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Rycerska Sfora FCIPoland Dog Breeders
Rycerska Sfora FCI

Dachshund is our passion since.


con CollinaPoland Dog Breeders
con Collina

Collies and shelties from Poland. Best Kennel Club 2009.

Collie Rough         Shetland Sheepdog

Mushanga Bedlington TerriersPoland Dog Breeders
MUSHANGA Bedlington Terriers

I live in KrakAlw, Poland. Bedlingtons are with me since 1987. I am not focused only on producing puppies. I have bedlington terriers mainly for pleasure, because I just love this breed, so I have puppies only from time to time. Please look at my site and fall in love with bedlington terriers.

Bedlington Terrier

Legend of The SpiritPoland Dog Breeders
Legend of The Spirit

Legend of The Spirit - strona o piؤ™knych psach siberian husky. Hodowla Siberian husky.

Siberian Husky

Breeder AmebaPoland Dog Breeders
Breeder AMEBA

AMEBA is Polish kennel specialized in French Bulldog,Basenji,Thai Ridgeback and Weimaraner. News, our dogs, photos, shows, litters and puppies. Your always welcome to contact us for about our dogs.

French Bulldog         Basenji         Thai Ridgeback Dog         Weimaraner

Herbu HarpaganPoland Dog Breeders
Herbu Harpagan

The Kennel of the Harpagan coat of arms has been registered in Polish Kennel Club (Związek Kynologiczny w Polsce) since 2002. Dogs in my grown-up life have appeared as soon as possible it was. The very first one was a magnificent blue Great Dane called James Bond, but we basically referred to him as James. Unfortunately, he passed away after long incurable illness.

In the meantime, Ikeba,  the mongrel from an animal shelter has joined us as James’s companion. It’s the most jealous dog ever.

Our adventure with Jack Russell Terriers has begun in the particularly unusual way. So, we set off to Gołdap in Warmia and Masuria region, where the international conference of deer breaders took place (we were going to keep fallow deer then). Fortunately, we met there Agata Kalicińska – the Gang Staff Kennel owner. And this is how the things ended up. Actually, not in deer-run.

Eventually, on 1 June 2007 Agata brought us impatiently expected puppy – Zuzia (Susie)

Jack Russell Terrier

Chluba Oli - Australian Silky TerrierPoland Dog Breeders
Chluba Oli - Australian Silky Terrier

Our breed „Chluba Oli” was established eleven years ago. We have already achieved numerous successes in different fields. Everyone of our dogs has attended Dog Shows not only in Poland but all over Europe. They received excellent notes by international judges and received various titles.

We are small family kennel. Usually once a year, we have new born puppies. We take great care in choosing appropriate parents for our puppies. Not only do we take into consideration their general build and hair, we also put a lot of emphasis on our dogs’ mental upbringing and their social behaviour. Our goal is to produce dogs which are not only beautiful in appearance but also make great family friends.

Australian Silky Terrier

Absolutely Spotless - BeagleRadom, Poland Dog Breeders
Absolutely Spotless - Beagle

Junior World Winner 2008, World Winner 2010, European Winner 2011, Interchampions!

Welcome to our kennel "Absolutely Spotless"!
Our dogs have a lot of prestigious titles. Among them: Junior World Winner 2008, World Winner 2010, European Winner 2011, Best Brood Bitch at the World Dog Show 2006. We have also one Beagle on the world with title: FCI Centenary Shows Champion.

More informations on our website!


Bursztynowy Zakatek FCI KooikerhondjePoland Dog Breeders
Bursztynowy Zakatek FCI

Bursztynowy Zakatek FCI - Small family kennel located in the south-eastern Poland. Excellent blood-lines; show quality dogs; We recommend excellent puppies. Puppies carefully and lovingly reared in a safe, clean and stimulating home environment with children. Currently we waiting for a puppies from excellent combination of parents.

Small Dutch Waterfowl Dog

RicchezzaRadom, Poland Dog Breeders

Welcome on my small farm called RICCHEZZA. We are registered in the Polish Kennel Club (Kennel Club) and the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) live in Radom voivodship. In our kennel are situated maltese and toy poodles.

Maltese         Poodle Toy

Hodowla Oras Landseer i Pirenejski pies górskiPoland Dog Breeders
Hodowla Oras
Landseer i Pirenejski pies górski

We have puppies Landseer, mother - Tara u Źródeł Wisły, Polish Junior Champion, 4 x BOB, 1 x CACIB 2 x CWC and father - Aaron vom Berndshof, Polish Junior Champion, Polish Champion, Champion of Germany, the German Club Champion. Puppies born on 23/02/2012.

Landseer         Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Sun of Tybet - Shih TzuPoland Dog Breeders
Sun of Tybet - Shih Tzu

Polish top kennel of shih tzu - Sun of Tybet.

Shih Tzu

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