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Litlar`s Niju Pharaoh HoundsSt. Petersburg, Russia

We are located in Russia, St. Petersburg. We can deliver a puppy anywhere in the world.

Pharaoh Hound

Happily's American Cocker Spaniel, Chien d'Eau PortugaisFrance

Notre volonté est de continuer à travailler les meilleures lignées et de produire et présenter des sujets de qualité... Nous souhaitons également être disponibles pour informer les personnes intéressées par la race.

En effet, le cocker américain n'est pas le chien de tout le monde...même si son caractère enjoué et facile en fait un excellent chien de famille, son entretien est une toute autre somptueuse fourrure qui caractérise son élégance naturelle se mérite et demande une importante implication du propriétaire. Depuis 1995, la passion anime notre volonté de nous rendre disponibles pour vous conseiller tant dans l'achat de votre chien que pour son entretien ou autre... Nous vous souhaitons donc une agréable visite sur notre site et vous invitons à nous contacter pour des informations complémentaires...

La passion du Chien d'Eau Portugais.

American Cocker Spaniel Portuguese Water Dog

Hidden Gem WhippetsRiga, Latvia
Hidden Gem Whippets

Whippet breeder in Riga, Latvia.


Guardian Team FCI American Staffordshire TerrierPoland
Guardian Team FCI
American Staffordshire Terrier

Hodowla domowa psów rasy American Staffordshire Terrier - Amstaff. Hodowla bezklatkowa zrzeszona w ZKwP - FCI. Psy dorosłe i szczenięta z doskonałą psychiką.

American Staffordshire Terrier home kennel.

American Staffordshire Terrier

amstaffpuppy.comNorth Macedonia

Hi! We are so happy to inform you that our beautiful couple Ares and Afrodita just become parents of 7 healthy and beautiful American Stafford Puppies. We've made this website so we can connect with people that would love to own one.

American Staffordshire Terrier

Iszkiri Mudi KennelsCalgary, Alberta, Canada
Iszkiri Mudi Kennels

Breeder of the Mudi since 1996 in Canada. Well Socialized, Balanced Temperament, Loving and Loyal Mudi puppies. Raised in our home with an enrich play and learning environment.

Registered with the Canadian Kennel Club. Mudis for Sport, Show, Companion and Therapy.


Gadelha's American Staffordshire TerriersBrazil
American Staffordshire Terriers

We are located in North of Brazil, in the middle of the Tropical Rainforest. American Staffordshire Terriers are our passion and we are dedicated to the health, temperament and preservation of the breed we love so much.

Our dogs are part of our family and live in our home. We carry out health checks on all our dogs to ensure optimal health for the future of our breeding stock and breed.

American Staffordshire Terrier

Mercury Legacy Miniature SchnauzerCyprus
Mercury Legacy

We are a small hobby kennel breeding not for quantity but for quality out of passion, love and respect for this amazing breed.

Miniature Schnauzer

Bichon frise kennel Honey DreamsBerlin, Germany
Honey Dreams - Bichon frise kennel

Kleine Bichon frise Zucht, wir legen viel Wert auf gesunde, typvolle und sehr liebe Welpen.

Bichon Frise

Juliana BoerboelsBulgaria
Juliana Boerboels

We are a small family kennel based in EU. We threw everything esle away to become breeders because we are so in love with the boerboels. Just come and check on us.


Blue Sacrifice Old German herding dogs & Tibetan TerrierNetherlands
Blue Sacrifice

We have a small kennel, all our dogs live as family members in the house. We are breeding for quality and not quantity. Occasionally we have puppies for sale. We live in the Netherlands enjoy the visite to our site.

Old German herding dogs Tibetan Terrier

Criadero Kinderbull - Rottweiler y Bulldog InglésSpain
Criadero Kinderbull
- Rottweiler y Bulldog Inglés

Criadero Kinderbull - Bulldog Inglés y Rottweiler - Cachorros de Bulldog Inglés y Rottweiler con garantías víricas y genéticas. Cría familiar desde el año 2006. Consúltanos sin compromiso.

Rottweiler English Bulldog

Great Swiss Mountain Dog GRAND'HUND (FCI kennel)Chile

First breeder in Chile of Greater Swiss Mountain dog. Since 2017. FCI and AKC pedigrees. Champions. Health tested.

Great Swiss Mountain Dog

Miniature/Rabbit Short-Haired Dachshund Kennel Genus Proximum FCIWarmińsko-Mazurskie, Poland
Kennel Genus Proximum FCI

We run a little home kennel of Miniature/Rabbit Short-Haired Dachshund. Our dogs are our big passion and we try to connect breeding couples so that to achieve the best features after truly exeptional parents.

Our dogs are real members of the family and the houses we look for our puppies must be the same. We invite to contact us if interested.

Dachshund - Miniature/Rabbit Short-Haired

Obereg Lubvi (FCI) American AkitaRussia
Obereg Lubvi (FCI)

Professional American akita kennel since 2006. High quality puppies. All our dogs have genetic tests and health certificates. Working lines.

American Akita

Hungarian vizsla Z BellevíruUstecki, Czechia
Z Bellevíru Hungarian vizsla

Hungarian Vizsla breeder in the Czech Republic.

Hungarian Vizsla

Basset hound and Miniature pinch CalthaCzechia
Caltha Basset hound and Miniature pinch

Basset Hound and Miniature Pinch breeder in the Czech Republic.

Basset Hound Miniature Pinscher

Coton de Tuleár From Cotton HomePardubický, Czechia
From Cotton Home - Coton de Tuleár

Coton de Tuleár breeder in the Czech Republic.

Coton de Tuléar

Kennel Bon AquarelSt.Petersburg, Russia
Kennel Bon Aquarel

Kennel Bon Aquarel is located in St.Petersburg, Russia which makes it easier for us to reach our favorite destinations: Baltic States, Scandinavia. Bon Aquarel aim to breed not for quantity but for quality and in particular for health, temperament and conformation.

Being very careful and selective in planning the direction of Bon Aquarel lines, we breed only from the health tested stock in order to back up our puppies with excellent health garantees. All our puppies are raised with love and care in the home environment.

Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrie

Allevamento labrador della SpippolaEmilia-Romagna, Italy
Allevamento labrador della Spippola

Allevamento labrador della Spippola con affisso del Bosco retrever

Allevamento labrador in Provincia di Parma (Emilia Romagna) Italy. Dal 2010 alleviamo nei colori nero e giallo.

Labrador Retriever

Dancing Cavalier KennelLiguria, Italy
Dancing Cavalier Kennel

Allevamento riconosciuto Enci e FCI,per la selezione del Cavalier King nella colorazione Blenheim e Tricolor, situato nel nord Italia a Genova. Tutti i nostri riproduttori vengono certificati per l' esenzione da patologie tipiche della razza.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

 Brazilian Terrier Kennel Tough In FluffHedmark, Norway
Kennel Tough In Fluff

We are a small but active kennel, breeding Terrier Brasileiro, here at our farm in Norway. Feel free to check out our website, and contact us if you have any questions.

Brazilian Terrier

Anile Montanaro Kennel Neapolitan MastiffCsongrád, Hungary
Anile Montanaro Kennel

Breeder: Viktoria Illes. FCI registered Anile Montanaro Kennel. I work with neopolitan mastiffs over 20 years. You can find every informations on our website. Have a good time.

Neapolitan Mastiff

Mabonda Yorkshire TerrierKarlovarský, Czechia

Yorkshire terrier kennel (FCI) - Czech Republic.

Yorkshire Terrier

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