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Find a dog breeders, breeding kennels… and puppies from all over Europe. Search by country or dog breed, list of over 300 breeds, FCI and UK Kennel Club nomenclature.         ***         Chihuahua Breeders - We are engaged in professional breeding the smallest and the most wonderful breed of short-haired Chihuahua as well as long-haired… breed top quality chihuahuas of excellent type and soundness… a small hobby breeder with my dogs being much loved pets… breed long and short hair Chihuahuas to the breeding standard under the International Kennel… We have beautiful short- and long-haired Chi's… dogs with good bloodlines from many different and excellent breeders around the world… work for typical choco color selection and we breed only longcoat variety… a small Assured Breeder with the Kennel Club and have three girl Chihuahuas… puppies have a FCI pedigree, we only breed according to the rules of the Board of Management… Shows, chihuahua agility and training, puppies, photo gallery and more info on our website…     *     Bull Terrierer Breeders - … breed healthy & standard dogs which confirm to the English breed standards… We breed our dogs for shows, sports, joys and fun with love… Breeder of Miniature Bullterrier in… Dogs and puppies selection for beauty, health, caracter and pedigree… dog embodying all the characteristics of a Bull Standard, with a smaller size and a more peaceful temperament… Qualitative miniature bullterrier breeding and show handling for standard and miniature bullterrier… have a look Our dogs take part in prestigious exhibi tions – dogshow… members of many Bull Terrier Clubs and are also members of the… specialise in the breeding of champion Bull Terriers… Breeders of Bull Terriers since 1982 in… a small kennel and we are dedicated to breed only bull terrier…     *     Cane Corso Italiano Breeders - Information about the breed, show class puppies available… Breeding of cane corso, after the original Italien standard… Our dogs are living like family pets… Show and working lines… athletic body and guarding instincts make it the ideal dog for family and training… One of the first cane corso breeders in… Our dogs are from world champion bloodlines… Kennel of Cane Corso Italiano. We breed 2 a 3 litters a year with allot of love and passion for the breed… The purpose of the kennel is correct selection, preservation of the breed type of the breed… Our Cane Corso participate with great results in all Europa shows… We like the molosser type of dogs, but it has to meet specific requirements… the first FCI approved cane corso home kennel in… breeders of the rare Italian Mastiff known as the… our puppies very seriously and only plan a few litters a year… fine representative of working cane corso… a brave protector of both owner and property… Kennel devoted to the preservation breeding and genetic improvement of the Italian Cane Corso… Αll our dogs they have parents from the most important italian blood lines…     *     Bulldog Breeders - only breed when we want to add to our show team and only do so with the best stud dogs in the UK & Europe… breeding happy and healthy bulldogs and frenchies, that meet the standard requirements, in familiar environment; Our aim is to breed Top Quality Bulldogs that all fit the Bulldog breed standard; a top show winning kennel who strive to breed perfection… stunning show winning dogs at stud, siring beautiful strong, fit and healthy show winning puppies… You find the history, the standard, show-handling, showreports around the world, english bulldog breeders and puppies… top quality champion english bulldogs and puppies with excellent bloodlines… Careful and planned breeding of quality we choose mates for our dogs to maintain the quality of our line of dogs; Our dogs are successful both at shows and in the sport and our priority is the health of dogs… As breeders we know it is our responsibility to maintain the breed to its standards and characteristics to the best of… dedicated to breeding super healthy show quality British bulldogs…     *     Great Dane Breeders - Breeder and Exhibitors of harlequin/black and blue Great Danes; Dogs from the best European lines; Small breeding in home environment, we strive for friendly and mentally good dogs… Kennel harlequin and black great danes… have dogs from Champion and Interchampion bloodlines… small breeders and are intend to keep it that way… information about our champion Great Danes, new litters and our policy as breeders… the first place as the welfare of each puppy which goes into a new home… Our numerous achievements include winning at DFS Crufts two years consecutive, one being Best of Breed… a small kennel who breed Great Danes after chosen lines that we perfer… features puppies of the best English bloodlines… here you can to take a look at our dogs. To know rather about theirs temper, exterior and care… Breeders of Blue and Blue Bred Black Great Danes… a list of breeders in all over the world including of course Europe… the best bloodlines running through all of our dogs including… put great accent for the genetic, health, and familly abiality… breeding quality Great Danes along four generation…     *     Australian Shepherd Breeders - Aussies for shows and working…small but very comitted breeder of top show quality Australian Shepherds… selected regarding their morphology, temperament and genetics according to the breed standards… Australian Shepherds for stock work mainly, some individuals may fit for other purposes too… not a commercial breeder, we just have one litter per year… successfully breed Australian shepherd… From time to time we have quality puppies for special people… In our kenmnel are resident several champions… produce occasionnaly true aussies with brains and beauty… Our aim is to breed healthy and versatile Australian Shepherds with good temperament and excellent quality… Breeder and sport owner of the breeds Golden Retriever and Australian Shepherd… Working aussies was the breed wich suit us the best as they are stockdogs and also family dogs as they share our life… breeder with passion and rigour of a race of dog: the Australian Shepherd of America… with a nice temperament out of the USA breeding lines… need stockdogs that have heart for work and health to do it… puppies are growing beautifully and with great care in our family… a small kennel who breed occasional Australian Shepherds… Quality Aussies of US import lines…     *     Golden Retriever Breeders & Kennels - All our adult dogs are show champions, with working exams and health screenings… Articles, care, dog show, training, breeding, agility, shepherd and… show and train the dogs for show and also for retrievering activities… use nice lines but beauty, working ability, health and good temperament… Small but pefect family of champions… A dog with a geneological table of us is a proof and your warranty for, after best knowledge and certain a bred dog… successfully breed and show Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever… happy dogs, high quality exterier and pedigrees… work with the best lines producing champions at home and abroad… Our Goldens are owned with love and bred with care… Our goal is to breed beautiful, fond of children, and especially healthy golden retriever puppy… Ideal as pets or working dogs… out of famous & very interesting European bloodlines with the aim of soundness of beauty, character & health… Our Goldens live free and in continuous contact with me and my family, resulting in some dogs it balanced both physically and psychologically to them does develop fully and be very sociabl… Golden Retrievers of the English Style, bred for their good temperament… small kennel involved in showing and obedience… The puppies have a great pedigree with plenty of champions in their ancestry… purebred dogs from the Europe's most successful lines…     *     Akita Breeders - All breeding stock are Hip Scored, Eye Tested and shown at Championship show level… Akita breeders since 1982 several World Champions and European Champions Suisse, France, Luxembourg, Austria, Bundessieger, Italian and Holland… Our puppy's will be born and raised indoor, so they are used to the most frequent noises of an household when they leave the nest… Japanese Akita Inu Kennel from… Dogs and puppies selection for beauty, health, caracter and pedigree… you can find the some information about akita standard - FCI and Japanese (AKIHO), pictures and videos of our dogs… Our Japanese Akitas are of high quality and live inside as part of the family… Our Dogs live in the pack with our family, no kennel maintenance… proud to say that are puppies have reached over 10 countries across Europe… kennel regularly offer puppies for sale… a gorgeous dog from mysterious Japan, from the mountains of Akita prefecture - the North part of Japan…     *     Beagle Breeders - Our champions are hunting dogs… Small kennel breeding quality Beagles… the top european & australian bloodlines… beagles for shows and hunting, puppies for sale… We are a beagle breeders from… Stunning chunky puppies available sometimes… breed and show quality Beagles with excellent foreign bloodlines… well as their hunting properties, and promote - in accordance with the standard of the FCI… wish to reserve for a beagle puppy can want You can reach us at… litter in high quality of character, exterior and even work abilities… If you are interested in the beagle breed spend time on the browsing our website… Multiple Champions, Group and Breed winners in several countries on two continents… Breeder of beagles for show and house pets…         ***         You can find information on dog breeders, kennels, breeds, stud dogs, planned litters, dogs for sale, handling and dog web design. rom toy to large dog breeds - Hounds, Gundogs, Terriers, Utility breeds, Working, Pastoral and Toy. Finding a puppies for sale from a local breeders at Dogs for show, work, sport and family from excellent bloodlines.     ***

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Dina's Way Basset Hound Czechia
Dina's Way

Basset Hound breeder in the Czech Republic.

Basset Hound

Tileco Italian GreyhoundCzechia

Italian Greyhound kennel in the Czech republic.

Italian Greyhound

Rottnaples RottweilerItaly

Nostro Centro Selezione nasce dall'esigenza e dalla volontà di due amici appassionati del Rottweiler di tutelare la razza e soprattutto applicare il principio etico del cinofilo "vero". Nei nostri soggetti abbiamo sempre ricercato l'armonia di un soggetto e non l'ipertipicità, ossia quella esasperazione che in cani come il Rottweiler puo' portare a gravi patologie e problemi di salute.


Drachenheim Rottweiler KennelSerbia
Drachenheim Rottweiler Kennel

"Drachenheim" is a small family kennel located in northern Serbia, Europe. We breed Rottweilers from top German and old Serbian bloodlines, focusing on health (HD-ED, JLPP, Heart), genetic diversity, correct conformation as well as temperament and work ability.

Our dogs are family dogs first and foremost, and we only have 2-3 litters a year to ensure our puppies are getting all the love, attention and care that they need. All our puppies are born and raised in the house, following Puppy Culture protocols, and carefully matched to new homes that best suit their temperament and drive.


kennel Vanth welsh corgi pembrokeItaly
kennel Vanth welsh corgi pembroke

Amatorial bredeer: our dogs are part of the family: quality, health and beauty.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke

Stiubhard GlensIreland
Stiubhard Glens

Small top quality breeder of Irish Glen of Imaal Terriers. Our goal at Stiubhard Glens is to hold onto the breed standard whilst maintaining healthy dogs that are still fit for function. The main priority is temperament, soundness and good health.

We have our Glens in America, Spain, Nordics and Ireland and work closely with a lot of other well known breeders around the world. Please visit our website for more information and feel free to contact for a chat or to answer any questions you may have regarding Glens.

Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier

Dalmatien et Bulldog continental de la Borde RivaFrance
de la Borde Riva
Dalmatien et Bulldog continental

Bienvenu sur notre site et élevage de la Borde Riva,

Notre élevage est situé dans les Alpes de haute Provence en région PACA, et officiellement enregistré FCI en 2007.

Sur notre site, vous pourrez en apprendre davantage sur les merveilleuses races de chien "Dalmatien et Bulldog continental", sur le standard et les bases de la prise en charge d'un chiot. Notre élevage se trouve à Valensole, capitale de la Lavande.

Tous nos chiens ont des pédigrées d'élevages professionnels et performants d'Europe du Nord pour les Dalmatiens et de Suisse pour les Bulldogs Continentals. Nos chiens ont des sangs issus des meilleures lignées Allemandes, Norvégiennes, Suisse, et Françaises, telles que Pickwick, Dalmo's, Spotnik's, vom Gramzower Kloster, Dalming's, perdita's et autres.

Nos chiens sont exposés avec succès dans des expositions canines locales et internationales.Notre Bulldog continental est devenue champion des expositions françaises et possèdent de nombreux prix ainsi que nos Dalmatiens. Vous trouverez des informations à ce sujet sur notre site.

Principes de notre élevage - continuation des races les plus célèbres et obtention de chiots en bonne santé, de type anatomique correct, avec un tempérament et une mentalité stables, pouvant être correctement exposés dans le ring et être de grands compagnons pour leurs propriétaires. Tous nos chiots sont vendus avec un ensemble complet de documents (pedigree, certificat vétérinaire, contrat) et vermifugés, vaccinés par âge.

Tous nos reproducteurs sont radiographiés des hanches et testés pour la surdité pour les dalmatiens et radiographiés des hanches et des coudes pour les bulldogs continentals.

éleveur professionnel
Dominique GUILLOT

Dalmatian         Continental Bulldog         Bullmastiff

Komorowianka English MastiffPoland

English Mastiff Kennel run by an Englishman settled in Poland - expert in the breed Dogs only from the best healthy lines, dogs checked for known illnesses, dysplasia scaned.

English Mastiff

Labrador SalentoItaly
Labrador Salento

Labrador Salento Allevamento Amatoriale per la selezione del Labrador Retriever con affisso riconosciuto ENCI & FCI "AVONHYDE".

Labrador Retriever

Smokemout KennelItaly
Smokemout Kennel

Our passion and dedication to American Staffordshire Terriers and Australian Cattledogs lead us to a selective breeding to ensure quality, health and temperament Show, sporting, working and pet prospect puppies might be available at times.

American Staffordshire Terrier         Australian Cattle Dog

Indigo Moonlight Siberian Husky kennelGeorgia
Indigo Moonlight Siberian Husky kennel

Welcome to Siberian Husky kennel "INDIGO MOONLIGHT" (FCI)!

Our kennel is located in capital of Georgia, Tbilisi and officialy registered in FCI system in 2013.

On our site you can learn about the wonderful and very human-oriented dog breed Siberian Husky, about the standard and the basics of caring for a puppy. Our kennel is in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia.

All our dogs are imported from professional and successful kennels- from Europe and Russia. Our dogs carry bloods of best Korean, American, Canadian, European and Russian bloodlines, such as - Winners Valley, Wolf Point, Kristari's, de Ciukci, Eskimoski Domek, Nanook, Hyperborea Tantum, Topaz and others.

Our dogs are successfully exhibited in local and international dog shows, some of them have already became Champions and Grand Champions of Georgia, and have numerous awards and titles, information about that can be found in the section Our Dogs. They are also the winners of Husky Specialty Show - FCI 2012 - Best Male and Best Female. Our pack also receives regular sports load - training in canicross and bikejoring.

We don't breed for eye color !

Principles of our breeding - a continuation of the most famous breedlines and getting healthy puppies in correct anatomical type, with a stable temperament and mentality, who can be adequately exhibited in the ring and be great companions to their owners. All our puppies are being sold with a full package of documents (pedigree, veterinary certificate, contract) and vaccinated by age.

breeder and owner, professional kinolog
Irena Bagdoniene

Siberian Husky

Proud to be Greek kennelGreece
Proud to be Greek kennel

Our aim is to breed quality puppies (temperament, health and morphology). We do a few well planned litters and want all of our puppies to have the best homes as they deserve.

American Staffordshire Terrier

Perfect PearlPoland
Perfect Pearl

Perfect Pearl to domowa hodowla psów rasowych. Jest zarejestrowana w ZKwP oddział w Lublinie oraz FCI co daje przyszłym właścicielom pewność o czystości rasy, zgodności ze wzorcem, zrównoważonym charakterze i przede wszystkim o zdrowiu naszych psów, które posiadają wszystkie badania i nie są nosicielami żadnych z chorób. Nasze szczenięta są wychowywane w domu pełnym miłości i różnych bodźców z otaczającego je świata. Mają kontakt zarówno z innymi psami, ludźmi oraz dziećmi.


Del MastiniUnited Kingdom
Del Mastini

We are a small hobby kennels based in Skegness. My dogs are brought up with my children and they are our family pets but I also enjoy showing them.

I show my dogs at KC licenced events and have qualified my dog reguarly for Crufts. I breed for quality and only breed when I want to keep a puppy for myself.

Neapolitan Mastiff

De La Combe Rousse English BulldogFrance
De La Combe Rousse

English Bulldog LOF (FCI) kennel. From 2007.

English Bulldog

Ira's Bulls BulldogsMalta
IRA'S BULLS Bulldogs

We are a family run kennel located on the minuscule but nonetheless beautiful island of Malta. We breed according to the standard with particular emphasis to health.

English Bulldog

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