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Bienca Rose Finnish LapphundsSlovakia
Bienca Rose

A dog breeding station for Finnish Lapphunds. We started in 2019 with Bienca Kabadula, and grown to inculde Akim and Bessie.

We do offer our dog for breeding and sell the pupies. The pupies and the dogs are greatly cared for, and our champions has great results from exhibitions and and medical examinations.

Finnish Lapphund

De Dakota Border ColliesSpain
De Dakota Border Collies

Breed for show, Work and Nature since 2006. Located in Alicante (Spain).

Border Collie

Arcanedale Welsh Corgi PembrokeHungary
Arcanedale Welsh Corgi Pembroke

Our aim is to breed healthy, well socialized show- and family dogs. We ONLY breed a litter when we intend to keep for ourselves. Our breeding goal can be divided into 3 basic pillars. Appearance, character and work.

The type of our dogs is extremely important, that is why our breeding dogs come from carefully selected bloodlines.In addition to the appearance, we place great emphasis on the character and the socialization of our dogs, as the corgi is a working dog enclosed in a small body. Its original function is herding therefore balanced nervous system and good character are essential.

We feel it is our vocation to preserve their original function and herding instinct of the breed. Our dogs are active herding dogs and we strive to preserve herding instincts for future generations.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke

Talsen Land Rottweiler KennelLatvia

Rottweiler kennel.


Dogos de Burdeos del Reino de TinaSpain
del Reino de Tina Dogos de Burdeos

Cría selecta del Dogo de Burdeos. Jóvenes, cachorros, sementales... Disponible en el banco de semen envíos a Yodo en mundo con certificado y garantías de cubricion.

Dogue de Bordeaux

Bullseye Staffordshire Bull TerriersUSA
Bullseye Staffordshire Bull Terriers

America's Top Winning Staffordshire Bull Terriers Since 1975.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Swiper's Greater Swiss Mountain and Entlebucher Mountain DogsSlovakia

Swiper’s is a small and loving kennel of Swiss Mountain Dogs, such as Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and Entlebucher Mountain Dog. We are doing our best to breed the healthiest, happiest, and prettiest puppies that you will immediately fall in love with.

Our puppies have friendly characters and a precisely selected pedigree full of award-winning champions. Our kennel is located in the heart of western Slovakia with close access to nature, forests, fields, and meadows, which are so loved by our dogs.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Entlebuch Cattle Dog

Lonely Mountain kennel White Swiss Shepherd DogsCzechia
Lonely Mountain kennel

Litter "C " (Of Lonely Mountain ) Mother: Xira Acabo Czech 🐾Res.CAC, ZOP, OB1(HD-A , ED-0, MDR /-, DM N/N)Father: Oscar Rox od Semberije 🐾CAC, ZM, BH-VT, Spr1, Fpr1, ZVV1(HD-A, ED-0, MDR / , DM N/N)23.08.2022. 7 beautiful puppies (3 males and 4 females)For more information, contact us in the message. Transport around the world ✈

White Swiss Shepherd Dog

My First Little Pearls Prague RatterNetherlands
My First Little Pearls

Official Prazsky Krysarik Breeder registered kennel FCI Off The Netherlands.

Prague Ratter

Hartspride Australian ShepherdsCanada
Hartspride Australian Shepherds

ASCA, AKC, CKC registeredchampion bloodlines OFA certified and Embark tested Australian Shepherds bred foremost for Temperament, Health, and Versatility.

Australian Shepherd

Chihuahua Baccara StarBelarus
Baccara Star Chihuahua

Our Kennel "Bakkara Star" (FCI) is a professional, family Chihuahua cattery. We are engaged in purebred breeding of healthy physically, genetically and mentally balanced, beautiful dogs of rare and traditional colors. Chihuahuas have been in our family for over 10 years. Our days are filled with pleasant communication with these beautiful animals. It brings great pleasure and joy.


Bernese Mountain Dog and Pyrenean Mountain Dog Gamuvel Patou FCI kennelLatvia

GAMUVEL PATOU FCI kennel from 2012

We are dog breeders Gamuvel Patou with over 10 years experience of breeding Bernese and Pyrenean Mountain Dogs in Lativa. Breeding dogs is our passion and our greatest wish for our puppies is to find loving and caring homes.We believe that to a certain extent dogs' qualities and character comes from its parents, for that reason all of our breeding girls are qualified and working therapy dogs.

We work with small children and elderly people and visit hospitals, elderly-homes, orphanages and other locations 3 to 5 times a week.All of our dogs are females, therefore each time we decide to bread we choose the father of the puppies very carefully and get a good visibility of their family tree. We put time and effort into finding the right father for the puppies with good blood line, healthy nerve system and gentle behaviour towards other animals, children and adults. With this we really hope that our puppies will inherit the best characteristics from their parents.

Bernese Mountain Dog Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Tora-Bora German ShepherdsCzechia
Tora-Bora German Shepherds

German Shepherd kennel in the Czech Republic.

German Shepherd Dog

Łajki Jakuckie z Jurajskiego StokuPoland
z Jurajskiego Stoku Łajki Jakuckie

Jesteśmy małą, domową hodowlą psów rasy Łajka Jakucka. Nasza przygodę z rasą zaczęliśmy niedawno. Powodem była miłość do nowej, wspaniałej, mało znanej rasy. Pragniemy promować te piękne, mądre, przyjazne ludziom i zwierzętom psy. W naszej hodowli mamy:Amga Sfora Jakucji - sunia Rave Review Vulcano of Seduction – pies, domowe imię: Tamu

Hodowla zarejestrowana w FCI/ZKwP o. Kraków Nasze psy to prawdziwi członkowie rodziny, wspólnie spędzamy czas zarówno w roku jak i na wakacjach, wspólną pasją ludzi i zwierząt jest Bikejoring. Niedawno uzyskaliśmy uprawnienia hodowlane, szczęśliwie doczekaliśmy się pierwszego miotu: czterech suczek i pieska.

Yakutian Laika

Z Brumovského Údolí Spinone Italiano and Large MunsterlanderCzechia

Chovatelská stanice velkých münsterlandských ohařů a italských spinonů. Fci.

Spinone Italiano Large Munsterlander

Marchosias Kennels LimitedUK
Marchosias Kennels Limited

Breeder of Alaskan Malamute Show Champion Bloodlines Fertility specialists Canine behaviour.

Alaskan Malamute

Parmen Auriu Kennel Golden RetrieversRomania
Parmen Auriu Kennel

We are specialised in breeding top quality English Cream Golden Retrievers and provide puppies with full breeding rights and full registration, with excellent temperament and health.

Golden Retriever

Tatranská Afrika Rhodesian RidgebackSlovakia

Our kennel was established in 2007. We are located in Slovakia in High Tatras. We breed only Rhodesian Ridgebacks under FCI. Check our website, to see if we have available puppies.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Madejel SalukisUK
Madejel Salukis

UK Kennel Club Assured Breeder Certified Breeder of Pedigree Salukis. The Only UK Saluki Grand Champion Trick Dog.


Celia's Tails Labrador RetrieverItaly
Celia's Tails Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever breeding, dogs selected for health, character and beauty, black, yellow and chocolate colors.

Labrador Retriever

Tosa Inu - Anbora from WestCzechia
Anbora from West - Tosa Inu

We are family breeders of Tosa inu Location: Asch - Czech Republic

Tosa Inu

Evviva Bonanza - Lagotto Romagnolo and Portuguese Water DogPoland
Evviva Bonanza - Lagotto Romagnolo
and Portuguese Water Dog

We're FCI registered dog kennel, breeding dogs for loving families worldwide. We love working with dogs! Our goal is to breed dogs with PERFECT TEMPERAMENT which is the basic condition for an easy and pleasant life.

We do a lot of work with puppies to help them become stable dogs, willing to cooperate with human. We do a lot of training with our dogs (sport and work). We know everything about their temperament and abilities so we can create the perfect breeding match! We make sure that the dogs we use in breeding are PERFECTLY HEALTHY.

They are fully tested, in particular for genetic, orthopaedic and ophthalmic diseases. We constantly broaden our knowledge on health and genetics. We make a great effort to ensure that the puppies born with us are healthy and give joy to their new families. We pay close attention to breed standard and CONFORMATION. Proper body structure is important not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for health. That is why we strive to ensure that dogs from our kennel match the standard to the fullest.

We love having lifelong RELATIONSHIP with puppies families. When you get the puppy from our kennel, you become part of EVVIVA BONANZA FAMILY. We'll support you anytime and give our best knowledge to help you in everyday life with your dog. Do you want to know more? Don't hesitate to contact us and visit our social media for daily update.

Lagotto Romagnolo Portuguese Water Dog

Vindobona Kennel Portuguese WaterdogAustria
Vindobona Kennel Portuguese Waterdog

Portuguese Waterdog Kennel von Vindobona from Vienna - Austria. We breed healthy familiy dogs with pedigree and health certificates. More information on our website.

Portugiesischer Wasserhund Hobbyzucht aus Wien. Wir züchten gesunde Welpen mit Ahnentafel und ärztlichen Gesundheitsbestätigungen. Mehr Informationen auf unserer Homepage

Portuguese Water Dog

Happyheart Bear Kennel Siberian HuskiesRussia
Happyheart Bear Kennel

Welcome to our web!
The dream is Worldwide successes... Build our story... write own book... Welcome to the homepage of small professional family kennel under prefix "Happyheartbear"-the Siberian Huskies.

Siberian Husky Norwegian Elkhound Australian Shepherd

Flashheart WolfalikesScotland, UK
Flashheart Wolfalikes

Breeders of health tested Northern Inuit outcrosses and wolfalike dogs.

Northern Inuit

Tànavee's Kennel PomeraniansItaly
Tànavee's Kennel

Our ENCI / FCI recognized breeding for the selection of the Pomeranian, was born 12 years ago. Our goal is to reproduce dogs in health, standard and beauty that have been subjected to an exhibition path. Some characteristics that are important to us are: a beautiful face, correct hair, prestigious bloodlines and good structures. Our dogs live with us, and we seek only the best for them.


Criadero de teckel kaninchen AlgababSpain
Criadero de teckel kaninchen

Criadero de teckel kaninchen. En sus tres variedades de pelo si quieres un teckel kaninchen de pelo duro, corto y largo puedes contar con nosotros. Contamos con años de experiencia y muy buenos resultados en la cría y en exposiciones. Cachorros de teckel cuidados en salud, belleza y caracter.


Kundali Tibetan TerriersSwitzerland

A small family Kennel of Multi Champions Tibetan Terriers in Switzerland All dogs are tested for DNA and hips.

Tibetan Terrier

Bulldog kennel «Guardian Angels »Питомник Бульдогов «Гадн Энжелс»Russia
«Guardian Angels» Bulldog kennel
Питомник Бульдогов «Гадн Энжелс»

Питомник бульдогов "Гадн Энджелс" - Bulldog kennel «Guardian Angels» образован и зарегистрирован в 2012 году. Изначально был монопородным питомником американских бульдогов.

Началом всему было приобретение первого американского бульдога - племенной суки Бульдров Шерри в 2010 году. Она и стала родоначальницей Питомника "Гадн Энджелс" -Bulldog kennel «Guardian Angels». По моему личному мнению, порода Бульдог является одной из универсальных пород, по-своему уникальной и имеющей довольно богатую географическую и биографическую историю.

American Bulldog French Bulldog Old English Bulldog

Du Chemin Des Moulins kennel American Staffordshire TerrierFrance
Du Chemin Des Moulins kennel

Éleveurs d'American Staffordshire Terrier depuis 2015. Courant de sang Ruffian. Situé dans le Nord-ouest de la France.

American Staffordshire Terrier

Tora's Australian LabradoodlesUK
Tora's Australian Labradoodles

If your searching for labradoodle puppies in the UK look no further. We are a family run business with almost 20 years of experience so you know your puppy will have the right start in life!

Australian Labradoodle

Niger Venustas Black Russian TerriersPoland
Niger Venustas

The kennel of Black Russian Terriers.

Russian Black Terrier

Green Valley Stars shorthair Vizsla kennelthe Netherlands
Green Valley Stars
shorthair Vizsla kennel

Pure bred shorthaired Vizsla out of famous bloodlines. Excellent for show and hunting.

Vizsla Shorthaired

Hodowla leonbergerów SzachalPoland
Szachal Hodowla leonbergerów

Wieloletnia hodowla leonbergerów zaprasza.


exotic bullies kennel Maxima luxSerbia
Maxima lux exotic bullies kennel

American exotic bully kennel Maxima lux is based in Serbia, Europe. We breed functional, clean exotic bullies. We ship our puppies worldwide.

American Exotic Bully

Marko Elli - chovatelská stanice Boloňských psíkůCzechia
Marko Elli
chovatelská stanice Boloňských psíků

Jsme malá rodinná chovatelská stanice Boloňských psíků. Pejsci žijou s námi v domě a jsou vychováváni s láskou. Všichni jsou s FCI průkazem původu. Mají zdravotní i genetická vyšetření.

Věnujeme se hlavně výstavám. Naše úspěchy najdete na naších stránkách. Štěňátka mají výstavní předpoklady.


Blue Universe FCI Shetland sheepdog kennelPoland
Blue Universe FCI

Shetland sheepdog kennel.

Shetland Sheepdog

Tatra Shepherd Dog By Champs'OrFrance

Elevés à 1300m d'altitude, pour la famille ou pour le travail, vous trouverez chez nous des chiens et des chiots épanouis.

Tatra Shepherd Dog

kennel Immanitas Irish WolfhoundCzechia
kennel Immanitas Irish Wolfhound

The kennel of Irish Wolfhound from Czech.

Irish Wolfhound

Altdeutscher Schäferhund vom schwarzen PantherGermany
vom schwarzen Panther

Altdeutsche Schäferhunde mit geradem Rücken, kompakt und gehaltvoll. 40 Jahre Zucht!

Old German Shepherd

Danish Swedish Farmdog Z Rance MontaraCzechia

Informace o chovu, fotografie i výstavní úspěchy.

Danish Swedish Farmdog

The Arissells Jack Russell Terrier KennelCyprus
The Arissells Jack Russell Terrier Kennel

Welcome to our love and passion for Jack Russell Terrier!

We are located in Agios Dometios, a superb of Nicosia the capital of Cyprus. We are on small scale breeding of Jack Russell Terrier and we provide registered dogs with a Cyprus Kennel Club Pedigree, who is full member of FCI. Our dogs live with us in the house and they have their runs and parks in our garden so to play in. Our dogs are DNA tested for PLL, LOA and SCA, also checked for patellar Luxation and their eyes are checked regularly.

We have 2 or 3 litters every year, that are very carefully planned. Our Puppies are born in our living room and are very well socialized with people and other dogs (Jack Russell or other small breeds). They are wormed every 2 weeks until they are 8 weeks old, and at 6 weeks old they are micro chipped and get their first vaccination. A Jack Russell puppy is 8 minimum weeks old when it leave’s our home!

Jack Russell Terrier

Pyrenean Meadow Hill FarmCzechia
Meadow Hill Farm

Breeder of Mastin del Pirineo.

Pyrenean Mastiff

Beauty of Wilderness kennel Coton de tulearHungary
Beauty of Wilderness kennel
Coton de tulear

Coton de tulear kennel in Hungary. 10years experience, healthy tested breeding examed show dogs have, animal breeding engeener breeder.

Coton de Tuléar

Mariligo Shiba KennelItaly
Mariligo Shiba Kennel

In Apulia, between Terlizzi and Ruvo, in the heart of “Bassa Murgia” close to Bari was born Mariligo kennel, our special Shiba kennel.


Miniature schnauzer Kennel Dowry StyleUkraine

Miniature schnauzer kennel from Ukraine. Welcome to visit our site.

Miniature Schnauzer

Bestcoast´s KennelMalmö, Sweden
Bestcoast´s Kennel

Bestcoast´s Kennel is a small familybred kennel in Sweden. It´s an approved kennel by the German Breedingclum Vereinigte Rassehunder-Zuchter (VRZ) who also is a member of Der United Kennel Clubs International (UCI).

We breed the pure bred Labradoodle (only Poodle and labrador in the bloodlines). It´s called American Labradoodle/Origin Labradoodle. We breed:Original/American Labradoodle in the sizes Mini, Medium och Standard. Bernedoodle in the sizes Tiny, Mini och Standard Shoodle We also have our own dog school since 2001. You will find more information about the breeds, under the breeds subheadings. Information about our prices and booking system, will you find under "Buy a puppy". We are here to give you the greatest start with your new family member!


Cinq Etoiles d'Or French BulldogsRussia

СINQ ETOILES D'OR - Professional kennel RKF / FCI French Bulldog Kennel in Moscow.

The mission of the kennel is to breed beautiful pedigree French Bulldogs of a certain phenotype, physically healthy and with a good temperament. We are constantly working to improve the quality of our frenchies maintaining the breed type of the French Bulldog. In breeding, I am guided by the results of genetic tests, clinical examinations, assessments and behaviour testing.Our puppies are successfully exhibited at the show in different countries, BIS, BIS, multi BOB.

French Bulldog

IVZ Kennel Australian Shepherd & German SpanielSlovenia
IVZ Kennel

Breeders of Australian Shepherds and Deutscher Wachtelhunds (we breed Wachtels since 2004). We strive to breed in standard; health, physique and stabile character are crucial. Our moto is : Intelligence, Strenght, Agility.

Australian Shepherd German Spaniel

Samoyed Born of DreamsPoland
Born of Dreams

We are a breeder from Poland.


RottiPowah Rottweiler KennelMalmö, Sweden
RottiPowah Rottweiler Kennel

RottiPowah Rottweiler Kennel breeder in Sweden. As a breeder of Rottweilers, our main goal is to produce healthy individuals, well suited for work, competition and exhibition.

We as Rottweiler breeders, believe that in the complete dog that the Rottweiler is, one does not have to exclude the other.


Kennel Katherina's Land Airedale terrier Estonia
Airedale terrier

Hi, my name is Ekaterina. My life is breeding, growing, and showing Airedale Terriers. I have been doing this since 1981. After Estonia joined the FCI, I registered my kennel using the affix “Katherina’s Land”, and our first litter was born under this affix in 1991. Since that time, many of our dogs have won many shows at different levels.

I don’t expect that owners of our dogs must participate in showing their dogs. The most important thing for me is that our puppies find a good and loving new owner, but I will be very happy if the new owner involves the dog in agility training or showing their dog.

Airedale Terrier

Sweet Diamonds ZwergpudelGermany
Sweet Diamonds Zwergpudel

Sweet Diamonds Zwergpudel Zucht in Nordrhein-Westfalen Bundesrepublik Deutschland​​ Züchten heißt für mich: Leidenschaft, Liebe undVerantwortung.Jederzeit. und mit vollem Einsatz.


Poisson Ivy KennelSlovenia

We are family breeders of american staffordshire terriers, bull terriers and american bullys. Our dogs are our passion, we breed with heart and show them with pride. We are proud on every puppy we produce. It is the happiest momment when you see your puppy happy and loved in new home.

English Bull Terrier American Staffordshire Terrier

Rough collies SnowysandEstonia

Rough collie breeder since 2021 in Estonia.

Collie Rough

Kubla Khan Afghan HoundsItaly
Kubla Khan Afghan Hounds

Rarely bred puppies from incredible parental lineage. All ENCI pedigree registered.

Afghan Hound