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Dog Breeders in Europe
Dog Breeds in Europe
Find a dog breeders, breeding kennels and puppies in Europe. Search by country or dog breed, multi-language and alphabetical list of dog breeds - FCI and UK Kennel Club nomenclature. Most popular dog breeds in Deutscher Spitz / German Spitz / Keeshon - I am a breeder of pomeranian and kleinspitz, located in... We have been breeding Keeshond (Wolfspitz), as well as the Kleinspitz wolf color... American and english lines in orange, cream, particolor and black and tan color... Our dogs have a multigenerational pedigrees of many world famouse kennels, which are derived from the FCI... We have been successfully showing and breeding our Pomeranians and German Miniature Spitz... All of our dogs live with us, not limited and are free to move, grown in love and affection... We breed for health, personality and good quality Pomeranian puppies... Our breeding program includes Pomeranians breed... The puppies offspring from parents of exceptional national and international champions... We are professionally engaged in breeding work and breeding dogs decorative rocks Spitz... Our dogs participate and win in international exhibitions around the world... German Spitz breed dogs - Wolfspitz, Keeshond, Kleinspitz...     Golden Retriever - Show quality, interesting pedigrees and lines... If you chose a Golden retriever you will find a faithful and true friend... Champion bloodlines, Cruft's qulaified dogs, helathy genetic background... We provide beautiful English Creme Golden Retriever puppies, from champion bloodlines... All our dogs live at home and sometimes few litters of quality born... Selective and family breeding of Golden Retriever in... We try to raise dogs increasingly better, with real temperaments... Breeders and Exhibitors of top winning Golden Retrievers... In our breeding we have got only dogs with great pedigrees... Top quality Golden Retriever breeder... Small family kennel with high-quality dogs... Our main goal is to breed beautiful, intelligent and most importantly, healthy dogs... High quality breeding of Golden Retrievers. Goldens for show and work...     Jack Russell Terrier - We breed Jack Russell terrier, based on top Australian bloodlines... Pupies are growing with they parents to give them the best impriting... Kennel is breeding both english and australian bloodlines of Jack Russell terrier... Our lines go back to the very old English hounds, all bred to the highest standard... We breed smooth coated Jack Russell Terrier... You will find a lot of Information from our show-dogs, puppies and our life... Beauty and Work Champions in our kennel... Our Jack Russell are very good family dogs and playfull... We are a small kennel with few births, our dogs share our home... Small family kennel breeding Jack Russell terriers for shows, pets and sports...     Useful information on dog breeders, breeding kennels, dog breeds,stud dogs, planned litters, dogs and puppies for sale, breed clubs, champions bloodlines, handling, grooming, dog show results, blogs... and dog web design. From toy to giant dog breeds - hounds, gundogs, terriers, utility dogs, working dog breeds, pastoral and toy breeds. Dogs for show and pets from excellent bloodlines and more. Thousands of websites for dog lovers. - since 2006 web directory of only European dog breeders and kennels.

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Vom Gebrannten Walde KennelFrance Dog Breeders
Dobermann and Jack Russel Terrier

Welcome to our passion the DOBERMANN ! Kennel in France with the best europeen blodlines.This homepage is dedicated for all our dobermanns.Home of Multi.Ch Irinland Zara zeife Multi.Ch Fabius Pictor Renewal Vilander vaic V.G.W./victoria vilja V.G.W.

Welcome to us and our small clowns (Jack and Parsons Russel Terrier) allways happy and ready to play and please. Come and visit us.

Herve and Petra BLOSCH

Dobermann         Jack Russel Terrier

Kennel Del Castello Delle RoccheItaly Dog Breeders

Since 1994 we breed harlequin, mantle and black Great Danes. Visit our website "to meet" our Dogs.

Great Dane

Ghazoot KennelSweden Dog Breeders
Sloughi & Pharaoh Hound

Welcome to a small kennel in Dalarna, Sweden. All our dogs live in the house as part of the family Please visit us and read more of our success! Welcome!

Pharaoh Hound         Sloughi         Whippet

Blackthorn Gundogs BreederHungary Dog Breeders
Blackthorn Gundogs

Working labradors for hunting and competition. Carefully bred and highly trained labradors from the best English and Irish working lines. Puppies, partly and fully trained dogs are available from Int. FTCH and FTW bitches, FTCH sires.

Field trial, hunting and working test training for dogs and handlers. For details please visit our site.

Labrador Retriever

Kennel PolarvargensSweden Dog Breeders
Polarvargens Kennel

We are a smal kennel in Dalarna, Sweden.We have 1-2 litters per year. We only breed on healthy dogs, free hips and eyes.


Of Artic Ocean KennelFrance Dog Breeders
Siberian Husky Of Artic Ocean

French siberian husky breeder for show and/or pet. Excellents origins. Puppies avaible ...

Siberian Husky

Anmalamual and Basaburua BreederSpain Dog Breeders

All the animals we breed that are selected for breeding are clinically controlled in order to avoid genetically transmitted diseases.

Moreover - to ensure thas these magnificent dogs maintain their particular identity that makes them so special - the dogs are subsequently subjected to careful morophological and character selection criteria.


Crystal Eye's Lhasa ApsoDenmark Dog Breeders
Crystal Eye's Lhasa Apso

Small breeder located in Denmark. We DO NOT breed for commercial reasons, but do have a litter no and again.

We do export dogs all over, but you will have to show up in person so you can be itroduced to us and our dogs. for more information feel free to contact us.
Charlotte and Frank

Lhasa Apso

Nox-Poli BreederCroatia Dog Breeders

We are in Croatia. Since 1993 we are owned by our samoyeds. There are 7 samoyeds in our home.


Newgraden BreedersScotland Dog Breeders
Newgraden Newfoundland Dogs

Small Show Kennel of the much loved breed The Newfoundland.


Multatuli kennel of Miniature PinschersRussian Federation Dog Breeders
MULTATULI kennel of Miniature Pinschers

We are very fan of Miniature Pinschers and feel passion of breeding of this breed. Dog quality: character and beauty - it's the basic purpose for us! We breed in Russia with Russian and foreign bloodlines.

Welcome to official homepage of our kennel! Much beautiful dogs and pictures here, full chronicle of events of our kennel... and also puppies, of course!

Miniature Pinschers

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