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Dalmatian Duncansby SpottedHungary
Duncansby Spotted

Az első dalmatámat 1993 ban vásároltam, majd 1999 óta tenyésztem is a fajtát. Célom a minőségi dalmata mellett az egészségre való törekvés. Úgy gondolom, hogy dalmata nem való mindenkinek, csak aki nagyon sok szeretetet tud biztosítani neki. Ha ez a szeretet kölcsönös akkor viszont a világ legcsodálatosabb kis lényét kapja 😊.

Duncansby Spotted Dalmata
Duncansby Spotted

A dalmata szerelem gyermekkorom óta megvan. Teljesen elvarázsolt csodálatos külsejével, természetével. 1999 óta tenyésztem a fajtát. Először Duncansby majd Duncansby Spotted kennelnéven. Célom egészséges, gyönyörű kutyák tenyésztése akik lehetőség szerint a család tejes tagjaként élnek családjukban.


Prager Rattler von den Little FairiesGermany
Prager Rattler von den Little Fairies

Seit 2009 sind wir Züchter dieser bezaubernden Rasse. Wir züchten die Farbschläge black/tan, schoko/tan, blue/tan, lilac/tan, black merle/tan, schoko merle/tan, red, yellow und Langhaar.

Prague Ratter

Irish Wolfhound Glaslyn GatewayBelgium
Glaslyn Gateway

We settled in the kempen region a few years back when we were just three. Now a second little girl and one boy were born into the family as wel as our beloved River, our first Irish Wolfhound. We are taking the first big steps this year towards our first litter of this magnificant breed.

The puppies will be raised in the midst of a large, joyful family and we hope to pass the joy of owning a dog of this breed on onto others.

Irish Wolfhound

Shun´You Kensha - Akita y ShibaSpain
Shun´You Kensha - Akita y Shiba

En Shun 'You Kensha criamos y vendemos la mejor selección y cría de cachorros y adultos de Akita y Shiba en España. Somos responsables de varios campeones del Mundo y de Europa.

Akita Shiba

Continental Bulldog Nymeria dogsSlovakia
Nymeria dogs

Our new family kennel Nymeria dogs is located in a small quiet village in the west of Slovakia. We are focused on breeding healthy and happy Continental bulldogs.These days we are proud breeders of newborn puppies growing well.

Continental Bulldog

Mon Ami Cavalier ZKwP FCIPoland
Mon Ami Cavalier ZKwP FCI

We are an aspiring family kennel of Cavalier Kings Charles Spaniel dogs. We are members of the only officially recognized cynological organization, the Kennel Club of Poland (ZKwP), associated with the FCI World Canine Organization (Fédération Cynologique International). This means that the puppies born with us are PUREBRED – and they receive an official pedigree certificate of their ancestry, in which ancestors up to the fifth generation are listed.

We currently have two females in our kennel: Baghira Maradeco King and Caipirinja vom Kaninchengarten.

Both females come from reputable kennels from Poland (Baghira) and Germany (Caipirincha). They are healthy and tested for cavalier related diseases. Like most cavaliers, they have a very friendly and sociable personalities, have no trace of aggression, and are great companions for adults and children.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

kennel of wirehaired dachshunds 'Iz Novo-Peredelkino'Russia
'Iz Novo-Peredelkino'
kennel of wirehaired dachshunds

Breeding od wirehaired dachshunds of all sizes and colors.


Above The Clouds Siberian Service Dogs
Colorado, USA
Above The Clouds Siberian Service Dogs

Let me tell you a little more about our company. We Embark all our adults that we breed, they are certified free of 160 genetic defects. And we provide the best health care possible. Our dogs are fed elk and venison along with their kibble, and we have absolutely the most healthy, beefy Siberian Huskies you will find.

We are very picky on matching the right puppy with the right owner, and have about a 90% success rate. We also have about 90% of our puppies that pass the evaluation for service, and we sell the puppies that do not pass for companion animals. Our line is bred specifically for service, so our puppies are exposed to early cognitive stimulation, and neurological testing. Their entire upbringing is to shape them for service. We are a small company, and work very closely with each client.

We have several trainers specializing in different areas, including mobility/stability! Our cost is a fraction of the national average. And I would be glad to send an email w ith our service contract including fees, and the application! We are Veteran owned and operated. My husband is a retired sergeant major and GreenBeret. We also rehabilitate Siberian’s and donate to the GreenBeret foundation.

Siberian Husky

Pitbull Empire American BullyUSA
Pitbull Empire

XL Bullies for sale! Champagne, Merle, Tri XL.

American Bully
Bolonka Zwetna von der OlgahöheGermany
Bolonka Zwetna von der Olgahöhe

Ich züchte die wunderschöne Rasse Bolonka Zwetna mit viel Liebe.Ab und zu haben wir auch süße kleine Bollikinder.

Russian Coloured Bichon

River Valley Golden RetrieversCanada
River Valley Golden Retrievers

We are a family owned business with a goal of adding a lovable puppy to your life. We live on a quiet country road and all our dogs are family pets. We offer friendly, well-socialised pets or working dogs that want to please you.

Golden Retriever

Sensata SheltiesGermany
SENSATA Shelties

We are a small Kennel based in Spenge, Germany. We breed FCI UK Type Shetland Sheepdogs. Our goals are to produce typey, nicely build and health shelties with a lovely temperament.

Shetland Sheepdog

Lotheart Pugs & GriffonsUkraine

Welcome on a web site kennel FCI "LOTHEART" from Ukraine. You will obtain information about our favourite pugs, will see their photos and will read many interesting reasons about this breed and will understand that pug - this is the best dog for you!

You will feel that pugs - this is love and gladness in our life. We will help you to choose a puppy, grow, educate a friend and champion. In our kennel - only winners! We will be glad to see you!

Pug Belgian Griffon Brussels Griffon Small Brabant Griffon

Mavertigo FCI Bedlington terrier KennelPoland
Mavertigo FCI
Bedlington terrier Kennel

Bedlington terrier kennel from Poland. Welcome to our website…

… or FB.

Bedlington Terrier


All of our top pitbull breeders are specifically planned to ensure we produce the most exceptional XXL Pitbulls. looking for blue nose pitbull puppies?.. you are at the right place to buy XXL bully. We've been considered one of the top XXL pitbull kennels in the world for over a decade known for producing large, muscular dogs that maintain perfect structure, ripped muscles, blocky and chiseled heads.

American Pit Bull Terrier

Wichrowe Brody FCI - Miniature SchnauzerPoland
Wichrowe Brody FCI
- Miniature Schnauzer

We make our best to create our dogs the best conditions to live. Schnauzers are our biggest love and passion. If you want to know us please visit our website, feel free to contact us. We have miniature schnauzers black and black and silver.

Miniature Schnauzer

Diversity's CatahoulasHungary
Diversity's Catahoulas

We are a small breeding team in heart of Europe - Hungary. Our dogs are fully family members and best buddies for a lifetime. Beyond that our dogs are mostly sportdogs, some of our puppies work on boar too.

All of them fully health tested, healty, and well socialized and trained dogs. Most of them has working tests, sport championates and high quality obedience exams (IgBH, IGP) We prefer active/sport/working homes for our pups. Do not hesitate to contact us when you are intrested about a Catahoula Leopard dog puppy!

Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog

Guardian of Oliferne Black Russian Terrier KennelFrance
Guardian of Oliferne
Black Russian Terrier Kennel

Nous avons un petit élevage familial de Terrier Noir Russes/Tchiorny Terrier. Les chiots sont nés et grandissent à la maison. Ils sont vermifugé à 2, 4, 6, 8 semaines, vaccinés, identifiés. Ils partiront après 10 semaines d'âge pour permettre aux chiots la meilleure socialisation et imprégnation des codes canins possible et vous proposer un chiot bien équilibré. Ils partiront avec un pack chiot bien fourni, un contrat de vente, le certificat de bonne santé, des informations sur le chiot et l'éducation et vous bénéficiez de conseils d'éducation et de toilettage.

N'hésitez pas à nous contacter et à venir nous rendre visite,ou retrouvez nous sur notre site ou Facebook.

Par rapport à la race

Le Terrier Noir Russe a un caractère méfiant envers les inconnus mais a une loyauté sans fin pour sa famille. Il peut s’adapter à une vie en famille (un minimum sportive) ainsi qu’à une vie de travail. On peut notamment penser à l’obéissance, le mordant, le sauvetage à l’eau, le pistage, mantrailing...etc si affinité.

Le Russe ne va pas détruire la maison si vous lui accordez suffisament de temps, de partage et d'occupation. Il reste un chien qui a besoin d’un minimum de stimulation mentale et surtout, la présence de sa famille. Ce n’est pas un chien adapté pour le gardiennage seul, il veut être proche de vous.

Le Russe peut très bien cohabiter avec ses congénères ainsi que d’autres espèces animales, s'il a bien été sociabilisé et si les premières rencontres se font tranquillement sans forcer.

Le Terrier Noir Russe a un pelage qui, si non toiletté, peut avoir une longueur allant jusqu’à 30 cm partout sur le corps et qui nécessite un entretien régulier. Il est extrêmement important de lui apprendre de se laisser brosser dès le plus jeune âge pour que le toilettage ne devienne pas un calvaire.

Russian Black Terrier

Papillon and Phalene kennel Al de LionRussia
Al de Lion Papillon and Phalene kennel

Since 2009 Papillon and Phalene kennel Al de Lion offers promising puppies for dog shows, breeding and simply for happiness and joy.

Dogs of the "Al de Lion" kennel are excellent representatives of the breed. This friendly, affectionate and cheerful beings will win your heart at the very first sight!

In Al de Lion kennel dogs for breeding are carefully selected and great attention is paid to theirs health and education.

All puppies of the Al de Lion kennel have a full set of documents (puppy passport, veterinary passport) and are vaccinated by high-quality vaccines.

Papillon / Phalène

Shallow Creek LabsUSA
Shallow Creek Labs

Shallow Creek Farm began in 1996 and was formally established in 2001. We are a small, family owned and operated facility that breeds healthy, athletic and obedient English Labradors that are successful in any field.

We typically have four to five litters a year, focusing on Black & Chocolate Labradors and are located in Wilsons, Virginia.

Labrador Retriever

Bellissima GlemBell Slovakia
Bellissima GlemBell

Breeding Lagotto Romagnolo and Yakutian laika for health, temperament and character. Location Slovakia. Tested parents, healthy, with show results.

Lagotto Romagnolo Yakutian Laika

Berges de la SarreFrance
Berges de la Sarre

Thank you for taking time to visit our website. We would like to take this chance to tell you a little about our hobby of breeding.

After many years of practical experience with our Bordeaux Mastiffs which live in the house with us and take part in everyday family life, our dogs Cyros and Alya surprised us with a litter of mini Bordeaux Mastiffs. The birth of the puppies was a really lovely experience and bringing them up together with Alya, Cyros and our Labrador Stoupy gave us a lot of joy. Following this we decided to play a part in the preservation of the breed by planning the occasional litter, our priorities being temperament, health, intelligence and appearance of the Bordeaux Mastiff. In this order!

Discussions with breeders at home and abroad, visits from exhibitors, educating ourselves through reading and contact with veterinary surgeons and breed clubs have played an important part in our breeding plan.

Yet most important is that our Bordeaux Mastiffs are happy, that healthy puppies grow up in a functioning group and also with other breeds, and we maintain contact with the buyers of the puppies as each Bordeaux Mastiff has its own character and temperament.

If you would like to see our Bordeaux Mastiffs, please contact us to agree a time for you to visit our home. We live in a small town near the German border in the beautiful triangle between France, Luxembourg and Germany.

However, we do not always have puppies as we invest a great deal of love and time in the planning of litters, and the rearing, care, and ownership of our dogs. And our principles are more important than the production of puppies as dog breeding is a passion!

You are looking for a companion for the next years, its choice is essential, so do not rush. Give yourself time to think about the right choice. Sometimes it is better to wait............... Please note: we do not sell to people who run breeding kennels. We are very keen to have continued contact after the purchase. In this way we can supervise our breed line.

But we won’t overload you with too much information now just have a look around our website. We would be delighted to answer any of your questions about the breed Dogues de Bordeaux and look forward to hearing from you.

Dogue de Bordeaux

Spring Creek Australian ShepherdsUSA
Spring Creek Australian Shepherds

ASDR Registered Toy, Miniature, and Standard Australian Shepherds, Genetically Tested, Champions in conformation and rally, Raised on Puppy Culture Protocols, Health Guarantee, Lifetime Breeder Support.

Australian Shepherd

Legends of Beagles KennelAustria
Legends of Beagles Kennel

Beagle Kennel. For more information please visit our homepage!


Orchard Pups GoldendoodleUSA
Orchard Pups

Ten years offering beautiful Family goldendoodles. Minis and Standards . Genetically tested Parents cat Health Guarantee, shots and microchipped . Located near Rochester NY in the heart of Apple Country . A+BBB rated clean Inspection reports.


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