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Find a dog breeders, breeding kennels… and puppies from all over Europe. Search by country or dog breed, list of over 300 breeds, FCI and KC (UK) nomenclature.     Dog Breeders and Kennels -      ***    English Cocker Spaniel - Puppies in black, red, liver, sable, black and tan, chocolate and tan… wonderful cocker spaniels with a typical coat - blue roan, black and white… pedigrees are based on english famous bloodlines… Hobby kennel solid and particolour cockers… proved as excellent show dogs, home pets, and also the assistant in the field… breeder and owner of Working type cocker spaniels… All our puppies are brought up in a family environment and make ideal pets… a small hobby kennel breeding mainly blue roan cockers… Site dedicated to English Cocker Spaniels… A little kennel with the exigence of the high selection, between the english bloodlines… website dedicated to magnificent breed that is the English Cocker Spaniel… breeders and trainers of Quality Working English Cockers…   *   Australian Shepherd - Small but very comitted breeder of top show quality Aussies… have puppies only occasionally but we will breed for temperament, health and top show quality using american bloodlines… stockdogs that have heart for work and health to do it… a small hobby breeder of Australian Shepherds in Southern Germany… Show quality Aussies with a nice temperament out of the USA breeding lines… Our dogs are successful both at sport and in the shows… The home of our working Australian Shepherds… use well proven blood lines… in the color red tri and black tri… versatile Australian Shepherds with good temperament and excellent quality… selected regarding their temperament, morphology and genetics according to the breed standards… Breeders of Australian Shepherds in the France… our reproducers and champions, pups awaited and available, as well as many photographs… We are not a commercial breeder, we just have one litter per year… Quality Aussies of US import lines… Quality Australian Shepherds for stock work mainly…   *   French Bulldog - … pure and high quality puppies from our champion line adults… Fans and Breeders of the French Bulldogg… high loved familydogs what also do well in the show ring… Show quality, champions bloodlines… a small family operated French Bulldog Kennel located in… Breeding quality, healthy, true to type dogs with the best of temperments… Breeders of top quality French bulldogs… our dogs being family pets, with our puppies brought up in the family home… vibrant, friendly and without any serious diseases in their blood line… breeding typefull French Bulldogs in Red-Fawn and Fawn…   *   German Shepherd Dog - perfect for work or pet homes, easy to train and are bred with good temperament… Our aim is to breed beautiful healthy German shepherds, strong working drive, courage, stability… A small Kennel dedicated to breeding and showing quality GSD… breed healty and powerful German shepherds with great working abilities… breeder of beautiful and healthy GSD, without inbreeding and kennel keeping… kennel specialized in breeding and growing the K-9 Working German Shepherd Dogs… big, strong dogs with long - hair coat and pleasant behavior… top quality level backed working type German Shepherds… dogs are breed and raised in a calm & healthy home environment… One for the best workingline Kennels… top breed and trainig of German Shepherd Dogs… Informations and articles about Working GSD… Breeders and Trainers of Quality German Shepherds from Top German Lines…   *   Tibetan Mastiff - Websites about our dogs - pedigrees, puppies, litters, shows, photos and more… Kennel for selection of giant tibetan mastiff… breeding strictly to FCI rules… very big dogshow fans and travelle in all Europe… The Tibetan Mastiff puppies of our kennel is strong, powerful, different blood-lines… find a unique individual with a lion's coat with tipical nature and character… kennel works with best bloodlines from Tibet, China and Europe… dogs have bright colour, brilliant pedigree and are recognised on international dogshows… Tibetan Mastiff breeders in the… Parents are of very stable personalities hence it can be assumed that puppies will be very tranquil… Picture's and pedigree's of Tibetan Mastiff's imported into… very important to choose a puppy of great quality and bloodline…   *   Rottweiler - Our breeding program is very strict and lean on the best German bloodlines available… breed healthy, beautiful Rottweilers guarding instinct, strong working drive, courage and stability… The perfect combination is to have the temperament to live as family member and still function as very good working dogs… Rottweilers of distinction which are sound in health, construction & temperament… search and find Rottweilers from the best bloodlines from all over the world… Many of our dogs have achieved during the years important title in the world… Big bone, strong heads, howesome character are the main carachteristics of our Rottweilers… Happy affectionate characters that are just as happy being a loving companion to an outstanding show dog… dogs whith the balanced character earned many important titles in international & national dog shows… high quality dogs for shows and sport, free of genetic problems and sound temperament… pedigree, genealogy, results, contacts for stud all on the website… Home page of our Rottweilers, puppies and their offspring… Many of our dogs have achieved during the years important titles in… breed from world famous bloodlines… are known for their noble and workwilling caracters… visit our website like that you can see wich type of rottweiler… A family show kennel, breeding for true type, temperament and health… Rottweiler is a great guardian and companion dog also… apacities in the work as by their correspondence to the standard on a boxing ring of exhibition… Top bloodlines quality type and temperament… Our kennel sells pure rotweilers adults and puppies… breed Healthy Strong Rottweilers as close to the FCI standards as possible… breed mixed show and worklines and we use the best European bloodlines…   *   Pug - selection of black and fawn pugs, home raised and presented in many national and international shows… raised in the family home first and foremost as pets… creation of the best famous American and European Pug bloodline and beautiful dogs… find valuable information such as photos, dog show results and titles and pedigrees as well… familydogs in the show ring… Breeding, participation in exhibitions, grooming, handling, puppies show, pet and breeding class… Small, family breeding with quality, healthy pugs… dogs, results of exhibitions, puppies for sale, consultings… work on highest standard and only with show class dogs… Small but pefect family of champions… Breeder of quality black and fawn pugs… breed with American lines, yet according to the FCI standard…   * - web directory established in 2005. List of thousands of dog breeders websites containing information about breeds, stud dogs, show results, planned litters, dogs and puppies for sale, training, handling… and web design. Toy, small, medium, large and giant dog breeds - hounds, gundogs, terriers, utility breeds, working, pastoral and toy. Find a puppy for sale from a local breeders at Purebred dogs for show, work, sport and family from excellent bloodlines.     ***

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Border Collies and Czech mountain dog Dunnottar kennelCzechia
Dunnottar kennel

Kennel of border collies and Czech mountain dog. Our dogs are members of our family and for our litters we are looking for 100% health parents.

Border Collie Czech Mountain Dog

Brittany Spaniel z TarankyCzechia
z Taranky

Epagneul breton kennel in the Czech Republic, Benesov. Breeder since 1975.

Brittany Spaniel

Irish Red Setter Daisy RainCzechia
Daisy Rain

Irish setter kennel in the Czech Republic.

Irish Red Setter

Parson Russell Terrier of Beautiful Cold HillCzechia
of Beautiful Cold Hill

Parson Russell terrier breeder - active hunting dogs.

Parson Russell Terrier

Staffordshire Bull Terrier MaranastaffCzechia

Staffordshire bullterrier kennel Maranastaff, Czech Republic.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Sweetheart from LentiCzechia
Sweetheart from Lenti

Breeder in the Czech Republic since 2016.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

English Toy Terrier Candys BohemicaCzechia
Candys Bohemica

English Toy Terrier breeder in the Czech republic.

English Toy Terrier

Giant Schnauzer and Miniature Schnauzers Box-Everest kennelHungary
Box-Everest kennel

Black Giant Schnauzer and Miniature Schnauzers in p/s and b/s color.

Giant Schnauzer Miniature Schnauzer

Irish Red Setter WildshamrockSlovakia

Wildshamrock kennel was established at 2010 year. Our focus is breeding healthy and high quality show and working dogs. Till now we bred 5 litters of dogs. Many of them are succesfull on shows, on fieldworks or just having happy life as family members.

Nowadays we have fresh litter of puppies growing well.

Irish Red Setter


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