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TriStar Goldens
Tennessee, USA
TriStar Goldens

Golden Retriever Puppies for sale with the trusted breeder Tristar Goldens. Our healthy, purebred puppies have excellent temperaments, ideal for families. Raised with love, they’re well-socialized and ready to join your home. Contact us to find your perfect Golden Retriever in Tennessee today!

Golden Retriever

Si Huang-Ti Chow Chow Kennel
Si Huang-Ti Chow Chow Kennel

We love and breed smooth and rough chow chows since 1994, we are members of Hungarian Kennel Club MEOESZ/FCI.

Chow Chow

Suloisen King Charles Spaniels

Cavalier kincharlespaniel breeder. Only full colours.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Spanish Water Dog Kennel Vandens Stichija
Kennel Vandens Stichija

We are the breeders of Portuguese Water dogs for over ten years. They are our joy and pride. With time we are learning more and more about the Breed and our bloodlines too. Our aim is to breed the dogs of sound character and good health, while conforming to the standard.

Spanish Water Dog

Criadero de labradores y Jack Russell terrier de pelo corto Javer-keleb
Javer-keleb - Criadero de labradores y Jack Russell terrier de pelo corto

Criadero de labrador retriever y Jack Russell terrier de Pelo corto en Málaga, España. Casi dos décadas criando y mimando a nuestros perros como un miembro más de la familia que son. Cachorros de labrador y Jack Russell terrier eventualmente disponibles y criados siempre bajo los principales pilares para conseguir perros típicos, sanos y equilibrados.

Labrador Retriever Jack Russell Terrier

East European Shepherd / VEO and Miniature Pinscher Kennel Be Pawsitive
Kennel Be Pawsitive - Miniature Pinscher

Our dogs are our beloved family members. For us, our dogs come first, always and forever, even if it means putting our own needs and social life aside. This is our choice, breeding is not just a hobby, but a lifestyle for us. They live together with us in our house. We raise our puppies also as family members, with non-stop care. The most important to us is to breed the perfect balance between health, temperament, intelligence and beauty.

For years we research and search and carefully select the best pedigrees in the whole world, with focus on health and breed standards. Apart from our dogs being very succesful in dog show world, they are great familiy dogs, super loving and affectionate, intelligent and easy to live with. They are social with other animals and people.

Miniature Pinscher East European Shepherd / VEO

Mini Aussies of St.Groth
of St.Groth Mini Aussies

Daily infos of our dogs, included the neutered pets and our very special female Mini Aussie, Poppy. Pedigrees, health tests, and the everyday life of our dogs and pups.

Miniature American Shepherd

Mojave Golden Retriever
Mojave Golden Retriever

Mojave Golden Retriever - Allevamento di Eccellenza

Mojave Golden Retriever è un allevamento di alta qualità situato in Italia. Con anni di esperienza, ci dedichiamo alla cura e all'allevamento di Golden Retriever sani e felici. I nostri cuccioli sono allevati in un ambiente amorevole e familiare, con un'attenzione particolare alla socializzazione e alla salute. Visita il nostro sito per vedere i cuccioli disponibili e scoprire di più sul nostro allevamento.

Golden Retriever

Legs-Smon Tibetan Terrier
Legs-Smon Tibetan Terrier

Tibetan Terrier kennel located in Czech Republic.

Tibetan Terrier

OEKV/FCI Kennel Forsthaus Falkenstein Bloodhound & Basset Hound
Forsthaus Falkenstein OEKV/FCI Kennel

We are breeding with passion Basset Hounds and Bloodhounds under the OEKV/FCI registered Kennel "Forsthaus Falkenstein", located in Falkenstein / Austria (near Vienna). In addition to maintaining the breed standard, the breeding objective is to breed a healthy and sporty type, whose hunting usability is of great importance. Therefore, we attach great importance to the fact that our dogs have not only successfully proven their breed standard at shows, but have also successfully passed working tests (hunting as well as as operationally tested and active mantrailers).

Basset Hound Bloodhound

of Tibetan Flowers - Havanese breeder
of Tibetan Flowers - Havanese breeder

We are havanese breeder with top quality lines and we breed with all botoms of our heard and with love.

Havanese Shih Tzu

Fortis et Calidus FCI Malinois
Fortis et Calidus FCI

When we founded Fortis et Calidus we set clear breeding goals. We choose the best representatives of the breed to get the ideal combination of external, physical, psychological and working qualities.

Belgian Shepherd Dog - Malinois

Giant Miracles Poodle Kennel
Giant Miracles Poodle Kennel

I am engaged in standard poodle breeding. I have been dealing with dogs since my childhood; my parents were also involved in breeding. I fell in love with the poodle breed five years ago when I bought my first dog here. I became a lover of the breed!


Scandic Golden Retrievers
SCANDIC Golden Retriever

Lovely family, brain and beauty dogs.

Golden Retriever

Reis D'Aragón Mastines del Pirineo
Reis D'Aragón
Mastín del Pirineo y Jack Russell Terrier

Somos un criadero familiar de las razas mastín del Pirineo y Jack Russell Terrier, somos partidarios de la crianza seria y responsable. Criamos a nuestros cachorros en las mejores condiciones, seleccionando las mejores líneas, primando tipicidad, carácter y salud.

Pyrenean Mastiff Jack Russell Terrier

Japanese Spitz Of Shiroi Hanamachi Kennel
Of Shiroi Hanamachi Kennel

Small family breeding of Japanese Spitz selected for their physique, health and character, located in France.

Japanese Spitz

Labrador Retriever Žanet’s Teddy Bear
Žanet’s Teddy Bear Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever breeder in Czech Republic (EU).

Labrador Retriever

Elevage du Clan Castelau Mudi & Shetland Sheepdog
Elevage du Clan Castelau

Petit élevage familial de Mudo et Shetland en France. Peu de portée, chiots élèves à la maison et au BARF, beaucoup de sorties et de sociabilité. Chiens de famille et d'agility.

Mudi Shetland Sheepdog

Lebres FCI Miniature Schnauzers
Lebres FCI

We are a home kennel Miniature Schnauzer, our name is Lebres, we are a member of the FCI.

Miniature Schnauzer

Special Princess Shetland Sheepdog
Special Princess

We are a small Shetland Sheepdog breeder located in the mid-northern region of the Netherlands. Health and a good character is what’s most important to us, but of course we also focus on keeping up the good appearance of the breed. We only have a few dogs that we breed with so don’t have litters very often.

When we do we make sure that the pups get the best socialization possible before they leave for their new homes. We share our home with our dogs so we don’t use cages or anything like that. Our dogs are our family, our kids, and of course their puppies are raised the same way. Visit our website and/or social media for more information about us and our dogs, and feel free to send an email if you have any questions.

Shetland Sheepdog Chinese Crested Dog

Vinzenta Temi Chihuahuas

Vinzenta Temi is a small quality home kennel dedicated to breeding both short coated and long coated Chihuahuas whom I consider all to be a valued member of my family. I only pick the healthiest, good looking dogs with great personalities for breeding.

Also all my dogs and puppies come from the best pedigrees. I'm a member of the Estonian Chihuahua Club, Chihuahua RY of Finland, Estonian Kennel Union. I'm really thankful to all the people who love and take care of the dogs born and raised in myVinzenta Temi breeding kennel.


Corso Sotto La Torre Cane Corso Italiano
Corso Sotto La Torre

Cane Corso Sotto La Torre from Serbia, shipping to anywhere in world!!!

Cane Corso Italiano

Lagotto Romagnolo YOSHI Magic Wolly's Dogs (FCI)
YOSHI Magic Wolly's Dogs (FCI)

YOSHI, resolute and full of energy, is both a friendly and gentle dog. Winning the title of youth champion of Poland and nearing the completion of the "adult" championship, despite his young age, testify to his excellent genes.

At just 6 shows in which he participated, YOSHI won 2x BOB and 3x BOS, CRUFTS 2023 nomination, at each winning a CAC. His excellent conformation, confident character and activity attract attention. Appropriately sized, YOSHI exudes energy and determination, ready for any challenge. Reproducer that guarantees high quality offspring and attracts the attention of breeders looking for an excellent genotype. MyDogDNA:…

Lagotto Romagnolo

Schnauzers Rodopa Mountain

Black Standard Schnauzers from Bulgaria.


Welsh Springer Spaniel Kennel Whistledown
Kennel Whistledown
Welsh Springer Spaniel

We're Thomas and Ernesto, a couple who share a deep passion for animals with a special love for Welsh Springer Spaniel.

Welsh Springer Spaniel

Sabina's Sharpei
Sabina's Sharpei

We breed genetically screened shar-pei, all colours sizes and furtypes. Healthy bloodlines, decades of experience.

Shar Pei

Continental Bulldog et Barbado da Terceira Kennel Yapafoto Barbado da terceira
Kennel Yapafoto
Barbado da terceira et Continental bulldog

Elevage de la race Barbado da Terceira. Nous possédons une magnifique femelle depuis 2021, Xanya do monte de magos. Xanya parcourt l'Europe sur les ring de beauté. Multi championne en Baby, Puppy, Jeune, adulte. Junior winner europeen cup HongrieJunior winner world cup EspagneWinner europeen cup DannemarkVice world winner cup Espagne.

Elevage de Continental bulldog en France. Nous essayons de produire du beau chien en bonne santé. Notre femelle a obtenu de nombreux titres de champion de beauté en Europe et à un dépistage complet en santé.

Barbado da Terceira Continental Bulldog

Orden Keltov Welsh Corgi Pembroke
Orden Keltov

Aa family run kennel of exclussively welsh corgi pembroke since 2008. Top quality bloodlines. Health issues, temperament and good type are of major priority.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke

Poodle Alma Lady
Allevamento barboncino toy

Allevamento riconosciuto ENCI del barboncino toy e del barboncino nano. Vengono selezionati cuccioli in tutte le colorazioni ammesse dallo standard: bianco, nero, marrone, grigio e fulvo.


English Toy Terrier Winsome Flames
Winsome Flames

Winsome Flames is a small family-run kennel based in Stockholm, Sweden dedicated to English Toy Terriers. Our aim is to breed happy, healthy puppies who are of good temperament and sound in body that is closely in keeping with the breed standard. Our puppies will live together with us in our home, we have a big garden with lots of space for play and discovery.As breeder’s we feel blessed to have such a strong network of mentors and friends in the English Toy Terrier community.

English Toy Terrier

Poodle Miniature, Toy & Standard L’âme Du Dahlia
L’âme Du Dahlia

L’âme Du Dahlia is an official Kennel registered with the CKC (Cyprus Kennel Club) and FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale). We feel great privilege that we are able to share our love for the Poodles. ​We strive to always evolve as Poodle breeders, and have great aspirations in positively contributing to this breed we hold so dear to our hearts. We are currently based in Limassol Cyprus.

Poodle (Miniature, Toy, Standard)

Kai Kennel Koyutuk
Kennel Koyutuk

Small kennel, focusing on quality over quantity. Health and mentality is high priority for us.


Bullheaven's Bullmastiff Kennel
Bullheaven's Bullmastiff Kennel

We are a small family kennel, specializing in breeding bullmastiff of the highest quality.


Les Coleres de Zeus Cocker Anglais et Lagotto Romagnolo
LES COLÈRES DE ZEUS Cocker Anglais et Lagotto Romagnolo

Éleveur de cocker anglais depuis 2008 et de Lagotto Romagnolo depuis 2014.

English Cocker Spaniel Lagotto Romagnolo

Shetland Sheepdogs Z Koziarni ACE
Z Koziarni ACE Owczarki szetlandzkie

Mała, domowa hodowla owczarków szetlandzkich (sheltie), szczenięta blue merle i tricolor.

Shetland Sheepdog

De Venorti Biewer yorkshire terrier
De Venorti Biewer yorkshire terrier

Biewer yorkshire terrier breeder in Slovak Republic (EU).

Biewer Yorkshire Terrier

Star Basan House White Swiss Shepherd Dogs
Ukraine Dog Breeders

Ласкаво просимо на сайт монопородного розплідника сімейного типу під Києвом, зареєстрованого Кінологічним союзом України (UKU) у Міжнародній кінологічній Федерації (FCI) та Кінологічним клубом України у клубі World Kennel Union (WKU). Ми займаємося розведенням тільки довгошерстих білих швейцарських вівчарок, які відповідають стандарту породи, з чудовим здоров'ям та темпераментом. Найкращі якості – наш головний пріоритет у розведенні. Маємо шикарних цуценят вирощених з любов'ю.

White Swiss Shepherd Dog

Partipoodle - caniches unicolores et particolores
Partipoodle - caniches unicolores et particolores

Eleveur depuis plus de 20 ans de grands caniches noirs ou blancs, de caniches nains et petits nains particolores, parfois des toy, en variété bouclé ou cordé pour toutes les tailles. Tous mes chiens sont testés pour les maladies de la race et sont sélectionnés sur leur caractère et leur morphologie.

Poodle (Standard, Toy)

Des Portes de Barcan Spanish Water Dog
Des Portes de Barcan

Elevage de Chien d'Eau Espagnol, situé non loin des frontières allemande, belge et suisse.

Spanish Water Dog

Podunajský strážca Slovakian Chuvach
Podunajský strážca Slovak chuvach

We are small FCI kennel of Slovak chuvach in Slovakia. We are passionate about breed Slovak chuvach.

Slovakian Chuvach

Dobermanns Black Athirat
Black Athirat

Breeding American, European and international bloodlines for soundness, health.


Gurtler's Boston Terrier
Gurtler's Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier Dog breeder in Germany.

Boston Terrier

City on the Hill Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
City on the Hill

„City on the Hill" is a small, homebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel kennel located in Poland. We focus mainly on the health, character and exterior of the breed.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Allevamento Mater Dei Regina Pacis
Allevamento Mater Dei Regina Pacis

L'allevamento Mater Dei Regina Pacis è un allevamento riconosciuto ENCI specializzato nella selezione della razza barbone, taglia toy e nana. L'allevamento Mater Dei dispone di esemplari selezionati con elevata genealogia dal mantello fulvo, marrone, silver e nero.

Poodle (toy)

Golden Dog Türkiye FCI
Golden Dog Türkiye FCI

Golden Dog Türkiye Fci (International), Kıf (Türkiye) kennel.Our Farm, located in Silivri, Istanbul, is built on 10,000m2. We provide service with our completely professional kennel and team. We host 25 Czechoslovakian Wolf Dogs. We breed the breed with 6 different blood lines. We continue to represent the breed with our international multi-country champion parents since 2018.

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

Japanese Spitz von der Haager Schloßturmspitze
von der Haager Schloßturmspitze

We are enthusiastic about our Japanese Spitz and this is how our small kennel came into being. Together with our dogs we live in the border triangle Germany - Austria - Czech Republic. Near Passau and Linz. Our dogs live together with us in a house with a garden, and our puppies are raised in a house with family contact. We pay attention to the health and well-being of our dogs and puppies. We want a home for our puppies where they are loved and respected.

Wir sind von unseren Japanspitzen begeistert und dadurch entstand unsere kleine Zuchtstätte. Zusammen mit unseren Hunden leben wir im Dreiländereck Deutschland - Österreich - Tschechische Republik. In der Nähe von Passau bzw. Linz. Unsere Hunde leben mit uns zusammen im Haus mit Garten, und unsere Welpen werden im Haus mit Familienanschluss groß gezogen. Wir achten bei unseren Hunden und Welpen auf deren Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden. Wir wollen für unsere Welpen ein Zuhause, in dem sie geliebt und respektiert werden.

Japanese Spitz

Bullmastiffs Z Dunajských Luhov
Z Dunajských Luhov

Welcome to the web site of our bullmastiff kennel “Z Dunajských Luhov” (From Danubian Floodplain forest). Our bullmastiff kennel was born in the wake of cumulative number of bullmastiffs in our family. We had been fascinated by bullmastiffs for a long time and after then, when we completed building our house, we bought one of them. Of course, we had raised some dogs in past, so we had a lot of experience with dogs.

Now, after a long time of common life with our bullmastiffs, we know, that this dog breed is the best choice for us. This elegant, intelligent and adaptable dog breed with big lion's heart will have a firm place in our family for ever. Love, which our bullmastiffs give to us, we want to hand out by their perfect puppies.


American Pitbull Terriers SEAL kennel
Ukraine Dog Breeders
SEAL kennel American Pitbull Terrier

Breeder of American Pit Bulls registered with the prestigious American Dog Breeders Association (ADBA) system. Welcome to SEAL kennel, home of American Pit Bull Terriers with a red nose. We offer a wide selection of purebred Pit Bull Terriers with a guarantee of health and high quality. Learn more about our dogs and reserve your future companion now!Discover the best representatives of the Pit Bull breed with excellent anatomy and a strong nervous system. Learn more about each dog in our kennel on the website. Choose quality and reliability with SEAL kennel.

For us, breeding dogs with a strong nervous system, good health, social safety, and beautiful anatomy is of utmost importance. All our dogs have undergone testing (genetic tests): cerebellar ataxia NCL-4a and progressive retinal atrophy PRAcrd2. Our dogs have a good temperament, high motivation for play and food, and excel in sports and shows.

We highly value American classics and the work of colleagues from the GOTCK (Gods Of The Cosmos Kennels) and RDC (Real Deal Chocolates) breeding kennels, who, unfortunately, have already ceased their professional activities but have forever left their mark on the history of the American Pit Bull Terrier breed. We take pride in the fact that the glorious blood of these kennels flows in the veins of our dogs.

Our dogs participate in shows organized by various associations, undergo training, and engage in sports competitions. You can choose a section that interests you and learn more details.

We do not sell our dogs for illegal activities.

American Pit Bull Terrier

Pyrenean Mastiffs Mount Hargita kennel
Mount Hargita kennel

Pyrenean Mastiff kennel in Romania.

Pyrenean Mastiff

Epagneul tibétain La Meute de Ker Picrom
La Meute de Ker Picrom

Elevage canin moins de 10 chiens, épagneul tibetain lof, et testé sur la santé. Les chiots sont élevés en cadre de socialisation précoce,export possible.

Dog breeding less than 10 dogs, Tibetan spaniel lof, and tested on health. Puppies are raised in an early socialization setting, Exportable.

Tibetan Spaniel

Bernese Mountain Dog Basiadan

Selective breeding of Bernese Mountain Dogs with FCI pedigree in Lower Silesia.

Bernese Mountain Dog


Find a dog breeders, breeding kennels… and puppies in Europe, USA, Canada and Australia. Search by country or dog breed, list of over 300 breeds, FCI and Kennel Club (UK & US) nomenclature.     ***    … breed is focused on mentally stable, healthy and lovely temperament dogs… with excellent top European and American champion bloodlines… Breeders & Exhibitors of top winning… occasionally have puppies available to responsible homes… lines go back to the very old English hounds, all bred to the highest standard for substance, size and elegent gracefulness… focused on mentally stable, healthy and lovely temperament dogs… well-proportioned, muscular dogs with a healthy mix of strength and elegance… the first place we are always looking for a nice family and good home, where our puppies can live a happy life… Home breeder and exhibitor of beautiful, top-winning, health tested… puppies begin socializing in an optimum manner at a very young age so that their new owners… pride in early socialisation, good health, nutrition and temperament… the research of pedigrees, blood lines and we stay in contact with breeders around the… imported and have different high quality pure bloodlines such as… Couple puppies are excellent show quality… stable character and fantastic temperament, and they are perfect friends and protectors… make every effort to not only be good breeders, but to belong with the best of breeders… a true versatile working companions with beauty & brains… Small and young kennel, but with great show results… kennel's website to find out news about puppies, show achievements… dog breeders and show kennel based in north west… breed dogs of great type and stature… a gentle character, affectionate and are ideal companions with children… research your puppy and adopt from a responsible breeder… selecting as the ideal type of dogs the subject that was as complete as possible both from a strictly morphological and character point of view… kennel with over 30 years experience breeding… Small breeders of top quality… the classic English type and breed true to type, sound construction, good movement and sound temperament… breed dogs that can become champions in the rings and future breeding dogs… Great show champion lines… information on our champions, puppies, broods, females, males, their photographs and pedigree… Awarded terrier Breeder and Exhibitor from top European bloodlines… breed self-confident, healthy, neither fearful nor aggressive family and working dogs that, when handled appropriately… The puppies are well socialized and supported according to their abilities… Hobby breeders of show quality parti and solid colours… Very strong character, fearless, water joyfully very socialized and docile… for shows and hunting, puppies, stud dogs and more… young kennel, but with great show results… breed with American lines, yet according to the FCI standard… strong characters, with complete genetic tests, active in various dog sports and work activities… find valuable information such as pedigrees photos, dog show results and titles… breeders specialized in black and fawn trained and tested dogs in both work and show… purebred dogs go to the exhibition quite by accident for fun, so we also went to the exhibition… portfolio mainly show-dogs for a few years of the dog breeders… raising puppies primarily lays the foundation for an open and sensitive character in the dog… a small kennels located on the East Lincs coast… dogs and their descendants have been successfully exhibited in the show ring, English and American bloodlines… open to cooperate with breeders of this nice dogs all over the world… puppies are reared in our home around other show dogs and children… with its special beauty, harmony and elegance, with its bright and dignified character and appearanc… hobby breeder dedicated to producing top quality puppies… breed to continue our champions bloodlines of racing… conscientious breeders try to breed dogs with all features and standards of the breed… always made respecting the breed and regulations… with its special beauty, harmony and elegance, with its bright and dignified character and appearance… dogs and puppies grown up and live as part of our family, and we propel socialize our dogs and puppies…     🐕     Purebred dogs for family, show, work and sport from European (the UK & Continental), American, Australian… and country origin lines!         ***