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Del Lupus Smyrna Kennel Çekoslovak WolfdogTurkey
Del Lupus Smyrna Kennel

Del Lupus Smyrna Kennel Çekoslovak Wolfdog irkini 6 sene araştirip 2,5 sene dünya da kan hatlarini takip ederek en iyi en güzel ve şampiyon yavrusunu araştirdiktan sonra 1,5 yil da ülkemize kazandırmak için uğraşip sonrasin da Türkiye'ye ilk kazandıran, eğiten ve tek FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) Çekoslovak Wolfdog Üreticisi.

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

Golden Retrievers Kennel Casa-CanisDenmark
Kennel Casa-Canis

Healthy Golden Retrievers.

Golden Retriever

Adorable Gang Boston TerriersGreece
Adorable Gang

A small selective kennel of Boston Terrier.

Boston Terrier

Pastereczki FCI Polski Owczarek NizinnyPoland
Pastereczki FCI

Domowa hodowla Polskiego Owczarka Nizinnego.

Polish Lowland Sheepdog - PON

Shiba Akane-Hinata KennelTallin, Estonia
Akane-Hinata Kennel

Akane-Hinata kennel is registered in the International Kennel Federation (FCI), therefore all our dogs and puppies have FCI pedigrees. Our kennel is located in Tallinn, Estonia, about 20 minutes from the city center.

Our dogs live with us at home and actively participate in dogshows. We test dogs for genetic diseases and regularly monitor their health.


Proud to be Greek American Staffordshire Terrier and Miniature Bull Terrier kennelGreece
Proud to be Greek - American Staffordshire & Miniature Bull Terriers

Hello, our names are Giorgos and Argyro. We live in Artemida (near Athens), Greece. Our aim is to breed quality puppies (temperament, health and morphology). We do a few well planned litters and want all of our puppies to have the best homes as they deserve.

American Staffordshire Terrier Miniature Bull Terrier

Threadgold Japanese ChinsWales, UK
Threadgold Japanese Chins

I have Exhibited Japanese Chins for many years have gained Champions Junior Warrants and stud book numbers I judge the breed at Championship level here in the UK. We sometime have puppies available.

Japanese Chin

z Voděradského údolí Karelský medvědí pes, Rusko-evropská lajkaPardubický, Czechia
z Voděradského údolí

CHS lovecky upotřebitelných karelských medvědích psů a ruskoevropských lajek.

Karelian Bear Dog Russian-European Laika

Bloom of May-Fly rhodesian ridgeback kennelJász-Nagykun-Szolnok, Hungary
Bloom of May-Fly
rhodesian ridgeback kennel

We are a rhodesian ridgeback kennel, located in Hungary. Please visit our website, where you can find detailed information about our dogs, upcoming litters, photos.. etc.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

RMD East-European ShepherdsToronto, Canada
RMD East-European Shepherds

We are a family owned Breeder of Champion Line East-European Shepherds (VEO). Located in Toronto, Canada.

East European Shepherd / VEO

Blue jaws American Staffordshire TerriersCyprus
Blue jaws

We are a family with Passion for the dogs all dogs lived with us growing up whith our children we have passion whith dog shows but the first for us its our dogs live as a member of the family.

American Staffordshire Terrier

Royal Blue of Romania - Yorkshire Terrier KennelRomania
Royal Blue of Romania
Yorkshire Terrier Kennel

Royal Blue of Romania is a small kennel, where our dogs are definitely considered as part of our family. Love and passion for Yorkshire were the main ingredients that made the dream to create my own kennel came true.

Excellent lineage, dedication and affection are the elements that give the best results in yorkshire breeding. On our website we have complete information about the standard, photo gallery, history and contact details.

Yorkshire Terrier

Maynefus Akitas AmericanosSpain
Maynefus Akitas Americanos

Cria y Selección del Akita Americano.

American Akita

Dracmon Dachshunds Miniature and RabbitSpain
DRACMON Dachshunds

Cría y selección de Teckel Miniatura y Kaninchen.

Dachshund (Miniature, Rabbit)

Graysenber Bernese Mountain DogsScotland, United Kingdom

We are a small kennel located in Scotland. In our website you'll find photos from our bernies, pedigrees, show results, pups and other interesting information.

Bernese Mountain Dog

American Akita No Shatsuko KennelsItaly
No Shatsuko Kennels

Welcome to NO SHATSUKO!

Our main goal is to have and breed beautiful, sound and healthy dogs by selecting and using best lines and dogs in our breed.

American Akita

Enoch Cane CorsoOhio, USA
Enoch Cane Corso

It is our goal to produce puppies true to their breed standards while maintaining high-quality health, beauty, and temperament.

Our dogs and puppies are raised in a loving home environment and showered with affection and attention every day. They are part of our family and we love them dearly. We only place our puppies as loving pets.

We breed beautiful Cane Corso's for loving homes. Please see the Available Puppies page for upcoming litters and puppies for sale.We are ready to help you find the next member of your family. I hope you enjoy visiting our website. Please feel free to contact us with any questions through our Contact page. We are located in Atwater, Ohio.

Cane Corso

Turmeric Hungarian VizslaLatvia

Hungarian Vizsla is a bird dog, hence a hunter dog very strong companion dog. Nothing happens without her at home. She is everywhere. She is happy to do everything with us!

Keywords - "together with the owners"! You can read what and how we do together with our vizslas Pepilotta and Hosta.

Hungarian Vizsla

Hnátnická trojice kennel Tosa InuPardubick, Czechia
Hnátnická trojice kennel

We are family breeders of japan dogs tosa inu. We are from the Czech republic.

Tosa Inu

Bellicose UK French BulldogsUK
Bellicose UK

Breeder and Owner of ChampionsCrufts BOB Winners BIS Winners Breed Record Holders.

French Bulldog

Di Evisi Yorkshire Terrier KennelHungary
Di Evisi Yorkshire Terrier Kennel

Yorkshire Terrier kennel (FCI) from Hungary.

Yorkshire Terrier

White Bohemia - Kennel of German small white spitzCzechia
White Bohemia
Kennel of German small white spitz

We are a small family kennel of German small white spitz located in the Czech Republic.

German Spitz

Buranos Lobos German Shepherd DogsStředočeský, Czechia
Buranos Lobos

Kennel of german shepherd dog. Dogs for sport, protection and work at police, military, or prison service.

German Shepherd Dog

Agel Moravia English Pointer & Old English SheepdogJihomoravský, Czechia
Agel Moravia

Pointer and Old English Sheep Dog kennel in the Czech Republic.

English Pointer Old English Sheepdog

Winter Melody Siberian HuskyPoland
Winter Melody

Winter Melody was established in 1995, we have bred and owned Best in Show winners, Champion's of many countries as well as World.

Siberian Husky

Bohemia Opus bedlington teriérCzechia
Bohemia Opus

Vítejte v naší chovatelské stanici Bohemia Opus.

Bedlington Terrier

Clan Ironhorn private welsh corgi pembroke kennelVoronezh, Russia
private welsh corgi pembroke kennel

CLAN IRONHORN private welsh corgi pembroke kennel (Регистрация в FCI/RKF №23385 от 05.03.2020) предлагает щенков вельш корги пемброк.

В своей работе мы считаем главным производить здоровое потомство, поэтому мы тщательно отбираем родителей, учитывая генетическую историю и карьеру на международных выставках. Заводчики: Павел Бодягин, Антон Гребенюк Занимаемся породой недавно, с 2019 года.

Мы находимся: Россия, Воронеж. Пока наше поголовье состоит из двух собак. Подробная информация о нас на вашем родном языке: http…

Welsh Corgi Pembroke


We are driven by our passion for the canine-human connection. Despite breeding is not our main business activity, we dedicate a lot of time and resources to the well-being and training of our dogs, and by managing our kennel with thoughtfulness and passion, we give ourselves the freedom to make a limited and selected number of litters and to pursue the improvement of the breed’s standard rather than seeking profit.

We’re self-reliant, but we’re also very collaborative and look to co-operate with those breeders who are motivated by our same approach. We may push beyond the boundaries of the blood-lines, but we never exceed the standards and we focus on delivering healthy and great life-companions able to fulfil the life of the future owners.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Westies De Los Duendes ZahoriesAlicante, Spain
Westies De Los Duendes Zahories

Breeders of West Highland White Terrier since 2003. Guaranteed health and character, selection orientation, towards therapy without losing the breed typicality.

- Who is the breeder?
Joaquín Sánchez-Almadén Subías

- How long have I been raising?
Since 2003

-Where is it located and registered?
We are in Elche, Alicante province, in Spain, belonging to the RSCE, a member of the FCI with affix no. 12192

- How many dogs do you have?
10 copies, all living together at home with us

- Where are the photos, pedigree, show results ...?
We are updating the web in which all the photos and videos will be shown.

What will he / she think?
Our slogan is: Your illusion, our passion

The serious breeder website or a "puppy dealer" website?
We are serious, we barely make litters and the ones we do are aimed at therapies for children who have autism, since our son has autism and therefore we had to stop going to shows, but now that our son is taking an interest in his westies, and COVID makes it possible, our goal is to resume ASAP activity.

West Highland White Terrier