Bitangűző Kennel

Beautiful Cotton de Tuléar puppies from qualified and competition winner parents HJHC.HCH.SRB.CH ar for sale.

Coton de Tuléar

Lively Golden kennelHungary
Lively Golden kennel

Golden retriever kennel in Hungary.

Golden Retriever

Efendi Basset Hound Kennel<Hungary
Efendi Basset Hound Kennel

Hungarian Basset Hound Kennel since 1982!

Basset Hound

XDemoiselle-Pyr KennelHungary
Demoiselle-Pyr Kennel

The most successful Hungarian kennel for breeding Pyrenean Mountaine Dog is Demoiselle-Pyr, which has bred dogs since 1991. Many World- and European champions, Interchampions and National champion dogs have been born in our kennel so far and they are still alive.

Our purpose is to breed healthy dogs with excellent body and nervous system up to the standards, which will have a happy life their new owners.

Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Magasparti Rutinos MasterbreederHungary
Magasparti Rutinos Masterbreeder

Magyar Vizsla - Top Quality - from Hungary!

Hungarian Shorthaired Vizsla

Canil Janus-facedHungary
Canil Janus-faced

Janus-faced: keeping up the dual personality of the true Fila brasileiro

Why Janus-faced? Well, the Fila brasileiro is a very, very special breed, an extraordinary dog, where duality, being double-faced is the standard. Love and devotion for the family, fierce dislike and distrust for the rest of the world. Based on personality and temperament, it has no peers at all in the canine family. Physically, the Fila brasileiro is a magnificent and regal animal, with such graceful, fluid and agile movements which may surprise one considering how large the breed is.

Unfortunately, the brave and long suffering Fila brasileiro is today in the very middle of his last battle. By this process he is perhaps more attacked than any other Fila brasileiro generation before, who had to fight against bulls and jaguars. Paradoxically one has on the other side the fact that the Kennel Clubs in various countries are registering hundreds of Fila brasileiro pups per year without being interested whether these are true Fila brasileiros or bastards. One must also recognize that there has also been a tendency of softening the extremely sharp temperament of the ancient Fila brasileiros.

But, in spite of all the difficulties, we of Janus-faced brought and still are intending to bring specimens from these ancient strains, today nearly extinct, to our kennel. The result of their breeding has already been proved worthwhile, first in terms of their rusticity and homogeneity in type, and second, in terms of their firmness in temperament, courage and “ojeriza” to strangers. These are, indeed, the unmistakeable features of the true Fila brasileiro.

We wish that just those people, who want to preserve him as he was introduced to all of us in his severe origin which had formed him, would breed the Fila brasileiro. We do not want to see the Fila brasileiro in the hands of people who fancy the modern superficial beauty shows. They neglect and want to push away the traditional capacities of the Fila brasileiro.

One must know: the Fila brasileiro is not a dog adequate for everybody! It is very important to have a close contact between the dog and the owner especially when the dog is young and his character is being formed. Everybody should know, too, that the Fila brasileiro prefers to be handled by firm hands, a handler with a strong alpha character. The purchasing of a Fila brasileiro is a great responsibility!

To be owned by a Fila brasileiro is a great pleasure, and while I think that the Fila brasileiro is not a breed for everyone, I do think that for those special people, the “fileiros”, there is a very special relationship waiting to be had with one of these extraordinary dogs.

Come and be one of us! Enjoy having a magnificent friend: an authentic Fila brasileiro!

Fila Brasileiro

Roxana Samoyed KennelHungary
Roxana Samoyed Kennel

Samoyed puppies for sale! For further information visit our website!


Rainbow Shine KennelHungary
Rainbow Shine Kennel

Pug Kennel from Hungary.


New Devil Miniature SchnauzerHungary
NEW DEVIL Miniature Schnauzer

Welcome NEW DEVIL Miniature Schnauzer Kennel!!!

Miniature Schnauzer

Ultrakopó KennelHungary
Ultrakopó Kennel

Kennelünk célja a jó idegrendszerű, és család centrikus kutyák kitenyésztése. Rövid, tömör testfelépítésű, csontos kiskutyák felnevelése!


Sangarah Irish SettersHungary
Sangarah Irish Setters

I have been in love with the breed since 1992. Our website with a lot of professional photos presents our quality dogs from pure English bloodlines.

My ambition is to breed and share life with true type and kind character Irish Setters. Litters from special combinations are very rarely planned, and only when I want a new puppy for myself. Have a look at our pages and get to know us better!

Irish Red Setter

Salem's Lot Labrador Retriever KennelHungary
Salem's Lot Labrador Retriever Kennel

Our small kennel's aim is to fulfill entirely the obligatory regulations of the given breed. We are doing our best to maintain the original features of the labradors.

Labrador Retriever

Alsó-Lajosfalvy Shih-tzu kennelHungary
Alsó-Lajosfalvy Shih-tzu kennel

I have a small Shih-tzu kennel in Hungary.My kennel -Alsó-Lajosfalvy I have been since 1993, and my kennel is registred on FCI 1053/2010. My ain at going to very healthy and content puppies born my kennel, and very nice owners, who going to see, which really Shih - Tzu !!!

Anywhere 100% litter, but stirve to better and better. I believe, I step good way, and I work hard to better and better ....and this ain need too much purpose, patient, persistence, and luck! Please, see my page and enoy!

Shih Tzu

Hajdú-házi rottweiler kennelHungary
Hajdú-házi rottweiler kennel

Hajdú-házi-rottweiler kennel in Hungary.


Raysel Khyi - Tibet mastiff kennelHungary
Raysel Khyi - Tibet mastiff kennel

My small Tibet mastiff kennel located in Hungary. My tibetan mastiffs are champions of many country, and have unique bloodline. They have strong bones, and long hair and balanced character. Welcome on my website! :)

Tibetan Mastiff

Pinkbull Estrellas Bulldog KennelHungary
Pinkbull Estrellas Bulldog Kennel

Bulldog kennel located in Hungary, specialized in show bulldog breeding. "See the World in PINK!"

English Bulldog

The Bodyguard Bull KennelHungary
The Bodyguard Bull Kennel

American Bulldog breeding, mating and puppies to sale.

Amerikai Bulldog tenyésztés, fedeztetés, eladó kölykök.

American Bulldog

Del Kristofer Dogo Argentino KennelHungary
Del Kristofer Dogo Argentino Kennel

We started our Dogo Argentino kennel with two Argentine import dogos in 1996. Our dogs are family members, and they have been very successful at various dog shows too.

Our kennel is Master Breeders in Hungary since 2006. We believe that both health and standard regulations are equally essential. We like tracing the life of the dogs from our kennel and try to keep in friendly touch with the new owners. Welcome to our homepage!

Dogo Argentino

King of the Moon Amstaff KennelSlovakiaHungary
King of the Moon Amstaff Kennel

We have been breeding Amstaffs since 1999. It will be a pleasure answer your questions and help you to find a new friend. Socialization is very important for us. We select our dames and sires by genealogy, beauty and temperament.

Quality, healthy and competence.

American Staffordshire Terrier

Loncsosi-Bátor KennelHungary
Loncsosi-Bátor Kennel

Home of the white, black, grey and fawn pulies.


Mecsekaljai Büki Ma-No Szentbernáthegyi KennelHungary
Mecsekaljai Büki Ma-No
Szentbernáthegyi Kennel

Matisa Norbert fajtiszta Bernáthegyi kutyákkal foglalkozó honlapja.

St. Bernard Dog

Macho Kids KennelHungary
Macho Kids Kennel

Gyönyörű, különleges, hatalmas méretű hosszúszőrű német juhászkutyák tenyészete. Majdnem az ország közepén, fenyvessel határolva, egy kellemes vendégházhoz tartozó birtokon található, a szokványostól eltérő kennelünk.

German Shepherd Dog

Ginostra ŐrzőjeHungary
Ginostra Őrzője

The Corso is my real family, otherwise you will not even accept the kutyatartást. Have free access to the apartment and kennelmentes lives.

Their care with great attention, including walks, runs, own care and feeding. For me, the most important of the health of my dogs, quiet nature, a balanced nervous system.

My goal is to get more of the Cane Corso dog loving people get acquainted, endear, family, hobbies or munkakutyaként more joyful moments for you to obtain.

Cane Corso Italiano

Credo of Hungary shih-tzu kennelHungary
Credo of Hungary shih-tzu kennel

Welcome to kennel Credo of Hungary, we are small Shih-tzu kennel located in the Hungary in Szeged. In 1990, I got my first Shih Tzu, he was Nadjeh Tsan vh.Martinihaim. Breeder of this wonderful breed, the Shih-tzu, please have a look at our website. Thank you!

Shih Tzu

Claire Noir Briard kennelHungary
Claire Noir Briard kennel

Our kennel is for briards in Hungary, in Center-Europe, close to Budapest. We have beautiful and healthy briards with balanced character. Their puppies are for family, sport, working, show and breeding aims with FCI pedigree.

We are looking for the healthy, the morphology and the working instinct too.

We have multi-Champion, multi-BOB dogs. All of them have working certificates, most of them have Cotation result in France. Some of them are active sporting dogs.

If you have some questions, or you want a puppy, visit our homepage, or write me an e-mail.


Kaszavölgyi-Fürge KennelHungary
Kaszavölgyi-Fürge Kennel

Jack Russells For Show And Hunting

We are from a beautiful little village in Hungary. Our name is Kaszavölgyi-Fürge Kennel. We are so proud of the many prizes we won in Hungary and many other countries. Our dogs are the part of our family and we go hunting together! They have Australian ancestors, and Europe and world champions' blood runs in their veins. Visit our website and take a look at our breed!

Jack Russell Terrier

Hungarian White Rasta Puli kennel Hungary
Hungarian White Rasta Puli kennel

Welcome to our website!
We are proud to present you on this site our Pulis. We will inform you about our days with the dogs. You can read about the exhibitions and fair and we can inform you about the possible puppies.


Rineweld Collie kennelHungary
Rineweld Collie kennel

Show and Working collie breeder in middle-east Europe. Rineweld collie kennel in Hungary.

Collie Rough Shetland Sheepdog

Temudzin AlabaiHungary

We breed alabais many years and we love this breed soo much! We work with turkmenian line from the best turkmenian dogs. Our dogs are healthy with many shows results! We invite you to our homepage!

Central Asia Shepherd Dog

Stirling Bridge KennelHungary
Stirling Bridge Kennel

This site about Gordon Setters is our favourite breed. You will find infos about our kennel and our Gordons. Hope you will enjoy it and come back often!

Gordon Setter

Blue Casmire York KennelHungary
Blue Casmire York Kennel

Since 21 years we are bredder's Sharpeis. Hope you will have pleasure to look our dogs, all Champion bred by us. All my dogs live at home with us.

Yorkshire Terrier

Somogyi Betyár KennelHungary
Somogyi Betyár Kennel

Promising Komondor puppies for demanding hosts are for sale. If you look for a reliable companion and a good watchdog I recommend this rare and special breed.Please visit away my website.


Hadrianuslabradors Labrador Retriever kennelHungary
Labrador Retriever kennel

Show quality labrador puppies from beautiful, lovely character and very good hunting ability parents.

Labrador Retriever

Independent Bullterrier KennelHungary
Independent Bullterrier Kennel

I am András Korsós, with my little family and our doggies jointly, we are Independent Bullterrier kennel.

Our commitment for the kind dates back to 18 years slowly already, believes we noticed it then first the English bullterriert.

The yearning was left for us merely until 1999, believes we bribed it at this time Igor name white boar our dog. He not really desirable according to the standard, we like it so on the other hand. Onto him Zizike arrived to us with a year, with the help of who and onto our friends' urging we may have had a taste of the world of the exhibitions.

The first successes came and from there already history. After more successful and less successful exhibitions it by that time Hungária Champion our doggie our first puppies were born. Who Grand Champion is is between these successors was left, on the other hand the others doggies very promising, I understand beautiful results on different exhibitions concerned

We are glad about him and we regard it as our principal aim in order for the doggies coming from us to be healthy then, lover owner let them be found and let it be lived there happy bulli their life. After more years of omission our family been here saw the time, that onto new one deal the English loved by us bullterrierrel.

A lot we owe thanks to everybody for their help, their support, they know it who they and we say thank you for it to them.

We thank our web page for being visited and we trust him, that soon happy bullterrier gazdik they will be and it is experienced, that how together to live, to laugh together with a real clown, which grants all affection, and naturally deserves.

With a friendly greeting,
the Korsós family

Bull Terrier