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Guard Dream - Cane CorsoCzechia
GUARD DREAM - Cane Corso

Webové stránky vytvořené pro plemeno Cane Corso (FCI) a grafickou prezentaci pro chovatele.

Cane Corso Italiano

Sumanshu Tibetan TerriersNetherlands
Sumanshu Tibetan Terriers

We breed only Tibetan Terriers with pedigree. All our dogs are health tested for HD-Patella-DNA tested for PLL-PRA3-RCD4-NCL. ECVO eyetested yearly.

Tibetan Terrier

German Shorthaired Pointer Erinwill FCIDolnośląskie, Poland
Erinwill FCI

We breed with passion and love. The most important thing for us is health and a good home for our dogs. Feel free to contact us, we will answer every question.

German Shorthaired Pointer

Kennel Divines Folies BergèreFrance
Kennel Divines Folies Bergère

Welsh Corgi Cardigan and White Swiss Shepherd FCI/LOF.

Welsh Corgi Cardigan White Swiss Shepherd Dog

Ochra Kubu Pharaoh Hound KennelLithuania
OCHRA KUBU Pharaoh Hound Kennel

Louisiana Catahoula Leopard dog Kennel. Our Mission, Values, and Vision: to preserve and breed versatile dogs with drive, working abilities and great temperament.

Catahoula Leopard Dog

Ochra Kubu Pharaoh Hound KennelLithuania
OCHRA KUBU Pharaoh Hound Kennel

A Paharaoh Hound enthusiast and breeder. Founding bitch imported from kennel El Negma, Czech Republic. As breeder, my priority is breeding top quality and healthy dogs, therefore my dogs are fully health tested.

Pharaoh Hound

Domaine de Sharpei DiemFrance
Domaine de Sharpei Diem

Domaine de Sharpei Diem is a French breeder of Sharpei dogs. All dogs are pedigree and health tested with the goal of having the best shar pei possible. The colors proposed are blue and lilac.

Shar Pei

Evasion Kennel - Long Haired Rabbit and MiniaturePoland
Evasion Kennel
Long Haired Rabbit and Miniature

Longhair dachshunds are our love and passion. Kennel with 30 years of experience and show successes. We mainly breed long-haired rabbit and miniature dachshunds, but also standard ones. We cordially invite enthusiasts of each of the above-mentioned breeds.

Lucyna and Anna

Dachshund (Long-Haired: Rabbit and Miniature)

Outside The Box Portuguese Water DogsSaarland, Germany
Outside The Box

Kennel OUTSIDE THE BOX - Portuguese Water Dog - Cão de Água Português. Our dogs live with us in the house, here also the puppies are raised as well. Also our dogs are health tested. For more information we welcome you to our website.

Portuguese Water Dog

Mailigo Belgian Shepherd - MalinoisRepublic of Serbia

About Us. The Belgian Malinois Kennel “Mailigo” is registered and internationaly certified from the FCI under the number 6538. It is located near the Kolubara river in Šumadija - one of the most beautiful spots in Republic of Serbia, in Lazarevac town.
History of the town itself is very interesting. In the WWI it was a location where battle of Kolubara 1914 between serbian and austro-hungarian armies place. In honor of the fallen soldiers, a monument was built under the St. Dimitrije temple, where, side by side, austro-hungarian and serbian soldiers are laid to rest.

ExperienceKennel itself is owned and ran by Milinković family, which has groomed this particular breed since 2011. Goran Milinković now marks 35 years of work in cynology and he carried on his love for dogs to his sons Marko and Ilija, who were spending time with these beautiful creatures from the earliest age – huskies at first, and then with malinoas, where they learned their first lessons in cynology. Although he is a student of the Faculty of political sciences, Belgrade University and Ilija is Gymnasium, they put most of their time and effort in the kennel andtheir pets.

Why Malinoa? After much consideration, we chose this breed for it's fantastic characteristics. Belgian Malinoa are incredibly beautiful dogs, and their grace, proud stance, and athletic build is breathtaking. We see them as ideal sport dogs with expressed pray-instinct and constant desire for action. Their superiority is proven in their wide-spread use in services such as army, police, mountain rescue…We aspire to further our knowledge by visiting dog shows, seminars, conferences, working exams etcetc learning from the best, and all toward preservation and improvement of this amazing breed. Education of our dogs is based on the IPO program, with creation of service Belgian Malinoa bloodlineas or primary goal. We marked many accomplishments at CAC and CACIB shows.Our dogs and upbringingOur dogs are descendants of multiple Europe and World champions in exterior and service work, which they prove in their quality. Particular accent is on cultivation, where we make the most carefulselection, considering our dogs' bloodlines. When future litter is in question, we have a clear, long-lasting vision in several future generations, of what we want to achieve for the maintenance of the quality and future champions in our kennel. Each and every puppy, before it leaves the kennel, must pass a health check at the hands of our vet, must poses a complete documentation and must be registered at the FCI. We do not poses a large number of dogs because we put quality before quantity.

We are candidly proud of our young male Aris Mailigo, son of Antrax Ostraryaka, which possesses a full potential to become a superstar of our kennel. Aris is an impressive dog, strongly built, mid-range height and of strong temperament, pretending on the said title.

As a young kennel, we have a tendency to become one of the leading kennels, as in our country so as abroad. We hope you'll contact us for any additional information, which we'll gladly provide.


Belgian Shepherd - Malinois

d'Abajomy siberiansBelgium
d'Abajomy siberians

A small kennel located in Belgium with siberians huskies since 2002. All dogs FCI pedigree and health checks on eyes and hips.

Siberian Husky

Dreamfinder kennel Whippets and DachshundsCzechia
Dreamfinder kennel

We are small family kennel located in Czech republic. We breed Whippets and Dachshunds.

Dachshund Whippet

Ragon Bullet Staffordshire Bull TerriersCzechia
Ragon Bullet

Staffordshire Bull Terrier kennel in the Czech Republic.

Staffordshire Bull Terrie

Melody Rain Biewer Yorkshire TerrierKiev, Ukraine
Melody Rain - Biewer Yorkshire Terrier

Питомник Melody Rain находится в Украине, в городе Киеве. Уже больше 10-ти лет мы занимаемся разведением красивых, чистопородных, физически здоровых, социально адаптированных Бивер йоркширских терьеров.

Все наши собаки и их потомки зарегиситированны в Международной Кинологической организации КСУ-FCI. Наши цели:- обеспечить нашим любимцам комфортную жизнь рядом с нами;- сохранить крепкое здоровье наших производителей до глубокой старости;- продумать и осуществить вязку наших высокопородных производителей, для закрепления максимально желаемого породного типа, темперамента и экстерьера в их потомках;- вырастить здоровых и высокопородных щенков Бивер терьера;- научить всем жизненно необходимым навыкам наших воспитанников;- воспитать любимца, который сможет быстро адаптироваться в новой семьеНаши принципы:- подобрать нашим щенкам ответственных и любящих владельцев;- передать наших щенков в семьи, где они будут желанны и счастливы долгие годы;- всесторонне поддержать и помочь владельцев наших щенков в вопросах кормления, воспитания и ухода за их питомцем.

Выбрав щенка в нашем питомнике, вы получите максимум удовольствия от общения с вашим миниатюрным сокровищем!

Yorkshire Terrier / Biewer terrier

Nisroque Kennel - briardsHungary
Nisroque Kennel - briards

We are breeding briards. Our first litter is expected for the end of August 2021. Speaking English, French, German and Hungarian.


Masa Mune Champion AkitasLos Angeles, California, USA
Masa Mune Champion Akitas

"WHERE BLENDING IN IS NEVER AN OPTION" We are passionate breeders about the dogs we breed. I am a Member in good standing of the American Kennel Club, FCI. World class AKC Best in show top winning, and producing Akita's in my pedigrees!

We have kept the winning tradition going! In 2019 with top AKC and European breeders, and top ranking show dogs, I am excited to continue competing in the sport of purebred dogs! Kindness trumps greed: it asks for sharing. Kindness trumps fear: it calls forth gratefulness and love. Welcome to all my visitors from around the world! ΑΞΙΟΣ!

American Akita

Nostre Speranze Kennel - Cane CorsoKiev, Ukraine
Nostre Speranze Kennel - Cane Corso

Cane Corso NOSTRE SPERANZE is a professional kennel registered in the FCI in 2004 and is exclusively engaged in the Italian breeding line.

The most elite blood from the leading Italian catteries DELLA PORTA DIPINTA, DEI MARTINOTTI and DEL ROSSO MALPELO have been brought to our cattery. All dogs of the NOSTRE SPERANZE kennel have FCI pedigrees and are included in the International Database.Breeder - Viltoria BogdanovaTelephone/Viber…

Cane Corso Italiano

Sambatus Welsh Corgi Pembroke kennelUkraine
Sambatus Welsh Corgi Pembroke kennel

SAMBATUS kennel breeds show class Welsh Corgi Pembroke’s since 2003. Good health and strong temperament are the main criteria for Sambatus breeding along with exterior qualities needed for the show class corgis.

All our dogs as a must pass such important for corgi breed health tests as DM and vWD. Also we make eyes check and control hips dysplasia. We are located in Kiev region (Ukraine), but our puppies live and became Champions in France, Germany, USA, Hungary, Croatia, Israel, Italy, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Vietnam and many other countries.

Till last year's we got dozens of Interchampions, Champions of different countries, European Winner, Junior European Winner, 2 European Promises, Vice-World Puppy Winner, Europe Veteran Winner and a lot of titles which got by dogs bred from our dogs.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke

kennel FCI-UKU ElenHouse PomeranianUkraine
ElenHouse FCI-UKU kennel

My name is Elena Bereza. I am a breeder with over 30 years of experience.She has been breeding the Pomeranian Spitz breed since 2010.The kennel is located in Kiev, Ukraine.All dogs of the kennel have show marks and titles.See photos and videos on the kennel's website.